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Historic Buildings of Co. Tipperary M - Z

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Historic Buildings of Co. Tipperary M - Z

Republic of Ireland

See Historic Buildings Ireland - Main Page

Image right - Shanbally Castle, Clogheen

Due to the numerous Historical buildings and castles in of County Tipperary the project has been split into 4 projects.
(The arrowed buttons below are linked to the other pages).

If you have information about any of the Buildings mentioned below please share it here. If you have ancestors linked to any of the places please add them to the project.

The object of this project is to provide information about historic buildings in County Tipperary, with links to sub-projects for specific buildings as appropriate. GENi profiles of people associated with those establishments can be linked to this project and/or to individual projects where they have been set up.

Castles, Baronial and Historic houses

... in alphabetical order

Including Castles, Abbeys, Manor Houses, Mansions, Stately Homes, Country houses, Estate houses, Courts, Halls, Parks and other listed buildings of historic interest

Full sizes of the thumbnail images can be seen in the Gallery attached to the project or by clicking the thumbnail image. TIP - Use ctrl+the link to open the image in a separate tab, or use "back" to return to this project page) Sources for the images can be found in the image details as seen in the gallery.

Names with Bold links are to Geni profiles or projects. Other links take you to external biographical web pages. Please copy and paste the bullet used - ● - instead of * when adding items to the list.


Magorban House Georgian house, Fethard.

Mantle Hill Golden. Built c. 1815-20 by the lawyer Denys Scully

Marlow Goold's Cross Associated with Pennefather. 18th century house

Mealiffe see Moyaliffe

Mellison Castle

Milford House Borriskane. - associated with Murphy. Mid/late 18th century - owned by Edmond Murphy who died 1882, and afterwards by his nephew until c. 1920. Restored.

Milltown St John Castle

Modeshill Castle

Moorstown Castle, Ruins, located between Clonmel and Cahir

Mortlestown Castle

Mount Falcon Borrisokane. Assiated with Falkiner. Early 18th century house built in 1720 by Richard Falkiner.

Moyaliffe Castle Thurles. Associated with Armstrong, sub Kennis. Incorporates some of the walls of an old Butler castle

Moycarkey Castle

Moyneard Castle

Mullinahone Castle


Nenagh Castle, Intact Castle

New Park - see Ballyowen

Newcastle Castle

Newtown Anner Clonmel. Associated names Osborne; Beauclerk, St. Albans. The seat of the Osborne family, inherited by Catharine (neé Osborne), wife of Ralph Bernal (1808-1882) MP, the 19th century radical politician who assumed the name of Osborne; passed eventually to their grandson, Osborne Beauclerk, 12th Duke of St. Albans.

Nicholastown Castle

Noan Thurles. Assiated names Taylor; Armitage. Late Georgian house

Nodstown Castle

O //

Ormonde Castle, Manor House. Carrick on Suir, first built by the Butler family, earls of Ormond, in 1309. The present house was built for the Thomas Butler, 10th Earl, Black Tom Butler, who was a favourite of Queen Elizabeth. The old castle was updated with Tudor windows inserted, and a new manor house built on the front. Inside there is plasterwork dated 1565. The long gallery extends across the full width of the house on the first floor.


Portland Castle

Portland Park Lorrha. Associated names Butler-Stoney sub Stoney. Late Georgian house. Burnt c. 1920, now a ruin.

Poulakerry Castle

Powerstown Castle

Prior Park Borrisokane. Associated names Otway, sub Otway-Rithven; Waller. Late 18th century house built 1779-86 for James Otway to the design of William Leeson. Sold c. 1820 to George Waller



Racecourse Hall Cashel. early 19th century villa - in 1837 the residence of Avary Jordan

Rahelty Castle

Rapla Nenagh. Associated name Willington. 18th century house now a ruin.

Rathdrum Castle


Rathenny House, Coughjordan, Georgian manor house dating from c 1780. Restored by the granddaughter of the Irish American Countess Mirbach who rescued the property in the 1960’s. The house retains its many fine original features from fireplaces to decorative plasterwork. Both the main house and the gate lodge can now be rented for holidays.

Descent: John Andrews (d. c.1688); to son, John Andrews (d. 1732); to son, Robert Andrews (d. 1743); to brother, Maunsell Andrews (d. 1769); to son, John Andrews (fl. 1769); to son, Maunsell Andrews (1769-1864); to son, John Andrews (d. 1879); to son, Maunsell Andrews (d. 1890); to son, John Bolton Andrews (1874-1916); to mother, Kate Mary Andrews (d. 1919); sold after her death...

Landed Families of Britain and Ireland

Rathnaveoge Castle

Rathurles Castle /House Nenagh assoiciated with Brereton. Georgian house

Redwood Castle, Tower House near Lorrha

Rochestown House. (notes from Abandoned Houses of Ireland, by Tarquin Blake, p.298). Started as Georgian Mansion, 1820 - cut stone walls, owned by Bartons. Thomas Barton emigrated to Bordeaux, became very wealthy exporting wine - his grandson, Dunbar, built the house. (the family are still wine distributors with Diageo). Rose Maynard Barton, artist, daughter of Augustine Hugh Barton. The house was famous for bats. Sold 1860, to the Wise family, & remodelled by a top designer (Sir Thomas Deane) with an Italianate facade. 322 acres - horse-breeding. 1918, November, a fire destroyed all furniture,1923, a fire (IRA?) burnt the house to the ground,. There is a new house on the estate, the old house left in ruins... a stud farm around.

// Rock of Cashel, Restored Castle. Cathedral and attached castle on the Rock of Cashel. It was the seat of Brian Boru, crowned High King of Ireland in 977, but in 1101 it was handed over to the church by Muircheartach O'Brien. In 1647 the Rock of Cashel was stormed by Lord Inchiquin's forces. During the conflict twenty clerics who had taken refuge there were killed within the castle, along with all the Irish Confederate troops.

Roosca Castle

Roscrea Castle, Intact Castle a.k. Damer House

Rynskaheen Nenagh. Assiated with the Waller family. Fishing Lodge on Lough Derg, built towards the end of the 19th century by Rev. W R Quinlan on the site of an older house or cottage. Modernised by Brig. Hardress Waller 1968-69.


// Salisbury Clonmel. Associated names Bagwell; Cleeve; O'Brien. Late Georgian house owned by the Bagwell family of Marlfield. Leased in the 20th century by J W Cleeve, and from c. 1928 onwards to Sir David O'Brien, 6th Bt.

Shanballyduff Castle

// Castle, Clogheen. Demolished Associated names O'Callaghan; Lismore; Buttler sub Ormonde; Pole-Carew sub Pole. This was the largest of John Nash's Irish castles, built c. 1812 for Cornelius O'Callaghan, 1st Viscount Lismore. George Ponsonby O'Callaghan, 2nd Viscount Lismore left Shanbally to Lady Beatrice Pole Carew and Lady Constance Butler, daughters of James Edward William Theobald Butler, 3rd Marquess of Ormonde. It was sold by Major Patrick Pole-Carew in 1954.. The Castle was demolished in 1957 and the ruin dynamited.

Shanbally Castle - Lord belmont in Northern Ireland Blogspot

Shortcastle Castle

Silverspring 18th century house

Slainstown Castle

Slevoyre House, Borriskane. Restored Castle - (Slevoir House) Terryglass built in 1870 for Col. James Francis Hickie (1822-1913). - Birthplace of Sir William Bernard Hickie. - an Irish-born senior British Army officer and an Irish nationalist politician. The Hickie family owned it until 1950, when it was sold to the Salesian Sisters. In 2000 it was bought by a Chicago businessman who never lived in it. He sold it on in 2006 to two businessmen who planned to convert it into a hotel but in (2013) it was sold again for c.1.5m. euros.

Slevoir House WIKI Slevoir House

Suir Castle (aka Ballyvada)

Suirvale Cahir. Associated names Smith; Gardner. 18th century gable ended house

Summerville see Ballingarrane.
Synone Castle


// Templemore Abbey a.k.a. Templemore Priory - Associated name Carden. See Templemore Castle below - built after Templemore Castle was demolished. Single story cottage in 1819 subsequently enlarged by William Vitruvius Morrison. The Building was was torched during the War of Independence after it had been used by British forces as a base for B Company of the Auxiliaries. After they left the building in May 1921, it was destroyed in an arson attack and demolished.

Archiseek - 1819 Templemore Abbey

Templemore Castle original seat of the Carden family, destroyed by fire towards the mid 18th century. New building erected elsewhere on the demesne which was demolished early in the 19th century. A new house was built originally known as Templemore Priory, but afterwards called Templemore Abbey. (above)

Terryglass Castle (aka Old Court)

Thomastown Castle Golden. Associated names Mathew; Daly. Built from 1670 onwards by George Mathew, half brother of the Great Duke of Ormonde. The Mathews prospered through heiress marriages and the grandson of the builder of the house, George Mathew, who inherited in 1711, improved and enlarged the building. In 1812 Francis Mathew, 2nd Earl of Llandaff enlarged the house and transformed it into a castle. Fr. Theobold Mathew, the Apostle of Temperance grew up here. His father was was a cousin f 1st Earl of Llandaff who more or less adopted him and made him his agent. Lady Elizabeth Mathew sister of 2nd earl, left Thomastown to to her cousin on her mother's side, the Vicompte de Rohan Chabot son of the Compte de Jarnac. It eventually passed to to the Daly family. From c. 1872 onwards it was allowed to fall into disrepair and is now a ruin - it was purchased in 1938 by the Archbishop David Mathew, the historian, in order to keep it in the family and save it from destruction.

Archiseek - Richard Morrison Page
Team Wind Chase - Ireland 2012

Thurles: Black Castle

Thurles: Bridge Castle

Thurlesbeg Castle

Tombrickane Castle

// Tullamaine Castle Fethard. Associated names Maher; Jackson, sub Redesdale. 19th century castle by William Tinsley, of Clonmel, built 1823-38 for John Maher MP on the site of an earlier house. The home of Hon. Mrs. Jackson , one of the famous Mitford sisters. Afterwards the home of William Albertini. Today Tullamaine Castle Stud - stud owner Bob Lanigan

Tullaun Castle

Tullow Castle





References and Sources

Tipperary Specific

▶︎ Geograph - Castles Ireland


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Landed Estates

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Architecture of ireland

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