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  • Biblical Tree

    ======= NOTICE: ======= The biblical tree is going through the difficult process of being isolated. This involves being taken apart in chunks, and being put back together. This will probably take at least another MONTH (until Mar. 2024).Sorry for the inconvenience. Details can be found in the dedicated project: Biblical Tree - Isolate Tree ======= ======= ======= . In the beginning G-d crea...

  • Holy Rebels: The Iconic Abrahamic Paradigm

    Holy Prophets of the Abrahamic mold were first and foremost iconoclasts with a questioning spirit . These courageous rebels fought inequality and corrupt governance.>* World Religions Family Tree == The Abrahamic paradigm ># Monotheistic, ># Conceive God to be a transcendent Creator-figure ># God as the source of moral law . == Major Abrahamic religions >* Judaism >* Christianity >* Islam >* Ba...

  • Verdi Gallery sub page 03: Nabucco

    ( MOVE BACK TO THE MAIN PAGE - VERDI GALLERY ) Historical persons (HP) behind the opera characters Performers and collaborators of the first Premieres Performers most liked by Giuseppe Verdi and his wife Giuseppina Strepponi Greatest performers after Verdi's times Persons are sorted by roles and birth years. Please, add profiles only to the main page, "Verdi Gallery". Nabu...

  • Ephraim family in India

    The Shakya in India claim descent from a mythical king Ikshvaku, who according to tradition was a son of Manu. Ma-Nu is the Indian "Noah" ("Nu" in Hebrew). It is likely that Ikshvaku is actually Isaac (Abraham's son and hence descendent of Noah) and in addition to the phonetic similarity, there are some similarities e.g. between the story of Isaac, Jacob and Esau in Genesis 27 . >And one of the...

  • Genealogy of Prophets Jesus and Muhammad from Adam and Eve

    See the World Family Tree Chart showing the genealogy Prophets Jesus & Muhammad = Adam* ]]]]] Adam * Generations of Adam * " Family tree of Adam and Eve up to Jesus Christ "* Noah * Chronological Map from Adam {time of creation} to 4th century A.D. == - Abraham * Abraham

  • Where are The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel?

    Where are The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel? > This project hopes to explore academic studies, and historical sources regarding the quest to find the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Please feel free to add any information you may have.=These are the 12 Israeli tribes (sons of Jacob):* Reuben * Shimon * Levites * Judah * Dan * Naphtali * Gad * Asher * Issacher

  • Biblical Tree - Driftwood

    The is part of the larger Biblical-Tree project. This "project" is a place to save links to biblical profiles that are presently NOT attached to the main tree, until they are resolved. i.e. just ignore it.

  • Biblical Genealogy Portal

    Bible Genealogy is a collection of the genealogies found in the Bible and the Scriptures---from Adam to Jesus Christ. - Please feel free to add information to this project. >> See more "Related Projects" at right of page >>>=FAMILY TREE CHARTS* Genealogy of the Bible * Bible Family Tree * Genesis * Adam * Shem * Noah's Sons * ]]

  • Geni naming conventions - the Bible

    Geni naming conventions - the Bible This refers to the Biblical Tree project, which contains a section on naming conventions. No point in repeating it. So check it out there.

  • House of David

    The Davidic Line * The Davidic Dynasty * Davidic Dynasty Prophecy * Pivotal Davidic Lines World Family Tree ChartThe biblical King David of Israel was known for his diverse skills as both a warrior and a writer of psalms. In his 40 years as ruler, between approximately 1010 and 970 B.C.E., he united the people of Israel, led them to victory in battle, conquered land and paved the way for his so...

  • הכהנים הגדולים במשכן ובבתי המקדש - High Priests of Ancient Israel

    High Priest of Israel Wikipedia The High Priest Jewish Encyclopedia Line of the High Priests of Israel The High Priests, like all Levitical priests, belonged to the Aaronic line. The Bible mentions the majority of high priests before the captivity, but does not give a complete list of office holders. Lists would be based on various historical sources. In several periods of gentile rule, h...

  • An Exploration of the Origins of Ancient Semitic Peoples and their Sacred Sites

    Semitic people: 'Hebrew Myths: The Book of Genesis ', R. Graves and R. Pataip.13 “…Abraham, the Aramaean patriarch who entered Palestine with the Hyksos hordes early in the second millenium B.C….”p.13 “Jacob’s twelve ‘sons’… seem to have been once independent tribes which banded together to form the Israelite amphictyony or federation. Their local gods and populations were not necessarily of Ar...

  • Biblical Judges and Kings of the Land of Israel (Canaan, Judea & Israel)

    The Chronology of Judges Timeline Israel History Biblical Times United Monarchy Kingdom of Judah Northern Kingdom of Israel Hasmonean Kingdom of Israel Writings Time of Jesus - Social Structures

  • The Holy Shepherds / Ushpizin

    The Etrog by Nobel laureate S.Y. Agnon The Ushpizin The Ushpizin theme is a variation of "mortal visited by angel," which occurs at times in Judeo-Christian traditions; eg. the revelation of Elijah as a mystical vision that pious individuals can merit. However, it is the virtue of charity and feeding the poor that merits the presence of the Ushpizin on Sukkoth .

  • נביאות ישראל – THE PROPHETESSES OF ISRAEL / أنبياء إسرائيل

    נביאות ישראל – THE PROPHETESSES OF ISRAEL / أنبياء إسرائيل ' קריאת התורה The reading of the Bible נביאים בתנ"ך Prophets of the Hebrew Bible נביאות ישראל – THE PROPHETESSES OF ISRAEL / أنبياء إسرائيل Category: Biblical prophets , from Israel and other nations, some are Old Testament prophets, and some as prophets were defined according to rabbinic tradition. Of these seven wome...

  • Jesus' Ancestors

    This is a working project intended to help coordinate discussions about cleaning up the ancestry of Jesus of Nazareth on Geni.= How to Participate =You can participate by following the project and contributing to the discussions. Please note that theological disputes are "off topic". = Documenting Different Theories =Please remember that theories are not facts. There are dozens of theories abou...

  • Pershing County, Nevada

    This project is for those who were born, lived or died in Pershing County, Nevada. Wikipedia

  • Herod & the Hasmoneans in the time of the biblical Jesus

    I'm trying to trace the degree of interconnection that occurs in the biblical genealogies across the Rome-Jerusalem-Alexandria axis at the time of the inception of Christianity.This is something of a personal sketch-pad for an aspect of my PhD on the 'Name of the Father' so it's not a show-case project. That doesn't mean I'm not interested in help researching or analyzing. Sharon Doubell March ...

  • נביאי שקר - FALSE PROPHETS - نبي كاذب

    False prophets- נביאי שקר- كاذبة الأنبياء prophet - נביא שקר - نبي كاذبIn Judaism, a false prophet is a prophet presumes to speak for God or other gods prophesies. According to tradition, while the true prophet's prophecy comes true - false prophet's prophecy is fulfilled, capital punishment: Units raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like you; gave me, his mouth, and talk to them...

  • Lovelock,Pershing County, Nevada

    This project is for those who were born , lived, and died in Lovelock,Pershing County,Nevada.

  • נביאי אומות העולם RIGHTEOUS PROPHETS الأنبياء الصالحين

    Abrahamic Religion -אברהם הדתות * The Prophets of Abrahamic religions - לוח הנביאים של הדתות המונותיאיסטיות אברהם הדתות מתוך ויקיפדיה, האנציקלופדיה החופשית הופנה מהדף דת אברהם ==Symbols of the Abrahamic religions:*Judaism represented by the Star of David * Christianity represented by the Cross( left), * Islam represented by the Arabiccalligraphy of God's Name (Allah) Abrahamic religions are the...

  • Bible Christian Church

    In 1809 the Reverend William Cowherd established the Bible Christian Church, in Salford, as a breakaway from the Swedenborgian New Church in King Street, his congregation had to take a vow not to eat meat.Chapels were also established in Manchester at Ancoats and Hulme. The central idea of vegetarianism - that there is a kinship of all nature - stretches back 2500 years to the Greek philosopher...