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  • Gneius Baebius Tamphilus (deceased)
    Gneius Baebius Tamphilus==Gneius Baebius Tamphilus (cro. Gnej Bebije Tamfi, lat. Gneivs Baebivs Tamphilvs) was a consul.Gnaeus Baebius (Cn. f. Q. n.) Tamphilus, praetor urbanus in 168 BC. The following...
  • Majorian, Roman Emperor (c.420 - 461)
    ==Majorian (lat. Julius Valerius Maiorianus)== En , Hr , Bs , It , La * Majorijan, Julije Valerije , Hrvatska enciklopedija, Leksikografski zavod Miroslav Krleža, Zagreb
  • Aurelius Leontius (c.274 - aft.324)
    Aurelius Leontius==Aurelius Leontius was a ducenat and decurion of the colony of Salona , ex former curator.He was died after (bet. c. 324 - 325 AD) death of his son Aurelio , possible in Salona or in ...
  • Glycerius (deceased)
    Glycerius (Latin: D(ominus) N(oster) Glycerius Augustus) (Unknown – after 474 AD) was Western Roman Emperor from 473 to 474.* En | Hr | It | Fr | Hu | Cz | La
  • Anastasius, Eastern Roman Emperor (c.430 - 518)
    I (Latin: Flavius Anastasius; c. 430 – July 518) was Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Emperor from 491 to 518.Background and personal characteristicsAnastasius was born at Dyrrhachium; the date is unknown, bu...

The Roman Emperor was the ruler of the Roman State during the imperial period (starting at about 27 BC). The Romans had no single term for the office: Latin titles such as imperator (from which English emperor ultimately derives), augustus, caesar and princeps were all associated with it. In practice, the emperor was supreme ruler of Rome and supreme commander of the Roman legions.


There are many very well-documented genealogies connecting the Roman emperors, but the connections to medieval Europe are largely speculative.


The goal of this project is to resolve duplicates, standardize naming conventions, and ensure the quality of the profiles pertaining to the Imperial families of ancient Rome.

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Geni's Naming Conventions do not yet cover Roman names, which can be difficult to learn and apply. In general, place all names in the First Name field.


List of Roman Emperors

Julio-Claudian Dynasty (27 B.C.-68 A.D.)

Year of the Four Emperors (69 A.D.)

Flavian Dynasty (69-96 A.D.)

Nerva-Antonine Dynasty (96-192 A.D.)

Year of the Five Emperors (193 A.D.)

Severan Dynasty (193-217 A.D.)

Interlude between Severan Dynasty (217-218)

Severan Dynasty, continued (218-235)

The Soldier Emperors

Gallic Empire (West)

Palmyrene Empire

The Soldier Emperors (continued)

Western Roman Empire

Eastern Roman Empire

Constantine Dynasty

Western Roman Empire (after death of Jovian)

Eastern Roman Empire (after death of Jovian)