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Absolom Apperson Adkins MP (1810 - 1880)

11 children of Ap and Deliah Maraby abt 1832--Miles A 12/24/1833--Lindsey "Vici" abt 1835--Eli 1837 abt--Lewis 1839 abt--William 1841 abt--Margaret 10/15/1843--Peter 1844 abt--Celia 1846 abt--Thomas ...

Adele MP

Multi-Grammy winning English singer-songwriter Adele rose to fame with the release of her debut album 19 in 2008. It certified four times platinum in the UK, and double platinum in the US. Her career i...

Agnes Polly (Adkins) MP (1740 - 1798)

Ann Adkins (Pew) MP (1655 - aft.1716)

Anne Pew was born 1655 in Henrico County, Virginia, and died Aft 1714 in Henrico County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Henry Pugh and Jane Womack. She married Abraham Childers 1675 in Henrico Cou...

Charity Adkins MP (c.1768 - c.1835)

Per Renee McCoy "It has always been said that Charity was the daughter of Bluesky , daughter of Shawnee chief Cornstalk, but most places have her listed as the daughter of Mary "Polly" Fry, but Charity...

David Adkins MP

New York, New York County, New York, United States

David Adkins is an American actor and playwright. He made his Broadway debut in 1993, playing a small role and understudying a larger one in a revival of George Bernard Shaw's Saint Joan . He has also ...

Delilah Adkins (Elswick) MP (1811 - 1894)

Elizabeth Sadie Boshears (Adkins) MP (1826 - 1910)

Elizabeth Adkins (Barnes) MP (1693 - 1752)

Inscription:wife of Benjamin Adkins, aged 61 yrs.* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Apr 7 2017, 23:48:23 UTC

Elizabeth Whitaker (Adkins) MP (c.1648 - d.)

That the wife of Richard Whitacar was Elizabeth Adkins is well recorded: "...The power of Attorney and a black morocco book in which Richard Whitacar carried it over the sea is still in the possessio...

Elizabeth Adkins (Whitmore) MP (1686 - 1775)

Elizabeth SECOND wife Adkins (Wetmer) MP (c.1650 - c.1700)

Second wife of Josiah Adkins of Middletown, Connecticut. They married in 1673. Assume that her birth date is no earlier than 1840 and probably around 1850. Children: Sarah b July 16 1674 d 1719 ...

Elizabeth Adkins/Atkinson (Parker) MP (c.1695 - 1735)

William V. Adkins was born 28 Mar 1689 in Charles City, Henrico County, Virginia, USA. He died about 1774 in Richmond, Goochland County, Virginia, USA. William married Elizabeth Parker on 17 Jan 1716...

Elizabeth Adkins (Bromwell?) MP (bef.1640 - 1694)

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Elizabeth, FIRST wife Adkins (Andrews) MP (c.1625 - c.1669)

Alternative date of death: 1/7/1656 (not sourced).

Ephraim Adkins MP (1685 - 1760)

"ADKINS MR EPHRAIM son of Josiah Sen and Elizabeth of Middletown m Elizabeth Wetmore June 16 1709 children Thomas b April 5 1710 Ephraim Jr b July 19 1712 d 1713 Elizabeth b Dec 6 1714 d May 30 1750 2d...

Erminta Jane Martin (Adkins) MP (1853 - 1901)

Esther Welch Fenn Adkins MP (c.1664 - 1715)

Her first husband, Joseph Fenn died in 1690. She married her second husband, Samuel Adkins, in 1693 in Milford. Three children: Joseph Fenn, Mary Adkins (married to William Gold as his second wife) and...

Henry Sheridan Adkins MP (1842 - 1913)

Jane Adkins (Stevens) MP (c.1684 - 1712)

First wife of Benjamin Adkins. Mother of Sarah (1710) and Hannah (1712). Died about a month after Hannah's birth.

Joan Adkins (Molyns) MP (1506 - 1530)

John Stanton Adkins MP (1798 - 1882)

Buried on Conrad Laxton Farm in Scott County, Tennessee, USA.

John Adkins, of Henrico MP (1639 - 1721)

After his wife Elizabeth died, John Adkins married again in Henrico County, Virginia to Ann Pew, widow of Abraham Childers. From Colonial Wills of Henrico County, Virginia Ben Weisiger III Page. 11...

Josiah Atkins or Adkins MP (1679 - 1724)

"ADKINS JOSIAH Jr son of Josiah and Elizabeth m Marv Wheeler of Stratford Dec 16 1708 children Joseph b Sept 1709 Mary b Oct 14 1710 Elizabeth b Feb 1712 Abigail b Aug 14 1713 Josiah b Oct 11 1715 John...

Josiah Ward Adkins, Sr. MP (1620 - 1690)

The October 8, 1673 marriage in Middletown, Connecticut of Josiah Adkins and Elizabeth Wethmer/Whitmore is recorded in Torrey's New England Marriages Prior to 1700. He gives Josiah Akins' date of death...

Josiah Stanton Atkins (Adkins) MP (c.1803 - 1884)

Levisa Whitt (Adkins) MP (1799 - 1882)

Vicy Adkins married Richard Whitt. Vicy Adkins was also known as Levisa Adkins. She was born in 1793. Her married name was Whitt. Children of Vicy Adkins and Richard Whitt Elizabeth E. Whitt (liv...

Lydia Adkins (Owens) MP (c.1724 - 1784)

Spouses/Children: Lydia Owens Agnes Adkins Elizabeth Adkins Leddy (Lydia) Adkins Nancy (Anne) Adkins Owen Adkins Sarah Adkins Jesse Adkins William III Adkins+ General Notes: For...

Lydia Evaline Mullins (Adkins) MP (1824 - 1875)


Mamie "Polly" Cremeans (Adkins) MP (c.1793 - bef.1850)

Census : 1820 - Mason Co., VA age between 16-26.** Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Apr 5 2017, 7:52:24 UTC

Margaret Adkins (Crabtree) MP (1853 - 1929)

Martha Gray Kendall (Adkins) MP (deceased)

Mary "Polly" Adkins MP (c.1802 - c.1880)

Polly Adkins (Saunders) MP (1805 - 1870)

Mary Adkins (Wheeler) MP (1684 - 1755)

Married in Middletown, CT on December 16, 1708 to Josiah Adkins, son of Josiah Adkins of Middletown. Married second John (?) Stedman, born 1701 (?). * Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via sister El...

Mary Roberts (Adkins) MP (1710 - 1751)

Mary Bettie Adkins (Grove) MP (1899 - d.)

Moses Adkins MP (c.1765 - 1826)

Nancy Adkins MP (deceased)

Nancy Arena Phillip (Adkins) MP (1832 - 1913)

Nancy Ann Blackwell (Adkins) MP (deceased)

Naomi Abbott (Adkins) MP (deceased)

Olivia Rachel Adkins (Morgan) MP (1780 - 1870)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Mar 16 2016, 3:59:44 UTC ------------------------------

Parker Vincent Adkins MP (1721 - 1794)

Parker V. Adkins married Mary Polly Fry about 1754 in Halifax County, Virginia. He participated in the Battle of Point Pleasant 1773 (where Bluesky and her family lived) and his name along with his son...

Rachel Adkins (Houchin) MP (1736 - c.1775)

Rebecca Adkins (Burrows) MP (1773 - 1831)

Rebecca Richmond (Adkins) MP (1810 - 1885)

Richard Adkins MP (deceased)

Richard Adkins MP (1744 - 1828)

Salina McCoy (Adkins) MP (1843 - 1888)

Samuel Adkins MP (1651 - 1697)

Second husband of Esther (Welch) Fenn, widow of Joseph Fenn of Milford, CT. Susan Abbott states in Early Families of Milford that Samuel Adkins was the son of Josiah Adkins. Probably born in Middleto...

Sarah Adkins MP (1769 - 1835)

Sarah Adkins (Mullins) MP (1787 - 1858)

Sherrod B Adkins MP (c.1728 - 1780)

Sherwood (or Sherrod) Adkins was the son of William Vincent Adkins and wife Elizabeth Parker. He was born c.1728 in Virginia and died in 1780 in Virginian. He appears on "A List of Land and Tithes take...

Deacon Solomon Adkins MP (1678 - 1748)

"ADKlNS DEA SOLOMON son of Josiah and Elizabeth m Phebe Edwards of Northampton Mass May 18 AD 170__ children Abigail b April 11 1711 Samuel b Sept 21 1713 Hannah b May 26 1715 Solomon Jr b Feb 10 1717 ...

Thomas Adkins MP (c.1649 - 1694)

"Thomas Adkins came first to Hartford and was located at East Hartford in 1682. He died in 1694. His children were at his decease viz Mary aged 22 Thomas Jr 21 William 19 Jane 16 Sarah 12 Josiah 9 and ...

Thomas Adkins MP (c.1673 - c.1709)

Vicey Whitt (Adkins) MP (deceased)

White Wing "Big Nancy" Cornstalk MP (c.1770 - 1843)

Sometime after "Little Nancy" was born, White Wing "Big Nancy" took her little girl with her and ran off to be with the warrior CHIEF Pukeshenwa Tecumseh. comments Tecumseh: A Life, 1999. The autho...

William Vincent Adkins (Adkinson), Jr. MP (c.1721 - 1784)

WILLIAM ADKINS (WILLIAM V., JOHN THOMAS, JOHN THOMAS, THOMAS, HENRY) was born Abt. 1721 in Meachum Creek, Goochland, VA, and died March 15, 1784 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He married LYDIA OWENS...

William Vincent Adkins, Sr. MP (1689 - 1754)

Spouses/Children: Elizabeth Parker Joseph Adkins Richard Adkins Parker V. Adkins William Adkins+ Jacob Adkins

Sir William Adkins, Kt. MP (1504 - 1540)

Adkins MP (1858 - d.)

Adkins MP (c.1908 - c.1910)

Adkins MP (deceased)

Adkins MP (deceased)

Adkins MP (deceased)

Adkins MP (deceased)

Adkins MP (deceased)

Adkins (Prather) MP (deceased)

Williams (Adkins) MP (deceased)

ADKINS MP (deceased)

Adkins MP (deceased)

!**$#@ Adkins MP (deceased)

!*_ Papp (Adkins) MP (deceased)

!@# Adkins MP (deceased)

"Buffalo" Bill Adkins MP (1908 - d.)

"Junie" Adkins MP (deceased)

$$#@! Adkins MP (deceased)

$&(* Antressian (Adkins) MP (deceased)

%%$$# Adkins MP (deceased)

&^$# Billbright (Adkins) MP (deceased)

'Carrie' Farley (Adkins) MP (deceased)

(Black) John Adkins MP (deceased)

(unknown) Adkins MP (deceased)

--- Adkins (Moss) MP (deceased)

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? Adkins (Pira/Pina ) MP (deceased)

? Adkins MP (deceased)

? Adkins MP (deceased)

? Adkins MP (deceased)

? Adkins MP (deceased)

? Nash (Adkins) MP (deceased)

? Adkins MP (deceased)

? Adkins MP (deceased)

? Stair Adkins MP (deceased)

? Adkins MP (deceased)

? Adkins (Price) MP (deceased)

? Adkins (Emslie) MP (deceased)

? Adkins MP (deceased)

? ADKINS MP (deceased)