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Pratt MP (deceased)

Pratt MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Fitch (Pratt) MP (deceased)

Aaron Pratt MP (1649 - 1735)

Sarah Pratt was Aaron Pratt's 1st cousin. According to the Phineas Pratt book , her father, Joseph, was Aaron’s uncle (his father’s brother). --------------------------- Aaron Pratt became a reside...

Aaron Pratt MP (deceased)

Abagail Pratt (Cobbleshores) MP (deceased)

Abiel Pratt MP (1772 - 1864)

Abigail Hall (Pratt) MP (1665 - 1734)

Abigail Pratt, wife of Samuel2 Hall, was born June 16, 1665 in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts to Jonathan Pratt and Abigail Wood, and died in Raynham on July 6, 1734. Their children Jonathan3 Hal...

Abigail Pratt (Bigelow) MP (1734 - 1803)

Abigail Pratt (Atwood) MP (1645 - 1684)

Abigail Atwood Birth: Aug 1645 - Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts Death: Aug 17 1684 Parents: Stephen Atwood, Abigail Husband: Jonathan Pratt Children Bethiah. Married Benjamin Prior...

Abigail Sargeant (Pratt) MP (c.1699 - 1776)

Sources Sargent genealogy Links

Abigail Pratt (Crane) MP (1773 - 1860)

Abigail Conant (Pratt) MP (1724 - 1824)

Vital Records of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850, Volume 2 By Bridgewater (Mass. : Town). "Marriages." "Conant ... John and Abiel Pratt, Mar. 3, 1745-6.* [Conant and Abigail Pratt, P.c...

Addison Pratt MP (1802 - 1872)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Addison Pratt (1802-02-21 – 1872-10-14) was an early Latter-day Saint convert and missionary. Pratt preached in French Polynesia from 1844 to 1848 and from 1850 t...

Adolphus Augustus Pratt MP (b. - c.1906)

Wentworth Squire (my 1st cousin twice removed) and Edith Thompson witnesses at marriage. Monica McDonald

Adriana de Weyden MP (1511 - c.1555)

The Coverdale Bible, compiled by Myles Coverdale and published in 1535, was the first complete Modern English translation of the Bible (not just the Old Testament or New Testament), and the first compl...

Agatha Pratt (Payne) MP (1543 - d.)

8. Agatha Payne b.1543 Newton, Suffolk, England, daughter of William Paine & Margaret Ash

Agnes Jane Pratt (Fairechild) MP (1447 - 1512)

Alexander Pratt MP (1890 - 1890)

Alfred Soloman Pratt MP (1887 - 1890)

Amos Pratt MP (1699 - 1747)

Amos Pratt was born in Farmington, Middlesex, British Colonial Massachusetts.

Amy Eunice Pratt (Henry) MP (c.1916 - d.)

Wentworth Squire (my 1st cousin twice removed) and Edith Thompson witnesses at marriage. Monica McDonald

Andorine Hendrine Pratt (Douglas) MP (1890 - 1980)

Andrew Pratt MP (1539 - 1599)

Ann Pratt (Rice) MP (1716 - 1798)

Ann Seaman (Pratt) MP (deceased)

Descendants of Capt. John Seaman of Hempstead, Long Island, NY according to Mary Thomas Seaman: 1928 62. Samuel3 Seaman (Thomas2, John1) was born in Hempstead, Long Island, NY, and died Unknown. He m...

Ann White (Pratt) MP (1682 - 1757)

I was born on September 14, 1682 to Matthew and Sarah Pratt who were both deaf and dumb. I married Samuel White around 1700. I was 6 years younger than Samuel. I was about 17 and Samuel was about 24 ...

Ann Pratt (Primrose) MP (1580 - 1609)

Ann Pratt (Cooke) MP (c.1762 - d.)

Anna Pratt (Barker) MP (1643 - 1695)

John Pratt Sr., husband of Ann Pratt (Barker), and son of Mary Pratt (Priest), was a grandson of Mayflower passenger Degory Priest. John's wife, Anna Barker, was a sister of Mary Pratt (Cobb), (Wood), ...

Anna Amelia Romney (Pratt) MP (1876 - 1926)

Family with Parents - [View Family (F295)] Father Helaman Pratt (I465) Birth 31 May 1846 39 27 -- Mt. Pisgah, Pottawattamie, Iowa Death 26 November 1909 (Age 63) -- Dublan, Galeana, Chihuahua,...

Anna Sophia Phelps (Pratt) MP (1759 - 1817)

Anna "Meg" Bronson Pratt (Alcott) MP (1831 - 1893)

"Meg" of "Little Women" findagrave listing in Sleepy Hollow cemetery, Concord MA Article about the long hidden photos of Anna Alcott and John Pratt: [ ] Earlier announcement of the find with bett...

Anne Lawrence (Pratt) MP (1777 - 1871)

Anne Blish (Pratt) MP (1603 - 1651)

Spouse: Anne Pratt, b. 1603, d. 16 May 1651 in Barnstable, Barnstable County, MA, buried aft. 16 May 1651 in Barnstable, Barnstable County, MA

Anthony Joseph Pratt MP

Melbourne Australia & Atlanta USA

Anthony Joseph Pratt (born 1960), an Australian businessman, is Chairman and CEO of Pratt Industries and Global Chairman of Visy Industries, the world’s largest privately owned paper and packaging comp...

Baby Pratt MP (1896 - 1896)

Barbara Stoner Pratt (Herr) MP (1849 - 1921)

Bathsheba Royce (Pratt) MP (c.1639 - d.)

Sources Joshua Pratt, in Anderson, Robert Charles. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995), III:1513. "Bathsheba ...

Bathsheba Pratt (Fay) MP (1692 - 1721)

Beatrice Amanda Fraser (Pratt) MP (1912 - 2001)

Beatrix Pratt (Blake) MP (1616 - d.)

Jasper BLAKE (1566-1614) b. ABT 1566, Wimbotsham, Norfolk, Eng. d. 1614, Wimbotsham, Norfolk, Eng. bur. 25 Mar 1614, Wimbotsham, Norfolk, Eng. Son of Peter BLAKE (1540-1570) and Beatrix BADISCR...

Belinda Marden Musser (Pratt) MP (1848 - 1893)

Twin to her brother Abinadi. Obituary: "...Belinda Pratt Musser Her Memory and Her Good Deeds Deserve Affectionate Remembrance. Sister Belinda Pratt Musser, whose sudden demise the News chronicle...

Bennett Pratt MP (c.1576 - c.1609)

Betsey Aldrich (Pratt) MP (deceased)

Betsy Pratt (Sherwin) MP (1799 - 1872)

Betty Hunsdon (Pratt) MP (1776 - aft.1827)

Catherine Pratt MP (1884 - d.)

Catherine Pratt MP (c.1815 - 1882)

Charity Pratt (Dickinson) MP (1776 - 1849)

Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden MP (1714 - 1794)

Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden (baptised 21 March 1714 – 18 April 1794) was an English lawyer, judge and Whig politician who was first to hold the title of Earl of Camden. As a lawyer and judge he wa...

Christopher Pratt MP (1712 - 1739)

Chris Pratt MP

California, United States

From Wikipedia (English) : Christopher Michael "Chris" Pratt (born June 21, 1979) is an American actor. He is known for television roles, including Bright Abbott in Everwood (2002–2006), and Andy Dwy...

Clarence Herr Pratt MP (1874 - 1964)

Clark Pratt MP (1812 - 1901)

Census shows that Clark Pratt's father was born in NY (as was Clark) but his mother was born in Holland. A Landgrant dated March 18, 1837 states Clark Pratt of Lenawee County, Michigan made a deposit...

Clementina Freeman (Pratt) MP (c.1885 - 1958)

Coolidge Pratt MP (1816 - 1857)

Cordelia Amanda Davis (Pratt) MP (1874 - c.1976)

Was a 'bush nanny' (type of midwife) in the Garden Hill and surrounding districts

Cynthia Richmond (Pratt) MP (1799 - 1863)

Daniel Pratt, Jr. MP (1734 - 1806)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for CONNECTICUT with the rank of Private. DAR Ancestor # A092483

Deborah Parmenter (Pratt) MP (1694 - d.)

Deborah Pratt (Coolidge) MP (1712 - 1793)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Nov 26 2016, 6:36:46 UTC

Deborah Pratt (Barrows) MP (deceased)

Dezair Pratt (Parker) MP (deceased)

Dighton Pratt (Richmond) MP (c.1747 - 1809)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Dighton Richmond: Dighton Richmond[1] F Dighton Richmond was born at prob., Taunton. She was the daughter of John Richmond and Dighton Mirick. Citations ...

Dorcas Pratt (Ashley) MP (1736 - 1813)

Born: 25 Apr 1736 at Westfield, MA Father: David Ashley Mother: Mary Dewey Died: 27 Sep 1813 at Granville, MA Dorcas was born in Granville: CHILDREN 1. Sarah Pratt (Father: Aaron Pratt) Born: 1...

Dorcas Pratt (Folger) MP (c.1645 - 1712)

Joseph Pratt3, b. c1645, Plymouth, d. 24 Dec. 1712 (Charlestown 230); m. 12 Feb. 1674/5 Charlestown, Dorcas Folger (Charlestown 89), dau of Peter Folger & Mary Morrill; d. aft. 8 July 1728 (Charlestown...

Dorothy Pratt (Copshouse) MP (c.1540 - 1602)

Ebenezer Pratt MP (1702 - 1760)

Ebenezer Pratt MP (deceased)

Edna Earl Pratt MP (1883 - d.)

Elasa Augustus Pratt MP (1878 - d.)

Capt. Elias Pratt MP (1743 - 1816)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Nov 26 2016, 6:36:46 UTC

Elijah Augustus Cotrell Pratt MP (1881 - 1918)

Present at death, Joseph Woodhouse

Eliza Bishop (Pratt) MP (1819 - 1895)

Eliza daughter of Elizabeth Roberts 1782-1867 of New Hampshire & Nehemiah Pratt 1783-1855 of Vermont. Eliza was the ninth child of eleven children. She was born February 8, 1819, at Ripley, Chautauqua,...

Elizabeth Wickham (Pratt) MP (c.1700 - d.)

Elizabeth Pratt lived in Wadhurst in 1730 when she gave birth to Richard Wickham Pratt. A bastardy bond was issued against Richard Wickham of Wadhurst, who was the father, ensuring that she didn't clai...

Elizabeth Pratt (Chamberlain) MP (1722 - 1780)

Elizabeth Goodwin (Pratt) MP (1640 - 1724)

Elizabeth Lygon (Pratt) MP (1602 - 1631)

Elizabeth Pratt (Frost) MP (c.1582 - 1612)

Sources: "THE PATERNAL ANCESTRY OF THOMASINE FROST, WIFE OF DEACON EDMUND 1 RICE OF SUDBURY, MASS." by Harold F. Porter, Jr. Vol. 63 : Pg. 129 (July 1988) The American Genealogist. New Haven, CT: D. L....

Elizabeth Pratt (White) MP (1643 - 1707)

Ben M. Angel notes: The New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS), which cites Robert C. Anderson's The Great Migration Begins, lists Elizabeth as having the name Hall, rather than birth name W...

Elizabeth Pratt (Baker) MP (1650 - 1728)

Elizabeth Sheldon (Pratt) MP (1693 - 1745)

of Daniel Pratt Jr. and Elizabeth Lee Pratt.Children: Included Elisabeth Sheldon Marsh, Sarah Sheldon Woodbridge, Isaac Sheldon IV, Daniel Sheldon, and Joseph Sheldon.* Updated from Find A Grave Memori...

Elizabeth Tufts (Pratt) MP (1692 - 1760)

"His widow married John Tufts, of Medford.". (2) Sources Sargent genealogy

Elizabeth Lord (Pratt) MP (1673 - 1714)

Married to Benjamin Lord May 13, 1693 Name Elizabeth Pratt Gender Female Birth? 3 APR 1673 Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut, USA Marriage 13 Apr 1693 Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut, United ...

Elizabeth Pratt (??) MP (c.1575 - c.1629)

Many trees give this Elizabeth the birth-surname "Prime". This should be regarded as nothing more than speculation until evidence of her birth/marriage can be found. She is named only as "Elizabeth" in...

Elizabeth Backus (Pratt) MP (c.1641 - 1726)

Elizabeth Pratt (Kingham) MP (1600 - 1679)

Elizabeth Bate Kingham Pratt Birth: Jan. 1, 1593 Boxford, Suffolk, England Death: Aug. 29, 1667 Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, USA Family links: Spouse: Mathew Pratt (1595 - 1672...

Elizabeth Pratt (Hunt) MP (1566 - 1616)

Elizabeth Pratt MP (c.1620 - 1670)

Disconnected as spouse of John Pratt, 11/29/2015.

Elizabeth Pratt (Webb) MP (1567 - 1615)

Elizabeth Pratt (Roberts) MP (1782 - 1867)

Spouse: Nehemiah Pratt (1783 - 1855) - Elizabeth married Nehemiah Pratt in 1801 in either Vermont or New Hampshire. Elizabeth did have family in Addison County, Vermont, originally from Cornish, Cheshi...

Elizabeth Hawkes (Pratt) MP (1650 - 1707)

The children of Richard Pratt and Mary were: Elizabeth Pratt, born in 1649 or 1659 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Married Gershom Hawkes. from Richard Pratt's will, dated May 8, 1691, Middlesex C...

Elizabeth Ripley (Pratt) MP (1765 - d.)

Elizabeth Pratt MP (1724 - d.)

Elizabeth Margeryanna Pratt MP (1880 - d.)

Elmer "Geronimo" Pratt MP (1947 - 2011)

Elmer "Geronimo" Pratt (September 13, 1947 – June 2, 2011), also known as Geronimo ji-Jaga, was a former high ranking member of the Black Panther Party. He was targeted by the FBI program COINTELPRO, w...

Emeline C. Pratt (Tinker) MP (1817 - 1846)

CHILDREN OF JONATHAN AND LUCINDA 45 (LEWIS) TINKER. 101. i. Oliver J., was born at Vernon, N. Y., December 1, 1811; married at Ridgeville, O., March 20, 1837, Charlotte P. Porter, who was born August...

Enos Allen Pratt MP (1773 - 1838)

Experience Pratt MP (1672 - 1700)

From Find A Grave Memorial# 77415238 John ORCUTT was baptised 18d 4m 1669 in Scituate, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts the son of William & Mary (LANE) ORCUTT. John was married five times but had children...