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Wildman Ancestors /Founding members of Neshamina (Middletown) Quaker meeeting

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icn_favorite.gif Sub project to two projects

  1. Middletown meeting
  2. Bean & Wildman immigrant ancestors

icn_favorite.gif Sub projects to this one include many parishes in England collected under:

Historians have assembled a list of surnames from the earliest days of this Quaker Meeting

I Highlight the ones from whom American Wildmans are descended: MIDDLETOWN FRIENDS' MEETING

"Middletown Friends meetings were first established at Middletown in 1683, and held at the houses of Nicholas Walne, John Otter, and Robert Hall. The first meeting-house was built in 1690, near Neshaminy creek, a mile west of Langhorne, whither it was removed in 1734, the present house in the town being the third. It was first called the Neshamina Meeting because of its location near the Neshaminy Creek. In 1692 that area was designated as Middletown Township, and what is now Langhorne was part of Middletown Township. By 1702 the Neshamina Meeting had changed its name to Middletown Meeting to adapt its name to its locality. Names of other Quaker families mentioned in the Meeting's records during the remaining years of the 17th century included those of Allen, Atkinson, Austin, Bayns, Bennett, Boyden, Bridgmen, Buckman, Bunting{W}, Chapman, Coats, Comeley, Constable, Cowgill, Cowin, Croasdale{B}, Cutler, Davis, Dilworth{B}, Doan{W}, Eastburn, English, Fuller, Gregg, Hall, Harding, Heaton {W}, Hillborn, Jenks, Langhorne, Maller, Morris, Otter, Paulin {W}, Paxson {W}, Peacock, Penquite, Plumly{W}, Potts {B}, Poynter, Radcliff, Rodgers, Rowland, Sands, Scaife? {W}, Sharpe, Smith?{W}, Stradling {W}, Swift, Taylor, Thompson?{B}, Twining {W}, Wetherill, Walmsley, Wharley, White, Wildman {W} and Woolston."

Is the list above complete?

~• No. It does not include the maiden names of the wives of these immigrant Quakers who were also members of the Neshamina/Middletown Meeting

For continuing Research

Surnames found both in Middletown and in Parish Registers back along the Yorkshire/Lancashire border

~• Note that Bentham and Booland Meeting were under the Settle Monthly Meeting of Yorkshire

(noticing this overlap prompted the extensive research in the numerous sub-projects that can be accessed HERE

Picking out all the known surnames who are direct WILDMAN ancestors

icn_favorite.gif Notice that some are Wildmans = {W}, some are Beans {B}, and some are both
external/twitter_bird_small.gif < indicates Quaker cross-reference

  1. BUNTING, Job Derbyshire, England {W} ~came to West Jersey and then to PA
  2. Croasdale Alice Croasdale (Potts) Quaker English ~ (is later in both Wildman & Bean lines){B}{W}
  3. Dilworth England{B} notable oblique connection to Charles II intrigue
  4. Hathornwaite {B}{W} Agnes Hathornwaite came to Neshamina as the widow of a Croasdale and soon died
  5. Paxson
    1. PAXSON, James Jr. Buckinghamshire, England {W} (James and WIlliam Paxson are brothers)
    2. PAXSON, William Buckinghamshire, England {W} ~• note each brother is the source of a WIldman line that recombined later.
  6. Charles Plumley of Parish Priddy, Somerset did not come to PA, but his sons did:
    1. PLUMLEY, John, Somerset {W} brother of William
    2. PLUMLEY, William Somerset, England {W}
      ~• also: two distinct lines in Wildman

Helpful documents

  1. Early meetings of PA description
  2. Bucks County Deed Records

Later immigrant direct ancestors of the 18th century

external/twitter_bird_small.gif : Brelsford (of Middletown)