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Jewish Marshals, Generals & Admirals

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  • Yehuda Wilk (1949 - 2019)
    מפכ"ל המשטרה
  • Aviv Kochavi
    אביב כוכבי (נולד ב-23 באפריל 1964) הוא קצין בדרגת רב-אלוף המכהן כראש המטה הכללי ה-22 של צה"ל החל מ-15 בינואר 2019. בעבר שימש כמפקד חטיבת הצנחנים, מפקד עוצבת האש, מפקד אוגדת עזה, ראש חטיבת המבצעים באמ"ץ...
  • Benny Gantz
    איש צבא ופוליטיקאי ישראלי
  • Akiva Pagi (1927 - 2008)
  • Maj. Gen. Sidney Shachnow (1934 - 2018)
    Hope and Honor: A Memoir of a Soldier's Courage and Survival by Sidney Shachnow, Jann Robbins Sidney Shachnow, 83, Is Dead; Holocaust Escapee and U.S. Genera l

The genesis of this project is Eli Rubin's 1952 book "140 Jewish Marshals, Generals & Admirals." The project seeks to collect all of the Jewish military commanders in Rubin's book, as well as others who have served since then.

Rubin's Foreword:

All the 140 Marshals, Generals and Admirals who are the main actors in the historic procession marching through the pages of this book are of direct Jewish extraction.

Only the intensity of their professing the rites of the Jewish religions varied among them; some of them were strictly orthodox, many others among them were rather indifferent; a very few even went further.

But -- synagogue-goers or not, there is one thing in common in all of them--

Their LOYALTY--their unshakable LOYALTY--to the country whose citizen they were or are . . .

In this sense, this is as much a book of born military leaders, as of human loyalty.



Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy


  • Lt.-General Louis Bernheim





  • General of Cavalry Walter von Mossner


  • General Rubino Ventura



  • General Giuseppe Ottolenghi, War Minister
  • Corps Commander Emanuele Pugliese
  • Corps Commander General Roberto Segre
  • Corps Commander General Guido Liuzzi
  • Corps Commander General Arturo Luzzatto
  • Corps Commander General Angelo Modena
  • Corps Commander General Ettore Ascoli
  • Division Commander Carlo Archivolti
  • Division Commander General Armando Bachi
  • Division Commander General Adolfo Olivetti
  • Division Commander General Oscar Fano
  • Division Commander General Cesare Salamone
  • Division Commander General Vittorio Ottolenghi
  • Division Commander General Giusto Levi
  • Division Commander General Ernesto Ghiron
  • Division Commander General Ugo Levi
  • Brigade Commander Attilio A. Padovani
  • Divisional Commander General A. Cesare Luzzatto
  • Brigade Commander General Angelo Arbib
  • Major General Cesare Ovazza
  • Divisional Commander General Achille Coen
  • Brigade Commander General Eduardo Debenedetti
  • Tenente Generale Raimondo Foa
  • Brigade Commander General Samuele Cam. Artom
  • Brigade Commander General Mario Salamone Malvano
  • Brigade Commander General Leone Bassani
  • Brigade Commander General Allegro Pavia
  • Brigade Commander General Angelo Cases
  • Brigade Commander General Riccardo Padovani
  • Brigade Commander General Adolfo Luzzatto
  • Brigade Commander General Leonardo Lusena
  • Brigade Commander General Attilio Ottolenghi
  • Brigade Commander General Giulio Cesare Levi
  • Brigade Commander General Augusto Capon
  • General Umberto Pugliese
  • Admiral Guido Segre
  • Admiral Augusto Capon
  • Vice Admiral Paolo Maroni
  • Rear Admiral Aldo Ascoli
  • Admiral Franco Fortunato Nunez


  • General Bernhard Stanislaw Mond


  • General Magyar Mahmud Pascha
  • General Mazur Pascha


South Africa

  • Brigadier General Fritz Baumann-Adler

Great Britain

United States of America

  • Commodore Uriah Philips Levy
  • John Ordroneaux
  • Brigadier General Philip J. Joachimson
  • Brigadier General Alfred Mordechai
  • Brigadier General Edward S. Solomon
  • Brigadier General Leopold C. Newman
  • Brigadier General Max Einstein
  • Major General Frederick Knefler
  • Brigadier General Leopold Blumenberg
  • Admiral Joseph Strauss
  • Rear-Admiral Adolph Marix
  • Admiral Claude C. Bloch
  • Rear-Admiral Ben Moreell
  • Rear-Admiral Louis Maurice Josephthal
  • Major General Irving Joseph Phillipson
  • Brigadier General Charles Henry Lauchgeimer
  • Brigadier General Samuel T. Lawton
  • Lt.-General Foreman J. Molton
  • Brigadier General Abel Davis
  • Major General Maurice Rose
  • Major General Julius Ochs Adler
  • Brigadier General Julius Klein
  • Brigadier General Edward E. Morris

See American Jewish Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen"' for a more complete list of Jewish military leaders from the United States.