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David Coffyn MP (c.1332 - c.1370)

Son and heir, Portledge - Deed - Coffyn of Porthledge, Visitation of Devon 1594

Sir James Coffyn, Knight MP (c.1514 - 1566)

Johanna Hull (Coffyn) MP (c.1611 - 1681)

Joanna Coffin was not married to Rev. Joseph Hull! The name comes from some inventive and quite persuasive speculation by an eary Hull researcher, Orra Eugene Monnette. He based his speculation on the ...

John Coffyn MP (1392 - 1427)

Son and heir, Portledge - Deed 1427 - Coffyn of Porthledge, Visitation of Devon 1594

John Coffyn MP (1301 - 1332)

son and Heir - Portledge. Deed 1318

Lionel Coffyn MP (c.1540 - 1636)

Margaret Coffyn (Giffard) MP (1427 - 1486)

Mary Coffyn (Cole) MP (c.1514 - 1566)


Nicholas Coffin (Coffyn) MP (1561 - 1613)

He "belonged to an ancient family of gentry in Devonshire. During the thirteenth century one Richard Coffyn was granted free warren in the manor of Alwington by King Henry III, and early in the next ce...

Nicholas Coffyn, lll MP (c.1582 - 1627)

Children of Nicholas Coffin and Joan Advant were as follows: 1, John; born 1582; died 1610. 2. Nicholas; born 1582; died 1627. 3. Tristram; born 1584. 4. Peter, born 1584 at Brixton, Devon, Eng...

Peter Coffyn MP (c.1630 - 1714)

Peter Coffin (Coffyn) MP (c.1535 - 1601)

Coffin Faimly History Genealogical and personal memoirs relating to the families of the state of Massachusetts In Fallaise, a town of Normandy. COFFIN stands the old chateau of Courtiton, once ...

Peter Coffin (Coffyn) MP (1580 - 1627)

Peter Coffin was born in 1584 at Brixton, Devon, England and died Dec 1 1627. Parents were Nicholas Coffin and Joan Avent He married Joan Kember, daughter of Robert Kember and Anne (--?--), in 1604...

Philip Coffin (Coffyn) MP (c.1540 - d.)

Richard Coffyn MP (1275 - 1380)

The Coffin Family may be traced back to William the Conqueror, who was the King of England. In his army, he had a general by the name of Coffyn. After the conquest he gave an estate to General Coffyn, ...

Sir Richard Coffyn, Kt. MP (1275 - 1380)

Richard Coffyn (son of William Coffyn) was born 1275 in Alwington, Devonshire, England183, and died 1380 in Alwington, Devon, England183. Includes NotesNotes for Richard Coffyn: Entry from White's ...

Thomasine Coffyn (unknown) MP (1336 - d.)

William Coffin MP (c.1495 - 1538)

About his death: BRITISH HISTORY ONLINE: MARGARET COFFYN to CROMWELL. Begs him to intimate to the King the death of her husband. He died of the great sickness, full of God's marks over all his body...

William Coffyn MP (c.1423 - 1486)

Son and heir, Portledge - Deed 1445, 2nd of Henry VII - Coffyn of Porthledge, Visitation of Devon 1594 Survived by wife Margaret Giffard Coffyn and so named at Inq taken at death.

Wilmot Coffyn (Chudleigh) MP (c.1488 - 1569)

The life of Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin, baronet, his English and American ancestors; (1886) .... It will be seen that in the sixth generation John Coffin married Philippa, daughter and co-heiress o...

? Coffyn (deceased)

Alice Coffyn (Gambon) (1460 - 1554)

Alice Coffyn (Gambon) (1460 - 1554)

Andrea Coffyn (b. - c.1935)

André Coffyn (1908 - 1993)

Constantia Wyse (1454 - 1540)

David Coffyn (1332 - 1370)

David Coffyn. II (c.1370 - c.1427)

David Coffyn Jr, (DOB Unknown) son of David and Thomasin Coffyn,had child named John, who married Thomasine Hathey. Note the name is spelled with an E at the end of the name. See Visitation of Devon ...

David Coffyn (c.1332 - c.1370)

David Coffyn (c.1361 - c.1392)

David Coffyn (c.1361 - c.1371)

Married to Unknown Son and heir, Portledge - Coffyn of Porthledge, Visitation of Devon 1594

Deborah Coffyn (deceased)

Eliza Coffyn (deceased)

Elizabeth Wyke (Coffyn) (1565 - 1613)

Elizabeth Phillippa Coffyn (Hingston) (1475 - 1570)

emiel Coffyn (deceased)

Eugene Coffyn (b. - 1951)

Eunice Coffyn (deceased)

Fernand Coffyn (deceased)

Huguette Coffyn (deceased)

Jan Coffyn (deceased)

Jane Berry (Coffyn) (1477 - 1489)

Joan Coffyn (deceased)

John Coffyn (deceased)

John Coffyn (1392 - 1427)

John Coffyn (1458 - d.)

John Coffyn (1392 - 1427)

John Coffyn (1425 - d.)

John Coffyn, of Portledge (c.1475 - 1566)

These dates do not look right. He was 116 when he died? 46 when he first married? I think a more correct date of birth is c. 1475, the same as Elizabeth Phillipa Hingston, his wife.

John Coffyn (1301 - 1332)

John Coffyn (c.1475 - 1566)

John Coffyn (deceased)

John Coffyn (1582 - 1610)

Libni Coffyn (deceased)

Love Coffin (Coffyn) (1676 - 1772)

Lydia Coffin (Coffyn) (1669 - 1747)

Lydia Coffyn (Lemon) (1785 - d.)

Margaret Coffyn (Giffard) (1427 - 1486)

Margaret Coffyn (Gifford) (deceased)

Marie Hermine Maes (Coffyn) (1875 - 1901)

Mary Coffyn (deceased)

Miriam Coffyn (deceased)

Mrs. John Coffyn (c.1301 - d.)

Nancy W. Coffyn (Clarke) (1813 - 1884)

Nancy Brown (Coffyn) (1831 - d.)

Nicholas Coffyn (c.1550 - 1613)

Nicholas Coffyn (c.1568 - 1613)

Nicholas Coffyn (c.1545 - d.)

Parnella Coffyn (deceased)

Peter Coffyn (b. - 1627)

Peter Coffyn (c.1584 - 1627)

Peter Coffyn (deceased)

Richard Coffyn (1425 - d.)

Richard Coffyn (deceased)

Richard Coffyn, Sir (c.1209 - 1254)

King Henry III grants freewarren in Coffyn and his heirs forever Charter 28, August 1254 British History Online: Coffin, of Portledge. — The Coffins possessed the manor of Alwington, in whic...

Richard Coffyn (1101 - d.)

Richard Coffyn (c.1168 - d.)

son and Heir, temp Henry II

Richard Coffyn (c.1456 - c.1523)

Richard Coffyn (c.1209 - 1254)

Richard Coffyn (1139 - d.)

Richard Coffyn (1275 - 1380)

Richard Coffyn (c.1168 - d.)

Richard Coffyn (deceased)

Roland Coffyn (deceased)

Sir Richard Coffyn (1101 - d.)

Sir Richard Coffyn (1139 - d.)

Sir Jean Ricardus Chauvin - Son of Jean Nicholas Chauvin _______________ Domesday records show a Sir Jean Ricardus Chauvin coming from Normandy about the time William the Conqueror triumphed at Has...

Thomasin Coffin (deceased)

Thomasin's surname is currently unknown. She and husband Davidhad one son, David whose wife's identity is currently unknown. David, Thomasin and David Sr 's son had child named John, who married Thom...

Thomasin Coffyn (deceased)

Thomasin Coffyn (Hathey) (1396 - 1427)

Thomasine Coffyn (deceased)

Tristam Coffyn (c.1510 - d.)

Walter Coffyn (1811 - 1897)

William Coffyn (1247 - 1275)

William Coffyn (c.1423 - 1486)

Sir William Coffyn, of Devon (1247 - 1275)

Born during Edward I Heir, Deed to Portledge