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  • Jewish Families from Prague

    This project seeks to reconstruct the Jewish population of Prague in the late 18th and 19th centuries. In the public tree on Geni, it is possible to link up all of the major Prague families. You can find a list of Prague Jewish surnames from Alexander Beider's work . You will notice that many of them are rather uncommon today, but very distinctive for Prague, such as the possessive patro- and...

  • Austro-Hungarian Jews

    This project is here to give us a greater insight into the lives of our ancestors from across the empire and to help us work together to find our common roots. List of Austro-Hungarian Jews Wikipedia Famous People Sigmund Freud : Father of Psychoanalysis. Theodor Herzl : Father of Zionism. Stefan Zweig : Novelist, playwright, journalist, biographer. Franz Kafka : Novelist.