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A list of the areas on the tree that Geni Curators work in, by location.

Geographical Regions

Regions are those set-forth by the United Nations. For a full listing, please visit here.


Eastern Africa

Middle Africa

  • June Barnes: Central African Republic (emigration from Britain)

Northern Africa

  • Sharon Doubell: Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia (North African Campaign)
  • Jaim Harlow: Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia (North African Islamic Period, 700-1900)

Southern Africa

Western Africa


Latin America and the Caribbean


Central America

  • Ric Dickinson: Mexico (colonial period)
  • Jaim Harlow: Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Panama, and Honduras (Spanish, Portuguese and Peruvian Inquisitions)

South America

North America

  • Byron Jason Whitesides: Russian-America / USA / Canada (colonial Russians in Alaska and California, Alaska 18th century - present, Unangax̂ and Sugpiaq 18th century - present, Native Alaskans 18th century - present, French-Canadian 18th century - present)
  • Pam Wilson: USA (colonial America, from New England to the Carolinas; 18th-21st century: primarily Southeastern and mid-Atlantic states; some Native American, primarily Eastern Cherokee)
  • Randy Stebbing: USA (Utah, Mormon Pioneers, Western USA)
  • Ashley Odell: USA (New England, New York, North Carolina); Bermuda; The Bahamas (diaspora)
  • Erin Spiceland: USA (Colonial America, New Netherlands, Southeastern US)
  • Janet Palo-Jackson: USA (Quaker emigrants and descendants; mid-Atlantic states)
  • Hatte Blejer: USA (early Massachusetts and Connecticut families and settlements; Cumberland County, Southern New Jersey)
  • Victar: USA (Colonial America)
  • Myrna Huthmacher: USA (Colonial America; Mayflower passengers)
  • George Homs: USA (New Netherland, 1609-1674)
  • Geoff Trowbridge: USA (Midwest with emphasis on Menno and Amish families; celebrities)
  • Carole (Erickson) Pomeroy: USA
  • Sherry Lynne Houy (Clifton): USA
  • Ben M. Angel; USA (Colonial America through Revolution and American Civil War; Spanish and Mexican periods of New Mexico through US Annexation and American Old West period), Canada (United Empire Loyalists)
  • Terry Jackson: Canada (Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia)
  • David Kaleita: USA (Focus on Morrill, Morin, Colby, Chase and Stevens branches)
  • Maria Edmonds-Zediker: USA (Virginia from first settlement through Civil War; migrations from Virginia to Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio; California winery families, Quakers and Huguenots; Zedaker-Zediker-Zedeker-Zedakar family)
  • Ric Dickinson: USA (New Mexico, 16th-19th c.)
  • Jennifer Dongvillo Archibald: USA (Scottish; Polish immigration; Colonial America)
  • Chad Bouldin: USA (Ancient Planters of America)
  • Erica Isabel Howton: USA (Colonial American families and their ancestors)
  • Marsha Gail (Kamish) Veazey: USA (Colonial America)
  • Brendan Molloy: USA (Mayflower families)
  • Kevin Hanit: Canada (First American Jewish Families) (British Home Children to Canada) (Canadian Portal expansion)
  • Richard Wilson: USA (early New England; western states)
  • Jaim Harlow: USA (colonial Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia; Sephardic Jews, 1585-1865)
  • Jeff Gentes: USA (East Coast; Colonial America; New England), Canada (Quebec, French Canadian/Acadians, New France)
  • Peter Dutton: USA (Maine Acadians), Canada (Quebec, French Canadian/Acadians)
  • Linda Thompson: USA (Colonial America, Virginia, Maryland)
  • Kris Stewart: USA (East Coast; Colonial America; New England), Canada
  • Paul Doré: Canada (Quebec; French Canadian; Acadians)
  • Eldon Clark: USA (Mormon pioneers; Huguenots in Virginia and westward, Robeson County, North Carolina; civilian POWs from Wake Island)
  • Angus Wood-Salomon: Canada (Quebec, French Canadians)
  • morel: Canada (Québec, Nouvelle-France and French Catholic Missions; specialty in historic location names)
  • Judith Berlowitz: USA (Jewish immigrants to from Bavaria (Lower Franconia), Bohemia and Poznań))
  • Robert Hanscom: New England (primarily Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts)
  • Dan Bodenheimer: USA (German immigration, Iowa, Missouri)
  • Jim Wile: Bishop Hans Herr descendants & ancestors, Pennsylvania, Mennonite emigrants, U.S.A.
  • Faustine Darsey: USA (Patriots of the American Revolution)
  • Noelle Ochotny: Mid-West USA and Canada (DNA genetic genealogy, Polish immigrants to USA, Quebec Clergy, Politics, Education)
  • Anne Brannen: USA (East Texas)
  • Alex Moes: USA (New Netherland, 1609-1674)
  • Michael van Beuren: Colonial North America, Maryland and North (Quaker, Puritans, Dutch Reformed Church, Schwenkfelder); (New Netherland, Pennsylvania, Mass.Bay colony, New Haven)
  • Swingle (Tucker): USA Colonial America, New England, mid-Atlantic states, Ohio, Pennsylvania
  • Benjamin Schoenbrun: USA (Texas Jewish Families)


Central Asia

  • Ben M. Angel: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan (the Great Game period)

Eastern Asia

Southern Asia

South-Eastern Asia

Western Asia

  • Ben M. Angel: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia (Russian Empire period)
  • Shmuel Aharon Kam: Israel (Biblical tree; Jewish historical tree)
  • Yigal Burstein: Israel (Jewish historical tree; arts and the sciences)
  • Malka Mysels: Israel (Jewish Rabbinical and historical tree; Jewish diaspora)
  • Rafi Kornfeld: Israel (Jewish immigration from central Europe to Israel)
  • Jaim Harlow: Israel (Yeshivot of Eretz Yisrael, Northern Levant, and Hijaz; Gaonim and Exilarchs of Levant, North Africa, Andalusia and Hijaz; Maimonidean Judaism; Qara'im, specific to Yeshivot)
  • Itai Meshulam: Israel (Pioneers of Israel; Holocaust; Israel armed forces and wars; Immigration from Bulgaria)
  • Alisa Sharon: Israel (Jewish diaspora)
  • Ron Rabinovitch:Israel (Pioneers of / Immigration to Israel; Holocaust)
  • Babak Ourian: Iran (Jews of Iranian origin)


Eastern Europe

  • Peter Trefilov: Russia
  • Hatte Blejer: Poland and Ukraine (Jewish families of Suwalki, Lomza, Volhynia, and Kherson)
  • Yevheniya Brykova: Ukraine
  • Kevin Hanit: Poland (The Spiegel family of Lagow in Kielce Radom area)
  • Farkas Mihály László: Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Czech Republic
  • Jadra: Croatia and Hungary
  • Ben M. Angel: Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia (mostly non-Jewish), Hungary (Gothic and Lombard barbarians)
  • Randy Schoenberg: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary
  • Benjamin Schoenbrun: Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary (Jewish Families, mainly from Austro-Hungary)"
  • Ric Dickinson: Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia (Tsarist autocracy)
  • Andrzej Hennel: Poland (16th-18th c. Polish Commonwealth)
  • Malka Mysels: Hungary (Austro-Hungarian Jewish families)
  • Maria Bakay: Hungary (Hungarian noble families)
  • Jaim Harlow: Poland and Ukraine (Sephardim of Zamosc, Lvov, and other areas of the Pale of Settlement, Sephardi Traders and coin minters; Jewish interaction with Lithuanian Dukes and Polish Kings)
  • Peter Rohel: Czech Republic, Slovakia
  • Judith Berlowitz: Czech Republic and Poland (Jews of Bohemia and Poznań)
  • Alisa Sharon: Hungary (Austro-Hungary)
  • Robert Hanscom: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia
  • Dan Bodenheimer: Poland (Prussia, Breslau/Wrocław region, Jews of Posen/Poznań)
  • Viktorija Ruškulienė: Lithuania at its present territory and Lithuania Propria, emigration, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and noble families.
  • Michael van Beuren: Schwenkfelder research in what is now Poland

Northern Europe

Southern Europe

  • Hatte Blejer: Spain (Islamic)
  • Lúcia Pilla: Portugal (including the Azores)
  • Victar: Spain and Portugal (medieval royal and noble families of Iberia; Catalonia)
  • Jadranka: Croatia (Croatian diaspora)
  • Lara: Croatia (Southern Dalmatia, last 400 years and diaspora)
  • Lynette: Croatia (Southern Dalmatia)
  • Natalija: Croatia (Southern Dalmatia, last 400 years and diaspora)
  • Milivoj: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • George Homs: Italy (1300-1600) and Portugal (Azores)
  • Ben M. Angel: Spain and Italy (Gothic, Lombard, and Vandal barbarians)
  • Jason Wills: Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Ric Dickinson: Spain (Spanish colonization of the Americas) and Italy
  • Farkas Mihály László: Serbia
  • Jaim Harlow: Croatia, Serbia (Sephardic Jews of the Balkans), and Greece (Sephardic Jews of the Kingdom of Naxos)
  • Diego Moreira: Spain (Basque Country)
  • Judith Berlowitz: Spain (Jewish volunteers of Spanish Civil War)
  • Jaim Harlow: Spain, and Portugal (Jews of Catalonia, Andalusia, Portugal)
  • John Kessel: Italy (Sicily and diaspora)

Western Europe


Australia and New Zealand