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Medieval Tree Clean Up: Please Park Unsourced DUPLICATES in the Medieval Tree Here!

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  • NN FitzRoy (deceased)
  • Elizabeth Threlkeld (1462 - 1520)
  • Robert Moulton (c.1475 - 1535)
    ROBERT MOULTON (1475–1535) was born and died in Ormsby St. Martin, Norfolk, England. He is the earliest known ancestor to date. He married Margaret Watts and they had five children.
  • Robert Moulton (c.1475 - 1535)
    Biography Robert Moulton was born circa 1475 in Ormesby Saint Margaret, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom. His parents were Robert Multon and Unknown Moulton . Robert married Margaret (Wattes) Moult...
  • Odin, {Norse god} (deceased)


Please do not create or merge in profiles that date before 1600

  • 1. If you've been directed here because of your merges, it's because you have been being VERY helpful in trying to clean up the world tree, but we need to create a different method of dealing with the vast number of medieval duplicate profiles, & we'd like your help.
  • 2. If one or more of your profiles has been put into this project, it's because it is an unsourced medieval duplicate profile.



For Those Of You Who Have Been Finding & Merging in Medieval Duplicates: When the unsourced medieval duplicates get merged in, it takes us hours and hours -- sometimes days and days -- to clean up the tree conflicts and the data conflicts, as we merge in the rest of the line. Unless you have the tools to isolate and delete, please do not merge in profiles that date before 1600. This high up in the tree the potential for exponential Tree Conflict errors is far more work to fix than lower down. It also leaves the relatively well established Geni Medieval Tree in a permanent state of embarrassing chaos.

INSTEAD Please rather put any unsourced duplicate profiles in this Discussion & the Medieval Curators will figure out what to do with them before they get merged into the world tree.

So! That is your new goal! Send us all those duplicates. We need help finding them. All Welcome to join. Use the top right hand corner <Actions> pop-down menu to Request to Collaborate.


For Those Of You Who Have Created Medieval Duplicates: Geni can be confusing, because it's not like other genealogical sites. You do not have to enter into Geni all the ancestors you know, because a great many of them will already be there. Once you connect the nearest ancestors you can into the world tree, you are connected to all the early ancestors who are already in the Geni world tree. As a rule of thumb, it's probable that if you have a profile before 1600, it's in the Geni tree already. Since the goal here is to create one world tree, we all work at having one profile per person. That means that all the duplicates have to get dealt with.

Did You Know:

* Geni uses blue boxes (& blue circles on tree view) to let you know that there may be a duplicate of the profile you've created. It can be difficult to find the early duplicates on Geni, because often the spelling of a profile from before 1600 can have several variant spellings. If you have trouble finding duplicates for early profiles, please contact one of the Medieval Curators. The list of curators, by geographic area, is here: As a rule of thumb, it's probable that if you have a profile before 1600, it's in the Geni tree already.

*Instead of creating duplicates of the historical profiles on the medieval part of the tree, just use the top right pop-down menu to Request Management. Or, if you have information that differs from what you are seeing in the tree, you can contact the managers -- or the curator, if it is a Master Profile -- or start a public discussion from the profile itself. (Please be aware, though, that the quality of your sources will matter to your argument! There is an enormous amount of misinformation on the web, and personal trees that are on the web, without sources to back them up, are not in themselves reliable sources.)

* Remember however, that if you're in the World Tree, & Geni shows a relationship line between you & that profile, it is already part of your tree Once you connect the nearest ancestors you can into the World tree, you are connected to all the early ancestors who are already on the Geni World Tree.

* If the historical area interests you, there is usually a project that you can join to participate in research & help keep the line correct. Medieval Europe provides a list of all the Medieval projects.

Medieval Curators working on this project include: