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  • Catholic Clergy of Québec

    Introduction Préambule ~ Introduction Le projet « Clergé Catholique du Québec » réassemble les membres du clergé catholique de la province de Québec, depuis la découverte du Canada par Jacques Cartier jusqu'à nos jours. Méthode ~ Methodology La méthode est très simple : Dans ce répertoire, ...

  • Christian Martyrs

    A Christian martyr is a person who is killed for following Christianity. Donald 'the martyr' Cargill (1619 - 1681) Saint Polycarp of Smyrna (80 - 167) Saint Lawrence (210 - 258) Anne Askew, Martyr (1521 - 1546) Thomas Hobart, of Plumstead (1610 - 1681) Saint Jacques Buteux, SJ (1599 - 1652) Saint Emmeran de Ratisbonne  ( - c652)

  • Chicago Haymarket Affair

    Chicago Haymarket Affair (aka Haymarket Massacre , Haymarket Riot , Haymarket Incident , Haymarket tragedy ) is the labour demonstration and the subsequent repressions of anarchists, communists, and other unionists that was sparked by the the bombing during the demonstration. People involved Albert Richard Parsons Samuel Fielden Timeline of the events Prior events 1884-Oct - F...