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This is an index of mt-DNA projects on This list was last updated: Tue Jun 04 10:45:09 2024

There are 2,576 mt-DNA projects on

Total Count of all mt-DNA Profiles: 2,598,049

The projects in this index are automatically created by Geni when a user uploads mtDNA test results to Geni. Mitochondrial DNA (commonly abbreviated as mtDNA) passes from a mother to each of her sons and daughters. When you upload mtDNA test results to Geni, it first copies the haplogroup designation to the profile of the male or female tested. Additionally, it then copies the mtDNA haplogroup name up to that person's mother, and then their maternal grandmother and so on for up to 10 generations. Geni also copies the haplogroup designation down to all direct female descendants of these 10 maternal generations. Remember that males also receive mtDNA from their mothers but men do not pass on mtDNA to their offspring. Only projects auto-created by Geni and the profiles automatically assigned to these particular projects are included in this index. There are several hundred other DNA related projects that have been created by individual Geni users which are not included in this index. For an index of Y-DNA projects visit here: Y-DNA Geni Index. For an index of user-generated DNA-related projects visit here: DNA Geni Index