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Agnes "the daughter" de Legh MP (1278 - d.)

Agnes de Legh, the daughter of Agnes de Legh Daughter of Agnes de Legh and Richard de Limme (first husband). Agnes de Legh, the daughter, married William Danyers (de Anyers). Agnes de Legh had, by ...

Agnes, Heiress de Legh MP (1250 - bef.1296)

Agnes de Leigh is the daughter of Richard de Leigh.1 She married, firstly, Richard de Lymm, son of Hugh de Lymm.1 She married, thirdly, William Venables, son of William Venables.1 She married, second...

John Lee (De LEGH) MP (1349 - bef.1422)

'The ancestry and posterity of John Lea, of Christian Malford (1906) 3. LEE OF LEA HALL AND DERNHALL, CHESHIRE, AND OF QUARRENDON, BUCKS. Arms: Argent, a fess sable between three leopards' fa...

Sir John de Legh, II MP (1297 - 1324)

3. Sir John de Legh of Knutsford Booths, Knight, eldest son and heir of Sir John de Venables AKA John Legh, by his 1st wife Ellen Dent. ◾+ 1st wife of Sir John was Maude, daughter of Sir John Arder...

John de Legh (Venables), of Norbury Booths MP (c.1282 - 1324)

Additional Curator's Note THIS John Leigh is the founder of the Leigh of Booths line. According to which source you read, his surname may be spelled Leigh or Legh (by this time, his line was not usin...

Margaret Ashton (de Legh) MP (c.1344 - 1379)

John de Ashton, born Abt. 1342 in Of, Oashton U Lyne, Lancashire, England897; died Unknown. Parents Thomas de Ashton and 4590521. Eleanor Bumhley. He married 1. Margaret de Legh Abt. 1360 in Of, Ashton...

Margery de Legh MP (c.1370 - 1430)

Margery de Massey (de Legh), of West Hall MP (1292 - 1338)

'The history of the county palatine and city of Chester: compiled from original evidences in public offices, the Harleian and Cottonian mss., parochial registers, private muniments, unpublished ms. col...

Peter de Legh, of Bechton MP (c.1294 - 1360)

Peter DE Legh, of Betchton , had two daughters and co-heirs, Margaret, who became the wife of Thomas Fitton of Gawsworth, and Elizabeth, who married John Davenport of Henbury, and the manor of Betchton...

Sir Piers Legh II, of Lyme Hall MP (1389 - 1422)

Wounded at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 and died in 1422 as a result of the wounds. _____________________ 'The house of Lyme from its foundation to the end of the eighteenth century (1917) ...

Richard de Leigh (de Legh) MP (1185 - 1250)

Richard de Leigh lived during the reign of Henry III, who ruled England 1216-1272. Richard de Leigh is the son of William de Leigh.2 Richard de Leigh lived at High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire, Englan...

Richard de Legh (de Lymm) MP (1230 - 1259)

Richard de Lymm is the son of Hugh de Lymm.2 He married Agnes de Leigh, daughter of Richard de Leigh.1 His married name became Leigh. Child of Richard de Lymm and Agnes de Leigh Thomas de Leigh...

Lord Richard de Legh MP (1220 - d.)

Additional Curator's Note: Depending on the source used, the surname may be spelled de Leigh or de Legh. For the sake of consistency, unless I have a primary source to indicate other spelling, I am u...

Sir Robert Legh, Knt., of Adlington MP (1363 - bef.1408)

Robert de Legh III of Adlington , was knighted during the reign of Richard II (1377-1399). He was twice (High) Sheriff of Cheshire. 1393 & 1398. Above are the specific arms of Robert. Sir Robert de L...

Robert de Legh, of Adlington MP (c.1334 - 1382)

Robert de Legh II of Adlington, married Maude, daughter of John de Arderne, Knight of Adlington, by whom he had one son and two daughters. Through his marriage he gained lands in Hyde, Cliff, Hattersle...

Robert de Legh, of Adlington MP (c.1308 - 1370)

The Leghs of Adlington began with the first Legh of Adlington, Robert de Legh, a descendant of Gilbert de Venables, who had come to Britain in the time of William the Conqueror. He was a Riding-Foreste...

Lord William de Leigh (de Legh) MP (c.1160 - d.)

William de Leigh is the son of Hamon de Leigh.1 William de Leigh lived at High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire, England.2 Child of William de Leigh Richard de Leigh+1 Citations [S37] Charles ...

Agnes de Legh MP (1502 - 1573)

Sources The Visitations of Essex by Hawley, 1552; Hervey, 1558; Cooke, 1570; Raven, 1612; and Owen and Lilly, 1634. To which are Added Miscellaneous Essex Pedigrees from Various Harleian Manuscript...

Agnes De Legh MP (1236 - 1300)

Agnes Tabley (De Legh) MP (1180 - 1240)

Alice de Legh MP (1220 - d.)

Alice de Legh (de Stanwyg) MP (deceased)

ARTHUR LEGH De Legh MP (deceased)

Beatrice de Legh (de Glanville) MP (c.1130 - d.)

BETTY BUCHANAN De Legh MP (deceased)

Catharine Mary FitzGerald/Moore (De Legh) MP (1869 - 1929)

Daughter De Legh MP (deceased)

Dulcia de Legh MP (c.1430 - 1492)

6th December, 1483, John Legh, a younger brother of Robert, a priest in orders, and then rector of Rostherne, and Douce or Dulcia, his sister, granted to the said Robert all their right and title to th...

Edmund ( Leigh ) de Legh MP (c.1426 - c.1475)

Elizabeth de Legh MP (1448 - 1492)

Elizabeth de Legh (Daniell / Daniels) MP (deceased)

Ellen de Legh (Leigh) (de Baggiley) MP (b. - 1370)

Ellen inherited Baguley Hall in 1353. She died in 1370. Her son William inherited Baguley Hall.

Ellen Piggott (de Legh) MP (deceased)

Geoffrey de Legh (Leigh) MP (deceased)

Giles de Legh MP (c.1475 - 1538)

Giles Leigh of Walton Leigh exchanged his Manor of Walton Leigh for the Prioty of Hatfield Peverell with Henry the 8th Giles married Catherine Bold of Lancashire Walton Leigh From 'Parishes: Walt...

Lord Hamon De Venables De Legh MP (1112 - d.)

He may have changed his name from De Venables to De Legh, and it's possible his father was Gilbert de Venables. During the reign of King Henry II, according to the Domesday Book , Saxon lords of High L...

Henry de Legh MP (1200 - 1212)

Henry de Legh MP (deceased)

HENRY LEGH De Legh MP (deceased)

Hugh de Legh MP (c.1126 - 1151)

Hugh de Legh MP (b. - 1295)

Isabella de Legh (Davenport) MP (deceased)

Jane Leigh Legh (De Legh) MP (c.1325 - d.)

Joan Leigh (de Legh) MP (c.1477 - 1547)

Joan de Legh (de Somerville) MP (deceased)

Joan de Legh MP (1310 - d.)

John de Legh MP (c.1270 - 1339)

John de Legh, of Adlington MP (c.1303 - 1349)

John de Legh MP (deceased)

John de Legh MP (c.1440 - 1500)

6th December, 1483, John Legh, a younger brother of Robert, a priest in orders, and then rector of Rostherne, and Douce or Dulcia, his sister, granted to the said Robert all their right and title to th...

John De Legh MP (1366 - 1406)

John De Legh MP (1280 - 1324)

John De Legh MP (1280 - 1324)

John de Legh (Leigh) MP (deceased)

John de Legh MP (1269 - 1325)

John de Legh, II MP (1300 - 1349)

Katherine De Legh MP (1362 - d.)

Katherine de Legh MP (1280 - 1352)

Margaret De Legh (Danyers) MP (deceased)

Margaret (Margery) de Legh (Sulney) MP (deceased)

Margeria de Legh MP (deceased)

Margery De Legh (De Davenport) MP (deceased)

Matilda de Legh (Norley) MP (1390 - 1478)

Matilda De Legh (Leigh) MP (c.1369 - d.)

Maud de Legh (de Arderne) MP (deceased)

NN de Legh (de Warren) MP (deceased)

Daughter 2 De Warren was born to Sir John De Warren, Knight and Eleanor Gerrard De Warren. Crest: British Museum Online. Sources: 1. [ ] 2.

Oughrington de Legh MP (1145 - 1160)

Perkyn De Legh MP (1325 - 1399)

son of Robert, brother of Margaret married William de Radclyffe. Not obviously related to Piers, son of Robert and Margaret de Norley, brother of Margaret married Williamd de Assheton.

Peter De Legh MP (1298 - d.)

Peter De Legh MP (c.1389 - 1422)

Peter De Legh MP (deceased)

Peter De Legh MP (deceased)

Piers De Legh MP (1355 - 1415)

Piers De Legh MP (c.1325 - c.1399)

Piers de Legh MP (b. - 1399)

Richard de Legh MP (1160 - 1250)

Richard (1160) de Legh MP (1160 - 1260)

Not an extra - part of lineage

Robert de Legh MP (1212 - d.)

Robert de Legh MP (c.1330 - 1382)

In 1356 four hundred men accompanied Hamo Massey, Robert Legh, Robert Hyde and John Danyers to Scotland.

Robert de Legh, II MP (1324 - 1382)

Robert de Legh II of Adlington , the second in succession, was one of the Black Prince's Esquires. Robert de Legh II inferentially held the same offices in the manor and forest of Macclesfield as his f...

Robert de Legh MP (1342 - d.)

Robert de Legh MP (1307 - 1349)

Susannah de Legh MP (deceased)

Lady Susannah Radcliffe (Legh), of Adlington MP (c.1334 - c.1410)

'Susanna Legh1 F Father Robert de Legh1 d. 1370 Mother Matilda de Norley1 ' Susanna Legh was born at of Adlington, Cheshire, England.1 She married Sir William Radcliffe, Sheriff of Lancashire, ...

Thomas de Legh MP (1324 - 1409)

Thomas De Legh MP (deceased)

Walthew de Legh (De Hatton) MP (1095 - 1125)

Wife of Richard de Legh (Unknown) MP (1225 - d.)

William de Legh MP (deceased)

Inherited Baguley Hall

William de Legh (Leigh) MP (deceased)

William de Legh (Leigh) inherited Baguley Hall. 11th or 12th century: An aisled timber hall was built on the site. (Archaeology in the 1980s found remains of it). It was probably owned by the Baguley f...