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World War One: United Kingdom & Ireland HQ

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World War One: United Kingdom & Ireland

The Great War

Head Quarters

Object of this exercise

  1. To link existing GENi profiles of WW1 personnel (survivors and casualties) to the relevant projects for men and women born in the Channel Islands, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This includes people born in other parts of the world into families from those countries (for example servicemen serving abroad).
  2. To add as many new profiles and small trees of these WW1 service men and women to GENi as we can.

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Why are we doing this?

The people whose profiles are linked to these projects will be here for posterity, for people to find, connect to, build their trees and honour. They will not be just a list of names, but genealogies which people can find and expand. Once we have managed to add those we can find that are already on GENi we will concentrate on adding those that aren't there yet, building their trees as much as we can. This project is concentrating on the UK - but adding to the other countries as we find them.

... which is where we are recording progress.

World War One: Armed Forces - Channel Islands
World War One: Armed Forces - England
World War One: Armed Forces - Ireland
World War One: Armed Forces - Scotland
World War One: Armed Forces - Wales
Participating British Women
'On War Service' - WW1 (United Kingdom & Ireland)

If the birth place of the serviceman is not known or you are unsure of where to place a profile ...

...please contact either June, Anne-Marie, Terry or Charlene who can help.

Where possible please add an image to the profile - Memorials and Cemeteries will be added in order to build future projects for well populated locations.

Please also add some information to the "about" section of profiles that establishes the WW1 involvement of the person added.

Getting Involved

Free to follow, request to collaborate

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland—then consisting of England, Scotland, Wales, and the whole of Ireland—was one of the Allied Powers during the First World War of 1914–1918.

There are other projects for people born in some of the other parts of the world listed on the World War One project. Please contact either Anne-Marie, Terry or June if there are others or some that need to be created!


7832 - 26 June 2024 - added to World War One

According to there were a total of 8,904,467 mobilised forces, 908,371 deaths 2,090,212, wounded (total casualties 3,190,235),and 191,652 Prisoners and missing for the British Empire.

In January 1916, conscription was introduced, and by the end of 1918, the army had reached its peak of strength of four million men. By 5 September 1914, over 225,000 had signed up to fight in Kitchener's Army.

The British Army of 1914 was very small in comparison with the armies of continental neighbours France and Germany.

8.7 million men served at some time

Men from United Kingdom in army in August 1914: 733,514

plus recruited from England : 4,006,158
plus recruited from Scotland: 557,618
plus recruited from Wales and Monmouth: 272,924
plus recruited from Ireland: 134,202

TOTAL 5,704,416

Outside the UK

Empire contingents sent to serve overseas:

  • From Canada: 418,035 of total 628,964 in arms
  • From Australian and Tasmania: 330,000 of total 416,809 in arms
  • From South Africa: 74,196 of total 136,070 in arms
  • From Newfoundland: 10,610 of total 11,922 in arms
  • From West Indies: 16,000 This total to end of 1917
  • From other Dominions: 31,000
  • South America

Total British Army servicemen available for deployment: 7,165,280

From the Indian Army and other 'coloured troops': 1,524,187

"In general, non-white people and those born in enemy nations were not welcomed into the military. When blacks from Sydney, Nova Scotia volunteered their services, they were told, "This is not for you fellows, this is a white man's war." Nonetheless, some segregated units were formed. In 1915, Aboriginal Canadians were allowed to enlist and accepted into a 114th battalion as well as others. In total, about 3,500 Aboriginal Canadians would serve with the Canadian Forces, but this figure has been disputed. The Canadian Japanese Association in British Columbia put forward a volunteer reserve force of 227 men, some of whom were later admitted into the military. The No. 2 Construction Battalion included black soldiers from both Canada and the United States, the latter having crossed into Canada in order to participate. The over one thousand Black Canadians who served would continue to be segregated during their tour, both on ships and in camps. A deal between the Chinese government and the allies resulted in the enlistment of thousands of Chinese who formed the Chinese Labour Corps (CLC) mainly poor Chinese men from the North who were told they would be in non-combatant roles". Reference WIKI Military History of Canada during World War 1

Total force available for deployment: 8,689,467

British Armed Forces

The Royal Air Force

The Royal Navy

Battles and Campaigns

Specific Places



According to figures produced in the 1920's by the Central Statistical Office, total British Army casualties were as follows:

  • Total killed in action, plus died of wounds, disease or injury, plus missing presumed dead: 956,703
  • of which Royal Navy and RFC/RAF casualties were 39,527
  • of which, from the British Isles were: 704,803

From Canada, Australia, India and other places: 251,900

Total British Army deaths in France and Flanders: 564,715

  • of which 32,098 died of disease or injury

Total British Army deaths on the Gallipoli front: 26,213

Total British Army deaths on all other fronts: 365,375

See World War One - Casualties

... where profiles can be linked - a universal project.


Commonwealth War Graves Commission Umbrella Project

Prisoners of War - WW1

See United Kingdom

Others World War One - Prisoners of War from Canada

References and Sources

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