Comic Books and Genealogy?

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Today the world famous Comic-Con International kicked off its first day in San Diego, California. Every year thousands of fans from around the world make their way to San Diego to experience the latest in the world of comics, science fiction and fantasy. One of the largest conventions of its type in the world, this year’s Comic-Con is predicted to be the biggest yet.

Now you might be asking, what does this have to do with genealogy? Well, with Geni’s Projects, anyone can create a genealogy project for just about any subject they can think of. Today, we’re showcasing a few genealogy projects dedicated to the world of comics and science fiction – the Comic Book Villians & Superheroes project and the Sci Fi – Science Fiction project.

Comic Book Villians & Superheroes

This project is dedicated to gathering the genealogical information for all the actors who have portrayed comic book villains and superheroes on screen and the masterminds behind the characters. Ever wondered if you’re a relative of Stan Lee or maybe Captain America’s Chris Evans? Join this project to help trace their genealogies and connect them to the World Family Tree.

Join the worlds largest family tree

Sci Fi – Science Fiction

Science fiction fans will get a kick out of the Sci Fi – Science Fiction project. Here you can find the family trees of science fiction actors, film makers and authors. Are you a fan of notable science fiction authors Jules Verne, Ray Bradbuy or Philip K. Dick? Check out this project to see how you’re related to them and other science fiction greats!

Join the worlds largest family tree

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