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George's Personal Index of Projects

In this project page, I offer an inventory of relevant Geni projects that I'm related to. Some of these projects have been started by myself, and I have joined other projects started by other enthusiastic Geni users like myself. In any case, virtually all these projects are (or can be) only successful through the dedication and motivation of the virtual teams we pull together on Geni (thanks to all !).

It's pretty difficult to apply any form of classification to this inventory of projects. However, some project links refer to master projects (a classification by itself). I think that, in a general way, the visitor to this page will see what sort of things I'm interested in (and, perhaps, even 'why').

Besides the inventory, I use this page also for listing future projects I have in mind. If you see anything that you find particularly interesting or challenging, don't hesitate to get in touch. Of course, you can use 'discussions' to address any topic in public!

Master Projects (running or completed)

  • Revolution in the Low Countries (1565-1588). A collection of 10 projects related to the upheaval that gave way to the Dutch golden age. These projects include various inventories such as the Compromise of Nobles and the signers of various declarations (Union of Brussels, Treaty of Utrecht, Rendition of Antwerp).
  • Vroedschappen (1578-1795). Inventories of the political elites, their families, and inter-family marriages - in the age of the Dutch Republic (17th-18th century). Very complete inventories for Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Rotterdam...
  • Dutch Golden Age. Various projects related to the people and families that turned 17th century Holland into the world's powerhouse - not just in business but also in culture, science, education...: Amsterdamsche Wisselbank, Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie, the 250 richest people, naval heroes of the Dutch golden age, Dutch Painters... With links into a historical timeline 'peeking' into the golden ages of the Low Countries (Bruges, Antwerp).
  • Low Countries: crossroads of religions (1521-1789). Through its subprojects, this master project aims to pull together the protagonists of significant religions and religious movements that flourished during the Dutch Republic and the decades that preceded it. These movements (may) have had a significant impact on commercial and cultural events, and played an inherent role in migration flows to other parts of the world. Subprojects include Labadists, Collegiants...
  • Dutch Colonial Governors (1598-1949). Inventory of governors and directors of Dutch colonial possessions and trading posts across the world: Cape Colony, Mauritius, Dutch East Indies, Dutch Malacca, Formosa, Coromandel, Malabar, Ceylon, New Netherland, Suriname, Essequibo, Netherlands Antilles, Gold Coast...
  • New Amsterdam (1609-1674). Genealogical and historical insights into the 17th century settlement of New York, under Dutch rule. Includes chapters on notable citizens, key families, current descendants, immigrant ships... Over 2,000 immigrants identified on Geni.
  • Order of the Golden Fleece. Complete inventory of the knights of the Golden Fleece (including Spanish and Austrian branches) since 1430 until this day. The families of the knights have been largely connected to the world tree.
  • Gouverner la France. Master project covering the French political elites throughout the ages... royalty, revolutionary governments, presidents, prime ministers, ministers of justice...

Various other projects

Low Countries



Portugal and Brazil




A few projects aiming to collect reliable sources for civil registries, parish records etc.

Future projects

  • Political elite of Bruges in the 14th-15th century
  • VOC handelsposten Zuid-oost Azië (Ceylon, Coromandel, Ayutthaya, Sumatra...)
  • VOC archieven Batavia
  • Intercultural marriages in the colonial Gold Coast (Ghana)
  • Intercultural marriages in Bergen op Zoom in the 17th-18th century (Scottish, English, French...)
  • Huguenots in Zürich
  • Huguenots in Geneva
  • Huguenots in Basel
  • Huguenots in Emden
  • Religious movements in the Low Countries in the 17th century (mennonites, jews...)
  • Stadsregering Tholen (Zeeland)
  • Scheldeforten Lillo en Liefkenshoek (Zeeland)
  • ...