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About the CuZZin Curator Communicate Portal

This portal was created in order to facilitate communication between those requiring help adding their profiles to the South African branch of the "World FamilyTree" ('WFT') according to South Africa - Profile Conventions and your CuZZin Curators who have an interest in the SA branch but work for the good of the whole 'WFT'.

Please encourage everyone with links to South Africa to use this platform to communicate and explore our common ancestry.

In this portal you will find sources and discussions that will help you with your tree building and your research. In case you have a particular genealogical challenge, or if you have interesting information to share, simply start a discussion about it.

What can you do here?

  • Pose questions to SA curators.
  • Start or take part in a discussion.
  • Collaborate on your research.
  • Share knowledge you have gained from your research in a specific area.
  • Get advice and tips to start your own project.

Introducing the CuZZin Curators privacy/stick_figures_green.jpg:

Hello - we are the Curators who help on the Geni SA tree and colloborate on this project(Scroll down for more people who help on the SA tree): You are invited to communicate with us via this platform.

  • Sharon speaks ENGLISH & Afrikaans, & some embarrassingly rudimentary Zulu.
    • Working mostly in the French Huguenot & 1820 Settler area, & is at the moment starting up the amaXhosa & amaZulu trees,
  • June speaks ENGLISH but understand quite a bit of Afrikaans!
    • June is interested in the English Immigrants to Southern Africa and early Rhodesian Pioneers.
  • Alastair speaks ENGLISH.
    • Working in 1820 British Settlers and German Settlers.
  • Daan speaks AFRIKAANS, ENGLISH and German and will never die in any Spanish country (hablo un pocito Espanol)
    • Has one of the most complete personal trees of anybody on Geni. Focussing at the moment on SWA Stamvaders and the complete BOTES tree for Southern Africa
  • Lea speaks ENGLISH & AFRIKAANS.
    • Working on Lourens, Herbst, Duckitt, Versfeld, Steyn, van Niekerk lines. Can also help with other surnames.
  • John speaks ENGLISH and AFRIKAANS and a little conversational XHOSA
    • Interested in assisting with understanding the workings of Geni, with a view to preserving and linking 'the common folk' (meaning all those ancestors who ventured forth in search of a better life across the world) into the “Big Tree”. Works in areas: “Germans in Kaffraria”, “1820 Settlers”, “Early English Settlers” "SA Railways" & with lines of: Robertson, Caldwell, Kannemeyer, Vercueil, Ballantine, Sparkman, Hamilton, Miller and a host of lines with their roots in the Cape and Eastern Cape.
  • Donovan speaks ENGLISH & AFRIKAANS.
  • Chris is fluent in AFRIKAANS, ENGLISH, DUTCH and GERMAN.
    • Working on Steyn and Viljoen / Huguenot lines. Also interested in places related to the genealogical history of the Steyns, especially Weidum and Leeuwarden in Friesland, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Overberg / Swellendam in South Africa and Angola (Thirstland Trekkers). Willing to help where requested.
  • Alex speaks ENGLISH, AFRIKAANS and Greek.
    • Working on the descendant families of the Thirstland trek and the broader South African tree. Helps with genetic genealogy.
  • Herman Speaks Afrikaans, English, Dutch and Sesotho. Reads German, Danish, Spanish, Latin, Greek. Deciphers & transcribes handwritten texts in 15th to 19th century Dutch or Gothic scripts.
    • Working on Southern African settlers of Danish, Dutch, British, Scottish, German/Prussian/Austrian ancestry; Great Trek & Anglo-Boer War; slaves & their descendants in Southern Africa.
  • Drummond reads/speaks AFRIKAANS, ENGLISH, DUTCH and GERMAN.
    • Working on British Empire (1815-1914) including Australia, the British Raj, South Africa (with special interest in the Anglo-Boer war: armaments, battles, medals and refugee camps etc). Happy to assist in breaking down genetic genealogy brick walls.

Offers of Help from Other Wonderful Geni Users privacy/stick_figures_green.jpg:


  • Caroline Pienaar (Balona) speaks ENGLISH & Afrikaans
    • Works on the French Huguenot tree; offers to help in writing/putting facts in a succinct, chronological and logical manner in English if anyone needs help in this area.
  • Tony de Buys speaks ENGLISH
  • Wynand du Plessis speaks AFRIKAANS
  • Michelle Alicia de Jager (Terblanche) speaks AFRIKAANS, English and German
    • "Ek is bereid om te help waar ek kan met die volgende bome waaraan ek werk. Abel Taylor (SV), Thomas Kemm (SV), Johannes Hermanus Kotze, Salomon (Solomon) Stephanus Terblanche, Adam Barnard."
  • Craig Sheldon speaks ENGLISH.
    • Working with: Sheldon, Fahrenfort, van Driel, Hitzeroth, Borcher, Brink, Burgess, Dryden, Doubell,Greyling, Hampshire, Howard, Jones, Petterson, Sasman, Swanepoel, Wood
  • David Prins speaks ENGLISH. Curator NOT based in South Africa. Offers help with Early Jewish settlers in SA
  • Carolle Marquard Help with Marquard family; Malan / Beyleveld heritage. I have docs. here too on Murrays, Rexes.of Knysna which ought be added some time as well as Malans and Marquards. .Access too to de Wet/Petersens/Moltenos and others. So if you need some Snail participation, glad to help ENGLISH.
  • Heather MacGregor ENGLISH
  • Louis Scholtz AFRIKAANS, Deutsch, ENGLISH, Française en NEDERLANDS. Is bereid om te help waar ek kan. Fokus op Scholtz, Gouws/Gous, Roos, Heineman(n) en Immelman families, Duitse / Franse stamouers, Groot Trek en Anglo-Boereoorlog. Kan help met die intepretasie en / of vertaling van teks in die bogenoemde tale.
  • Charmaine Labuschagne Speaks English, Afrikaans and a bit of German and Chinese.

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