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5.3.2013 в 6:11 до полудня

Welcome to the curator Team Donovan!

5.3.2013 в 6:18 до полудня

Donovan, welcome aboard!

5.3.2013 в 7:32 до полудня

Welcome Private User.

5.3.2013 в 7:59 до полудня

Welcome aboard Private User.

5.3.2013 в 8:54 до полудня

Welcome Private User

Private User
6.3.2013 в 1:36 после полудня

Hello everyone and thanks for the welcome I am a new member of the team and curator.
I speak Spanish and English and translate Italian, French and Portuguese.
My area of work is Maritime Human Resources.

My interests are in the area genealogical Chile, the beginning of the republic.
Also my interests are of the first British who arrived on the coasts of Chile and Latin American countries.

Another one of my areas of GENI project is creation of Latin American painters, writers, photographers, architects, presidents., People on Clilean Stamps ,Chilean Pacific War etc.

I am willing to work and have done so since 2008 which was the date it enters GENI and I feel very comfortable and I found Curators and very friendly people and I am very happy to be part of the team.

6.3.2013 в 5:48 после полудня

Welcome, Private User!

Private User
6.3.2013 в 9:53 после полудня

Welcome to Jaime and Donovan!

7.3.2013 в 12:40 до полудня

Welcome to the team Jaime and again Donovan !

Private User
10.5.2014 в 12:58 после полудня

I don't think so. Last I saw was comment they were not adding new Curators currently. I saw his message saying leaving as General Manager -- did they make an exception for him (which I think would be totally understandable and sensible, if still not adding Curators) -- or are they adding Curators again?

10.5.2014 в 4:05 после полудня

A parting gift I believe. The curators have welcomed him. He will be a valued member of the team. I think it is an exception for now.

10.5.2014 в 11:31 после полудня

Terry is correct. It benefits us all to keep Noah onboard, so the Curators are very happy about it, but it is an exceptional case, as far as we know.

11.5.2014 в 7:43 до полудня

Hello Curator Team- Group!

I would also, be interested in becoming a Curator.

I am located in Germany. Am American. Of Latin and UK descent. My main work, so far, has been on my own branches, as with many at the beginning. Reaching back on my Mother´s side... to about 1100´s (on my own... before GENI) and on my Father´s side, reaching back to the 1700´s ... but with many leads and collaborators, on that side of the family... working together on branches from Catalan > Puerto Rico, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil
, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Mexico etc. etc.

I am bi- lingual (English/German) and since, I took Latin in Junior High... can find my way around many Spanish/Italian/French documents, as well. (Though, nowhere near FLUENT in the latter 3, I can suss out context... can not speak or write it well, myself... for extra assistance, I use Google Translate... and Bing Translate programs and compare these, as well.).

I am generally, fascinated by World History (Famous and non- famous and infamous!).

And have also, been known to make excursions to the outer branches of my tree- non- blood- relatives... great uncles/aunts branches etc. and/or just help out and edit some typos when absolutely obvious or message the profile managers, with suggestions and/or add to other trees, when I´ve located some good information... even, if it´s not "my" branch.

I would be honored to be a part of the GENI- Team and clear out, dupl-/tripli-/quadri- cates of some profiles... and more.

Best regards, to all!

11.5.2014 в 8:10 до полудня

Theresa Renée Eléna Delgado-Tossas, as stated above, Noah's selection as a curator was an exceptional case as he has just left as CEO of Geni. Geni are not currently adding new curators to the team however if they do start to add to our team the best way to be considered is to make sure your own tree is in good shape and that you are seen to be helpful and polite on public discussions. Try visiting some of the projects based around German profiles too. For example (I'm interested in this one) Good luck.

11.5.2014 в 3:03 после полудня

Hi Terry, Thank you, for the Great tips! I sure will!
Xoxoxo to all of the Geni Family!

8.1.2015 в 2:25 до полудня

Greetings All,

I am a new member of the Curator Team. I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I'm honored to join the distinguished and talented folks who make up the volunteer Curators here on Geni. I've been on Geni almost daily since 4/10/09 and I have been the beneficiary of the tremendous effort these folks have contributed to making Geni a positive experience for all the members. I look forward to the opportunity to also contribute to this effort. I have been a believer in the "Big Tree" since I found this site. I believe that all of us working together are a lot smarter then any of us working alone. I look forward to working with all of you in the future.


Private User
8.1.2015 в 2:38 до полудня

Welcome Donald Franklin Colvin good to have you in the curator team :)

8.1.2015 в 3:24 до полудня

Welcome to the curator team Donald Franklin Colvin !

8.1.2015 в 4:02 до полудня
8.1.2015 в 5:45 до полудня

Hi everyone

New member to the Curator team. Finally got the time to check through the welcome package from Geni.
I was so to speak tossed into the deep end of the Pond. " something rotten in the state of Denmark" and so on.
I had to learn by doing, but it seems that I got my head over water, so here I am.

looking forward to work with you all

8.1.2015 в 8:00 до полудня

Welcome to our new curator from Denmark, a fellow historian :)

12.1.2015 в 3:39 после полудня

Welcome new curators, to the Geni Curators Team! I am excited to collaborate with you in future Ad(d)entures!!! :-)

Private User
12.1.2015 в 4:18 после полудня


20.2.2015 в 1:43 до полудня

Great Bunch of people passionate about Genealogy and the Big World Family Tree!!! Congratulations!!! And to many Successful collaborations and connections!!! <3

25.3.2015 в 6:23 до полудня

The South Africans would like to welcome Chris Steyn to the Curator Team.

Private User
25.3.2015 в 7:36 после полудня

Welcome to the new curators from Northern California! We curators already know a little bit about you, but the general population may not. Please be sure to tell us a little bit about yourselves as you sign in.

Private User
27.3.2015 в 2:46 после полудня

Private User - who are these new curators from CA you are welcoming?

27.3.2015 в 3:11 после полудня

Private User,

She is from Northern California and is welcoming the new curators that way.


Private User
27.3.2015 в 3:22 после полудня

Also newly appointed a Curator, so just waving hello.


Private User
27.3.2015 в 3:23 после полудня

Exactly right, Kevin. Sorry if I confused you, Lois.

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