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The Unbroken Chain, by Dr. Neil Rosenstein

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Biographical Sketches and Genealogy of Illustrious Jewish Families from the 15th - 20th Century. Dr. Neil Rosenstein's magnum opus The Unbroken Chain was first published as a single volume in 1976. An expanded two-volume second edition of "The Unbroken Chain" was published in 1990.

The author announced in December 2012 that he is in the process of earnestly editing and preparing his manuscript, updated, corrected and significantly enlarged for a third edition. The projected date for publication is end 2014, beginning 2015. The plan is for 3 volumes, the last having a full name/surname index.

View a sample page of current edition in project under "Photos & Documents" link.

Entry points for each of the book's chapters in the two-volume second edition are listed below:

Volume One:

Volume Two:

  • Chapter IX: Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
    • R' Abraham Joshua Heschel of Cracow
  • Chapter X: Eleazar Heschel
  • Chapter XI: Rabbi Issachar Berish Heschel
    • Babad Family
    • Branch A - Eskeles family including Viennese Jewish aristocracy
    • Branch B - Babad family of Kalush and Lvov
    • Branch C - Descendants of R' Joseph Babad, author of Minchat Chinuch
    • Branch D - Babad family of Mikulince (Mikulonitz)
    • Branch E - Chajes family, including composer Julius Chajes, Salomon Frankfurter, pedagogue and philologist
    • Branch F - Brodsky family of Russian industrialists
  • Chapter XII: Saul Heschel
    • Branch A - Lowenstam(m) and Auerbach families
    • Branch B - Berenstein family, including Rabbis of Holland
    • Branch C - Berliner family and Morgenstern Chassidic Dynasty of Kock (Kotsk)
    • Branch D - Michelson family including R' Zvi Ezekiel Michelson
    • Branch E - Ornstein, Ashkenazi, Ettinge and Braude families
  • Chapter XIII: Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Ashkenazi
    • Descendants of the Chacham Zvi Hirsch Ashkenazi
  • Chapter XIV: Rabbi Aryey Leib Halberstam
    • Halberstam Chassidic Dynasty of Sanz
    • Branch A - (Sieniawa, Shinova)
    • Branch B - (Bobowa, Bobov)
    • Branch C - (Chrzanow, Keshanov)
    • Branch D - (Nowy Sac, Sanz)
    • Branch E - (Gorlice, Gorlitz)
    • Branch F - (Ujfeherto, Rotsfurt)
    • Branch G - (Czchow, Chechoyv)
    • Branch H - (Rosenfeld famile)
  • Chapter XV: Rabbi Israel Friedman
    • Branch A - Rabinowitz Chassidic Dynasty of Skole, including Goldman, Friedman, Heilprin (Halpern) Manzon and Hager Chassidic Dynasties
      • 1. Rabinowitz Chassidic Dynasty of Skole
      • 2. Goldman Chassidic Dynasty of Zwiahel
      • 3. Friedman Chassidic Dynasty of Ruzhin, including the Rebbes of Adjud, Boyan, Buhusi, Czortkow, Husyatinm Leovo, Pascani and Stefanesti - R' Israel Weinstock, Head of the Institute for Kaballah and Chassidism. Jersusalem
    • Branch B - Heschel Chassidic Dynasty, Jeruchem family, Rabinowitz Chassidic Dynasty
      • 1. Heschel Chassidic Dynasty of Apt (Opatow), including the Rebbes of Kopzynce, Krolevets, Medzibeh (Medziboz) and Zinkov - Abraham Joshua Yungerlieb family of Radziwillow
      • 2. Jeruchjem family
      • 3. Rabinowitz Chassidic Dynasty of Linitz-Manisterich
  • Chapter XVI: Rabbi Meir Horowitz
    • Horowitz family Pedigree - Introduction
    • Branch I - Descendants of R' Zvi Joshua Horowitz
    • Branch II - Horowitz-Margareten family origins
    • Branch III - Descendants of R' Zvi Hirsch Horowitz
    • Branch IV - Fruchter family of Hungary
    • Branch V - Weinberger family of Dukla
    • Branch VI - Horowitz family of Stanislaw(ow)
    • Branch VII - Ropshitz (Ropczyce) Chadissic Dynasty
    • Branch VIII - Horowitz family of Piotrkow
  • Chapter XVII: Rabbi Isaac Eichenstein
    • Eichenstein Chassidic Dynasty of Zhidachov
    • Rokeach Chassidic Dynasty of Belz
    • Rokeach and related families
    • Shapiro Chassidic Dynasty of Lyzhansk-Mogielnica-Grodzisk
    • Spira Chassidic Dynasty of Munkacs-Dynow
    • Teitelbaum Chassidic Dynasty
    • Unger Chassidic Dynasty
  • Chapter XVIII: Rabbi Menachem Nachum Twersky of Chernobyl
    • Twersky Chassidic Dynasty of Chernobyl
    • Branch A - (Chernobyl)
    • Branch B - (Korystochev)
    • Branch C - (Cherkassy-Hornistopol)
    • Branch D - (Drohobycz)
    • Branch E - (Makarov)
    • Branch F - (Trisk)
    • Branch G - (Tolna)
    • Branch H - (Horodetzky)
    • Branch I - (Skivra)
    • Branch J - (Rotmistrovke)


A surgeon, author, lecturer, Dr. Neil Rosenstein has accumulated as a result of five decades of investigative study of rare books and manuscripts, trips to libraries and cemeteries, travel and correspondence a vast matrix of material on Jewish genealogy, especially in the field of rabbinical dynasties for which he has become world famous.


Ha Magid CD-ROM

Besides his many books (see website above), he has produced a CD-ROM with the indexed obituaries of the first-ever Hebrew weekly, HaMagid, which was in print from 1856 to 1903.