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Ann Villines (Armistead) MP (1686 - 1758)

Anne Lee Walke (Armistead) MP (1699 - 1732)

Anne Armistead 1699- Parents: William Armistead 1670-1711 and Anna Lee 1675-1754 Husband: Anthony Walke 1700- Child: Anthony Walke 1726-

Capt. Anthony Armistead MP (c.1645 - 1726)

Captain Anthony Armistead (ca. 1645-October 26, 1726) was a Justice of the Peace in Colonial Virginia, associated with the Bacon insurgent courts-martial in 1676. He was the son of William Armistead....

Elizabeth Churchill (Armistead) MP (c.1667 - 1716)

Ancestor of:Benjamin Harrison Elizabeth Armistead (1667-1716) View Person Page Elizabeth Churchill (1710-1779) View Person Page Elizabeth Bassett (1730-1792) View Person Page Wi...

Elizabeth Armistead (Faulkner) MP (1808 - 1847)

Elizabeth Faulkner (F) (1st wife) F, b. 21 June 1808, d. 2 July 1847 Elizabeth Faulkner was born on 21 June 1808. She married John Armistead IV, son of John Armistead III and Keziah Anderson, in 18...

Frances Armistead (Thompson) MP (c.1587 - c.1634)

Frances Thompson Birth: 1587 in Kirk, Deighton, Yorkshire, England Father: William Thompson b: 1561 in Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, England Marriage Anthony ARMISTEAD b: AFT 1587 in Kirk, De...

Frances Armistead MP (deceased)

Frances Armistead Parents: William Armistead 1671-1711 and Anna Lee 1675-1754

Hannah Armistead (Ellyson) MP (c.1644 - 1726)

Hannah Ellyson, born c 1654, will proved 19 December 1728, married Lt. Colonel Anthony Armistead, parents: Dr / Major Robert Ellyson, born 1635. Married Hannah Gerrard. Their children were: ...

Col. Henry Armistead MP (1673 - 1740)


Col. John Armistead, Esq. MP (c.1635 - 1698)

The Armistead Family By Virginia Armistead Garber ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Armistead, High Sheriff Colonel Justice John Col. John and Judith (Bowles) Armistead, of "Hesse," ...

John Armistead MP (c.1692 - 1734)

John Armistead 1692-1734 Parents: William Armistead 1670-1711 and Anna Lee 1675-c. 1757 Wives: m1 Susannah Merewether; m2 Elizabeth

John Armistead MP (c.1530 - 1567)

John A. Armistead, II MP (aft.1746 - 1830)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of Private. DAR Ancestor #: A003050

John Armistead, IV MP (1803 - 1893)

John Armistead IV, (M) b. 5 March 1803, d. 1 May 1893 John Armistead IV was born on 5 March 1803 at Oglethorpe, Georgia, United States. He was the son of John Armistead III and Keziah Anderson. J...

John Armistead, III MP (1774 - 1856)

John Armistead III (M) b. 14 March 1774, d. 5 November 1856 John Armistead III was born on 14 March 1774 at Buckingham, Virginia, United States. He was the son of John Armistead Jr. and Elizabeth...

John Bowles Armistead MP (1736 - 1788)

John Bowles Armistead Birth: Circa 1742 - Hesse, Gloucester County, Virginia Death: Circa 1788 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US Parents: William Armistead, Mary Bowles Wife: Lucy Page Baylor ...

Joyce Armistead MP (1710 - 1770)

Joyce Booth (Armistead) Parents: William Armistead 1671-1711 and Anna Lee 1675-1754 Husband: Mordecai Booth 1703- Children: Supposedly 3 children were born to Joyce and Mordecai Booth, including-...

Judith Carter (Armistead) MP (c.1665 - 1699)

The following children were born to Robert and Judith in Corotoman, Lancaster County, Virginia: * Elizabeth Carter (1688-1721) who married first Nathaniel Burwell (1680-1721) in 1709 {grandparents of...

Judith Armistead (Hone) MP (1645 - 1693)

Judith was born about 1646. This date is a guess, based on other approximate dates, such as children's births and marriages. Judith was the daughter of Theophilus Hone and his first wife (name unknown)...

Judith Dudley (Armistead) MP (1701 - 1770)

Judith Armistead 1694- Parents: William Armistead 1670-1711 and Anna Lee 1675-1754 Husband: George Dudley 1690-

Keziah Armistead (Anderson) MP (1777 - 1817)

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Maria Armistead (Carter) MP (1745 - 1768)

Mary Lightfoot (Armistead), J1 Arab Family MP (1696 - 1775)

Mary Burwell (Armistead) 1700-1768 Parents: William Armistead 1871-1711 and Anna Lee 1675-1754 Husbands: James Burwell 1690-1718 Philip Lightfoot Children with James Burwell: Nathanie...

Mary Marot Tyler (Armistead) MP (c.1761 - 1797)

John Tyler married Mary Armistead (1761–1797) in 1777. They were the parents of 8 children: Anne Contesse Tyler (1778–1803) Elizabeth Armistead Tyler (1780–1824) Martha Jefferson Tyler (1782–18...

Mary Elizabeth Carter (Armistead) MP (1716 - 1768)

Mary Birdsong (Armistead) MP (1730 - 1784)

Mary Armistead Found 10 Records, 9 Photos and 341,373 Family Trees Born in York, Virginia, USA on 1733. Mary married John Birdsong and had 13 children. She passed away on 1786 in North Carolina...

Mary Elizabeth Mason (Armistead) MP (1760 - 1824)

Her common name was "Polly". Mary was born in 1760. She was the daughter of Robert Armistead. As of 1 May 1783,her married name was Mason.1 She married Stevens Thomson Mason on 1 May 1783.1 Mary's will...

Mary Anne Byrd (Armistead) MP (1766 - 1824)

Mary Anne Armistead MP (1753 - 1824)

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Robert Armistead MP (c.1665 - c.1742)

Robert Armistead son of Anthony Armistead, and Hannah Ellyson, his wife, and grandson of the emigrant, William, was a burgess for Elizabeth City county in 1714, succeeding Nicholas Curle, who died; in ...

Roger Armistead MP (c.1560 - 1596)

Decendants of Robert Armistead (earliest known to this web site) Generation No. 1 1. Robert1 Armistead was born Bet. 1479 - 1508. Child of Robert Armistead is: + 2 i. John2 Armistead, born 1541...

Samuel Gordon Armistead MP (1927 - 2013)

Una de las figuras más admiradas dentro del hispanismo y de los estudios medievales del siglo XX, Samuel Gordon Armistead falleció en paz en su hogar, a la edad de 85 años, el pasado 7 de agosto de 201...

William A. Armistead MP (1715 - 1755)

Armisteads of Hesse HESSE In a remote situation upon the Pianketank, a stream that separates the counties of Gloucester and Middlesex, stands, solitary and alone, Hesse, one of the most venerable b...

William Armistead MP (c.1671 - 1711)

Lived at East River, Norfolk County, VA. Sources The Armistead Family 1635-1910 . Page 47 Links

William Armistead of "Hesse" MP (c.1740 - 1782)

HESSE In a remote situation upon the Pianketank, a stream that separates the counties of Gloucester and Middlesex, stands, solitary and alone, Hesse, one of the most venerable brick mansions in Virgi...

William Armistead MP (deceased)

"Bully" Armistead MP (c.1910 - d.)

(Della) Armistead MP (deceased)

Abner Winston Armistead MP (1872 - 1873)

Abraham Degberry Hunt Armistead MP (c.1855 - 1910)

Abraham Degberry Hunt Armistead was born circa 1855. He was the son of George Graham Armistead and Jane Forsyth.3 Abraham Degberry Hunt Armistead married Martha Eldridge, daughter of Thomas Dillon Eldr...

Ada Evelyn Clark (Armistead) MP (deceased)

Ada Margaret Meriwether (Armistead) MP (1898 - 1988)

Addison Bowles Armistead MP (1776 - 1813)

Adelaide Ada Armistead MP (c.1874 - d.)

Adelia Harrison Armistead MP (c.1850 - d.)

Agnes Agnes Armistead MP (1862 - 1936)

Agnes Adair Armistead MP (1912 - 1964)

Agnes Strickland (Armistead) MP (deceased)

Agnes Campbell Armistead (Gordon) MP (1818 - 1880)


Agnes Campbell Armistead (Gordon) MP (c.1817 - c.1880)

Agnes Martha Armistead (Moseby) MP (1768 - 1793)

Alan Brooks Armistead MP (1921 - d.)

Albert Armistead MP (deceased)

Alberta Armistead (Fleming) MP (deceased)

Alexander Carver Armistead MP (deceased)

alice armstrong (armistead) MP (c.1819 - c.1905)

Alice Armistead (Margerson) MP (deceased)

Alice Armistead MP (deceased)

Alice Armistead (Calvert) MP (c.1820 - 1862)

Alice Virginia Armistead (Fontaine) MP (deceased)

Alice Nuttall (Armistead) MP (c.1818 - 1852)

Allan Armistead MP (1937 - 2012)

Alma Armistead (Williamson) MP (deceased)

Almarine Armistead MP (1825 - 1893)

Alveretta Armistead MP (1858 - d.)

Ameilia Annie Johnson (Armistead) MP (1861 - 1894)

Amelia Francis Armistead (Farmer) MP (1844 - 1932)

Amos Armistead MP (deceased)

Amy Armistead (Powell) MP (1783 - 1850)

Amy Warwick Milsome (Armistead) MP (1870 - d.)

Anderson Armistead MP (deceased)

Anderson Harrison Armistead MP (c.1800 - 1879)

General Notes: SRC: Gardner, Nancy E.P. and Malcolm E. Gardner. �The Armisteads of Cumberland County, Virginia.� The Virginia Genealogist. 12:51-62, 119-126 (1968); 13:11-18, 56-60, 111-115, 163-168 (1...

Angelica Lacy (Armistead) MP (1703 - d.)

Angelica Armistead (Thompson) MP (deceased)

Angelica Armistead MP (1733 - d.)

By the 13 September 1733 Will of her widowed mother Elizabeth BOOTH Nutting, Catherine NUTTING is, herself a widow of William SHELDON who was named as her husband in her father, Thomas NUTTING's 1717 W...

Ann Thomas Armistead (Spencer) MP (deceased)

Ann Armistead MP (b. - 1810)

Ann Armistead MP (c.1708 - c.1760)

19 Jan 2017 from Smart Matches My Heritage: added new birth/death dates and locations, spouse and one daughter. Ginnie Hopper Oldham 28 Jan 2017 from Smart Matches My Heritage: 1708 birth location gi...

Ann Beale Armistead (Carter) MP (1780 - 1850)

Lucy Martin (Armistead) MP (deceased)

Ann Armistead (Gubby) MP (deceased)

Ann (Armistead) Heaton MP (1539 - d.)

Ann Armistead (Smith) MP (deceased)

Ann Gardner (Armistead) MP (1628 - 1679)

Ann Armistead (Gubby) MP (c.1845 - 1903)

Ann Armistead MP (deceased)

Ann Reade (Armistead) MP (deceased)

Ann Armistead (Ellis) MP (1611 - 1660)

Anna Annie Louise Armistead MP (1909 - 1978)

Anna Della Armistead (Bates) MP (deceased)

Anna Armistead (Lee) MP (1682 - 1754)

Anna Currie Armistead MP (deceased)

Anna Kendall Armistead (Eustace) MP (deceased)

Anne Marot Armistead (Shields) MP (1742 - d.)

Anne B. Armistead MP (c.1838 - d.)

Anne Annie Winston Armistead MP (deceased)

Anne Armistead MP (aft.1628 - 1679)

Anne Armistead (?) MP (deceased)

Anne Armistead (Ellis) MP (1611 - c.1660)

Place of birth has also been (erroneously?) reported to be Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, England. Date and place of marriage have also been (erroneously?) reported to be the following: 1632 in Giggle...