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A list of the areas on the tree that Geni Curators work in, by location.

Geographical regions

Regions are those set-forth by the United Nations. For a full listing, please visit here.


Eastern Africa

Middle Africa

Northern Africa

  • Sharon Doubell: Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia (North African Campaign)
  • Jaim Harlow: Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia (North African Islamic Period, 700-1900)

Southern Africa

Western Africa


Latin America and the Caribbean


Central America

  • Ric Dickinson: Mexico (colonial period)
  • Jaim Harlow: Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Panama, and Honduras (Spanish, Portuguese and Peruvian Inquisitions)

South America

North America

  • Pam Wilson USA (colonial America, from New England to the Carolinas; 18th-21st century: primarily Southeastern and mid-Atlantic states; some Native American, primarily Eastern Cherokee)
  • Randy Stebbing: USA (Utah, Mormon Pioneers, Western USA)
  • Ashley Odell: USA (New England, North Carolina)
  • Erin Spiceland: USA (Colonial America, New Netherlands, Southeastern US)
  • Janet Palo-Jackson: USA (Quaker emigrants and descendants; mid-Atlantic states)
  • Hatte Blejer: USA (early Massachusetts and Connecticut families and settlements; Cumberland County, Southern New Jersey)
  • Kristi: USA (New York and New Jersey; Colonial America)
  • Myrna Huthmacher: USA (Colonial America; Mayflower passengers)
  • George Homs: USA (New Netherland, 1609-1674)
  • Geoff Trowbridge: USA (Midwest with emphasis on Menno and Amish families; celebrities)
  • Carole (Erickson) Pomeroy: USA
  • Sherry Lynne Houy (Clifton): USA
  • Ben M. Angel; USA (Colonial America through Revolution and American Civil War; Spanish and Mexican periods of New Mexico through US Annexation and American Old West period), Canada (United Empire Loyalists)
  • Marvin Caulk: USA (Military and Native American) (Deceased)
  • Terry Jackson: Canada (Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia)
  • David Kaleita: USA (Focus on Morrill, Morin, Colby, Chase and Stevens branches)
  • Maria Edmonds-Zediker: USA (Virginia from first settlement through Civil War; migrations from Virginia to Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio; California Winery families, Quakers and Huguenots wherever you find them)
  • Justin Swanström: USA (Colonial New England & Virginia; Westward Migration; Old West; Pioneer Utah, Wyoming & Colorado; Native American)
  • Ric Dickinson: USA (New Mexico, 16th-19th c.)
  • Jennifer Dongvillo Archibald: USA (Scottish; Polish immigration; Colonial America)
  • Heather Fachet Bond: USA (Mayflower families, mainly the Standish line)
  • Chad Bouldin: USA (Ancient Planters of America)
  • Erica Isabel Howton: USA (Colonial American families and their ancestors)
  • Marsha Gail (Kamish) Veazey: USA (Colonial America)
  • Brendan Molloy: USA (Mayflower families)
  • Kevin Hanit: Canada (First American Jewish Families) (British Home Children to Canada)
  • Richard Wilson: USA (early New England; western states)
  • Jaim Harlow: USA (colonial Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia; Sephardic Jews, 1585-1865)
  • Jeff Gentes: USA (East Coast; Colonial America; New England), Canada (Quebec, French Canadian - Acadians)
  • Peter Dutton: USA (Maine Acadians), Canada (Quebec, French Canadian/Acadians)
  • Linda Thompson: USA (Colonial America, Virginia, Maryland)


Central Asia

  • Ben M. Angel: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan (the Great Game period)

Eastern Asia

Southern Asia

South-Eastern Asia

Western Asia

  • Ben M. Angel: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia (Russian Empire period)
  • Shmuel Aharon Kam: Israel (Biblical tree; Jewish historical tree)
  • Yigal Burstein: Israel (Jewish historical tree; arts and the sciences)
  • Malka Mysels: Israel (Jewish Rabbinical and historical tree; Jewish diaspora)
  • Rafi Kornfeld: Israel (Jewish immigration from central Europe to Israel)
  • Jaim Harlow: Israel (Yeshivot of Eretz Yisrael, Northern Levant, and Hijaz; Gaonim and Exilarchs of Levant, North Africa, Andalusia and Hijaz; Maimonidean Judaism; Qara'im, specific to Yeshivot)
  • Itai Meshulam: Israel (Pioneers of Israel; Holocaust; Israel armed forces and wars; Immigration from Bulgaria)


Eastern Europe

  • Hatte Blejer: Poland and Ukraine (Jewish families of Suwalki, Lomza, Volhynia, and Kherson)
  • [Yevheniya-Brykova]: (Ukraine)
  • Kevin Hanit: Poland (The Spiegel family of Lagow in Kielce Radom area)
  • Farkas Mihály László: Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Czech Republic
  • Jadranka: Hungary
  • Ben M. Angel: Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia (mostly non-Jewish), Hungary (Gothic and Lombard barbarians)
  • Randy Schoenberg: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary
  • Ric Dickinson: Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia (Tsarist autocracy)
  • Andrzej Hennel: Poland (16th-18th c. Polish Commonwealth)
  • Malka Mysels: Hungary (Austro-Hungarian Jewish families)
  • Maria Bakay: Hungary (Hungarian nobel families)
  • Jaim Harlow: Sephardim of Zamosc, Lvov, and other areas of the Pale of Settlement, Sephardi Traders and coin minters, Jewish interaction with Lithuanian Dukes and Polish Kings

Northern Europe

Southern Europe

Western Europe

  • Erin Spiceland Ancient Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and England (Saints, the Kings, and the Roman Empire)
  • Günther Kipp: Germany (royal and noble families)
  • Farkas Mihály László: Germany and Austria
  • Pam Wilson France, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland (French, Norman, Anglo-Norman: especially 10th-13th centuries)
  • Hatte Blejer: France (Anglo-Norman families)
  • Kristi: Switzerland
  • Victar: France (medieval royal and noble families of Occitania)
  • Jean-François Antoine: France (medieval period)
  • George Homs: France (Northern), Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg (Low Countries, 1300-1700)
  • Ben M. Angel; France and Belgium (Huguenots; medieval period; Frankish and Burgundian barbarians; Romans), the Netherlands (Friesland before the Dutch Revolution, interaction with the English Great Migration), and Germany (medieval; Frankish, Bavarian, and Alamannian barbarians; Carolingian transformation)
  • Annemarie Healy-Kalishoek: Ireland, United Kingdom and the Netherlands
  • Randy Schoenberg: Austria
  • Justin Swanström: Austria (early Habsburgs); France (Gallo-Romans; barbarian Franks & Burgundians; Merovingians & Carolingians; Etichonides, medieval Alsace); Germany (medieval, barbarian Alamans & Bavarians); Switzerland (noble families)
  • Ric Dickinson France (medieval period)
  • Sharon Doubell: Germany , France , Netherlands, Belgium (Charlemagne; Medieval period; Huguenots; Dutch East India Company in colonial times);
  • Tobias Rachor: Germany (German emigrants, Germany)
  • Rafi Kornfeld: Austria and Czech Republic (Jewish immigration from central Europe to Israel)
  • Jaim Harlow: France, Spain, and Portugal (Jewish Kingdom of Narbonne; Jews of Languedoc, Catalonia, Andalusia, Portugal, Brittany and Normandy)


Australia and New Zealand