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Micah Pratt, M.D. MP (1691 - c.1759)

Michael Pratt MP (deceased)

Michael Pratt MP (deceased)

Nola Luxford MP (1895 - 1994)

Nola Luxford (24 December 1901 – 10 October 1994) was a New Zealand born film actress of the silent film era, and into the 1930s. Biography Nola Luxford was a New Zealand-born actress, write...

Moses Pratt MP (1754 - 1823)

N.N. Pratt MP (deceased)

Nahum Pratt MP (1770 - 1837)

Nathaniel Pratt MP (c.1662 - c.1744)


Nathaniel Pratt MP (1743 - 1800)

Nina Carter (Pratt) MP (1863 - 1939)

Nina Pratt Carter is the wife of my 1st cousin 5x removed Joyce A. Finley --- Nina Carter is Dorothy Willard's 7th cousin once removed's husband's mother. Dorothy Willard → John He...

Obadiah Pratt MP (1742 - 1797)


Olesta Marie Pratt (Prather) MP (1921 - 1959)

Residence: (1930 — Age: 9) Quay, Pawnee, Oklahoma* Residence: (1935 — Age: 14) Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma* Residence: (1 Apr 1940 — Age: 19) Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Olive Jewell (Pratt) MP (deceased)

Orson Pratt, Apostle, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints MP (1811 - 1881)

Wikipedia Summary "... Orson Pratt (September 19, 1811 – October 3, 1881) was a leader in the Latter Day Saint movement and an original member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles. He was born in ...

Parley P. Pratt, Apostle, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints MP (1807 - 1857)

Wikipedia Summary "...Parley Parker Pratt (12 April 1807 – 13 May 1857) was a leader in the Latter Day Saint movement and an original member of Quorum of the Twelve Apostles from 1835 until hi...

Patience Eddy (Pratt) MP (1701 - d.)

Patience Pratt MP (1671 - 1735)

Patty Rich (Pratt) MP (1767 - 1841)

Paul Pratt MP (1713 - 1798)

Peter Pratt MP (1711 - 1760)

Philota Barlow (Pratt) MP (1768 - 1810)

CHILDREN: Hiram Pratt Barlow, Sophia Barlow, Orange Barlow, Rodney Barlow

Phineas Pratt, Sr. MP (1709 - 1779)

Notes for PHINEAS PRATT: -- He was born and married in Cohasset. -- After marriage, he moved to the western frontier near Worcester, MA. and then later, he or his descendants afterwards went to Con...

Phineas Pratt MP (1789 - 1847)

Phineas Pratt, Jr. MP (1743 - 1812)

Phineas Pratt MP (1593 - 1680)

Phineas Pratt Find A Grave Memorial# 143461134 Cohasset Central Cemetery, Cohasset, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA Phineas Pratt was b. circa 1593 London, England and d.19 Apr 1...

Priscilla Bushnell (Pratt) MP (1675 - d.)

Prudence Rice (Pratt) MP (1698 - 1753)

She and her husband were admitted to full communion in the Framingham Church in 1723. After the death of Ebenezer Stone in 1739 she marriedDaniel Bigelow, she married thirdly Ezekiel Rice.

Rachel Pratt (Belt) MP (1762 - d.)

Rebecca Damon (Pratt) MP (1697 - d.)

Rhoda Barlow (Pratt) MP (1773 - 1802)

Rhoda Green (Pratt) MP (deceased)

Rhoda Meeker (Pratt) MP (1735 - 1775)

Richard "Dick" Pratt MP (1934 - 2009)

Richard J. Pratt (born Ryszard Przecicki; 10 December 1934 – 28 April 2009) was a prominent Australian businessman, chairman of the privately owned company Visy Industries, and a leading figure ...

Richard Pratt MP (1816 - 1895)

England & Wales Christening Records, 1530-1906 Name: Richard Pratt Gender: Male Birth Date: 7 Oct 1816 Christening Date: 10 Nov 1816 Christening Place: Rotherfield, Sussex, England Age at...

Richard Pratt MP (1615 - 1691)

Richard Wickham Pratt MP (1730 - 1812)

Richard Wickham Pratt was the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Pratt and Richard Wickham who did not marry. Richard later dropped Wickham from his name,

Rosetta Constantia Douglas (Pratt) MP (1897 - d.)

Roxanna Pratt MP (1766 - 1816)

Ruth Pratt (Eddy) MP (c.1702 - 1731)

Ruth Pratt MP (1677 - d.)

Probably a daughter of Hepzibah Pratt There is are no records of a marriage between John Pratt Jr. and a Margaret Parker.

Ruth Pratt (Stimson) MP (1664 - 1707)

iii. RUTH STIMPSON, daughter of JAMES STIMSON and NAOMI LEFFINGWELL, was born September 02, 1664, in Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She died in 1707. She married, by 1690, in Sherborn Middlesex M...

Samuel Pratt MP (1632 - 1678)

Samuel Pratt MP (1670 - 1728)

Had 9 children with Patience, including Benjamin.

Samuel Pratt MP (1733 - d.)

Samuel Pratt, of Weymouth MP (1636 - 1679)

Had 7 children with Hannah, including Samuel. Links Samuel was, like his brothers, a town officer and large land owner, being mentioned frequently in the records as such. In his will, he re...

Samuel Pratt MP (c.1637 - 1676)

Samuel Pratt, son of Phineas Pratt (b. ca 1593 d.19 Apr 1680) & Mary Priest (b. ca 1612-). Samuel Pratt born circa 1637, died on 26 Mar 1676 near Rehoboth, MA. He married Mary Barker. Mary was his only...

Samuel Pratt MP (c.1672 - c.1745)

Samuel Pratt. Born ca 1672 in Middleboro, MA. Samuel died ca Jul 1745 in Middleboro, MA. ca 1696 Samuel married Hannah Miller, daughter of John Miller (-11 May 1720). Born ca 1678 in Middleboro, MA. ...

Sarah Phelps (Pratt) MP (c.1662 - 1758)

From The Phelps Family of America, p. 98: "Her grave stone may be seen in the ancient burying ground, Centre Church, at Hartford, the only Phelps stone in the yard. The inscription reads:--"Here lies i...

Sarah Pratt (Gale) MP (1694 - d.)

Sarah Thomas (Pratt) MP (1668 - 1702)

Sarah Thomas (Pratt,) (b. 1668/9 - d. after 3 Dec. 1701,) was married once to: William Thomas, July 30, 1691, Taunton, MA. Sarah was the mother of: Joanna b. 10 May 1693, Susanna b. 15 Feb. 1694/5, Sar...

Sarah Pratt MP (1764 - 1830)

Sarah Wyatt (Pratt) MP (1668 - 1729)

Sarah Pratt (Judkins) MP (1645 - 1726)

Sarah Judkins Pratt Birth: Dec. 7, 1645 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA Death: Jan. 26, 1727 Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA Daughter of Job Judkins and his wife Sarah ...

Sarah Pratt MP (1737 - 1742)

Sarah Pratt (Gale) MP (1681 - d.)

Married Jonathan Pratt about 1700

Sarah Pratt MP (1718 - 1758)

Dau of David Pratt and Sarah Chalker

Sarah Pratt MP (1664 - 1706)

Sarah Pratt was Aaron Pratt's 1st cousin. According to the Phineas Pratt book , her father, Joseph, was Aaron’s uncle (his father’s brother).\ Sarah's tombstone is the oldest in the Coh...

Sarah Barrows (Pratt) MP (1705 - 1793)

Sarah Pratt (Lincoln) MP (1718 - 1777)

Some give her birth as 1711, 1712 or 1717. (Probably an issue of legibility) The 1718 may be a modernization of 1717 since the English custom of that era was a calendar year from May to April not Jan t...

Sarah Marinda Pratt (Bates) MP (1817 - 1888)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Sarah Marinda Bates Pratt (February 2, 1817 – December 25, 1888) was the first wife of Mormon Apostle and polygamist Orson Pratt and a later a critic of Mo...

Sarah (Pratt) Richards MP (c.1642 - 1727)

Notes It's not known for certain who the parents of this Sarah were. Sarah, daughter of Thomas 2 is described as being mentally and physically incompetent, 23 years old at the death of her father i...

Sarah Bigelow (Pratt) MP (1781 - 1822)

Sarah Shumway (Pratt) MP (1704 - 1724)

Sarah Snow (Pratt) MP (1707 - 1737)

Sarah Pratt (Wright) MP (1669 - 1752)

Sarah Wright Cummings Pratt died on Christmas Day 1752, aged 84, "Lamented by all who knew her."

Sarah Gridley (Pratt) MP (1732 - 1817)

Sarah Pratt (Beaman) MP (c.1668 - 1716)


Silas Pratt MP (1721 - 1810)

Susan Pratt (Oliver) MP (c.1876 - 1950)

Susanna Pratt (Gleason) MP (c.1636 - 1692)

From Thomas Gleason Jr. owned land adjacent to other land in Sudbury bought by Thomas Pratt 1678. Thomas Pratt Sr. was on of those who took inventory of Thomas Gleason Jr.,'s est. 1705. Susanna, daug...

Susannah Merrill (Pratt) MP (1675 - c.1735)

She is a daughter of Hepzibah Wyatt and John Pratt, Jr. per will, and not Margaret Pratt Date of birth, according to Barbour, is 2 Oct 1680 in Hartford.

Sybil Meynell Douglas (Pratt) MP (1918 - d.)

Tabitha Bancroft (Pratt) MP (1771 - 1842)

Please do NOT merge with any other profile as this one has been vandalized. Do NOT merge with the other Tabitha Bancroft as it is now locked with mis-information. Notes for TABITHA PRATT: According t...

Thankful Axtell (Pratt) MP (1683 - 1749)

18. Daniel AXTELL (Henry 3, Thomas 2, William 1) was born 4 Nov 1673 in Marlborough Castle, Wiltshire, England, died about Jan 1734/35 in Killed In King Philip's War in Berkley, Bristol Co., MA about a...

Thomas Pratt MP (b. - c.1888)

Thomas Pratt MP (1669 - 1732)

Thomas Pratt MP (1626 - 1676)

Thomas Pratt MP (1563 - 1616)

Notes From Fred Nicholson: His wife might have been Elizabeth Hunt (a Thomas Pratt married an Elizabeth Hunt in Dinton, Buckinghamshire on 3 Jun 1593) or Agnis (an Agnis Prat was buried in Aston Clin...

Thomas Pratt, of Sherborn MP (c.1630 - 1692)

THOMAS PRATT, born ca 1636, probably son of Thomas, ca 1615, [SIC: at 15 years of age?] both of Watertown. Authorities disagree whether there were a father/son both named Thomas or only one. Certain fa...

Thomas Pratt MP (1656 - 1741)

Birth: 1656 Framingham Middlesex County Massachusetts, USA Death: Feb. 6, 1741 Family links: Spouse: Lidia Parmenter Pratt (1655 - 1741)* Calculated relationship Burial: Unknown ...

Thomas Pratt MP (1509 - 1539)

Walter Pratt MP (1390 - 1446)

The surname of PRATT was recorded as a baptismal name 'the son of Prat' in the early 12th century. The name was originally derived from the Old French name PRAT, and was brought into England in the wak...

Rev. William Pratt MP (1562 - 1629)

Video of Rev. William Pratt and Pratt family (parts 1 & 2): &

William Pratt MP (1631 - d.)

The Griswold Family, p. 17 states: "The assertion that Sarah married a third time has been disproved by the will of Sarah Pinney dated June 13, 1711 with inventory taken Dec. 26, 1715 quoted in Manwa...

William Pratt Sr MP (c.1430 - 1474)

Boris Karloff MP (1887 - 1969)

from the New York Times obituary, which ran Tuesday, February 4, 1969: In his later years the actor lived in and near London. His films were still billed as horror movies, although he objected to t...

Elder William Pratt, III MP (1659 - 1713)

I am also directly connected to another PRATT line through my great grandmother, Juanita HOOPER (see above outline tree) Juanita's parents are Clement H. Hooper & Rhoda Axtell Rhoda's parents are...

William Pratt Jr MP (c.1469 - c.1498)

His will is dated 1534.

William Joseph Pratt MP (1648 - 1703)

William Pratt, Ensign MP (1674 - 1757)

How is it possible for an individual to pass away in a community and state that didn't exist in 1757??

Capt. William Pratt, Jr. MP (1653 - 1718)

Occupation: Captain of 1st Co. Old Saybrook Connecticut- Society of Colonial Wars.

Lt. William Pratt, Founder, Hartford, CT MP (1609 - 1670)

Lt. William Pratt and his brother John were original founders of Hartford, CT. was the name of a 17th-century ship known to have sailed between England and English settlements in Massachusetts. Sev...

Zedekiah Emanuel Pratt MP (1893 - 1894)

Zepheniah Pratt MP (deceased)

Zipporah Pratt (Smith) MP (1749 - 1822)

Pratt (deceased)

Pratt (deceased)

Pratt (deceased)

Miss Pratt (deceased)

Pratt (deceased)