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  • Isaac Natan Lipschitz, A.B.D. Abaújszántó, Hungary (c.1791 - 1874)
    jewishgen: Hungarian Deaths Record Number: 91-01 LIPSCHITZ, J. N. Death Date: 28-Feb-1874 Age at Death: 82 Town Died: Szanto Registration Town: Gonc Jaras: Gonc Megye: Abauj-Torna Comments: b. Pjetorko...
  • HaGaon Rabbi Judah Bachrach, 1st A.B.D. Sejny (1775 - 1846)
    First generation to drop the middle "a" from Bacharach. His life was a model of piety. He distributed among the poor all of the income derived from his position as rabbi at Seiny, and lived on the in...
  • Rabbi Yechezkel Halevi Landau, haNoda bYehuda (1713 - 1793)
    הרב יחזקאל הלוי לנדא - הנודע ביהודה (לעיתים: סג"ל לנדא; י"ח בחשוון ה'תע"ד, 7 בנובמבר 1713- י"ז באייר ה'תקנ"ג, 29 באפריל 1793), היה רבה של העיר פראג, ומגדולי פוסקי ההלכה במאה ה-18 ובדורות האחרונים בכלל....
  • R. Joseph Landau, A.B.D. Klimontow (1715 - d.)
    GEDCOM Source ===4 AUG 2019 23:14:22 GMT -0500 רונית כהן אתר משפחות כהן פסטרנק פוטרסמן MyHeritage family tree Family site: אתר משפחות כהן פסטרנק פוטרסמן Family tree: 45739262-8 Discovery 45739262-8 ===...

Jewish communities throughout the world have had a court system separate from that of the surrounding non-Jewish communty called a "beit din". This three-member panel of judges is headed by the "Av Beit Din" (ABD). The project here seeks to compile a list of historical and contemporary chief judges.

Biblical Judges & Davidic Dynasty of Judea and Kingdom of the 10 tribes of Israel - ca 1500BCE – 586BCE - שופטים, מלכי בית דוד וממלכת ישראל

In The Diaspora - בגלות

Exilarchs - 586BCE – 1040CE - ראשי גלותא

In the Land of Israel - 140BCE – 92CE - בארץ ישראל

Hasmonean Kingdom of Israel, Kings & High Priests - 140BCE – 37 BCE - ממלכת החשמונאים, מלכים וכהנים גדולים

House of Herod - 37BCE – 92CE - מלכות בית הורדוס

The Great Sanhedrin - 170BCE – 429CE - סנהדרין הגדולה

In Jerusalem - 1525–1920 - בירושלים

Chief Rabbis of Jerusalem - 1525–1565 - ראשי רבני ירושלים

The Rishon LeZion - 1665–1842 - הרבנים הראשונים לציון

The Hakham Bashi/Rishon Le-Zion - 1842–1918 - החכם באשי של ירושלים והראשון לציון

Chief Rabbinate of Israel - הרבנות הראשית לישראל

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel (הרבנות הראשית לישראל) is recognized by law as the supreme halakhic and spiritual authority for the Jewish people in Israel. The Chief Rabbinate Council assists the two chief rabbis, who alternate in its presidency. It has legal and administrative authority to organize religious arrangements for Israel's Jews. It also responds to halakhic questions submitted by Jewish public bodies in the Diaspora. The Council sets guides, and supervises agencies within its authority.

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel consists of two Chief Rabbis: an Ashkenazi rabbi and a Sephardi rabbi, also known as the Rishon leZion. The Chief Rabbis are elected for 10 year terms.

The Chief Rabbis of Eretz Israel - 1920–1948 - הרבנים הראשיים לארץ ישראל בתקופת המנדט הבריטי

Chief Rabbis of the State of Israel הרבנים הראשיים לישראל