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  • Manuel Sadosky (1914 - 2005)
    Manuel Sadosky (April 13, 1914 – June 18, 2005) was an Argentine mathematician, born in Buenos Aires to Jewish Russian immigrants fleeing the pogroms. He is widely considered the father of compu...
  • Rev. Dr. Bache Wright Harvey (1835 - 1888)
    Bache Wright Harvey was was a distinguished graduate in mathematics from St John's College, Cambridge, who became an Anglican clergyman and in 1861 married Anne Sophia Turrell. With their three childre...
  • Charles Hermite (1822 - 1901)
    Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Charles Hermite (December 24, 1822 – January 14, 1901) was a French mathematician who did research on number theory, quadratic forms, invariant theory, ort...
  • Norman Levinson (1912 - 1975)
    Famous mathematician:
  • Alberto P. Calderón (1920 - 1998)

Mathematicians are people with an extensive knowledge of mathematics who use this knowledge in their work, typically to solve mathematical problems. Mathematics is concerned with numbers, data, collection, quantity, structure, space, and change.

List of notable mathematicians

For a complete list, please see: Mathematicians Project Profiles.

  • Rob Lyons
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Johann Bernoulli
  • Jacob Bernoulli
  • Muhammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī
  • Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss
  • Archimedes of Syracuse
  • Leonhard Paul Euler
  • Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann
  • Euclid of Alexandria
  • Jules Henri Poincaré
  • Srinivasa Ramanujan
  • Alexander Grothendieck
  • David Hilbert
  • Joseph-Louis Lagrange
  • Georg Cantor
  • Évariste Galois
  • Pierre de Fermat

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