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  • Hendrick Hendricksen Obe (c.1625 - aft.1693)
    • The parents of Hendrick Hendricksen Obe are NOT identified. The only thing that can be assumed is that his father's first name was Hendrick since the Dutch and Danes used patronymics . • It has bec...
  • Hon. Nicasius Laurens de Sille (1610 - 1674)
    Nicasuis was born september 23, 1610, in Arnheim. He studied at Leyden and the Univerity of Orleans where he graduated "with the cap," a Doctor of Law, as his father had done before him. He married 1...
  • Teunis Tomassen Quick (deceased)
    • built house (Castllo Plan) see notes by Stokes, page 248-249 • property passed to his brother-in-law Jacob de Key (or de Kay) Belitgen Jacobus Van Vleckestyn is his wife
  • Samuel Edsall, Sr. (1634 - 1702)
    Early DRC records 1656 Oct 01; Michiel Janszen, Fytie Wessels; Johannes; Nicolaes Backer, Samuel Etsal , Anna Wessels, Anna Elisabeth Maskop 1659 Mar 03; Laurens Andrieszen, Jannetje Jans; Andr...
  • Baetje Jans (van Hartenvelt) (bef.1662 - d.)
    Birth Some state, without sourcing, that Batje was b: ABT 1665 in Haert, Gelderland, The Netherlands but a stronger theory revolves around the following baptism in New Amsterdam and subsequent associ...
"By the 1656 survey, which was the earliest plan of the city, the streets, as the ordinance recites, had been" set off and laid out with stakes." There were at that time, according to O'Callaghan, but 120 houses within the city (Hist. of N. Neth., II: 540), whereas, on the Castello Plan, of four years later, about 300 are shown; and on the De Sille List of the same year there are 307 within the same area." ~ Stokes


icn_favorite.gifA working list to cross-reference individuals in the Remonstrance of 1664 Project.
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icn_check.gif Property locations mentioned on the graphcommons dot com inter-active visual.
spinner.gif The purpose of this project is to cross-reference the property owners and other residents recorded in the Castello Plan of 1660 with those noted in the Remonstrance Project. The hope is that some users may gain insights or inferences as a result.


If ever there was an example of residents of a town being related to their neighbors, New Amsterdam of 1665 is a prime example. To get an impression of this see: Interactive Connections circa 1665, New Amsterdam

Interactive map: Kamper If you place the cursor over any lot the owner's name at that time (if known) is shown.

Sample Schematic View of the Screen at the Graph Commons Visual

Signers of the 1664 Remonstrance

Alpha-by given name-per signatures on the Remonstrance Document ~• Many spellings are confusing!

Key to abbreviations:

(B) = Burgomaster
(S) = Schepen
(Sh) = Sheriff
IMI = The Iconography of Manhattan Island, 1498-1909 by Isaac Newton Phelps Stokes. Volume 2 provides biographical information about owners in 1660, volume 4 includes biographical information about certain signatories of the 1664 Remonstrance within the so-called chronology, and volume 6 contains the index. Keys to the Castello Plan (by Stokes and the New Castle, Delaware, Community History and Archaeology Program) show the location of different blocks (A to R) on the map. The key has already been associated with multiple Geni profiles here.

NOTE: Not all signers of the 1664 Remonstrance owned property within the Castello Plan or right outside the wall in 1660. There may, however, be evidence of where they resided in other sources than The Iconography, for instance in volumes 1 to 5 of The Records of New Amsterdam. Such sources may also be included.

  1. Abel Hardenbroeck (IMI v6 p430): see Valentine's bio (p114). (Enter address or addresses in 1660, preferably with links to the relevant pages of The Iconography and other sources)
  2. Abram Klock (IMI v6 p353): see Valentine's bio (pp77-78).
  3. Abram Verplanck (IMI v6 p527 and/or p650): see Valentine's bio (pp72-73).
  4. Abram Wilmerdoncx:
  5. Alexander Hulter:
  6. Allard Anthony (IMI v6 p293): see Valentine's bio (pp97-98).
  7. Allard Konninck: see Valentine's bio (p80).
  8. Ambrosius de Weerhem: see Valentine's bio (p113).
  9. Andries Rees (IMI v6 p548): lived on Smee St. (William St.). See Valentine's bio (p128).
  10. Anthony de Mill (IMI v6 p378): see Valentine's bio (p98).
  11. Arent Isaacqs: see Valentine's bio (p79).
  12. Arent Janss. Moesman (IMI v6 p495):
  13. Balthazar de Haert (IMI v6 p375): see Valentine's bio (p84).
  14. Balthazar Stuyvesant (Balthazar Lazarus Stuyvesant; IMI v6 p603):
  15. Barent Kowrs (Barent Cours):
  16. Bocle Roeloffs: on Castello this is Boele Roeloffsen, west side of the canal, inland, Prince Gracht (Broad St) (Block C). See Valentine's bio (p113).
  17. Claes Janss. Bakker:
  18. Conraet Ten Eyck (IMI v6 pp620-621): lived on the west side of Prince Gracht (Broad St) next to canal. See Valentine's bio (pp111-112).
  19. Cornelia Gerloff (IMI v6 p414):
  20. Cornelia Steenwyck (IMI v6 p582): (B) see Valentine's bio (pp121-123).
  21. Cornelis Clopper: see Valentine's bio (p74).
  22. Cornelis Janssen: Note: Cornelis Clopper and Cornelius Pluviers both have the patronymic Janszen, and there are several other men named Cornelis Janszen. Which one is this?
  23. Cornelius Pluviers (IMI v6 p529): lived by the wall on the west side of town. See Valentine's bio (p79).
  24. Cousseau (Jacques Cousseau; IMI v6 p371): South side of Paerel St. (Pearl) below the fort. Jacques Cousseau married Anna Vincent, the widow of Simon Fell. Simon and Anneken were married on 9 September 1656. Jacques Cousseau was involved in several mortgage transactions, and one of them was with Anne Vincent Ffelle, widow of Simon. See Valentine's bio (p91).
  25. Daniel ver Veele:
  26. Dionys Isaacqs (Denys Isaacszen): see no. 79 (no known property, seems to have married a ward of the DWIC, Lysbeth Jans. See Valentine's bio (p115).
  27. Egbert Meynderts (IMI v6 p487): see Valentine's bio (p125).
  28. Evert Duyckingh: married to Hendrickje Simons and had Marie 3/31/1659 (also spelled Duyking). See Valentine's bio (p78).
  29. Fredrick Guysbertse (IMI v6 p644): Lived On Winckel St. aka Frederick Gijsbertsen van den Bergh. See Valentine's bio (p120).
  30. Frerick Arents (Frederick Bloem; IMI v6: no index entry under Bloem or Blom; see p296): lived on the southwest corner of Marcht Velts Steegje (Marketfield). See also Valentine's bio (p97).
  31. Gerrit Janssen: Note: According to the contributor(s) to the Remonstrance project, this is Gerrit Jansen Roos. However, there are other men named Gerrit Janszen. See Valentine's bio for Roos (p105).
  32. Govert Loockermans: see Valentine's bio (pp76-77).
  33. Guilliam D'Honeur: see Valentine's bio (p84).
  34. Hans Kierstede: lived close to Stuyvesant's Whitehall, Op't de Waeter on Paerel Straat. See Valentine's bio (pp88-89).
  35. Hend. Janss. van der Vin (IMI v6 p645): perhaps related to Pieter Corn. van der Vigne who lived at Paerel St. See Valentine's bio (p91).
  36. Hendrik Bosch (IMI v6 p325): This is Hendrick Albertus Bosch, not Hendrick Hendricksen Bosch, as Stokes wrote in the index of the Iconography. See Valentine's bio (p91).
  37. Hendrik Hendricksz.:
  38. Hendrik Kip (IMI v6 p458): It is unclear if the signer of the 1664 Remonstrance was Hendrick Hendricksen Kip, junior or senior. See Valentine's bio for senior (p123).
  39. Hendrik Obe (IMI v6 pp512-513): aka. Hendrick Tamboer, i.e. the drummer, and Hendrick Hendricksen van Middelburgh. Correction: There is no evidence that Hendrick Obe ever lived on Marketvelt (Whitehall Street). See Valentine's bio (p84).
  40. Hendrik van de Water (IMI v6 p645): see Valentine's bio (p80).
  41. Hendrik van Dyck: see Valentine's bio (pp102-103).
  42. Hermen Wissells (Harmen Wessels; IMI v6 p666): see Valentine's bio (p87).
  43. Isaac de Foreest (IMI v6 p375): Had a brewery with others on Prince Straet (Beaver). Isaac DeForeest, Jesse's son, arrived from Leiden, Holland, March 5, 1637. Isaac made the voyage aboard the ship, Rensselaerwyck. This ship was jointly owned by Isaac's uncle, Gerard DeForest, and Killian Van Rensselaer. He was a tobacco farmer in Harlem. See Valentine's bio (p118).
  44. Isaac Grevenraat (IMI v6 p427): owned several pieces of property. See Valentine's bio (p94).
  45. Isaacq Bedloo: see Valentine's bio (p78).
  46. Isaacq Constrict (IMI v6: nothing under Cons... on p364 or under Cous.../Cout... on p371): The closest match to this name seems to be Isaac Coutrier, brother of Hendrick Couturier.
  47. Isaacq Kip: see Valentine's bio (p119).
  48. Jacob Bakker (Jacobus Backer): see Valentine's bio (pp110-111).
  49. Jacob Hugens:
  50. Jacob Leyseler (IMI v6 pp463-464): Jacob Leisler was executed by the British Crown. See Valentine's bio (pp93-94).
  51. Jacob Teunissen (Jacob Theunissen Quick):
  52. Jacob van Couwenhoven (IMI v6 p643): see Valentine's bio (p80).
  53. Jacob Kip: lived on the east side of Heere Straat (Broadway). See Valentine's bio (p114).
  54. Jacob Leunens (Jacob Leunnisen): see Valentine's bio (p125).
  55. Jan Cornelia van Hoorn (IMI v6 p646):
  56. Jan Dircks Meyer: owned property just south of the fort. See Valentine's bio (p95).
  57. Jan Gerrits van Buytenhuysen: see Valentine's bio (p91).
  58. Jan Hendricksz.: unidentified. Perhaps Jan Hendricksen van Gunst? Van Gunst, a butcher, doesn't seem to have a profile on Geni yet.
  59. Jan Janss. Preste (IMI v6: nothing under Pres... on p532) Is this Jan Janssen van Brestede ?): See I.N.Phelps-Stokes #1 Beaver St.
  60. Jan Vigne (IMI v6 p654): see Valentine's bio (p73).
  61. Jan Brouwer:
  62. Jan Jansz. van St. Obyn: see Valentine's bio (p119).
  63. Jeronimus Ebbingh (IMI v6 p385): see Valentine's bio (pp117-118).
  64. Jochim Beekman (Jochem Beekman): see Valentine's bio (p111).
  65. Johannes de Peyster (IMI v6 p379): see Valentine's bio (p121).
  66. Johannes Nevius: see Valentine's bio (p79).
  67. Johannes van Brugge: lived on Pearl St. along the water (East River). See Valentine's bio (p77).
  68. Jonas Bartels:
  69. Juriaen Blanck: lived on Hoogh "High" St. , south of the fort. See Valentine's bio (p92).
  70. Lambert Huyberts Mol (IMI v6 p495): lived at the Wall on Wall st. See Valentine's bio (p73).
  71. Lodewyck Pos (IMI v6 p531): see Valentine's bio (p95).
  72. Luycas Dircks : probably the Lucas Dirksen who lived on the west side of Heere Straat (Broadway). It is Lucas Vanderburgh according to contributors to the Remonstrance project. Valentine's bio for a Lucas Dircksen may refer to him (p112).
  73. Martin Krygier de Jonge: Many spellings. Crieger is common. Lived just north of the fort when he wasn't leading troops far and wide. This is senior's profile: Martin Cregier
  74. Meyndert Barents:
  75. N. Varleth (Nicholas Varleth): see Valentine's bio (p147).
  76. Nicolaus de la Plaine (IMI v6 p377): see Valentine's bio (p114).
  77. Nicolaus de Meyer (IMI v6 p378): (S) see Valentine's bio (p79).
  78. Oloff Stevensen van Cortlandt (IMI v6 pp642-643): see Valentine's bio (pp118-119).
  79. P. L. Van der Grist (IMI v6 pp644-645): (B) Paulus Leandertsen van der Grift who had a warehouse that faced the guns of the Brit. fleet; related to Jannetje Gerrits Van der Grist who witnessed the baptism of Dionys Isaacqs' daughter. See Valentine's bio (pp101-102).
  80. Paul Richard: see Valentine's bio (pp87-88).
  81. Pieter Stoutenbergh:
  82. Pieter Tonneman (IMI v6 p629): (Sh)
  83. Pieter Winster: see Valentine's bio (p112).
  84. Reymout Reymouts (IMI v6 p549): see Valentine's bio (p76).
  85. Stephanus van Cortlandt:
  86. Symon Janss. Romeyn: see Valentine's bio (p112).
  87. Timotheus Gabrie: (S) see Valentine's bio (p87).
  88. Tomas Davits (IMI v6 p373): see Valentine's bio (p109).
  89. Tomas Hal: see Valentine's bio (p72).
  90. Tomas Lamberts (Thomas Lambertsz Van Naerden): see Valentine's bio (p92).
  91. Tousein Bryel:
  92. Warnaer Wissells (IMI v6 p666): Warner Wessels owned property on Whitehall St. See Valentine's bio (p77).
  93. Willem Raasenburgh:

Note: Pieter Stuyvesant lived with his family at the fort and in 1658 established a residence nearby on the coast of the East River called the Great House. The English later called it White Hall because of its whitewashed exterior, which lent itself to the name of the present-day Whitehall Street.

Other notable people

  1. Pieter Stuyvesant: see Valentine's bio (pp154-155).
  2. Augustine Ephraim Herman had property in New Amsterdam on Prince Straet (Beaver St); in later generations connected to Grevenret & Crieger families. See Valentine's bio (pp74-75).
  3. Nicasius de Sille (IMI v6 p380)
  4. Samuel Drisius: see Valentine's bio (pp135-136).

Additional project profiles

  1. Name: (address in 1660; reason for inclusion in this project)


  1. Excerpt of volume 2 of The Iconography of Manhattan Island by I. N. Phelps Stokes: history of various properties, including biographical information about owners and tenants around 1660.
  2. History of the City of New York by D. T. Valentine (1853): biographies of inhabitants around 1665, arranged by street of the city (pages 71-155, incl.). Additional biographical sketches of prominent men can be found in pages 228 to 247, inclusive. Non-signatories: Abraham Lamberzen Mol (p73), Stoffel Elsworth (p73), Joost Carelzen (p73), Henry Brazier (pp73-74), Widow Lawrenzen and Pieter Lawrenzen (p74), John Adriance (p74), Pieter Harmenzen (p74), Pieter Jansen, ship carpenter (p74), Martin Clasen (p74), Jan Jansen Bush (p74), James Wel (p74), Annekin Litschoe (pp75-76), John Lawrence (p76), Andries Joghmizen (p76), Abraham Lubberts (p76), Dirck Jansen van Deventer (p77), Jeremias Jansen (p77), Christopher Hooghland (p78), Abigail Verplanck (p78), David Joghimsen (p78), Asser Levy (p78), Barent Coerten (p78), Arien Huyberzen (p78), Wessel Evertsen (pp78-79), Cornelius Jansen (p79), Cors Jansen (p79), Hendrick Asueris (p79), Pieter Jansen Schol (p79), Hugh Barenzen Clem (p79), Walraven Clearhout (p79), Fredrick Hendricksen (p79), Alexander Stulke (p79), Sybout Clasen (pp78-79), Adrian van Laar (p80), Joannes van Couwenhoven (p80), Lambert Barenzen (p80), Lawrence Vanderspeigle (p80), Walter Salter (p80), Carel van Brugh (p84), Gerrit and Claes Jansen Stavast (p85), Hans Stein (p85), Sybrant Jansen, aka. Galma (p85), Cornelis Jansen van Hoorn (p85), Adolph Pietersen (p85), Jacob Hendricksen Varrevanger (p85), Rynier Rycken (p85), Hans Dreper (p86), Frans Jansen van Hooghten (p86), Nicholas Jansen (p86), Samuel Edsall (pp86-87), Johannes de Witt (p87), Jurien Jansen van Auweryck (p87), Metje Wessels (p87), Laurens de Sille (p88), Peter Wolferzen van Couwenhoven (pp89-90), Pieter Aldrich (p91), Thomas Coninck (p91), Gerrit van Tright (p91), Pieter Cornelisen (p91), Claas Bordingh (p91), William Kock (William Cooke) (p91), Étienne Guineau (p92), Walewyn Vanderveen (p92), Thomas Franzsen (p92), Pieter Jacobs Marius (p92), Thomas Lawrens (pp92-93), Arien Appel (p94), Daniel D'Honde Coutrie (p94), Simon Barenzen (p94), Jan Schouten (p94), Jan Everzen Bout (pp94-95), Pieter de Rymer (p95), Metje Greveraat (p96), Jonas Barteltzen (pp96-97), Lysbet Ackermans (p97), Annetje Kocks (p98), Martin Crigier (Martin Cregier or Martinus Kregier, senior) (pp98-99), François Boon (pp99-100), Cornelius van Ruyven (p100), Lucas Andriezen (p101), Dirck Wiggerzen (p101), Jacob Swart (p103), Thomas Major (p103), Abraham Pieterzen (p103), Gerrit Fullwever (p103), Pieter Simkam (p103), Jan Fries (p103), Jan Gillisen "Koeck" (p103), Jan Hendricks van Gunst (p103), Peter Ebel (p103), Paulus Turck (p103), Albert Jansen (p103), Martin Hoffman (p103), Altje Unstaples (p103), Jan Joosten (p103), Adam Onclebagh (p103), Pieter Jansen (p103), Adrian Andriezen (p103), Cornelis Aertzen (p105), Peter Stoutenburgh (p105), Dirck Siecken (p106), Jan Jansen van Langendyke (p106), Jan Teunizen (p106), Jan Videt (p106), Abraham Kermer (p106), Gretje, the chimney sweeper (p106), Jacob Jansen (p106), Dirck, the wool spinner (p106), Barent Egbertzen (p106), Pieter Jansen (p106), Dirck van Clyff (pp106-107), Adrian Vincent (pp109-110), Simon Felle (p110), Albert Reuninck (p110), Nicholas Dupuy (p111), Pieter van Naerden (p111), David Wessels (p111), Nicholas Verbraack (p112), Claes Pauluzen (p112), Bartholdus Maan (p112), Tunis Kray (pp112-113), Cornelis Barents (p113), Jacob Mens (p114), Paulus Andrieszen (p114), Thomas Lodowycksen (p114), Johannes Hardenbrook (p114), Jan Arenzen (p114), Rutger --?--, drayman (p114), Fredrick Hendricksen de Boogh (p114), Claes Tysen (p115), William Abrahams (p115), Bay Croosvelt (p115), William Deturnier (p115), Frederick Philipse (pp115-116), Rinier Williamson (pp116-117), Mattheus de Vos (p117), Hubert Hendricksen (p120), Evert Pietersen Keteltas (p120), Hendrick Jansen (p121), Arent Juriensen Lantsman (p121), Mighiel Esnel (p121), Aegidius Luyck (p121), Barent Jacobsen Cool (p123), Jacob Vermont (p123), Jacob Teunisen de Kay (p123), Jan Adrianzen (p123), Hendrick Williamsen (pp123-124), Pieter Jansen (p124), Pieter Nys (p124), Tunis Tomassen Quick (p125), Thomas Sanderson (p125), Egbert Woutersen (p125), John Jansen van Brestede (pp125-126), Dirck Storm (p126), Hendrick van Bommel (p126), Roelof Jansen van Meppelen (p126), Albert Pietersen Swart (p126), Daniel Verveelen (p126), Gerrit Manate (p126), Claes van Elslant (p127), Isaac Abrahamson (p128), Andries Clasen (p128), John van Gelder (p128), Elsie Barens (p128), Lambert Hendricksen van Campen (p128), Jan Adamzen (p128), Jan Meinderzen (p128), Meindert Barenzen (p128), Geertje Jans (p128), Jan Roelofsen (p128), Joris Dopsen (p128), Immitje, widow of Frans Clasen (p128), William Vanderschuyr (p128), Andries Andriezen (p129), Cornelius Hendricksen (p129), Gerrit Jansen van Aarnhan (p129), Maryn Andriezen (pp130-131), Isaac Allerton (p131), Everardus Bogardus (pp131-133), William Beeckman (p133), William Breedenbent (p134), George Baxter (p134), Jacques Cortelyou (pp134-135), Johannes de la Montagne (p135), Jan Jansen Damen (p136), Philippe du Trieux (pp136-137), Arnoldus van Hardenbergh (p137), Pieter Hartgers (p137), Andries Hudde (p137), George Holmes (pp137-138), Wolfert Gerritsen (p138), Philip Geraerdy (p138), Michael Jansen (pp138-139), Jochem Pietersen Kuyter (pp139-140), Cornelis Melyn (pp140-141), Johannes Megapolensis (pp141-142), Lady Moody (pp142-143), Gysbert Opdyk (p143), David Provoost (p143), Pieter Rudolphus (pp143-144), Joris Rapelje (p144), Adam Roelantsen (p144), Cornelis Schut (pp144-145), Cornelis Jacobsen Stille (pp145-146), Cornelis van Tienhoven (pp146-147), Jacob van Corlaer (pp147-148), Adrian Vanderdonck (p148), Lubbertus van Dinclage (pp148-149), Dirck Van Schelluyne (pp149-150), Cornelius Pietersen Vanderveen (p150), Peter Minuit (pp150-152), Wouter van Twiller (pp152-153), William Kieft (pp153-154).
  3. Global searching in Billard

Reading list

  1. From Privileges to Rights: Work and Politics in Colonial New York City Simon Middleton; University of Pennsylvania Press, Feb 3, 2006 - 306 pages (economics) ISBN 0812239156 (cloth : alk. paper)