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Provenance and Images

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Card and Marker
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  • Mary Card (1795 - 1796)
    Caution - - - Siblings With The Same Name - - - Caution=* Mary Card * Mary Card Tull or Lull Unkown Husband =Caution - - - Siblings With The Same Name - - - Caution
  • Project Marker (deceased)

To investigate and cleanup images which may or may not actually depict the purported subject.


© 1909 : Jan Pieter VETH ‧ 1864-1925 ‧ kunst-schilder ‧ & ‧ © year : Tom HAARTSEN ‧ w:Ouderkerk a/d Amstel-NLD ‧ fotograaf ‧ || ‧ Coll.ABN‧AMRO ‧ Hist.Archief A'dam ‧ eigendom onbekend ‧ provenance onbekend ‧ & ‧ © portret : Erven Nalatenschap: Benjamin Willem BLIJDENSTEIN ‧ 1839-1914 ‧ & ‧ © beeld : Erven Nalatenschap: schilder + fotograaf ‧ tot ZEVENTIG jaren NA hun verscheiden !!!! - in Nederland althans ! - wordt dus maar nooit uitgever :-) BRON:

Ingewikkeld? Gelukkig mag je de KRAAG van zijn JASJE weer wel copieren dus Dutch Designers wouldn't worry.....


Standing Guidelines

Best Practices for Image Use:

The following are guidelines to help determine best practices for profile pictures.

© : If possible include a photograph of the person. Beware of INTERNATIONAL COPY-RIGHT legislation, so be prudent in using images from the internet !!!

You should upload pictures that you have taken yourself, or where you have permission from the photographer who took the picture. Or you should be reasonably sure that the photograph is in the public domain. Most WIKI-PEDIA images are free to use in other domains, so it maybe wise to START searching in that cooperative worksheet territory....

F•raming : Because the pictures of MOST profiles --NOT the PRIVATE ones-- are also used in tree views all over this GLOBE, it is suggested that the picture be a 'HEAD & SHOULDER' shot and not the full 'FOOT->SHOULDER framed' shot of the person. But that can be very difficult when you just learned how to plug in your own father & grandmother, so this is an ADVICE, not a RULE. There are very many GENI-co-OPER-ators willing to help you out to make a nice screen-cut for the eyebrow of your mothers, for that signal was -to author these line- the most important one to grow old and greyish.

C. : For the main profile picture individual photos are preferred to group photos.

D. : For profiles that pre-date photography a painted portrait of the person if one exists works well. Make sure the painting was done contemporaneously with the person depicted and not merely an "artistic" interpretation of a random person from that historic time period. A photograph of a sculpture of the person can also be used if one exists (example).

E. : In all cases please include an attribution giving credit to the photographer or artist that generated the original image used for the profile picture and include the original URL.

F. : In many cases a photograph, painting or sculpture do not exist. In those cases there are many other suitable alternatives including:

  • Cemetery Gravestone (example).
  • Picture of the person's residence (example).
  • Picture of the person's signature (example).
  • Picture of a significant medal or award received by the person (example)
  • Picture of the symbol of a military unit in which the person has served (example)
  • Picture of the symbol of an organization, group or association meaningful to the person (example)
  • Picture of an actual personal belonging that the person used.
  • Picture of a primary source document that includes vital information about the person like a birth or death certificate.
  • Picture of an "historical marker" relating to the profile (example).
  • Picture of the person on coin, currency or a stamp (example).
  • Picture of the Cemetery (only used if the person doesn't have a headstone).
  • Picture of the ship or sailing vessel used by an immigrant ancestor (example).
  • Picture of a geni project image. Projects categorize individuals based on a research criteria. Some projects will use a custom project "Icon" or "image" for all profiles that don't yet have a better image available for them (example, associated projet).
  • Where it is known, or likely, that a person died young and thus would not have been married or have children, a "Died Young" image from this project may be useful to minimize incorrect merging.
  • ... any wise, creative a/o genealogical logic suppletion VERY WELCOME here...!

NOTA BENE: When applying images to profiles on a large scale, it is advisable to first consult other users active in the area, including the individual managers of the profiles. This can be done though public discussions or personal messages

G. : Pictures that are in poor taste

It has been noticed that some people use a can of Maxwell Coffee for the family Maxwell or a can of Cambell soup for the family "Cambell"
Such a picture would be "in poor taste"


  • Any picture or image that breaks the TOS = Terms of Service of GENI, for the architects of this platform are legally not responsible for content of others, but claim to be the owners of you tree-attribution. When you SIGN IN you must be AWARE of giving you SIGNATURE to that mutual part of the deal to publish you information about GLOBAL relative here on this INTERNET-domain. (
  • © Any picture not documented with honest COPYRIGHT's claim's
  • Do not use pictures which have a Registered Trademark; use of such images requires the explicit permission from the owner of that trademark and are inappropriate without such EXPLICIT, written permission from the owner.

Proposed guidelines

Some of the available images:

See associated Images Gallery.

Died Young

// // //

Under Review

How to Tag an image

Where you have an image which you would like to use repeatedly for many Profiles you do not need to to load the image over and over again. You can tag a profile to an image once you have loaded it.

  1. Load the image into your albums, or add it to a profile
  2. When you wish to use the same image for another profile open the "media tab" on that profile page
  3. Click on the "Add photo" or "Click here to upload photos" link
  4. At the next window select "browse your albums"
  5. Open the album housing the image you wish to use
  6. Select the required image by ticking the box on the image you want
  7.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Add Photos"
  8.  You will return to the profile page with image in situ.
  9. If this is not the first image loaded to the profile and you need it to be the profile photo, click the image under media and set it as the profile image.


  1. Open the image in your photo albums (under Family drop down menu)
  2. The first heading under the image is "In this Photo" - with names and at the end of the list "edit" - click edit
  3. Type the name of the person you wish to tag into the window and select the appropriate person that comes up from the list. If none comes up with the search more tool copy the number only found at the end of the profile address/url and paste that into the box. If the search more box is not offered add a space after the number and press return. Then select the correct name that is offered and press return. Note where you have reached a profile from another linked to it the last number in the address is not the profile number - it will be preceded by "?through=" xxxx which is the profile you have come from. The correct number for the profile is immediately before this.