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Root Ancestor of Goan, Luso-Goan Population

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Goans & Luso-Goans in the 21st century are a product of various migrations, recorded travels, exploration adventures, discoveries & conquering expeditions, etc.... Goans & Luso-Goans are uniquely identified people from Goa, an area located in the South-Western subcontinent of Asia.

Today Goa is a tiny state of the newly formed Republic of India (1947) and many don't even know about its existence. However, historically Goa was a famous port, capital of various kingdoms, empires and was even called Rome of the East. When Goa was part of the Portuguese eastern empire (1510 to 1910), it was the capital of territories some of which belonged to the African continent : such as Mozambique, Goa even funded various empires (16th century), an example is Japan, such was its days of glory, fame and position in global affairs.

Prior to the 20th century, Goa had numerous migrations to its land and this created diverse mixtures of people. There were also the Franciscans, Jesuits, Agostinhans proclaiming, baptizing gentiles to Christianity and most gentiles of high status in the then Goan hierarchy converted to Christianity. Its not straightforward to get the records of these gentiles with their names and gentile faith type (Jain, Indu, Muhammmadans, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, etc...) However, whatever can be found has been an effort for posterity.

Thus, this project compiles the best known, recorded root ancestor of Goans & Luso-Goans. As appreciated the ancestors were from diverse origins. This serves as a catalogue to help find your root ancestry.

Sources (Primary & Secondary) of Root Ancestry find: Various documents in Archives, Inscriptions, Family recorded Genealogy trees (paintings, sketches done before 21st century), Recorded books of families, genealogies, Secret records, Church records, etc......

Scientific help: DNA ( Y-DNA, mtDNA, Autosomal [accuracy for 6 generations max] )

  1. Sebastião José Roiz
  2. Jules Fausto Mendonça de Sá
  3. Joshua José Fernandes
  4. Mário José Araújo Álvares