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Azorean Ancestry (DNA search)

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  • Willem Vander Bruyn, Guilherme de Brum (1493 - bef.1553)
    Nascimento,1493 ( 2 de Abr de 1493), Bélgica, Flandres, Maestrick (Maestricht) 2 de Abr de 1493.Outras fontes referem ter nascido na Madeira, Funchal. 1480.Imigração nos finais do século XV, Portugal, ...
  • Saint Beggue of Austrasia (613 - 693)
    Saint Begga ( Begue , Begge ) (615-693), daughter of Pepin of Landen, mayor of the palace of Austrasia, and his wife Itta. She built a convent at Andenne sur Meuse. She is venerated as a saint (Septemb...

My Notable Ancestors

My ancestors immigrated to the Azores around mid to late 1400's, they came from Flanders and Portugal and I've been able to trace some of their roots deep into Central Europe royalty.

This project is merely a fun spot for me to gather information from my family tree and organize it according to my genetic breakdown. If you are a 'cousin' and have had your DNA done, it would be fun to compare. Please let me know. :) My kit number at is T750173

Balkans. DNA comp 8% (East Balkan + East Med)

ca. 246/50 – 18 August 330: Saint Helena of the Cross 48th great grand mother

Belgium/ Flanders, England, Germany, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark DNA comp 23 %(Central Europe +Fenoscandinavian+ North Atlantic +North Sea)

550: Saint Ethelbert I, King of Kent 44th great grand

Charlemagne 38th great grand father

830s – 879: Baldwin I Iron Arm, Count of Flanders 34th great grand father

849 Alfred the Great King of the Anglo Saxons

863 Baldwin II the Bald, Count of Flanders 34th great grand father

890 Arnulfo I the Great, Count of Flanders 33rd great grand father

890: Gorm den Gamle, Dansk Konge 34th great grand father

910: Harald and Gormsson 33rd great grand father

940-962:Baldwin III, Count of Flanders 32nd great grand father

945: Erik VII Segers, King of Svear 33rd great grand father

961 Arnulf II the Young, Count of Flanders 31st great grand father

980 Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders 30th great grand father

995: Saint Olaf II, King of Norway 31st great grand father

1027 Richildis Von Egisheim

1030 David I, King of Scots

1032 -1083: Matilda of Flanders

c. 1030 – 1113: Gertrude of Saxony

1029/1032 –1093: Robert I, Count of Flanders

1068Henry I Beauclerc King of England

1083 David I, King of Scots

1130 Riquilda de Polonia, Reina Consorte

1186 John Lackland King of England

1207 Henry III of England 24th Great Grand Father: Plantagenet Dynasty

France DNA comp 6%

470: Saint Clotilde of Burgundy

860: Alain I Le Grand Roi de Bretagne

900: Rudolph II, King of Upper Burgundy

923: Conrad the Peaceful, King of Burgundy

940:Hugues Capet Roi des Francs

972: [Robert II Capet, "the Pious" king of the Franks]

1009: Adele de France

1011 Eleanor of Normandy

1011 Robert I le Vieux, suc de Bourgogne

1020 William the Great, Count of Burgundy

1046 – 1093: Constanza de Borgo, reina Consorte---House of Burgundy

1066–1112: Henrique de Borgonha, Conde de Portugal

1133: Henry II Curtmantle King of England

1170:John of Brienne King of Jerusalem

1187:Louis VIII le Lion, Roi de France House of Capet

1214: Louis IX the saint, King of France---House of Capet

1243 Isabelle d'Aragon, Reine Consort de France

1245:Philippe III le Harsi, Roi de France 23rd Great Grand Father

1380:Georges de Bettencourt. France ==> Spain 16th great grand father

Italy DNA comp 14%

-100 : Gaius Julius Caesar

430: Rufius Gennadius Avienus

932:Adalbert II King of Italy

1014Gisela of Italy

1010:Adelaida Marchesa di Susa

1092: Amedeo III Comte de Savoie

1135: Umberto III di Savoia

Portugal, Spain DNA comp 18% (Iberia)

1105: Alfonso VII the Emperor King of Castile and Leon 27th great grand father

1106:Afonso I the Conqueror King of PortugL

1134: Sancho III el Deseado, Rey de Castilla

1137: Fernando II Rey de Leon

1151 :Uraca de Portugal, Regina Consorte de Leon

1155: Alfonso VIII el noble Rey de Castilla

1199: Ferdinand III the saint, King of Castile

1221: Alfonso X el Sabin, Rey de Castilla

Hungary DNA comp 2% (Eastern Europe)

969 St. Stephan, 1st King of Hungary 31st great grand father

1045: Saint Margaret Queen of Scots

1176:Andras Andrew II, King of Hungary

'The Saints

Direct Ancestors

44th great grand father: St. Ethelbet I, King of Kent (February 24th)

42nd great grand mother: St. Clotilde of Burgundy(June 3rd)

40th great grand father:St. Chlodulf Cloud Bishop of Metz

39th great grand mother: St, Beggue of Austrasia(December 17th)

38th great grand father: St. Edmund of Anglia (November 20th)

31st great grand father: St. Olaf, II, King of Norway (July 29th)

31st great grand father: St. Stephan, 1st King of Hungary

29th great grand mother: St. Margaret, Queen of Scots(November 16th)

24th great grand father: Louis I X the saint, King of France(August 25th)

20th great grandfather: Charles de Blous (September 29th)

Aunts and Uncles

32nd great aunt: St. Adelaide of Italy(December 16th)

31st great uncle St. Emerich, Prince of Hungary(September 2nd)

29th great uncle St. Bernard of Clairvaux(August 20th)

25th great aunt St. Elizabeth if Hungary

19th great uncle: Nuno Alvares Pereira (June 24th)


1st cousin, 30 times removed: St. Edward the Confessor, King of the English (January 5th)

1st cousin, 25 times removed: St. Margaret of Hungary(January 18th)

1st cousin, 24 times removed:Sta Isabel de Aragao Rainha Consorte de Portugal

1st cousin, 23 times removed St. Anthony of Padua(June 13th)


2'nd cousin, 40 times removed: St. Gregory of Utrecht

9th cousin, 15 times removed:San Francisco Borja sjiv duque de Gand

The Crusades

27th great grandfather:Diederik Van Den Elzas Graaf Van Vlaeneren

27th great grandfather: Robert I Comte de Dreux

29th great grand father Alexios I Byzantine Emperor

29th great grandfather: Baldwin II count of Hainault

29th great grand father: Welf IV duke of Bavaria

30th great grandfather: Enguerrand I de Boves

31st Great Uncle:Pope Urban II