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Gelderland Immigrants to New Netherland and, later, the colony of New York

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  • Neeltie Roosa (1655 - 1745)
    Neeltje married Hendric Paeldin (Henry Pawling)bans Nov. 3, 1676.
  • Marijke Gijsberts (1622 - c.1688)
    Mayke Gisberts was born before 1640 at Guilderland, Netherlands. She married Jan Janse Verkerk, son of Jan Verkerk, on 1 April 1651 at Buren, Gelderland, Netherlands. Mayke Gisberts died in 1688 at New...
  • Jan Janse Verkerk (1630 - c.1688)
    Jan Janse Ver Kerken Jan Janse Ver Kerken - Family Tree Genealogy From Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey, p. 704:
  • Barentje Vandergrift (van Kirk) (c.1659 - 1684)
    Marriage in the Reformed Dutch Church, New York, NY Nicolaes Van der Grist, j. m. Van N. Yorke, en Barentje Verkercken, j. d. Van Buurmatzen, beyde woonende tot N. Uytrecht. Ingeschreven: 7 August 16...
  • Albert Albertse Terhune (1619 - 1685)
    sprague-database.. Albert Albertse Terhune b. abt Sep 1619, Hunen, Gelderland, Holland ch.d. aft 22 Feb 1685, Gravesend, Long Island, New York br. Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery, Flatlands683...

Bring your immigrants from Buren and environs to the North American Colonies settled by the Dutch West India Company. Please limit these to people who originated in the Buren area of Gelderland and adjoining areas of Utrecht

The purpose of this project is to better understand the family ties of emigrants from Buren both before and after they crossed the Atlantic. Not all individuals would have migrated directly from Buren. Many families of Buren ('van Buuren') were living elsewhere when they left Europe and are therefore not included here.

• note the list of related projects in the column at right
• another map shows neighboring place names

Alpha Surname List

~• a good source for names are passenger lists of the various ships. One such is cited below: Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York: Excerpted from the Documentary History of the State of New-York

  1. Anthonis? Grietje van Pelt of Asch, Gelderland
  2. Bogart (1) Bogart, Pieter Jansen, from Leerdam, S. Holland
  3. Bogart (2) Bogart, Tunis Gysbertse, from Heikop, Utrecht (or Heikop, near Leerdam, S. Holland
  4. Coeymans, Pieter; his sons came from Utrecht
  5. Cortelyou Cortelyou, Jacques, from Utrecht
  6. Davids ~> as in Metje Martha Kermer
  7. De Groot ~• Staats Janszen de Groot from Thuyl (Tiel)
  8. De Hardt (and variations) ~> from Buren
  9. De Key ~> as in Jacob Theuniszen de Key from Thuyl (Tiel)
  10. Denise (De Nyse), Teunis Nyssen, from Utrecht
  11. Van Ecke, Wynant Pieterszen van Ecke
  12. Gerrits (Lysbeth Gerrits) Lysbeth Gerrits Hessels from Tiel; married in NA
  13. Hendricksen Hendrick Jacobsen Hendrickson, Sr. from Utrecht; part of Schenck tree
  14. Hendrickse, Belitje, who married Van Schaik was from Arnhem: Belitje Hendreickse
  15. Huyck Jan Huijke Huyck connected to the Peter Minuit family by marriage
  16. Isaacszen ~• as in Denys Isaacszen, New Amsterdam immigrant from Wijk bij Duurstede just over the border in Utrecht; aka Denys Isaacszen van Hartenvelt signed the Remonstrance of 1664
  17. Koninck Adriaen Jansen "Tapper" Koninck
  18. Laenen Tryntje Thyssen Laenan Van Pelt
  19. Luitgurt Jane Hendrickson ~• from Utrecht
  20. Maessen ~>patronymic; refers to the Van Buren lines (the President Van Buren's line) From Geldermassen
  21. Marcelis (1) Marcelis, Jansen, from Bommel, Gelderland
  22. Marselis (2) Marselis, Pieter, from Beest, Gelderland
  23. Moll Moll, Huybert Lambertsen, from Arnhem, Gelderland (also Abraham Lambertse Moll)
  24. Nevius ~> Johannes Nevius & in wikipedia ; a schepen and also secretary of the court of New Amsterdam, was born about 1627 in Zoelen
  25. Roosa Roosa, Albert/Aldert Heymans, from Herwijnen, Gelderland
  26. Smeets / Smits Adriaen Lamberts Smeets/Smits from Tuil, Gelderland ~• one of the patentees of the extensive Tappan Patent.
  27. Schaats ; Rev. Gideon Schaats
  28. Schenck see Hendricksen ~• yet, several lines of this same family came to New Netherland.
  29. Van Alen Pieter and Lourens, brother, from Utrecht, prob. originally from Aelen or Haelen, Waterloo, Brabant, Belgium
  30. Van Buren (and variations) van Beuren, van Buuren, etc.
  31. Van Cortland(t) from Wijk bij Duurstede. The family is in wikipedia : related by marriage to Van Rensselaer
  32. Van Curler, Arent from Nykerck, Gelderland biography
  33. Van Doesburg (Dusenbury, Dusenberry) Hendrick Hendricksen van Doesburg
  34. Van Dyne (van Dien), Dirck Gerritz, from Tricht (Tricht is a small place in Gelderland
  35. Van Dyck Van Dyck, Hendrick from Utrecht
  36. Van Giesen Van Giesen, Johannis, from Utrecht
  37. Van Houten : three brothers, one, Helmigh Roelofs, from Gelderland. Houten is a village in the Province of Utrecht
  38. Van Leeuwens (van Lieuw) Frederick Hendricksen, from Utrecht, and Leeuwen, Gelderland
  39. Van Meteren (1)Van Meteren, Jan Joosten, from Thielerwaardt, Gelderland
  40. Van Meteren (2) Van Meteren, Jan Gysbertsen, from Bommel Gelderland. Bommel lies on the River Waal, which forms the dividing line between the Tielerwaard and the Bommelerwaard
  41. Van Ness Van Ness, Cornelius Hendrickse, from Vianen, South Holland
  42. Van Noort Van Noort, Goosen Jansen, from Beest, Gelderland
  43. Van Oosten Dirck Janszen Van Oosten from Beest, Gelderland
  44. Van Orden Pieter Hesselse Van Orden from Nykerck (Nieuwkerk), Gelderland
  45. Van Raetsvelt Anna Van Dalsen from Arnhem
  46. Van Rensselaer, Kiliaen, from Nykerck, Gelderland. Kiliaen van Rensselaer did not come to New Netherland. His family originally came from the vicinity of Nykerck but he resided at Amsterdam (connection to Van Cortland(t)s of New Netherland... by marriage)
  47. Van Rossum Maarten van Rossum (1478-1555 )
  48. Van Slichtenhorst Van Slichtenhorst, Brant Aertz, from Nykerck, Gelderland
  49. Van Twiller Van Twiller, Wouter, from Nykerck, Gelderland
  50. Van Voorst Van Voorst, Willem, from Arnhem, Gelderland & Cornelius Hendricks Van Vorst
  51. Van Zandt (Van Sant) Van Zandt (Sant), Adam Wenzel, b. in Arnhem, Gelderland
  52. Vanderlinde, Roelof, from Wageningen, Gelderland Fytje Roelofse Van Der Linde
  53. Varick Varick, Jan, from Rhenen, Utrecht
  54. Verkerk Roeloff Janse Verkerk , from Buren, Gelderland ~• also Jan Janse Verkerk
  55. Vermilye Isaac Vermilye , from Arnhem
  56. Wessells from Arnhem (several) including Jannetje Edsall

Early Ships Listing Gelderland Immigrants

  1. De Trouw (1659) In the Faith, & (1662).....three (total)
  2. The Eagle (1663).......four
  3. The Moesman (1659)........................three
  4. The Love (1660)
  5. The Spotted Cow (1660) & (1663)....seventeen (total)
  6. The Otter (1660)................................fifteen
  7. The Hope (1662)................................three
  8. The Fox (1662)
  9. The Rose Tree (1663)........................eight
  10. The Stettin (1663) ..............................two

~• accounts for approx. 64 individuals, many in family groups
~• not all people on lists had place names associated with them
~• very few of these are included in the alpha list above...

Remonstrance to Surrender New Amsterdam, September 1664

A good number of those signing this document were from the area surrounding Buren. See: Geni cross-referenced document on the Remonstrance

Van Beuren Sub-Project

GraphCommons VB immigrants

Random Individuals

1. Captain Jan van Dyke 's wife Tryntje Thyssen Laenan Van Pelt as shown in the marriage: 1673 09 May; Jan Janszen van dyck, jm van Amsterd; Theuntje Thys, jd van Buuren in Gelderlt

2. marriage in 1660: 1660 08 May; Dirck Gerritszen van Tricht, in't Graefschap van Buuren;Geertje Hendricks, wid Andries Hoppe

3. Dr. Johannes van Beuren (husband of Marytje Meyer) ~• note that his parents seemed to have lived in Amsterdam (not Buren)

4. Marriage in New Amsterdam : 1672 18 Aug; Jacobus de Haerdt, jm van Buuren in Gelderlt; Cornelia Beeck, jd van N. Jorck

5. The immigrant ancestor (Cornelius Cornelis) of US President Martin Van Buren, was from Utrecht, not far from Buren. Modern mapping shows that the town of Buren is only 37 km from Utrecht. The two geographical areas border each other. Cornelius Maessen Cornelis was not of the merchant class either, so he may have come from the countryside rather than the ancient city of Utrecht itself. Catalyntje Martensen, his wife was born in Guelderland. See also Gerrit Cornelissen Van Buuren in The History of Kingston, New York: From Its Early Settlement to the Year 1820 By Marius Schoonmaker

Note that in that day and age, people did not carry repetitive surnames of today but, rather, patronymics. This makes any genealogical study based on the name VAN B(E)UREN extremely painstaking. We cannot simply search using the modern system of looking at lists limited to such spellings.

6. Balthazar de Haerdt (1633 in Buren -January 1672 in New York) Immediate Family: Son of Aert DeHart and Gerritizen DeHart (Stoffles) ; Husband of (unknown 1st wife) de Haerdt ; Partner of Margrietje Stuyvesant

Points of interest

  1. Linge River, ancient trading route

Research Section

~• Includes questions and observations for further study.


  1. The ROOSA of Gelderland came with parents and 7 children in the ship Bontekoe (Spotted Cow or Brindle Cow), Captain Peter Lucas April 15, 1660 and and settled in the Wildwyck district of Esopus, now Kingston, Ulster County, New York.


  1. Surname and Given name index to known immigrants
  2. Arrival dates and ship names > Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York: Excerpted from the Documentary History of the State of New-York by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, Rosanne Conway Genealogical Publishing Com, 1849
  3. The History of Kingston, New York: From Its Early Settlement to the Year 1820 By Marius Schoonmaker
  4. The Dutch Republic in the Seventeenth Century: The Golden Age by Maarten Prak, Diane Webb > Maarten van Rossum (1478-1555 )
  5. Modern Map of Gelderland
  6. Global searching in Billard
  7. Graph Commons Interactive Relationships


  1. In the will of an early (1) Van Dyck, the writer names a great grandson who is a (3) van Beuren. See: Captain Jan van Dyke
  2. The town of (4) Haerdt is not far from Buren. Note that (3) Dr. Johannes' father-in-law, immmigrant Pieter Meyer married Batje van Haerdt
  3. The immigrant ancestor of US President Martin Van Buren ( Cornelius Maessen Cornelis ) has no known NEW YORK (emphasis) direct or marital connection with the family of the family of the immigrant (3) Dr. Johannes van Beuren
  4. baptism: 1657 Jun 06; Adriaen Post; Margarita ; Pieter Tenneman, Cornelia Van Buuren : ~• her father is Cornelius Maessen Cornelis
  5. "On October 24, 1646, Cornelis purchased a piece of property described as: "A house and plantation at the North River on the Island of Manhattan, next to Wouter van Twiller and Thomas Hall." It was located between the present Christopher and 14th Streets with boundaries near to those streets and doubtless having North River frontage." ~• this is truly just circumstantial but I notice that later van Beuren had a 22 acre farm also on what became the future west 14th st...(Col. Michael M. van Beuren (1800-1878)

scratch pad

1673 Dec 13; Jan Van Gelder, Tanneken Montenack; Abraham ; Abraham de Lanoy, Marritie de Lanoy= (erase after use)
~ marriages of people who emigrated from Geldland:

  1. 1654 18 Dec; Willem Janszen, van Heerd in Gelderlt; Leentje Martens, wid Jockem Pieterszen
  2. 1655 29 May; Samuel Idsall, van Ridding in Barvycshier in Oudt Engelandt; Jannetje Wessels, van Aernhem in Gelderlandt
  3. 1655 12 Jun; Hendrick Hendrickszen van Doesburg, in Gelderlandt; Marritjen Hendricks, van Haerlem
  4. 1658 29 Mar; Jacob Toeniszen van Tuyl in Gelderlt; Hilletje Teunis, van N. Amsterdam
  5. 1662 05 Aug; Wouter Gerritszen, van Coetwyck in Gelderlt; Marritje Hendricks, van Alcmaer
  6. 1665 31 May; Cornelis Abrahamszen, jm van Deyl in Gelderlt; Geertruid Gerrits, wid Frans Jacobs, op hasymes
  7. 1667 13 Oct; Pieter Hessels, jm van Nieuw Kerck in Gelderlt; Lysbeth Gerrits, jd van Thiel
  8. 1668 01 Jun; Galeyn Ver Plancken, jm van N. Yorke; Hendrickje Wessels, jd van Aernhem in Gelderlt
  9. 1672 14 Jan; Dirck Janszen van Oosten, jm van Beest in Gelderlt; Elisabeth Cornelis, jd N. Jorck
  10. 1672 18 Aug; Jacobus de Haerdt, jm van Buuren in Gelderlt; Cornelia Beeck, jd van N. Jorck
  11. 1673 09 May; Jan Janszen van dyck, jm van Amsterd; Theuntje Thys, jd van Buuren in Gelderlt
  12. 1673 25 Nov; Adries Roelofszen, jm van Malmuyden; Catharine van Zandt, jd van Aernhem in Gelderlt., wonende ter Stede N. Orangien

baptisms including " <geld> " (same era, DRC)

  1. 1661 Jan 19; Joost Vanlinden, Fytie Gelder; Machtelt; Harmen Wessels, Jannetie Wessels
  2. 1662 Jan 26; Johannes Van Gelder, Tanneken Montenack; Hester; Johannes de Peyster, Marritie de Lanoy
  3. 1664 Jun 08; Jacobus de Key, Hillegond Theunis;Johannes; Pieter Jacobszen Marius, Thomas Laurenszen, Jan Van Gelder
  4. 1664 Aug 27; Jan Van Gelder, Tanneken Montenac; Johannes ; Thomas Laurenszen, Elisabeth Van der Liphorst
  5. 1666 Sep 05; Jan Van Gelder, Tanneken Montanac; Hermanus ; Hermanus Van Gelder, Maryntie Montanac
  6. 1667 Jul 24; Joost Van der Linden, Fytie Van Gelder; Hendrickje; Jan Cornelis de Ryck, Tryn Jonas
  7. 1669 Jan 11; Jan Van Gelder, Tanneken Montenac; Elisabeth ; Frans Montinac, Lysbeth Obe icn_check.gif
  8. 1671 Jan 28; Jan Van Gelder, Tanneken Montanac; Maria; Roelof de Slachter, Marritie Cornelis
  9. 1671 Oct 21; Pieter Wesselszens, Gesyntie Thomas; Wessel; Jan Van Gelder, Maryken Van Hoboken
  10. 1673 Dec 13; Jan Van Gelder, Tanneken Montenack; Abraham ; Abraham de Lanoy, Marritie de Lanoy