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Families of the Philippines

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This is a country portal project, which is intended as a resource for users from a particular country. It may contain advice on how best to use Geni within your country, such as profile naming conventions, translation instructions, where to find genealogy resources, and more. You may join the project to contribute, or follow it if you only want to receive notifications of new discussions. Note that profiles cannot be added to country portal projects.

The Philippine Country Portal Project

Filipinos often know of their ancestry exclusively through oral accounts. It is common not to know about one's direct line; but people frequently retain info about an obscure connection to a famous or historical person.

Organized by surnames and by specialty topics, the Families of the Philippines projects track well-known Filipino personalities -- which become "keystone profiles" to help family history researchers get started.

This project aims to organize genealogical data on men and women of historical importance: scions of the gentry (de buena familia), revolutionary heroes, scholars, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields.

Image: President Ramon Magsaysay (in leather jacket) and the San Diego Clan are the subject of the above photograph, taken at the Loakan Airport in Baguio City in the mid-1950s. Image owned by the Veluz Family.

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Filipino Projects

Filipino Artists

By Surnames

The Catálogo Alfabético de Apellidos is a book of surnames published in 1849. This was in response to a decree by Governor General Claveria, establishing fixed surnames to facilitate taxation and public administration. Before then, there were no naming standards and families held varying surnames, across generations. This is why Filipinos may have Spanish surnames without sharing a lineage with Europeans of the same family name. Read more here.

A :: Abad :: Abella :: Agcaoili :: Agoncillo :: Aguilar :: Aguinaldo{*} :: Almeda :: Alonso :: Alunan :: Alvarez :: Aquino{*} :: Apacible :: Araneta{*} :: Arceo :: Arcinas :: Arenas :: Arevalo :: Arroyo :: Aspillera :: Avelino :: Avellana :: Ayala

B :: Balmori :: Barretto :: Bathan :: Bautista :: Benítez{*} :: Bokingo :: Borromeo :: Buencamino{*} :: Butao

C :: Cabreza :: Calleja :: Calma :: Canonigo :: Caralde :: Castelo :: Castillo :: Castro :: Catibayan :: Cezar :: Chanco :: Cojuangco{*} :: Concepcion :: Cruz

D :: Daza :: Delgado :: Díaz :: Dominguez :: Duterte

E :: Echavez :: Ejercito :: Elizalde :: Estrada

F :: Fabella :: Fabie :: Fajardo :: Falcon :: Felipe :: Fernandez{*} :: Fernando :: Florentino :: Flores

G :: Gallego :: Gamboa :: Garcia :: Gonzalez{*} :: Grivialde :: Guerrero{*} :: Guzman

H :: Henson :: Hernandez :: Hidalgo :: Hizon :: Hofileña :: Hontiveros{*}

I :: Ibáñez :: Imperial :: Inciong :: Isaac

J :: Jalandoni :: Jardenil :: Jesus :: Jimenez :: Joaquin :: Jose :: Jurado

K :: Kalaw{*} :: Katigbak{*}

L :: Laconico :: Lacsamana :: Lacson{*} :: Lapid :: (de) Lara :: Laurel{*} :: Ledesma{*} :: Legarda{*} :: Leon{*} :: Lim :: Limjap :: Lizares :: Llamas :: Locsin :: López{*} :: Luciano :: Luz

M :: Macapagal :: Macaraeg :: Magbanua :: Magdaluyo :: Magdangal :: Magsaysay :: Manalo :: Manuel :: Mapa :: Marasigan :: Marcos :: Maronilla :: Marquez{*} :: Martinez :: Mateo :: Medina :: Mendoza :: Mercado :: Miranda :: Mojica :: Montilla

N :: Nakpil{*} :: Navarro :: Nepomuceno :: Neri :: Noble :: Noel :: Noguera

O :: Ocampo :: Ongpin :: Ongsiako :: Osmeña{*}

P :: (de la) Paz :: Pacheco :: Padilla{*} :: Palma :: Panlilio :: Pañares :: Papa :: Paras :: Pardo{*} :: Pascual :: Pelaez :: Peña :: Perez :: Pidal ::Pimentel :: Pineda :: Ponce Enrile :: Prieto{*} :: Puno :: Puyat{*}

Q :: Quiñones :: Quirino{*} :: Quisumbing :: Quizon

R :: Ramos :: Ranillo :: Recto{*} :: Remulla :: Reyes :: Reynaldo :: Revilla :: Rivera :: Rizal :: Roces{*} :: Rodríguez{*} :: Romero :: Romualdez{*} :: Romulo{*} :: Rosa :: Rosales :: Rosario{*} :: Roxas{*} :: Rufino{*} :: Ruiz

S :: Salamat :: Salvador :: Samaco :: San Diego :: Santiago :: (de los) Santos{*} :: Sauza :: Sayo :: Serna :: Serrano :: Siguion Reyna :: Sio :: Sison{*} :: Solis :: Soriano :: Sumulong :: Syquia{*}

T :: Tagle :: Tanchangco :: Tantoco :: Tiongson :: Tinio :: Tirona :: Trinidad :: Tuason{*}

U :: Unson

V :: Valdez{*} :: Vallarta :: Vargas :: Velasco :: Veloso :: Veluz :: Vera :: Verano :: Vidal :: Villaflor :: Villamor :: Villanueva :: Villarosa :: Villegas :: Villongco :: Viola

Y :: Yanson :: Yap

Z :: Zamora :: Zialcita :: Zobel :: Zorilla :: Zubiri

{*} Sixty (60) families were identified in the 1950s by society writer Torrosa Subido as members of the Manila's elite. The list comprised of the fabulously wealthy families, as well as those that made contributions to society. These old families pride themselves in the legacy of grace and refinement. The list excluded the extremely wealthy Chinese and Spanish families who, at the time of the creation of the original list, were not completely assimilated into high society.

By Specific Clans

By Geographies


  • Lazatin, Hannah. "The Society Families On Manila’S First 400 List." Town and Country, 3 Jan 2018. Date accessed: 5 Jan 2018.
  • Sison, George. "Who Were Manila’S Original Society Families?." Philippine Daily Inquirer, 9 Feb 2014. Date accessed: 5 Jan 2018.

How to Contribute

  1. First step is to follow or collaborate on this, the master project.
  2. Please collaborate on the sub-project of interest.
  3. After getting yourself added as a collaborator for that sub-project, select the profile of the prominent person you wish to add.
  4. Navigate to the profile of the prominent person. Under the "More Actions" link, choose "Add to Project" and select sub-project in which this person should be included .
  5. Include in the "About Me" section of each person a brief biographical sketch of their lives, summarizing their significant contributions and accomplishments. No need to elaborate on parents, sibling and children as this will be redundant with the .
  6. Please list your sources in the bottom of the biographical sketch, or if possible, attach the documents to the profile.
  7. Include a photograph of your ancestor if one exists. Acknowledgements about ownership and/or link source of images used in this project should be added in the description field of each individual photo.
  8. Mark the profile as "public" and not "private".
  9. If you wish to add a surname that is not yet here, create a new sub-project, following this project name format: "<Surname> Family of the Philippines". The same steps above apply.

Simple Courtesies

  1. If you feel a private profile will contribute immensely to the development of a tree, please communicate with the profile owner first before triggering any merge. Some families prefer to keep their tree free from external merges, and we should be sensitive to those preferences.
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Information featured in this study is available on public on-line platforms and widely circulated publications. Citations and references is a standard and must be added at all times, especially on historical profiles. There is no intention to infringe on personal privacy or proprietary research. Claimed profiles who do not wish to be featured in the studies should simply mark themselves or the individuals they manage as "private". Their names will consequently be taken out of this study.

Collaborator Notes

  • Complete surname projects. Check project photos, etymology, "1842 Catalogo de Apelyidos" inclusion and fields where family members excel. Check: Last worked on by Mona on 06 May 2012. Start here:
  • Validate the data on the Alunan-Lizares Clan. Create master profiles for those with completed data.
  • Create new projects for the following surnames from The Manila 60. >> Abad Santos : de las Alas : Albert : Encarnacion : Feria : Fortich : Gabaldon : Jacinto : Lichauco : Lovina : Madrigal : Magalona : Montelibano : Moreno : Paterno : Quezon : Sevilla : Singson : Sunico : Ysmael : Yulo. Last worked on by Mona on 05 Jan 2018.