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Tatham Parish records, Church of England, Lancashire (Sub-Project)

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  • Marmaduke Tatham (1619 - 1691)
    ~• also recorded as : "Marmaduke Tatham of Tatham Wateborne" Marriages Had three wives in this order: Mary Beckett (1612-1651) Frances................................ s Quaker Margaret MNU ...
  • Margaret Tatham, widow Priestley (aft.1632 - 1692)
    "William Ray de Rozikar" (or Rozicar) in or near Kirkham Parish, Lancashire (aka Roziker) (aka Roseker) Margret Rae Lancashire, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812 De...
  • John Priestley of Croasdale Grains (b. - 1677)
    was part of a Quaker group that included Marmaduke Tatham and Marmaduke's 2nd wife Frances. Frances died, and John Priestly died. The widower Marmaduke and John Priestley's widow then married. resear...
  • Mary Beckett (c.1570 - c.1630)
    problem: It was Margaret Gibson who was baptized in 1570 : see Tatham parish records Margaret Gibson filia Jacobi bap. 7 Feb. 1570
  • Francis Beckett (b. - 1606)


Early Wildman and related families of the Lancashire-Yorkshire Border ~ with a focus on the 16th and 17th centuries. For modern images of the parish visit:

  • Gathering profiles to make connections, merge tree branches... New Project...
  • See core document
  • some pertinent records from this core document are reproduced here for ease of cross referencing within this project
  • the individuals listed here excluded just about all "Non Conformists" such as Quakers on purpose. It seems that the parish records were recopied and when they were, the Quakers were excluded. The contemporary Quakers were close neighbors to these below. Some are listed in the host project under SETTLE MEETING

icn_check.gif refers to crucial dates and people associated with the direct Quaker WIldman line that went to the Province of Pennsylvania in the 1680s

Tatham Parish records for the Church of England

  • enter the ancestry dot com register here
  • many entries hyper-linked to GENi peofiles icn_favorite.gif
  • Suggestion: If you do not find the Wildman you seek here, return to the Master Project and look under Settle Quakers. Many Wildmans who were initially baptized in the Church of England at Tatham later became Quaker. It is unclear if, or how many, of these who changed religion had their records expunged from copies of the parish register(s) when they were recopied back in that era.

The Index to Marriages is useful
A register copy dating to 1718 takes us back to 1558. The compilation here is from that record.

  1. Robert Clapham m. Elizabeth Waller 30 Jun 1559
  2. John Thornton sepultus fuit 29 die decembris 1570
  3. 16 Jan 1574 (marriage) Christopher Thornton & Margeret Waller at St. James the Less in reference to the couple Martin Wildman of Tatham parish and Ellen Thornton
  4. Thomas Wildman married Agnes Swan (Tatham parish Latin records) 23 April 1577 icn_check.gif one of two sets of probable parents of Martin Wildman of Tatham parish Question: Did Agnes Swan die after a few years of marriage and then did Thomas subsequently marry Jennet Bolderstone?
    1. Agnes Swan's parents may be shown in this Tatham marriage: 2 Oct 1571 m. Roger Swan & Elizebeth Bond
  5. Anne Wildman dau. of Edward bap. 24 January 1583 (Tatham parish) Baptism
  6. William Wildman m. Jennet Bateson (Tatham parish) 14 May 1584
  7. Richard Wildman son of Edward bap. 20 Feb, 1590 (Tatham parish)
  8. Thomas Kellet Wildman of Tunstall m. Jennet Bolderstone ; 20 Aug 1594 (Tatham parish records) icn_check.gif one of two sets of probable parents of Martin Wildman of Tatham parish
    1. Jennet's parents may be shown in this marriage: 14 Jul 1559 Wm Bolderstone & Jane Waller
  9. Edmond Wildman m. Ellen Swinglehurst ; 15 Oct1598 (Tatham parish records)
  10. Elizabeth Wildman Edwardi filia sepulta 23 Jan 1599 (Tatham parish)
  11. Richard Wildman Edwardii filius baptizatus 23 Jan 1603 (Tatham parish)
  12. John Wildman m. Ellen Hathornwaite 31 Jan 1603 (Tatham parish)
  13. Robert Wildman buried Feb 6 1612 (Tatham parish) ~• may have had a son or nephew Robert Wildman de Blakebanke and there is a Robert Wildman who married in Tatham in 1626
  14. Margaret Wildman dau.of Isabelle bapt. 6 Dec., 1617 (Tatham parish)
  15. Alice Wildman dau. of Matthew bapt. 27 Feb., 1620 (Tatham parish)
  16. Edward Wildman (BURIED in Tatham parish) 15 Nov. 1622
  17. Abraham Wildman son of George bapt. 30 Nov., 1624 (Tatham parish)
  18. Elizabeth Wildman dau of George bapt. 14 Jan., 1625 (Tatham parish) possibly 1626
    1. (suggested likely link) Elizabeth Wildman married Robert Remington first of March 1651
    2. Elizabeth the widow of Robert Remington was buried 8 Jan 1662 (Tatham parish)
    3. George son of Robert Remington buried 25 July 1669 (Tatham parish)
  19. James Wildman son of Matthew 21 dec. 1625 (Tatham parish)
  20. Robert Wildman m. Anne Skirrow 26 Jul 1626 (Tatham parish)
    1. ~• no record of Robert being bap. in Tatham parish
  21. Edward Wildman son of George 24 March 1629 (Tatham parish)
  22. 1629 Oct 29 Francis Hinde married Agnes Wildman (Tatham Marriages 1557-1754 (Bridegroom listed))
  23. 1631 Nov 09 William Jackson married Anne Wildman (Tatham parish records)
  24. Margaret Wildman dau of Matthew bap 2 Feb., 1633 (Tatham parish)
  25. John Wildman son of Thomas bap 3 Dec., 1633 (Tatham parish)
  26. Thomas Wildman son of John bap.19 April 1635 (Tatham parish)
  27. 1635 Elizabeth Wildman Edwardi relicta sepulta 8 August (Tatham parish) née Walker
  28. Elizabeth Wildman dau of William (Guiliomi) bap 9 December 1638 (Tatham parish)
  29. James Wildman son of George 23 December 1639 (Tatham parish)
  30. 24 Feb 1640 marriage: Marmaduke Tatham & Mary Beckett √ this is significant as it shows a Marmaduke Tatham of in Tatham parish marrying his 1st wife. (I believe this lends credence to having his cousin Elizabeth, the future Quaker martyr, associating with Matthew Wildman icn_check.gif
  31. Mary Wildman dau of John 24 March 1645 (Tatham parish)
  32. Mary Wildman dau of Christopher bap 19 March 1647 (Tatham parish)
  33. John Wildman son of George buried 25 April 1647 (Tatham parish)
  34. Isaac Wildman son of Richard bap 15 October 1648 (Tatham Parish)
  35. Elizabeth Wildman married Robert Remington first of March 1651 (Tatham parish)
    1. Elizabeth the widow of Robert Remington was buried 8 Jan 1662
  36. Agnes Wildman married Giles Bland 23 Aug 1653 (Tatham parish) ~• possible connection: Richard Wildman bap. in Clapham
    1. Name Agnes Wildman • Baptism Date: 15 Oct 1639 • Baptism Place • Father: Richard Wildman
  37. from outside area Sarah Wildman of Whitwray mar. Christopher Fawcet of Wrayton in the parish of Melling (Tatham parish rec.)
  38. Elizabeth Wildman dau. of Matthew bap 19 Oct., 1662 (notes that parents are Quaker) external/twitter_bird_small.gif
  39. Edward Wildman of Whitwray married Mary Sympson of the parish 16 February 1657 (Tatham parish)
  40. Edward Wildman married Rosamond Usherwood 17 November 1663 (Tatham parish)
    1. George Wildman son of Edward bap 29 Aug., 1664 (Tatham parish)
    2. the wife Rosamond was buried in Tatham parish 19 June 1679
  41. Isaac Wildman married Jane Thornton 6 July 1664 (Tatham parish)
    1. Margaret Wildman dau. of Isaac baptized 14 May 1665 (Tatham parish)
    2. Rebecca Wildman dau. of Issac baptized 29 March 1668 (Tatham parish)
      1. Rebecca then buried 27 June 1668
    3. Mary Wildman the dau of Isaac baptized 14 March 1685 (Tatham parish)
    4. (?)Jane Wildman widow buried 24 Feb. 1708
  42. Matthew Wildman buried 21 October 1664 (remember that there are then two adult Matthew Wildmans in the parish) icn_favorite.gif ~• as there seem to be so few Matthew WIldmans in the various parishes along with the fact that I have gg Matthew Wildman from that era, I am starting a discussion on the surname =
  43. Abraham Wildman son of Edward baptized 9 September 1666 (Tatham parish)
    1. buried 12 April 1685 (Tatham parish) ~• see below
  44. Agnes Wildman dau. of Elizabeth baptized 2 June 1669 (Tatham parish) ~• suggested that Eliz.'s is a widow or a single mother
  45. Jane Wildman dau. of Edward baptized 10 May 1677 (Tatham parish)
  46. Aradah Wildman Dau. of John baptized 1 July 1677 (Tatham parish)
  47. Rosamond wife of Edward Wildman buried 19 June 1679 (Tatham parish)
  48. "Margaret Wildman buried 27 January 1680" (Tatham parish) ~• hard to tell which Marg.
  49. "Edward Wildman was buried upon the 9 March 1684" (Tatham parish)
  50. Mary Wildman the dau of Isaac baptized 14 March 1685 (Tatham parish)
  51. Abraham Wildman the son of Edward Wildman was buried 12 April 1685 (Tatham parish)
  52. Rosamond Wildman, dau of George was baptized 4 October 1686 (Tatham parish)
  53. Mary Wildman dau of George bapt. 3 Jan 1687 or 1688 (Tatham parish) ~• pages noted as disorderly
  54. Robert Wildman m. Jennet Bland in either 1687 or 1688 the month and day were February the 10th (Tatham parish) {Jennet's mother is a WIldman}
  55. Jennet Wildman married Robert Furnace 20 May 1692 (Tatham parish)
  56. Richard Wildman son of George baptized 10 May 1695 (Tatham parish)
  57. Alice Wildman married Thomas Sidgwick on the 28th of August (either) 1694 or 1695 (Tatham parish)
  58. Jane Wildman married Peter Lawason on the 16th of November (either) 1694 or 1695
  59. John Wildman son of John baptized 26 October 1686 (Tatham parish)
  60. Abraham Wildman son of George baptized 20 March 1697 (Tatham parish)
  61. John Wildman son of George Wildman baptized 27 January 1701 (Tatham parish)
  62. George Wildman buried 22 may 1703 (Tatham parish)
  63. Anne Wildman dau of George baptized 8 August 1704 (Tatham parish)
  64. Rosamond Wildman married Richard Show 14 January 1706 (Tatham parish)
  65. Gennet Wildman married Ralph Leeming 19 January 1706 (Tatham parish)
    1. Joseph Leeming son of Ralph bap. 10 Jan 1710 (Tatham parish)
  66. Anne Wildman dau of Elizabeth baptized 1 August 1708 (Tatham parish)
  67. Jane Wildman widow buried 24 February 1708 ~• probably Jane Wildman (Thornton) above
  68. Richard Wildman son of William baptized 18 September 1709 (Tatham parish) ~•after this wedding of Bentham ~• the father William had moved into the parish having married Agnes Dowbiggin at Tatham
  69. Joseph Wildman of Bentham parish married Jane Nealson of Tatham May 1709 (day not clear) (Tatham parish)
  70. Margarett and Hannah daughters of Willam Wildman twins baptized 12 Feb., 1711 (Tatham parish)
  71. Margaret Wildman of Tatham mar. Miles Saul of Lancaster 3 Feb., 1712 (Tatham parish)
    1. Miles Saul buried 1 Jan 1728
    2. it may have been Margaret Saul's wife buried Sept 1727
  72. John Wildman son of William Wildman baptized 5 Feb. 1715 (Tatham parish)
    1. John Wildman of Bentham marries Isabell Bond of Tatham 29 November 1736
  73. William Wildman son of William baptized 7 Oct., 1716 (Tatham parish)
  74. Margaret Wildman Marries John Eckles May 1724 (Tatham parish)
  75. Anne Wildman buried Jan 13 1725 (Tatham parish)
  76. Mary Wildman dau of William baptized 7 May 1727 (Tatham parish)
  77. Margaret Wildman buried 5 September 1727 (Tatham parish)
  78. Margaret Wildman dau of William buried 19 September 1727 (Tatham parish)
  79. Mary Wildman dau. of Abraham baptized 29 April 1728 (Tatham parish)
  80. George Wildman married Isabell Leeming 7 Jan., 1728 (Tatham parish)
  81. Abraham Wildman was buried 20 Sept., 1729 (Tatham parish)
  82. George Wildman son of George was baptized 2 July 1732 (Tatham parish)
  83. George Wildman son of Edward was baptized 21 Sep., 1733 (Tatham parish)
  84. William Wildman son of George was baptized 5 May 1734 (Tatham parish)
  85. Mary Wildman dau of George baptized 11 April 1736 (Tatham parish)
  86. John Wildman of Bentham marries Isabell Bond of Tatham 29 November 1736 (Tatham parish)
  87. William Wildman son of John baptized 3 Jan., 1737 (Tatham parish)
  88. Joshua Wildman son of George baptized 17 Jan., 1737 (Tatham parish)
    1. Joshua buried 22 Nov., 1759 (Tatham parish)
  89. William Wildman son of Edward baptized 27 May 1740 (Tatham parish)
  90. Joseph and Mary Wildman (twins) of Edward baptized 15 April 1746 (Tatham Fells parish)
    1. Joseph Wildman was buried 13 Nov. 1746
  91. Agnes Wildman dau. of William 29 Jan., 1748 (Tatham parish)
  92. William Wildman buried 14 Feb., 1749 (Tatham parish) ?
  93. Margaret Wildman dau. of William baptized 21 April 1751 (Tatham parish)
    1. no transcription of weddings after 1754
  94. Richard Blessard and Jane Eccles both of Tatham married 25 Nov., 1751 (Tatham parish)
  95. Mary Wildman buried 14 Aug., 1758 (Tatham parish)
  96. Mary Wildman dau. of William bap.17 June 1759 (Tatham parish)
  97. Catherine Wildman dau. of William bap. 29 Mar., 1761 (Tatham parish)
  98. Edmund Wildman son of William bap. 18 Oct 1761 (Tatham parish)
  99. Anthony Wildman son of William bap 16 Feb., 1764 (Tatham parish)
  100. Henry Wildman son of William bap 5 June 1768 (Tatham parish)
  101. William Wildman Buried 20 Dec. 1769 (Tatham parish)
  102. Margaret Wildman dau. of George bap. 18 Mar., 1770 (Tatham parish)
    1. Margaret Wildman dau. of George buried 13 Apr., 1770
  103. William son of George Wildman bap. (note : not dup) 21 Apr., 1771
  104. William son of George Wildman bap. 7 Jul., 1771 (both Tatham parish)
  105. James son of William Wildman bap. 12 July 1772 (Tatham parish)
  106. Isabel dau. of George bap. 30 May 1773 (Tatham parish)
  107. Bella Wildman dau. of George bap. 22 Jan., 1774 (Tatham parish)
    1. Bella dau. of George buried 30 Dec., 1774
  108. Edward Wildman buried 8 Apr. 1774 (Tatham parish)
  109. Grace Wildman buried 2 Sep. 1774 (Tatham parish)
  110. Edward Wildman son of George bap. 25 Aug. 1774 (Tatham parish)
  111. James Wildman son of Richard bap 27 August 1775 (Tatham parish)
  112. George Wildman buried 26 September 1775 (Tatham parish)
  113. Thomas Wildman son of George baptized 15 June 1777 (Tatham parish)
  114. John Place, son of George Wildman baptized 11 Oct 1776 or 1777 (Tatham parish)
    1. "John Place Wildman" buried 7 May 1778
  115. Joshua Wildman son of Richard buried 29 March 1778 (Tatham Parish)
  116. Margaret Wildman buried 27 December 1778 (Tatham parish)
  117. Margaret Wildman dau. of George baptized 26 Sep., 1779 (Tatham parish)
  118. Thomas Wildman "of riper years" baptized 31 Oct., 1779 (Tatham parish)
  119. Grace Wildman dau. of Edward baptized 1 Dec., 1782 (Tatham parish)
  120. Edward Wildman son of George buried 9 Dec., 1782 (Tatham parish)
  121. Margaret Wildman "in Mewith" buried 11 Jan., 1783 (Tatham parish)
  122. James Wildman son of William WIldman "poor" baptized 16 May 1784 (Tatham parish)
  123. Ann Wildman wife of Richard "poor" buried 16 October 1785 (Tatham parish)
  • "A Register of the Christenings at Tatham Chapel A.D. 1786"
    • William son of Ellin Wildman bap't 8th January 1786 POOR
    • Jane daughter of Catherine Wildman bap'd 27 June 1787
    • Betty daughter of Catherine WIldman (Craggs) bap'd 19 Aug., 1792 ~• note: Craggs is a settlement in Tatham parish {per MMvB}
    • Thomas the son of Jonathan Wildman of Balshaw and Elizabeth his wife born Thursday the 20th February; baptized Sunday 29th March 1812
  • "A Register of Burials at Tatham Church A.D. 1786" < no Wildman entries until 1810
    • Dorothy wife of William Wildman died 12th Sept and was buried 15th September 1810 aged 74 years

~•so ends a reading of 131 pages on the site (ancestry dot com) for Parish Registers Tatham 1558-1812 ~•the scribes seemed to have missed copying the weddings after 1754

Surnames w/ GENi Profile Examples

~• source: Tatham Hearth Tax list of 1664, 1666, 1673 •~
*Filling in examples of individuals living closest to those dates

  • Source:
  • list meant to serve as markers to find a Tatham family in the GENi World Family Tree
  • external/twitter_bird_small.gif < indicates that some family member became Quaker during this era
  • a gold star indicates a family with multiple intermarriages with other surnames on the list (see document)
  • for more depth, read the source document

ALPHA LIST (Hearth Tax) for 1660's and 1670's

  1. Addison icn_favorite.gif eg. In 1640 Edmund Addison m. Elizabeth Carus
  2. Ashley
  3. Bannister icn_favorite.gif eg. in 1605 Richard Bannister m. Frances Edmonson
  4. Bateson icn_favorite.gif Talbot or Talbott, Nicholas married Bateson, lsabell 20-Jan 1618
  5. Baynes icn_favorite.gif : an old Tatham name: example: Thomas Bains or Baynes married Agnes Bateson on 10-Oct 1567 in Tatham parish source
  6. Beesley
  7. Beetham
  8. Bland icn_favorite.gif = Giles Bland (c.1630-c.1666) - external/twitter_bird_small.gif
  9. Bond icn_favorite.gif Bond, John to Waller, Anne 18-May 1587
  10. Bowskill icn_favorite.gif eg. in 1675 Edward Bouskill m. Agnes Chamley or Cham-ley(?)
  11. Brindley
  12. Buskell
  13. Canfield
  14. Carus - eg. In 1640 Edmund Addison m. Elizabeth Carus
  15. Chapman icn_favorite.gif = William Chapman m Elizebeth Waller in 1579
  16. Charnley = Thomas Charnley (1645- )
  17. Clapham = Thomas Clapham of Lowgill , Eliz, WIldman's brother; see <about> at Richard Clapham ; There are a host of Clapham marriages of this era.
  18. Clemeet
  19. Court
  20. Curwen/Currwin icn_favorite.gif eg. Thomas Curwen m.Jane Thornton in 1682
  21. Dowbiggin icn_favorite.gif = "John", of the Hearth Tax is a common Dowbiggin name amongst marriages in this parish. ( Prockter, Baynes, Sanderson, Thornton, Waller ); Thomas Dowbiggin also (see source)
  22. Edison
  23. Edmonston icn_favorite.gif eg. in 1605 Richard Bannister m. Frances Edmonson
  24. Ellershawe icn_favorite.gif eg. Elizebeth Ellershaw married Francis Carr in1674
  25. Fallows
  26. Foster icn_favorite.gif Jennet Foster married James Swan in 1588
  27. Garner
  28. Gurnell
  29. Hall
  30. Harling
  31. Hathornwaite = 13 DEC 1656 Hathomwaite,George (on list) married Robinson, Ellen of Wray-Melling
    1. comment: John Wildman m. Ellen Wildman 31-Jan 1603 in Tatham parish
    2. The second entry, widow Hathornwait is Elizabeth Hawthorthwaite external/twitter_bird_small.gif
  32. Hodgson there were Hodgson in nearby Mewith John Hodgson of Mewith external/twitter_bird_small.gif
  33. Howson
  34. Huggonson
  35. Isherwood
  36. Jackson icn_favorite.gif Anne Wildman married William Jackson in Tatham in the year 1631. Perhaps Roger Jackson on the Hearth Tax list is their son.
  37. Langstroth
  38. Leeminge
  39. Marshall icn_favorite.gif perhaps close relatives of Leonard Marshall of Mewith Head external/twitter_bird_small.gif
  40. Mellin
  41. Middleton
  42. Myers
  43. Nealson
  44. Nelson
  45. Newton
  46. Nicholson
  47. Ovend : possible Quaker link: Margrett Overend 1696 Marriage Settle MM, Yorkshire RG6/1116 external/twitter_bird_small.gif
  48. Parker
  49. Pearson
  50. Perry
  51. Priestley
  52. Prockter icn_favorite.gif Thornton, John married Prockter or Procter, Anne 17-Feb 1605 (Tatham parish records)
  53. Perry
  54. Remington icn_favorite.gif Remington,Robert married Wildman Elizebeth 01-Mar 1651 (Tatham parish records)
  55. Ridley
  56. Sedgwick
  57. Sefton
  58. Sharpe = Thomas Sharpe, Church of England rector of the parish,who sent the Quaker widow Elizabeth Wildman (below) to jail where she died
  59. Sharpe
  60. Shaw
  61. Shawe
  62. Sidgsweeke
  63. Sidgsweeke
  64. Sigswicke • an Alice Wildman married a Thomas Sidgwick on the 28th of August (either) 1694 or 1695 (Tatham parish)
  65. Simpson
  66. Skerrowe (Skirrow) - comment: Robert Wildman married Ann Skirrow of Tatham in 1626
  67. Smith
  68. Smyth
  69. Sprott
  70. Talbott
  71. Tatham - icn_favorite.gif comment "admon. 1691" external/twitter_bird_small.gif
  72. Thompson
  73. Thornton icn_favorite.gif earlier generation: Ellen Wildman married Martin Wildman ; There are a host of Thornton marriages of this era.
  74. Toller
  75. Tomlinson
  76. Tunstall icn_favorite.gif Tunstall, Lawrence marries Bateson, Elisebeth 20-Oct 1565 ; source
  77. Ustason/Usterson
  78. Walker
  79. Waller icn_favorite.gif 2 marriages in Tatham parish #1Clapham, Robert to Waller, Elizebeth on 30-Jun 1559; #2: Bond, John to Waller, Anne 18-May 1587; also William Chapman m Elizebeth Waller in 1579
  80. Ward = John Ward of Croasdale Grains external/twitter_bird_small.gif
  81. Ware
  82. Watson
  83. Wetherhead
  84. Whinwray/Winray
  85. Whitehead
  86. Wiglesworth
  87. Wilcocke
  88. Wildman = Elizabeth Wildman, Quaker Martyr (1616-1678); external/twitter_bird_small.gif
  89. Wilson
  90. Winder icn_favorite.gif Winder, Edmond married Bland, Jenett 24-Apr 1584 (Tatham parish)
  91. Yeadon


It may be tedious to see all the cross-referenced surnames above but it does indicate that the parish kept to itself when it came to finding partners in marriage during this era.
It was a relatively small gene pool.
external/twitter_bird_small.gif > With, at first glance, roughly 10% of these families having members turning Quaker, the Church of England must have seen this as a financial threat to the upkeep of the parish rector of the Church of England.


The key to unravelling the family connections here are the records of the nearby Settle Monthly Meeting (1652-1775). In form, they are difficult to read, incomplete (by nature),poorly organized, and, at this date, only accessible via ancestry dot com. Yet once a researcher takes the time to tabulate birth-marriage-death records associated with a particular surname and compare these to other documents, such as the Hearth Tax records, some truths do drop out as a reward.
As this project is a sub-project to Early Wildman and related families of the Lancashire-Yorkshire Border, go to its resource list. It is not reproduced here.

Earliest Parish Records

  1. date back to a 1718 copy of parchments dating to 1558 copied by the rector and the clark (clerk) of the parish that can be found Here

icn_favorite.gif Beartiful modern photos of The Tatham Fells area are found HERE