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Jewish Genealogy Curators

The page lists all of the Curators on Geni who have expertise with Jewish genealogy. Feel free to contact any of these curators if you have questions or need assistance with Jewish genealogy on Geni.
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Ron Abiri

  1. Israel
  2. Poland (Zaglembie)

Peter Absolon

  1. Slovakia
  2. Hungary

Samuel Austin- LeMaux

  1. France

Aviad Ben Itzhak

  1. Israel
  2. Poland
  3. Germany
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Iraq

Judith Berlowitz

  1. Czech Republic (Bohemia)
  2. Bavaria (Lower Franconia)
  3. Poznań
  4. Jewish immigrants to Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic
  5. US Jews from Czech Republic, Bavaria, and Poznań

Hatte Blejer

  1. Argentina (early Jewish immigration),
  2. USA (early Massachusetts and Connecticut families and settlements; Monmouth and Cumberland counties, Southern New Jersey; Rockbridge and Botetourt counties, Virginia; Jewish families from Suwalki in South Carolina and Texas),
  3. Poland & Ukraine (Jewish families of Suwalki, Lomza, Volhynia, and Kherson),
  4. Lithuania (Jewish families of Trakai and Shavli),
  5. Spain (Islamic),
  6. France (Anglo-Norman families)

Dan Bodenheimer

  1. Germany (Waibstadt, Berlin, Heidelberg, Prenzlau)
  2. Poland (Posen/Poznań, Märkisch Friedland/Miroslawiec, Graudenz/Grudziadz, Thorn/Toruń)
  3. Ukraine (Berdichev)

Adam Brown

Yigal Burstein

  1. Israel (Jewish Historical tree), (Zionism), (Institutions and organizations in Israel), (Sites in Israel), (Biblical and historical dynasties)
  2. Worldwide (The Maharal of Prague's Descendants), (Rabbinical Ancestral trees), (Holocaust in WWII), (Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe pre and during WWII), (Notables in the Arts and the Sciences),

Atalya Busikila Levy

Tamás Caldwell-Gilbert

Wolf-Erich Eckstein

Howard Eichenwald

Jan Fertig

  1. Czech Republic (Moravian Jewish families)

Ann Fuller

  1. Czech Republic
  2. Europe (Jewish Communities by Town Projects)
  3. USA (Illinois, Ohio, US Jews from Czech Republic)

Thomas Fürth

Hanuš/Hans Petr/Peter Grab

Anna Hájková

  1. Czech Republic
  2. Austria
  3. Germany
  4. Theresienstadt
  5. Queer History
  6. Socialist and Communist History
  7. Feminism

Kevin Hanit

  1. Canada (Canadian Portal)
  2. USA (First American Jewish Families)
  3. Britain (British Home Children to Canada)
  4. Worldwide ("The Unbroken Chain", by Dr. Neil Rosenstein)

Robert Hanscom

  1. Slovakia
  2. Hungary
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Austria (Vienna)
  5. USA (New York City)

Laurence Harris

  1. England and Wales

Oded Hartmann

  1. Czech Republic

Max Heffler

Itai Hermelin

Erica Howton

  1. England (post-Norman conquest to American Revolutionary War),
  2. Scotland (nobility; Ulster plantation)
  3. USA (Colonial American families and their ancestors)

Shmuel Aharon Kam

  1. Israel (Biblical tree), (Jewish historical tree)

Pam Karp

  1. South Africa (Jewish families)
  2. Australia (Jewish families)
  3. Poland (Jewish Families of Krakow), (Holocaust)
  4. Zimbabwe/Rhodesia (Rhodesian Bush War - Grey Scouts)

Rafi Kornfeld

  1. Austria (Jewish families in Austria and immigration to Israel)
  2. Czech Republic, (Jewish families in Czechoslovakia and immigration to Israel)

Yoav Lahad

Emil Eskenazy Lewinger

  1. Yugoslavia (Jewish families from ex-Yugoslavia, including Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Slovenia)
  2. Italy (Jewish families that seek shelter in Italy during WW2)
  3. Brazil (Native Brazilian, Jewish families in Brazil, immigration to the country, local communities)

Alon Lischinsky

  1. Argentina
  2. Europe (Holocaust)

Peter Nicholas Lowe

  1. Germany, (Jewish families in Prussia)
  2. Poland, (Jewish families from former West & East Prussia)
  3. Czech Republic, (Jewish families in Bohemia)

Jacob Marrache

  1. Austria, (Jewish families in Austria)
  2. Czech Republic, (Jewish families in Czechoslovakia)
  3. Europe, (Spanish & Portugese/ Separdic families)
  4. Hungary, (Jewish families in Hungary)
  5. North Africa, (Spanish & Portugese/ Separdic families)

Jeffrey Maynard

Ingrid Meissner

Itai Jack Meshulam

  1. Israel (Pioneers of Israel) , (Israel armed forces and wars),
  2. Bulgaria (Immigration from Bulgaria)
  3. Europe (Holocaust)

Jeff Meyerson

  1. Germany
  2. Lithuania (Most Areas and Belarus, LitvakSig member),
  3. South Africa
  4. Australia
  5. France
  6. Czech Republic (Bohemia)
  7. Poland (Poznań)
  8. Jewish immigrants to Argentina, and Chile
  9. USA
  10. Canada

Leanne Minny

  1. China
  2. India

Seth Morgulas

  1. Poland (primarily Warsaw, Radom and Lublin Gubernias and town projects)
  2. Galicia (primarily Tarnopol)
  3. U.S. (armed forces projects)
  4. Some in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia

Malka Mysels

  1. Multi-national (All Project Categories), (Wiki - Jewish Dynasties ), (Rabbinical Branches)

Wendi Newman

  1. The Netherlands (Holland)
  2. USA

Babak Ourian

  1. Iran (Jews of Iranian origin)

Maxwell Charles Preston

  1. Hungary
  2. Czechia
  3. Slovakia
  4. United States of America
  5. Some in Austria, Ukraine, and Belarus

David Prins

Ron Rabinovitch

  1. Israel

Peter Rohel

  1. Austria
  2. Czech Republic,
  3. Slovakia

Jarrett Ross

  1. United States of America (19th-21st century)
  2. The Netherlands (Sephardi and Ashkenazi)
  3. Jewish Agricultural Societies of Southern New Jersey
  4. Western Sephardi Communities
  5. Ukraine
  6. Genetic Genealogy

Samuel Royde

  1. Europe (Jewish Rabbinic personalities post 17th century)
  2. Great Britain (More recent Jewish families)

Barbara Rubinstein

  1. Poland (Brzesc Kujawski, Ciechanow, Dobrzyn n/W, Izbica Kujawska, Kolo, Kowal, Kutno, Lodz, Lubien Kujawski, Lubraniec, Nieszawa, Osieciny, Ozorkow, Piotrkow Kujawski, Plock, Polaniec, Przasnysz, Radziejow, Sompolno, Staszow, Stopnica, Wloclawek)
  2. Sweden

Randy Schoenberg

  1. Vienna
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Frankfurt
  4. Europe (Jewish Communities by Town Projects)
  5. Holocaust

Benjamin C. Schoenbrun

  1. Austria (Concentrating on the Jewish communities outside of Vienna; currently working on Styria, Burgenland, and Carinthia)
  2. Czech Republic
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Hungary
  6. Slovakia
  7. Slovenia
  8. United States of America
  9. Some in Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Belarus
  10. Europe (Jewish Communities by Town Projects), (Holocaust)

Raziel Seckbach

  1. Europe (Rabbinical Ancestral trees)

Alisa Sharon (Stern)

  1. Israel
  2. Austro-Hungarian Jewry

Marco Soria

Elyse Vahjen (Deutscher)

Marsha Gail Veazey (Kamish)

  1. USA (Colonial America)

Jonathan Wolfson

Mike Zavurov

  1. Central Asia - Bukharan/Bukharian Jewry