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South Africa - Farm Attack Victims: 2017 to 2018

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  • Percy Unknown (1992 - 2018)
    Percy (surname unknown) (1992 – 2018) Brief overview: Percy (26), a farm worker at the Inderminne smallholdings in Pretoria, was brutally beaten and hacked to death with a panga, on 14th February 20...
  • Jacobus Hendrikus van Wyk (1948 - 2017)
    Jacobus van Wyk (1948 - 2017) Brief overview: Jacobus (69), suffered a heart attack and died on the night of Friday 13th October 2017 on his plot outside Potchefstroom, North West Province ER24 spo...
  • Anisha van Niekerk (1987 - 2017)
    Anisha Niekerk (1987 - 2017) Brief overview: Anisha (30), and her wife, Joey (32), were reported missing on 10th December 2017 when they were supposed to be leaving their smallholding by car in Mooi...
  • Joey van Niekerk (1985 - 2017)
    Joey van Niekerk (1985 - 2017) Brief overview: Joey (32), and her wife, Anisha (30), were reported missing on 10th December 2017 when they were supposed to be leaving their smallholding by car in Mo...
  • Joseph Thompson (b. - 2017)
    Joseph 'Joe' Thompson (d.o.b. unknown - 2017) Brief overview: Joe (age unknown), and his mother-in-law (87), were tortured and murdered on a small plot in Henley On Klip, outside Alberton on 5th May...

“Farm Murders” 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018

TAU 2017/18 "official" figures: 70 Murders from 418 Attacks

SAPS 2017/18 "official" figures: 62 Murders from 561 Attacks

The South African Police Service, during their press briefing, released updated figures for the number of recorded farm murders (though not attacks) for 2017/18. The SAPS presentation stated that there were, in fact, 62 farm murders during 58 attacks, not 47 as widely reported. Of those murdered, 52 were the owners or occupiers of the farm/smallholding, 9 were farm workers and one was a farm manager. 42 murders took place on farms, 15 on smallholdings and one at a cattle post.

There are 69 Victims remembered in this project

  • This figure includes 2 couples (farmer and wife) between 20/08/2017 - 20/09/2017
  • 41 Victims were aged between 60 - 87
  • 45 Farmers in Total
  • 28 Farmers – Commercial
  • 10 Farm Commercial employees (Managers/Foreman/Workers)
  • 4 Farmers – Informal
  • 7 Farmers - Retired

Definition of a Farm Attack

The National Priority Committee for Rural Safety defines a Farm Attack as follows: Acts of violence against farms and smallholdings are those acts aimed at any person or persons living on, working at or visiting farms or smallholdings with the intent to either murder, rape, rob or otherwise inflict bodily harm or to intimidate. It is important to note that cases of domestic violence and/or crimes caused by a dispute between family and/or friends are not included in the definition of a farm attack.

Thus the definition of “Farm Murders” specifically EXCLUDES “Social Fabric Crimes”, for example: see Names at bottom of page: (Victims that do not fit the strict definition of a Farm Attack)

Therefore when murder rates are compared, Other Social Fabric Crimes should also be excluded... (To use the German term “Raubmord”- murder committed in an aggravated robbery)

StatsSA’s 2016 Community Survey did produce estimates of the size of that section of the white population that is affected by farm attacks. It found that there were 47 218 white-headed households engaged in some kind of agricultural activities on “farm land” – including both commercial farm land and small holdings. Of these 24 959 were involved in commercial agriculture and 11 007 were small holders.
30 out of 24 959, Gives a Commercial Farmer Murder Rate of: 120/100000

The “Raubmord” rate for the population as a whole would be in the vicinity of 12 per 100 000 for all aggravated robberies, and 4 per 100 000 for home and business robberies (combined). (See “Farm murders: Fact-checking the fact-checkers” by James Myburgh)

What this boils down to is Commercial Farmers are 30 times more at risk than average South Africans from being killed in the event of an aggravated robbery in their homes or on their farms.. In 2012/13 financial year, 84 police officials out of a total of 155,531 were murdered. That is a ratio of 54 per 100 000. Commercial Farmers are more than 2 times at risk than Policemen.

This points to the fact that Farmers are being targeted in high numbers way out of proportion to the size of their community, and gives credence to those who believe that white farmers are the victims of a 25 year ongoing terrorist campaign to drive them from disputed land.

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2018 January



Victims that do not fit the strict definition of a Farm Attack