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  • Tongzhi Emperor of Qing China 清同治帝 (1856 - 1875)
    Tsai-ch'un 載淳, Apr. 27, 1856-1875, Jan. 12, the eighth Emperor of the Ch'ing Dynasty, who ruled under the reign-title, T'ung-chih 同治 (1862-75), was the only son of Emperor Wên-tsung (see under I-chu). ...
  • Daoguang Emperor of Qing China 清道光帝 (1782 - 1850)
    Min-ning 旻寧 (original ming Mien-ning 綿寧, Sept. 16, 1782-1850, Feb. 25, was the sixth emperor of the Ch'ing dynasty, who ruled for thirty years under the reign-title, Tao-kuang 道光 (1821-51). He was the ...
  • Xianfeng Emperor of Qing China 清咸豐帝 (1831 - 1861)
    I-chu 奕詝, July 17, 1831-1861, Aug. 22, was the seventh emperor of the Ch'ing Dynasty who ruled under the reign-title Hsien-fêng 咸豐 (1851-62). He was the fourth son of Emperor Hsüan-tsung (see under Min...
  • Hong Taiji 皇太極, Emperor Taizong of Qing (1592 - 1643)
    Abahai , Nov. 28, 1592-1643, Sept. 21, known in official accounts as Huang-t'ai-chi 皇太極 ( Khungtaiji ), was the eighth son of Nurhaci [q.v.]. He had two reign titles, T'ien-ts'ung 天聰 (1627-36), and Ch'...
  • Nurhaci, Emperor Taizu of Qing Dynasty (1559 - 1626)
    Nurhaci 努爾哈赤 1559-1626, Sept 30, founder of the Ch'ing Dynasty, was born in the Aisin Gioro 愛新覺羅 clan which held the hereditary chieftainship of a Jurjen or Ju-chên 女真, tribe. In some Ming accounts the...

Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing Period is a biographical dictionary in English, edited by Arthur William Hummel, Sr and published in 1943 in two volumes by the Library of Congress of the United States.

In addition to scholarly biographies (in contrast to the official history in the Confucian tradition) of some 800—and by way of mention, several hundred more—individuals from the late Ming to early Republican period, they are particularly valuable for many succinct passages that provide background information on Chinese philosophy, art, mathematics, etc., of earlier periods.

Contributors include

Similar projects have been undertaken for other dynasties, most notably:

  • Biographical Dictionary of Republican China, ed. Howard L. Boorman
  • Dictionary of Ming Biography, eds. L. Carrington Goodrich, Chaoying Fang
  • Sung Biographies, ed. Herbert Franke (some articles in German)

More than half a century after its publication, ECCP still is a valuable work of reference for Qing biographical information, and may serve as an introduction to Qing history in general. Patricia Buckley Ebrey at Dartmouth is leading an ongoing project to digitize it, and everyone is welcome to help edit the text (using the About on the Geni profile), such as

  • clean up extraneous characters and fix typos
  • italicize Romanization of Chinese and Manchu terms and book titles (but not personal or place names)

When in doubt, consult the original at Vol. I, Vol. II

Note: The original text (in Wade-Giles) of Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing Period is in the public domain and may be freely reproduced. The html-coded pages at and the programmed pages for ECCP READER are © Tonseth House Studios 2016.