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  • Col. (USA), Michael Murray van Beuren (1800 - 1878)
    Baptisms of New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church 1731-1800 : "1800 Jun 01; Michael Van Beuren, Eliza Van Beuren; Michael (b 4/22)" ~• last of the van Beurens in this branch of the family to be baptized ...
  • Pvt. Abraham van Beuren (1761 - 1825)
    • Abraham Van Beuren, b. 11 Nov 1761; bp. 20 Dec 1761 New Brunswick Ref Ch DAR A117254 Although born in New Brunswick, NJ he became a merchant in Philadelphia. • at some time during the Revolution:...
  • Annie Theresa Clotilde van Beuren (1838 - 1871)
    youngest dau. of James Kerrigan schooled in Manhattanville NY The Kerrigan family moved in the late 1850’s to 26 West 14th Street, across the street from the old Van Beuren mansion. There is a bi...
  • Archbold van Beuren (1905 - 1974)
    • only child • a founder and chairman of Cue magazine ~ Cue often ran deficits see : aka Archbold van Beuren and Margaret Z. van Beuren v. Commissioner. United States Tax Court. Filed October 11, 196...
  • Dr. Beekman van Beuren, patriot physician (1732 - 1812)
    +16. 15th and last child of Dr. Johannes. DAR A117256 Beekman vB was probably named for a MD & one-time temporary Governor of the Colony when his father Dr. Johannes arrived in 1700. Dr. Gerardus Bee...

О фамилии van Beuren

When considering this surname there are a couple things of which to be aware.

For the van Beuren families in the United States

spellings are often interchangeable:

If you see van Beuren and Van Buren, such people might be closely related; but they may not.

In general:

• Van Burens originally emigrated to Albany while

• van Beurens did so to New York City later on, circa 1700

  1. There are other spellings too, such as Van Buuren

Origins of the name

The Town of Buren in Gelderland, an ancient settlement that has remained, in the 21st century, quite small.

For American van Beuren researchers

~• The central project looking back across the Atlantic to the 17th century and earlier is:
Gelderland Immigrants to the American Colonies. Here the surnames are all brought together and other significant surnames are also listed.

Variant spellings require looking at other pages

  • see < Van Buren >