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Bean & Wildman immigrant list

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  • Sarah Ann Hibbs (1810 - 1894)
    her immigrant ancestor is most likely John Worstall
  • Anna Katharina Brecht (1663 - 1740)
    Johannes Michael Brecht, born 12 Oct 1662 in Neudorf and died 11 Aug 1719 in Schreissheim. He married on 29 Jul 1684 Anna Katarina Hoffman (b.14 Oct 1664), daughter of Hans Jost Hoffman and Christina F...
  • Capt Martin Cregier (1617 - 1713)
    Marten's children were born in New Netherlands. He was a French Huguenot. See Wikipedia Captain Martin Cregier came to New Amsterdam for the West India Company. He was a soldier, a trader and had one ...
  • Jane Austin (1668 - 1734)
    Jonas & Thomas Potts were witnesses on her marriage certificate.Ezekiel Potts was a witness to Jane's will. Jacob Shoemaker was one of her executors.Source: The book, 'The Potts Family In America'Jane ...
  • Mary Crisp Welch, of Norfolk (b. - 1747)
    research==? Stephen Crisp?? " 1672 Penn travels to meetings in Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Penn, Giulielma and George Whitehead participate in Religious meetings in Bristol where they welcome George Fox...

Project Intent

In June of 1929 Frank B. Wildman married Elizabeth Lee Bean. This project investigates each of their immigrant ancestors. Others who are not descendants of the couple may also benefit from using this list to find immigrant ancestors.

Have we (Wildman/Beans) ever wondered?

... which nationalities are represented by the immigrant ancestors in out family??


~• at first glance ( and not being thorough )

41 Families are English
31 and Welsh ..INDEED! our line goes back to a King of Wales: Gruffydd ap Cynan (1055-1137)
( for notable ancestors through the ages see: NOTABLE ANCESTORS PROJECT
~• a preliminary incomplete count: 12 are German
5 are Irish
4 are Polish
2 are Swiss
3 or more are Dutch through New Netherland

Where you see a ☆, it's to serve as a reminder that that person was living on one of the original PA grants as shown on the 1687 map of Thomas Holme
Where you see a external/twitter_bird_small.gif, it's to show an early Quaker family in the colony of Pennsylvania.

Looking back earlier in European ancestry: Here is a related project:Remarkable and Random Bean Ancestors

It should be remembered too that intermingling of lines happened frequently. See this document that addresses the subject.


all the known immigrant ancestors of
• Frank Wildman & Elizabeth (Bean)

Frank B. Wildman & Elizabeth Lee (Bean) Wildman &
Richard Anders Rogers & Mary Rogers (Bean)

Surnames of Immigrants - Wildman/Bean Line

(anything in blue is hyperlinked to the immigrant ancestor)

~• In the Bean Line, it is remarkable that of all these 100 or so immigrants came to either Pennsylvania/Delaware or New Jersey •~
~• with just a few exceptions: one being: Joanna Williams, whose ancestors evidently came to New England •~
~• Richard Newberry and his wife, who may have come first to Massachusetts Bay Colony from England •~


There are quite a few Cycles in these generations of the Beans and Wildmans.


Wildman will follow next, separately

Albertson/Alberson external/twitter_bird_small.gif most probably England
~• note an early Albertson married a Wildman long before the subject couple of this project married. See: Susannah Wildman
Alcock, Dr. John
Leicestershire, England & Dea. George Alcock (father){B} (see PIM / PYM)
England{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif married Waln and in the next generation married into the Crisp family
Owen ap Evans
Wales{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
John ap Hugh
Wales{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif (ap means son of)
England {B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
England{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif Quaker
(probably Wales){B}
Bourne, Isabel
England{B} possibly bore a daughter in 1619 in Mass. Bay Colony, our earliest Bean born in the colonies
German ~ fought in the Revolution name Anglicized to Michael BRIGHT {B}
England (daughter married a Rambo) {B}
Wales {B}
Dutch (Hugenot ancestry); of the Esopus wars (Kingston NY) (more work needed on confirmation- through Brakey Roberts' marriage) {imp. early New Amsterdam family}
Quaker English external/twitter_bird_small.gif Bensalem MM
Quaker English ~ (is in both Wildman & Bean lines){B}{W} ☆ some Quaker external/twitter_bird_small.gif
Scotland{B} Rev. William Currie who owned Strling's HQ in Valley Forge

 [Hon. Nicasius Laurens de Sille '''de Sille'''] Dutch, from Gelderland

David (or verch David) perhaps Wales{B}
Dilworth England{B} ☆ external/twitter_bird_small.gif
Druett England{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
Ellis Wales{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif TWICE! pedigree collapse
Rowland Ellis Wales{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif Bryn Mawr PA is named for his ancestral home in Wales which is what he called his home in Pennsylvania
Jane Hughes Ellis Wales{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif Beware Welsh naming conventions!
Evans Wales{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif Ann Lewis (Evans)
Evans Wales{B} John of Bala, Gwynedd (not same as other EVANS on list)
Gainor Wales{B}
Evans Ireland{B}
Garrett England{B} : his. dau. m. a PEARSON
Harris{B} m. PALGRAVE England & her father
Hass Germany{B}
Hathornwaite Quaker English'{B}' see CROASDALE and document external/twitter_bird_small.gif
Cheshire, England wife of Taylor {B}
Hayhurst, Elizabeth Settle, Yorkshire; Quaker wife of Croasdale external/twitter_bird_small.gif ☆ {B}
Staffordshire, England husband of MNU {B} & Elizabeth Livezey {B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
Schwenkfelder Poland{B}
Hoffman (1663-1740 {B} born Schriesheim, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Baden-Württemberg
England {B}
England {B} ☆ confusion as to DOB and place of birth
Hughes, Jane
England {B}
(English via Ireland){B} fought with William to defeat James II of England
(assumed German ~ Germantown settler{B}
Ireland external/twitter_bird_small.gif {B}
(probably Wales){B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
Jones, Catherine
Schwenkfelder Poland{B}
England{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif Quaker , unbroken female line'; of interest for mRNA studies'
Landis Switzerland{B}
Lane England{B}
Lee England {B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
Lewis Wales{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif see also: Susannah Maris
Lewis, James Wales{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
Livesey England{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif••• The (Bean) Liveseys and the (Wildman) Satterthwaites intermarried in the late 1700s There is also a CYCLE with LIVESEY {B} & TAYLOR {B}
Maddock England{B}
Marisª England{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif TWICE! pedigree collapse
England{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
Mastricht, Netherlands] {B}
born in Ireland{B}
Wales{B} Mary Walker (Morris) external/twitter_bird_small.gif
came from England to Mass. Bay colony {B} ~• married a ROBINSON
Palgrave, Sarah
Norfolk, England {B}
Paul, Ann & her father Joseph
unknown origin{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
Pim / Pym external/twitter_bird_small.gif
Ireland via Leicestershire (see: Susannah Hooker and her mother who is also a Pym {B}
Wales (same as Pottstown,PA){B} external/twitter_bird_small.gifthe same Potts family that owned Washington's HQ in Valley Forge)
Wales ~ (a different line){B}
Wales{B} TWICE! pedigree collapse'
Reiff Switzerland{B}
Reinwald Schwenkfelder Poland{B}
Richards, Owen unknown{B} is this the immigrant?
Richardson England{B}
Roberts Wales{B}
Roberts, Margaret England{B}
Robinson{B} of Massachusetts; ~• married Newberry ; born in 1599
Ross Scotland{B} see van Amstel & van Egmond projects
Rev. George Ross' son Col. George Ross signed the Declaration of Independence; see ALCOCK

 '' and so did his son-in-law (Read)'' [George Read '''George Read'''] 

Schmid (Germanic origin){B}{B}
Schneider (assumed German)
Shoemaker {B}
Shoemaker Palatinate {B}
Smith England {B}
Taliner wife of Richardson England{B}
Taylor England{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
Taylor England{B} ☆
Thomas England{B}
Thompson (unknown){B}
Thomson England{B} Quaker
verch John Wales{B}
Walker Wales/Scotland{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif founded the "Valley Quaker Meeting
Waln England{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gifQuaker & Richard Waln, I external/twitter_bird_small.gif
Waltonª England{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
Weber Germany{B} his son was a patriot in the Revolution
Wellsmithª England{B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif TWICE! pedigree collapse
Weidner, Johans
Werblin, Anna Maria : m.
Rieff' '
'Plantine SNYDER twice]{B}
Wiegner Schwenkfelder Poland{B}
Whitaker England?
White not an immigrant generation{B}
Williams Wales{B}
Williams, Sgt.Nathaniel England ~• Lived on Beacon Hill, Boston {B}
Williamson England{B}
Wood (not an immigrant generation){B}
Woodward England {B} external/twitter_bird_small.gif includes (!): Robert Woodward
Wright England{B}
Missing 2 at James Wilkinson
Susanna (MNU) {B}
Anna Margaretha (MNU) {B} German
Apolonia Weber (MNU) {B} Gernan
Abigale ~ what was her maiden name? {B} "England
undetermined mother of Owen Evans {B}
More research needed on Thomas Davis {B}
and his wife
Elizabeth Miles {B}

Bean quirks

  1. HUNTER tangle: MMvB → Phoebe Roberts Archbold (Wildman) my mother → Elizabeth Lee (Bean) Wildman her mother → Sarah Bean (Hunter) her mother → P. Frank Hunter her father → Rebecca Ann Hunter (Pechin) his mother → George Pechin her father → Rebecca Pechin (Hunter) his mother → Hannah Maris her mother ~• See how the Hunter surname weaves in out of this line? •~
  2. WOODWARD : Robert Woodward fathered an additional branch that became New England Planters in Nova Scotia... a line that was associated with Dr. John van Beuren of Berwick by virtue of Dr. JohnvB being a doctor to the FOSTER family.

ª Both Maris and Walton descendants went on to lead the Hicksite Quaker George School of the Newtown/Middletown area.


looking at two individuals from quite distant branches of this tree: Rachel Shaw Black (Wells) & Jonathan Wildman: Each had Martin Wildman and Ann Ward as direct ancestors < This is just one of many examples of just how tightly knit the Quaker Wildman community was in the Delaware Valley

  • *This also happens with the couple Henry Baker & Margaret Hardman.
    • * and the PAXSON brothers

a Must Read is Stephen Hopkins, "Mayflower" Passenger , our direct Wildman ancestor. He's the father of Constance (Hopkins) Snow, "Mayflower" Passenger , below.

BAINBRIDGE, John Yorkshire {W} m. Clowes
BAKER**, Henry X1 Lancashire, England {W} ☆ external/twitter_bird_small.gif = Falls Mtg.
BAKER, Rachel Derbyshire, England {W}☆ ~daughter of Henry (above)
BAKER, Sarah Lancashire, England {W}
[ BLACK] not determined if this is the immigrant (John Black and Sarah his wife who joined the Dutch Reformed Church immigrants to Bucks Co. on or before 1724
BOLTON, Everard Herefordshire, England {W}
BRELSFORD, William Isle of Wight, England {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
BROWNE, James, II Nottinghamshire, England aka BROWN {W} 2X figures in both the Carlile and Sine (aka Sayn) trees external/twitter_bird_small.gif {maternal gg mother's side of my tree}
BUNTING, Job Derbyshire, England {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif ~came to West Jersey
BURGESS, Sarah Cheshire, England {W} has two husbands on this list! a WILDMAN & a STRADLING, although only STRADLING is by blood ! Cycle
CARLILE, (not an immigrant) {W}external/twitter_bird_small.gif
CLAYTON, Honour West Sussex, England{W} and her more famous father: William Clayton, of the ‘Kent’ external/twitter_bird_small.gif
CLOWES, Sarah Cheshire {W} m. Bainbridge
CUTLER, Edmund Yorkshire, England {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
DEANE, Stephen {W} Surrey, England ~• came to Cape Cod
DE COU the WIldman/Brown pedigree is not currently carried this far back but this Isaac De Cou, whose father was from France, seems to be the immigrant ancestor. ; existing in the tree already: Nathan Brown, the wife of FNU De Cou
DOANE, Deacon John Worcestershire, England {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif~• came to Cape Cod ~• notorious cousins in Revolution
DURRANT, Mary via Leiden, Netherlands{W} > to Plymouth colony
FISHER, John Yorkshire, England {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
GRIFFITH, Susan {Carter} Pembrokeshire, Wales {W} m. Heaton
GURDON, Jane Buckinghamshire, England {W}
HAGUE, William (male)Scotland & Francis his son {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
HARDMAN**, Margaret X1 {W}
HEADLEY, Rachel Isle of Wight, England {W}
HEATON, Robert Yorkshire {W}external/twitter_bird_small.gif ☆ m. RICROFT
HOGE. Ann Quaker Scarborough, Yorkshire {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
HOPKINS, Constance Hampshire, England {W} ~• came as a child on the Mayflower
HINDLE, Margaret Lancashire, England {W}
HUNGERFORD, Elizabeth Oxford, England {W}
LANCKFORD, Prudence, wife of Clayton, William external/twitter_bird_small.gif
LAURIE, Mary London, England {W}
MARKS,Rebecca Cumberland, England {W}
McGRAUDY, Elizabeth Ireland {W}
MILLER, Samuel? unknown {W{
NAYLOR, Robert Jr. Derbyshire, England {W}
& Elizabeth MNU, his wife {W}
PAGE, Margery {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif ☆ who married into both the PLUMLEY & PAXSON lines
PAXSON, James Jr. Buckinghamshire, England {W} ☆ (James and WIlliam Paxson are brothers)
PAXSON, William Buckinghamshire, England {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
PAWLIN, Samuel {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gifunknown & of Middletown Mtg.Pleasant Milner {W} ☆
PEARSON, Edward Cheshire, England {W} ! Cycle
PERKINS, Ann Kent, England {W} ~• came to Cape Cod
PHILIPS, Joan Devon, England {W}
PLUMLEY, John, Somerset {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif ☆ brother of William
PLUMLEY , Mary ... , England {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
PLUMLEY, William Somerset, England {W} ☆
ROBERTS, Edward Wales {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
ROBERTS ~• immigrant as yet unknown: ancestor of James Roberts of Northampton
RICROFT, Alice Yorkshire m. Heaton {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
RING, Elizabeth England {W} Leiden separatist family
SATTERTHWAITE, William Lancashire, England {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif••• The (Bean) Liveseys and the (Wildman) Satterthwaites intermarried in the late 1700s
SCARBOROUGH, John London, England {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
SEARLE, Francis Devon, England {W} : These Searles, of Devon have connection to the van Beuren side of the tree through immigrant Maud Pitt who married a Russell (see Robert Searle )
SHAW, John England {W}
SINE, Conradt Germany aka SAYN {W} marr. TYSSEN
SMITH, fnu {W}
SNOW, Nicholas London, England {W} ~• Eastham's 1st Town Clerk
STRADLING, Edward unknown, England external/twitter_bird_small.gif
THOMPSON,Hugh Ireland {W} {mother is Scot/Irish}/father did not emigrate as he died
THOMPSON, Elizabeth unknown, England {W}☆
TURNER, Isabella Yorkshire, England {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
TWINING, William Gloucestershire, England & Mehitable Doane {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif converted Quakers on Cape Cod his father, William Twining, Sr. , was an immigrant too
TYSSEN, Elizabetha Germany {W}
WARD**, Ann X2 Yorkshire,England {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
WATSON, Thomas Jr. Cumberland, England external/twitter_bird_small.gif note: a bridge btwn. Wildmans and Beans may be through Phebe Alberson who, as we see was in the NJ Quaker Alberson family
WILDMAN**, Martin ' X2 Lancashire, England {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
WILSON, Stephen Cumberland, England {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif
WORSTALL, John Wales {W} external/twitter_bird_small.gif ~married Eliz. Wildman
YARDLEY {W} ☆ ~• immigrant ancestor as yet unknown ; see Jane (MNU), widow Yardley

** = appears twice in the tree


  1. the top part of the tree is all English (from Wildman down to Headley. Rachel (1807-1835 Stradlng's father's side is of all English ancestry.
  2. look to related projects {in the column at right} .. resource lists are available
  3. a great resource: Jane Watson Brey is a Wildman descendant who wrote extensively on the subject of Wildmans and other Quaker surnames

Additional Surnames of Immigrants - Rogers Line all are {R}

Rambo Sweden

Surnames of Living Descendants in our recently combined (20th century) Wildman & Bean Lines

~• in the 21st century last update = April 2016

  1. (any Bean family are all distant cousins no, in the 21st century)
  2. Bentley
  3. Coughlin
  4. Eley
  5. Faria
  6. Gardiner
  7. Moore
  8. Muncy
  9. Nicault
  10. Pacquette
  11. Palser
  12. Palan
  13. Pierce
  14. Quillman
  15. Postigo
  16. Rogers
  17. Simoneaux
  18. Sowers
  19. Sugalski
  20. van Beuren
  21. Wager.. or Wagner?
  22. Wildman
  23. Zelenka