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People: Hughes de Bourgogne, Robert I le Vieux, duc de Bourgogne, Constance d'Arles, reine consort de France and 6 others.

Adela Capet (1009 - 1079) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: Adèle de France

Louis VII of France - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Louis VII (called the Younger or the Young) (French: Louis le Jeune) (1120 – 18 September 1180) was King of the Frank...

People: Louis VII le Jeune, roi de France

Philip IV of France - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

May 1, 2013

Philip IV (April–June 1268 – 29 November 1314), called the Fair (French: Philippe le Bel), was King of France from 12...

People: Philippe IV le Bel, roi de France

The house of Cornewall (1908) Pg. 206

The house of Cornewall (1908)

People: Juliane (Gratiana) de Grey, John Tiptoft, 1st Earl of Worcester, Elizabeth Corbet and 53 others.




The Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart, 1876. -- Alot more tagging to be done in the footnotes on pag...

People: Philippa, 5th Countess of Ulster, Lionel of Antwerp, Roger de Mortimer, 4th Earl of March and 145 others.

Princess Sophie Hélène Béatrice of France - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Marie Sophie Hélène Béatrice de France, Fille de France, Madame Sophie (9 July 1786 – 19 June 1787) was a French prin...

People: Sophie Hélène de France

Marie Thérèse of France - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte de France[1][2][3][4](19 December 1778 – 19 October 1851) was the eldest child of King Louis ...

People: Marie Thérèse Charlotte, Reine consort de France et de Navarre

Louis XVII of France - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Louis XVII (Versailles 27 March 1785 – Paris 8 June 1795), from birth to 1789 known as Louis-Charles, Duke of Normand...

People: Louis XVII, Roi titulaire de France

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