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Alasie (Alix) Visconti (de Genève), b.1120 MP (c.1120 - d.)

Other suggested spouse : , married in 1142 Reference: FamilySearch Genealogy - SmartCopy : Mar 27 2017, 12:36:06 UTC

Aldegunda Visconti, c 1145 MP (c.1145 - 1203)

Anastasia b.1230 Visconti (Pirovana) MP (c.1230 - 1276)

Birth date estimated, depending on various sources, as anywhere c1225 to 1235). Her marriage date is c1248 to c1250. Parents of Anastasia Pirovano not certain, although many sources state that the Ar...

Arcangela Visconti MP (1845 - d.)

Barnabò Visconti di Modrone, IV. duca di Grazzano Visconti MP (1930 - 2015)

Beatrice Visconti MP (c.1122 - d.)

Parents Oddone I VISCONTI di Milano, Visconte di Milano 1087-1165 Luitgard STAMPA † Spouses, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren Married to Guy II de Valpergue, Comte de Valpergue a...

Bernabò Visconti, signore di Milano MP (1323 - 1385)

Bernabò Visconti, signore di Milano Bernabò Visconti (also called Barnabò) (1323 – 18 December 1385) was an Italian soldier and statesman, who was Lord of Milan. He was born in Milan, the son o...

Bertha Visconti (Pirovano) MP (c.1170 - d.)

M Andreotus PIROVANO Born about 1140 Deceased in 1208 , age at death: possibly 68 years old Parents N PIROVANO, born about 1110, Deceased Married to Ne N Spouses, children, grandchildren an...

Bianca Maria Visconti MP (1425 - 1468)

Bonifacio Visconti di Milano MP (c.1020 - c.1065)

Also known as Boniface de Milan, di Milano, etc. Wife's Parents Gian Pietro BORRI † ? ? Spouses, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren Married to Bonifacio VISCONTI di Milano, Viscont...

Donnina Hawkwood (Visconti) MP (c.1335 - 1406)

Donnina Visconti MP (deceased)

Elisabetta Cusani Visconti MP (1799 - 1838)

Eriprando b. c.1050 d. c.1101 Visconti (de Milano) MP (c.1050 - 1101)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Mar 31 2017, 3:05:48 UTC

Fiorina Visconti (Mandelli) MP (c.1205 - c.1229)

Gian Galeazzo Visconti, I. conte di Milano MP (1351 - 1402)

Vedi Wikipedia...

Giulio Visconti Borromeo Arese, conte della Pieve di Brebbia MP (1664 - 1751)

Guido (Guidone) Visconti, c1120 MP (c.1120 - d.)

Reviewed with smart match of Guido (Guidone) Visconti, c1120 : Perhaps not this one, as previously thought.

Luchino Visconti MP (1906 - 1976)

Regista e sceneggiatore italiano (Italian film director) See Wikipedia... Filmography on IMDb...

Matteo I Visconti, signore di Milano MP (1250 - 1322)

: Matteo I Visconti (Invorio, 15 August 1250 - Crescenzago, 24 June 1322) was the son of Teobaldo Visconti (nephew of the Archbishop of Milan, Ottone Visconti) and Anastasia Pirovano. Matteo was a ...

Muzio II Sforza, IV. marchese di Caravaggio MP (c.1577 - 1622)

Obizzo Visconti, c1200 signore di Massino MP (c.1200 - c.1266)

Olimpia Sforza Visconti MP (deceased)

Otton II Visconti MP (1143 - 1170)

Otton II and his wife, Aldegunda, are often noted as having married in 1169. I have therefore situated his death as after 1170, pending further info. MP Alternate parents are sometimes noted Guidone ...

Ottone I c1087 Visconti, Visconte di Milano MP (c.1087 - 1165)

M Oddone I VISCONTI di Milano, Visconte di Milano 1087-1165 married to Luitgard STAMPA † with : *F Béatrice VISCONTI di Milano † *M Guido VISCONTI di Milano † * Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees...

Pietro Visconti, podestà di Bergamo e Monza MP (deceased)

Ruggero Visconti, signore di Massino b.c.1158 MP (c.1158 - c.1189)

Signore di Massino, di Albizzate and di Besnate

Stefano Visconti, Seigneur de Milan, Comte di Arona MP (1288 - 1327)

en.wikipedia : Stefano Visconti (kneeling). Portrait from his grave. In 1318 he married Valentina Doria, Stefano Visconti († 4. Juli 1327) aus der Familie Visconti war der dritte Sohn des Matte...

Taddaea Von Bayern (Visconti) MP (1351 - 1381)

: This Thadea de Visconti, daughter of Barnabé Visconti, is widely known to have been the spouse of Stefan (Etienne) III of Bavaria. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH this woman's AUNT, Thadeé (Thadée) Valenza d...

Teobaldo Visconti MP (c.1227 - 1276)

Parents of Anastasia Pirovano unknown. Some state "a brother of Uberto", the Archibishop: This source states that Anastasia was the niece of Cardinal Uberto Pirovano, but primal source of her parents n...

Pope Gregory X MP (c.1210 - 1276)

NOTA BENE not to be confused with homonyms: a Theobaldo or Teobaldo Visconti, born about 1227, depending on sources, and also deceased in 1276 seems to be more likely the father of Matteo, father of St...

Uberto Visconti, signore di Massino b.1170 MP (c.1170 - 1248)

Uberto Visconti ▼1 d. before 1248 Father Ruggero, Consul of Milano ▼2 d. after 1189 Uberto Visconti was the son of Ruggero, Consul of Milano. ▼2 Uberto Visconti died before 1248. ▼1 Family ...

Valentina Visconti MP (1366 - 1408)

Valentina Visconti From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Valentina Visconti (died December 4, 1408) was the wife of Louis de Valois, Duke of Orléans, a younger brother of Charles VI of France. Sh...

Viridis Visconti MP (c.1351 - 1414)

Viridis Visconti aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Viridis Visconti (* um 1350; † 1. März 1414), Herzogin von Mailand und Herzogin von Österreich, entstammte...

? Pellegatti Visconti MP (deceased)

? Visconti MP (deceased)

? Visconti (?) MP (deceased)

? Visconti (?) MP (deceased)

? Visconti di Massino MP (deceased)

? dei Visconti di Campiglia MP (deceased)

Achilla della Pusterla (Visconti) MP (deceased)

Achille Dominico Angelo Aurelio Visconti MP (1836 - d.)

Adelaide Castelbarco Visconti Simonetta (Melzi d'Eril), Contessa MP (1853 - 1873)

Agnes de Milan Visconti MP (1620 - 1695)

Agnese Visconti MP (1383 - 1391)

Agnese Visconti MP (deceased)

Alberico Visconti MP (deceased)

Alberto Visconti MP (deceased)

Alberto Litta Visconti Arese MP (1759 - 1832)

Alberto Visconti MP (deceased)

Alessandro Castelbarco-Visconti MP (1917 - d.)

Alessandro Castelbarco Visconti Simonetta MP (1848 - 1917)

Alessandro Castelbarco Visconti Simonetta MP (1917 - 1986)

Alessandro Visconti d'Aragona MP (deceased)

Alessandro Marazzani Visconti MP (deceased)

Alfonso Litta Visconti Arese MP (1750 - 1817)

Alicia de visconti MP (deceased)

Aligarda Visconti MP (deceased)

Ambrogio Visconti MP (1343 - 1373)

Americo Visconti MP (deceased)

Amneris Mancini Visconti MP (deceased)

Anastasia Torelli Visconti MP (deceased)

Andreas Visconti MP (deceased)

Andreola Visconti MP (b. - 1376)

Andreotto Visconti MP (1198 - 1266)

Father: Uberto Visconti, b.abt 1170 Italy d.bef 1248 Mother: Berta, b.abt 1172 Italy

Angel Franco Visconti MP (deceased)

Angela Marie Elena Demaso (Visconti) MP (b. - 2007)

Angelina Visconti MP (deceased)

Anglesia Visconti MP (1377 - 1439)

Anita Tarantola (Visconti) MP (deceased)

Anna Visconti Marchesa di Segna MP (deceased)

Anna Visconti (Velardi) MP (1897 - d.)

Anna Visconti MP (b. - 1543)

Anna Arconati (Visconti) MP (deceased)

Anna Visconti MP (b. - c.1596)

Anna Polito (Visconti) MP (deceased)

Anna Visconti MP (deceased)

Anna Visconti Borromeo MP (deceased)

Anna Sfondrati (Visconti) MP (deceased)

Anna Caracciolo (Visconti di Modrone) MP (deceased)

Anna Durazzo (Castelbarco Visconti Simonetta) MP (1851 - 1906)

Anna Maria Visconti (Borromeo) MP (1638 - 1667)

Anna Maria di Castelbarco Visconti Simonetta Pindemonte Rezzonico (Lombardo) MP (deceased)

Annarella Castelbarco Albani Visconti Simonetta MP (1925 - 2003)

Annibale Visconti, marchese di Borgoratto MP (1660 - 1747)

Annibale Aicardi Visconti, Conte MP (deceased)

Anselmo Visconti MP (1103 - d.)

Anthony Visconti MP (1966 - d.)

Antiochia Visconti MP (deceased)

Antoinetta Maria Litta Visconti Arese MP (1814 - 1855)

Antoinette Visconti (Daurio) MP (1922 - 1983)

Antoinietta Visconti MP (deceased)

Anton Visconti MP (deceased)

Antonella Visconti di Modrone (Bechi Piaggio) MP (1938 - 1999)

Antonetta Visconti MP (deceased)

Antonia von Wuertemberg (Visconti Di Milano), Gräfin von Wuertemberg MP (1360 - 1405)

Antonia Visconti (Mauruzzi) MP (1470 - d.)

Antonia Visconti MP (deceased)

Antonia della Pusterla (Visconti) MP (deceased)

Antonia Visconti MP (deceased)