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Collaborators, the Kenpeitai and the Makapili

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The Japanese occupation of the Philippines from 1942 to 1945 saw the emergence of two groups organized to aid the Japanese Imperial Army.

1) The Kenpeitai was the military police arm of the Imperial Japanese Army from 1881 to 1945. It was both a conventional military police and a secret police force. Filipinos were recruited to discharge the functions of the military police. A member of the corps was called a "kenpei".

2) The Makabayang Katipunan ng mga Pilipino (Patriotic Association of Filipinos), better known as the Makapili, was a militant civilian group formed in the Philippines in 1944 to assist the Imperial Japanese Army in various communities. Organised by Benigno Ramos and Artemio Ricarte, the group was born out of José P. Laurel's refusal to conscript Filipinos for Japan. After the war, the group was disbanded and vilified for its involvement in some Japanese atrocities in the islands and individual members faced trials for treason. The term "makapili" is still used today in the Tagalog vernacular to refer to a traitorous whistle blower.

Image: The Makapili members typically wore straw bags (called "bayong" in Tagalog) with peek holes over their heads while pointing out guerillas to the Japanese Imperial Army.

This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on notable collaborators of the invading Japanese forces. Find more at the master project page, Families of the Philippines.

Kenpeitai :: Pablo Amorsolo

Makapili :: Pío Durán :: Benigno Ramos :: Artemio Ricarte

Other Collaborators :: Rufino Abadies :: Hilario Abellana :: Sofronio Abrera :: Valentín Afable :: Emilio Aguinaldo :: Juan S. Alano :: Bato Ali :: Rafael Alunan :: Aurelio Sevilla Alvero :: Ombra Amilbangsa :: Benigno Aquino Sr. :: Sergio L. Aquino :: Melecio Arranz :: José Artadi :: Ramón Avanceña :: Sotero Baluyut :: Félix B. Bautista :: Jorge Bocobo :: Guillermo Bongolan :: Vicente Bullecer :: Mateo M. Capinpin :: Lino J. Castillejo :: Hilary Clapp :: Hermógenes Concepción :: Pío Corpus :: Jose Diez Cortes :: Gerardo de León :: Antonio de las Alas :: Jose Delgado :: Tomás Dizon :: Demetrio Encarnación :: Natalio Enríquez :: Emilio Espinosa :: Luis Y. Ferrer :: Tobías Fornier :: José Fuentebella :: Feliciano Gardiner :: León Guinto :: Paulino Gullas :: Agapito Hontanosas :: Eligio G. Lagman :: José P. Laurel :: Jose Laurel Jr. :: Jose Laurel III :: Francisco Lavides :: Raúl T. Leuterio :: José Leyson :: Rufino Macagba :: Vicente Lopez Madrigal :: Máximo Malvar :: Cirilo Mapa Jr. :: Serafín Marabut :: Mariano Marcos :: Emilio Medina :: Alfonso Mendoza :: Jacinto Molina :: Gil Miranda Montilla :: Tomas Morato :: Alfonso Oboza :: Elisa Rosales-Ochoa :: Camilo Osías :: Sergio Osmeña Jr. :: Quintín Paredes :: Quintin Paredes Jr. :: Menandang Piang :: Romualdo Quimpo :: Alejandro Quirólgico :: Claro M. Recto :: Ciriaco Raval :: José Robles Jr. :: Eulogio Rodríguez Sr. :: Emilio Rustia :: Paulino Santos :: Juan A. Sarenas :: Proceso Sebastián :: Teófilo Sison :: Pacifico Stuart del Rosario :: Bonifacio Tadiar :: Julián Teves :: Antonio C. Torres :: Emiliano Tría Tirona :: Nicasio Valderrosa :: Isidro Vamenta :: Jorge B. Vargas :: José María Veloso :: Guillermo Villanueva :: Alberto A. Villavert :: Fortunato Ybiernas :: Vicente Ybiernas :: Alfredo Yulo :: José Yulo Yulo :: Marcelo Zorilla :: Francisco Zulueta :: José Zulueta


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