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The Great Kashubian Migration

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In the mid-1800s Kashubians migrated for economic reasons. After the Franco-Prussian War and the unification of Germany under Bismarck, Kashubians were met with institutionalized hostility. Life was very harsh for the Kashubs. It was illegal to use Polish or Kashubian in public, especially in church. Many priests were imprisoned or exiled. Churches were left with no parish priests. As a result, many more Kashubs left their homeland and migrated to the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and other destinations. Further information is available on Wikipedia and at

The purpose of this project is to aid genealogists with their research by linking families (profiles) to areas of settlement.

Due to the sheer volume, this project will focus only on the original settlers (husband and wife) and not their immigrating minor children or descendants. In the event that a spouse is not listed, it should be assumed that the spouse (if any) was not an immigrating Kashubian and/or has a Kashubian parent already listed.


A. Ontario


The Kashubs formed the largest and most distinct element of Polish emigration to Renfrew County and are recognized as the first large group of Polish immigrants to arrive in Canada with their Canadian history starting in 1858. Today, the Kashubs constitute one of the most distinct regional and ethnocultural groups in Poland. (source:

Bembenek, Magdalena (nee Piechowska)

Biernacki, Antoni & his wife Biernacka, Brygida (nee Lilla)

Błank, Antoni & his wife Błank, Wiktoria (nee Walk)

Burant, Joseph & his 1st wife Burant, Mary (nee Peplinski) & his 2nd wife Burant, Agnieszka (nee Peplińska) NB Agnieszka's 1st husband was Paul Lipinski

Burchardt, Joseph & his wife Burchat, Catherine (nee Dobeck)

Cybulski, Andrzej & his wife Cybulska, Marianna (nee Knopik)

Cybulski, Joseph & his wife, Cybulski, Pauline (nee Yeretch)

Cybulski, Krystian & his wife Cybulski, Marianna (nee Dziemińska)

Cybulski, Piotr (Peter) (Cybula) & his wife Cybula, Marianna Magdalena (nee Wróblewska)

Czapiewski, Michał 'Michael' & his wife Czapiewska, Magdalena (nee Chermeska or Popka)

Czapiewski, Michał "Michael" & his wife Czapiewski, Anna (nee Żywicka)

Dobek (Dobeck or Dobec), Susanna 'Zuzanna' (nee Dolna), widow

Dombroskie, Adam Józef (Dąbrowski) & his 2nd wife Dombroskie, Marianna (nee Kurszewska)

Etmanski, Walenty (Etmański) & his wife Etmanski, Weronika "Veronica" (nee Turzynska)

Fleece (Flis), Jan (John) & his wife Fleece (Flis), Marianna (Mary) (nee Żywicka)

Flis, Wojciech 'Albert'

Freemark, Andrzej "Andrew" (Frymark) & his wife Freemark, Marianna "Mary" (nee Kiedrowska)

Glisinskie, Kazimierz "Charles" (Mrozek Gliszczyński)

Glofcheskie (Kłopotek Główczewski) Jan 'John' & his wife Glofcheskie (Kłopotek Główczewski), Julianna (nee Gemba)

Gółka, Adam & his wife Gółka, Marianna (nee Żywicka)

Gółka, Antoni & his wife Gółka, Dorota (nee Kłopotek Główczewska)

Albert Anthony Gutoski (Gutowski) & his wife Mary Apolonia Gutoski (Gutowska) (nee Prykowska)

(Krystian) Michał Gutowski & his wife Mathilda Gutoski (nee Koleczka)

Heron, Valentine & his wife Heron, Mary (nee Sztrenia) Also known as Aron.

Jakubowski, Paweł 'Paul' & his wife Jakubowski, Anna (nee Kunda)

Janta, Michał & his wife Janta, Wiktoria (nee Kulas)

Jezierski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Jezierski, Agnieszka "Agnes" (nee Romlewska)

Kasaboski, Simon Joseph & his wife Kasaboski, Anastasia (Tassy) (nee Cobus or Kobus)

Kedroskie, Michał "Michael" Joachim (Kiedrowski) & his wife Kedroskie, Katarzyna "Catherine" (Burant)

Klaman, Louis & his wife Klaman, Catherine (nee Czapiewska)

Konopacki, Józef 'Joseph' & his wife, Konopacki, Elżbieta "Elizabeth" (nee Cybulska)

Kosobucki, Adam & his wife Kosobucka, Marcjanna "Mary" (nee Kloskowska)

Kosobudski (Kosobucki), Andrzej 'Andrew' & his wife Kosobudski, Franciszka 'Frances' (nee Jędrzejewska)

Kujach, Kazimierz 'Casimir' & his wife Kujach, Katarzyna 'Catherine' (nee Dziemińska)

Kulas, Antoni & his wife Kulas, Berta (nee Breza)

Kulas, Jakub "Jacob" & his wife Kulas, Elżbieta (nee Bryszka)

Libera, Rozalia (nee Plata)

Literski, Jan & his wife Literska, Julianna (nee Słomińska)

Literski, Jan "John"

Lipinski, Jakub "Jacob" & his wife Lipinski, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Wałdoch)

Lipinski, Paul "Lipiński" & his wife Lipinski, Agnieszka "Lipińska" (nee Peplińska)

Lorbiecki, Józef "Joseph" (Rolbeski) & his wife Lorbiecki, Marianna (nee Czapiewska)

Mask (Myszka), Paul

Murach, Jan 'John' & his wife, Murach, Paulina Marcjanna (nee Janta)

Narloch, Jakub & his wife Narloch, Mary (nee Dobek)

Narloch, formerly Data, Brygida 'Bridget' (nee Drążek)

Narloch, Maciej 'Mathew' & his wife Narloch, Katarzyna 'Catherine' (nee Gierszewski)

Narloch, Simon 'Szymon' & his wife, Narloch, Josephine 'Józefina' (nee Dobek or Dobeck or Dobec)

Ostrowski (Ostroskie), Leon & his wife Ostrowski (Ostroskie), Marianna 'Mary' (nee Pastwa or Pastway)

Palubicki, Jan "John" (Pałubicki) & his wife Palubicki, Martyna "Martina" (nee Cybulska)

Peplinski, Anton (Pepliński) & his wife Peplinski, Ann (nee Modrzejewska)

Peplinski, Jakub 'Jacob' & his wife, Peplinski, Mary Anne 'Marianna' (nee Krifta or Kreft)

Peplinski, Jan 'John' & his wife, Peplinski, Marianna (nee Kłopotek Główczewska)

Peplinski, Mathieu (Pepliński)

Peplinski, Michał "Michael"

Piechowski, Anton & his wife Piechowska, Veronica (nee Kiedrowska)

Piekarski, Maciej "Mathias" & his wife Piekarski, Katarzyna (nee Libera)

Półczyński, Kazimierz & his wife, Polczynski, Martianna (nee Konopatska)

Prince, Anthony (Prynz) & his wife Prince, Magdalena (nee Kinowska)

Prinz (Prince), Adam & his wife, Prinz (Prince), Franciszka (Frances) (nee Burant)

Prinz, Jozef "Joseph" & his wife Prinz, Brygida "Bridget" (nee Czapiewska)

Recoskie (Rekowski), Jacob 'Jakub'

Recoskie (Rekowski), Stanisław (Stanislas) Nicolaus & his wife Recoskie, Katarzyna (nee Flis)

Recoskie (Rekowski), Tomasz (Thomas) & his 1st wife Recoskie, Marianna (Mary) (nee Fleece or Flis) & his 2nd wife Recoskie, Mary (nee Stopa)

Ritza, Kazmierz "Casimir" (Reca) & his wife Retza, Regina (nee Styp Rekowska)

Shulist, August & his wife Shulist, Helen (Ellen) (nee Adamskie or Etmanskie) NB August's brother Andrew Szulist and August's sister Mary Wolski (nee Szulist) imigrated to Milwaukee, WI

Schulist, Tomasz 'Thomas' & his wife, Schulist, Rozalia (nee Peplinska Voldock Wałdoch)

Skiba, Paweł "Paul" & his wife Skiba, Albina "Victoria" Wiktoria (nee Perszyk)

Smaglinskie, Michael (Szmagliński)

Stopa, Jan "John" & his wife Stopa, Marianna "Mary" (nee Miszewska)

Suszek, Jan "John" & his wife Suszek, Wiktoria "Victoria" (nee Piferka)

Szala, Józef "Joseph" & his 2nd wife Szala, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Libera)

Szczypior, Michael & his wife, Szczypior, Marianna (nee Gosz)

Szulfer (Schulfer), Albert 'Wojciech' & his wife, Szulfer, (Schulfer), Rozalia (nee Lorbiecka or Rolbiecka)

Trzebiński, Paweł 'Paul' & his wife Trzebiński, Marianna 'Mary' (nee Kostka)

Turzynski, August & his wife Turzynski, Josephine 'Józefina' (nee Rekowska)

Voldock, Franciszek "Frank" (Wałdoch) & his wife Voldock, Zuzanna "Susan" (nee Orlowska)

Walk, Martin & his 2nd wife Walk, Catharina (nee Rekowska)

Yeretch, Krystian "Christian" (Jereczek) & his wife Yeretch, Marianna (nee Janeszewska)

Zywicki, Albert & his wife Żywicka, Marianna (Mary) (nee Kolińska) Mary died in Renfrew, Ontario and Albert is later found in Ramsey Co., Mn.

Zblewski, Józef & his wife Zblewska, Magdalena (nee Jakubowska)

B. Saskatchewan

Klawiter, Antoni "Anthony", Rev.


Knapik, Father Joseph

Smuda, Anton & his wife Smuda, Rosalie "Rose" Wiktoria (nee Jereczek)


Chippior (aka Szczypior), Joseph & his 2nd wife Apolonia Szczypior (nee Pleben)

Demucha, Mary (nee Knopik)

C. Alberta


Jezewski, Jakub 'Jacob'


A. Minnesota


Winona, Minnesota proudly claims the distinction of being the Kashubian Capital of America. The first documentable Kashubian immigrants reached Winona in 1859. Stting in 1862, some Winona Kashubians began to settle in the farming hamlet of Pine Creek, across the Mississippi River in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. To this day, Winona and Pine Creek (Dodge Township) remain two parts of the same community. Winona has never been a purely Kashubian settlement, as were the settlements in Wilno, Renfrew County, Ontario and the various hamlets of Portage County, Wisconsin. But Winona’s Kashubian community quickly grew larger than these other two communities. The 1900 US Census placed Winona’s population at 19,714 people. At about the same time, Hieronim Derdowski – editor of Winona’s Polish-language newspaper Wiarus – estimated Winona’s Polish population at 5000 people, with 4,000 being of Kashubian descent. Granted, Chicago’s Kashubian parish of Saint Josaphat claimed a membership of 5,000 parishioners in 1902. But Chicago’s Kashubians were but a fraction of its Polish community. The historian Albert Hart Stanford estimated Portage County, Wisconsin's Polish community at about 11,000 people around 1910, but again, these were largely scattered among a number of small farming communities. By contrast, Winona’s Kashubian Poles made up 20% of Winona’s population, and 80% of its Polish community; from their stronghold in Winona's Fourth Ward (also known as the East End) they took a prominent role in public life from 1875 onward. (JH)

Adamczyk, Jan

Anglewicz, Jan & his wife Anglewicz, Justyna Augustyna (nee Kobierzyńska)

Apka, Jan (Hapka) & his wife Apka, Augustyna (nee Remus)

Apka, Jan & his wife Apka, Marianna (nee Kulas)

Bambenek, Jan Baltazar

Bambenek, Józef & his wife Bambenek, Marianna (nee Pelowska)

Bambenek, Franciszka Julianna (nee Nygowska)

Bambenek, Martin Szymon & his wife Bambenek, Magdalena (nee Stoltman)

Bambenek, Wojciech "Albert" & his wife Bambenek, Franciszka (nee Kukowska)

Betker (Betka), Juliusz Jozef & his wife Betker, Zuzanna Marianna "Susie" (nee Eichman)

Biernacki, Jan Jakub & his wife Biernacka, Marianna (nee Jakubek)

Bilicki, Andrzej "Andrew" (Zbylicki) & his wife Bilicki, Rozalia "Rose" (nee Repińska)

Bilicki, Michal

Bińczyk, Antoni & his wife Bińczyk, Weronika (nee Gostomczyk)

Bińczyk, Ignacy & his wife Bińczyk, Marcianna (nee Copa)

Bińczyk, Marcin & his wife Bińczyk, Apolonia (nee Helta)

Blamk (Blank), Franciszek Teofil & his wife Blamk, Weronika (nee Melle)

Blamk, Marianna (nee Paszelka)

Blamk (Blank), Michał & his 2nd wife Blamk, Teresa (nee Lorbiecka vel Rolbiecka)

Blamk (Blank), Robert Jan

Blamk (Blank), Tadeusz Antoni "Anton" & his wife Blamk, Rozalia (nee Sobczak)

Blamk (Blank), Teofil Marcin & his wife Blamk, Augusta (nee Mielewczyk)

Blaszkowski, Antoni & his wife Blaszkowska, Katarzyna (nee Sikorska)

Błaszkowski, Jan "John" & his wife Błaszkowska, Katarzyna (nee Babka Gostomska)

Błaszkowski, Tomasz

Bonik, Andrew Michael & his wife Bonik, Mary Magdalena (nee Ginter)

Borkowski, Franciszek & his wife Borkowska, Marianna (nee Piankowska)

Borzyszkowski, Jan & his wife Borzyszkowska, Apolonia (Pauline) Wiktoria Borzyszkowska (nee Zmuda Trzebiatowska)

Borszyskowski, Wawrzyniec "Lawrence" & his wife Borzyskowska, Rozalia (nee Łukowicz)

Breska, Jan Bartłomiej & his wife Breska, Magdalena (nee Winczewska)

Breska, Marcin Szymon & his wife Breska, Jozefina (nee Plachecka)

Breska, Michał & his wife Breska, Katarzyna Augusta (nee Kulas)

Breza, Jan Marian & his wife Anastazja Katarzyna "Stella" (nee Jereczek)

Breza, Józef & his wife Breza, Weronika (nee Apka)

Breza, Józef Ignacy

Bronk, Jan Jakub "John"

Bronk, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Bronk, Franciszka (nee Grabska)

Bronk, Rozalia "Rose" (nee Kukowski)

Bruski, Franciszek & his wife Bruska, Barbara (nee Napiątek)

Bruski, Tomasz ' Thomas' & his wife Bruska,Teresa (nee Warsińska)

Brzezińska, Anna (nee Adamczyk)

Buchan, Antoni & his wife Buchan, Józefina (nee Wilczewska)

Burant, Antoni & his wife Burant, Franciszka Weronika (nee Prondzinska)

Burant, Jan & his wife Burant, Anna (nee Prondzinska)

Byzewski, Fr. Jan Romuald

Chelmowski, Modest August "August"

Chelmowski, Michał "Michael" & his wife Chelmowska, Barbara (nee Wróblewska)

Chelmowski, Stanislaw & his wife Chelmowska, Wiktoria (nee Myszka)

Cichosz, Dominik & his wife Cichosz, Antonina "Antonina' (nee Bembenek)

Cichosz, Jan "John" Wilhelm (Cychosz) & his wife Cichosz, Marianna (nee Burant)

Ciemiński, Franciszek Paweł & his wife Ciemińska, Marianna (nee Helta)

Ciemiński, Jan Kazimierz

Ciemiński, Paweł & his wife Ciemińska, Magdalena (nee Ginther)

Cierzan, Anton (Cyrzan Studziński) & his wife Cierzan, Marianna (nee Winczewska)

Cierzan, August Ludwik & his wife Cierzan, Marianna (nee Wirkus)

Cierzan, Jan "John" Maciej (Cyrzan) & his wife Cierzan, Józefina "Josephine" Augustyna (nee Błaszkowska)

Cierzan, Jan Paweł & his wife Cierzan, Józefina (nee Szlagowska)

Cierzan, Józef Fryderyk (Cyrzan Studziński) & his wife Cierzan, Marianna "Mary" A. (nee Małek Podjaska)

Cierzan, Roman Michał (Cyrzan Studziński) & his wife Cierzan, Anna (nee Breska)

Cieślik, Jan & his wife Cieślik, Rozalia (nee Knunik)

Cisewski, Franciszek "Frank" (Cysewski) & his wife Cisewska, Mary (nee ?)

Cisewski, Jan & his wife Cisewska, Wiktoria "Victoria" (nee Wiczek)

Copa, Bartłomiej (Felski) & his wife Copa, Anna (nee Wirkus)

Cybula, Jan & his wife Cybula, Magdalena (nee Fischer)

Cyert, Franciszek & his wife Cyert, Marianna Teresa (nee Błaszkowska)

Cysewski, Józef & his wife Cysewska, Marcianna Brygida (nee Mądra Dąbrowska)

Cysewski, Michał Tadeusz & his wife Cysewska, Magdalena (nee Bronk)

Cysewski, Pawel Piotr

Cyrzan, Maksymilian & his wife Cyrzan, Teresa Marianna (nee Wika Czarnowska)

Czapiewski, Jan & his wife Czapiewska, Józefina (nee Rompa)

Czapiewski, Jan "John"

Czapiewski, Maciej & his wife Czapiewski, Elżbieta (nee Bruska)

Czapiewski, Michał & his wife Czapiewska, Józefina Konstancja (nee Thrun)

Czapiewski, Mikołaj "Nicholas" (Żuroch Czapiewski) & his wife Czapiewska, Katarzyna (nee Kuklińska)

Czapiewski, Wawrzyniec & his wife Czapiewska, Antonia (nee Weiss)

Czaplewski, Jan & his wife Czaplewska, Marianna (nee Grzymska)

Czarnowski, Robert & his wife Czarnowska, Weronika (nee Ostrowska)

Daszkowski, Jan "John" Andrzej & his 2nd wife Daszkowski, Marianna (nee Jadwinska)

Daszkowski, Maksymilian "Max" & his wife Daszkowska, Helena (nee Lessman)

Daszkowski, Wawrzyniec "Lawrence"

Datta, Jan

Datta, Józef & his wife Datta, Katarzyna (nee Łangowska)

Derdowski, Jan Hieronim & his wife Derdowska, Joanna (nee Lubowiecka)

Dorszyński, (Dorsch) Antoni

Dorszyński, (Dorsch) Jan & his wife Dorszyńska, Jozefina "Josephine" (nee Kuklińska)

Dorszynski, Leon (Dorszyński)

Dorszyński, Mikołaj "Nick" & his 1st wife Dorszyńska, Paulina (nee Podolska) & his 2nd wife Dorszyńska, Anna (nee Rudnik)

Drazkowski, Andrzej "Andrew" (Drążkowski) & his wife Drazkowski, Marcjanna "Martha" (nee Kuklińska)

Drążkowski, Franciszek "Frank Schneider" & his 2nd wife Drążkowski, Józefina (nee Herkowska)

Drazkowski, Jozef & his wife Drazkowski, Marcianna "Martina" (nee Zywicka)

Drążkowski, Józef & his wife Drążkowska, Marianna (nee Wielewska)

Drążkowski, Michał

Dublinowski, Franciszka (nee Piankowska)

Dublinowski, Jan & his wife Dublinowski, Marianna (nee Slominska)

Drwall, Piotr & his 1st wife Drwall, Katarzyna (nee Kleinschmidt) & his 2nd wife Drwall, Katarzyna (nee Narloch)

Dulek, Marcin

Duraj, Antoni

Dywan, Wawrzyniec & his wife Dywan, Malgorzata (nee Bembenek)

Dzwonkowski, August & his wife Dzwonkowska, Klara (nee Felckowska)

Ebel, Józef Jakub & his wife Ebel, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Tempska)

Ebertowski, Wincenty "Vincent"

Edel, Józef Franciszek & his wife Edel, Józefina (nee Daszkowska)

Edel, Piotr & his wife Edel, Augusta (nee Janka)

Eichendorf, Reinhold Albert

Eichman, Franciszek Sebastjan & his wife Eichman, Paulina Antonina (nee Cierzan)

Eichman, Jan Marcin

Eichmann, Antoni & his 1st wife Eichmann, Marianna (nee Malek)

Ertmańczyk, Jakub

Etmanski (Hetmanski) Franciszek "Frank"

Fabich, Józef & his wife Fabich, Rozalia (nee Zgoda)

Felckowski, Józef & his wife Felckowska, Józefina Małgorzata (nee Cysewska)

Felckowski, Wojciech & his wife Felckowska, Rozalia (nee Stoltmann)

Fischer (Fiszer), Józef Antoni & his wife Fischer, Magdalena (nee Kinka)

Fischer (Fiszer), Michał Walenty & his 1st wife Fischer, Brygida (nee Borzyszkowska) & his 2nd wife Fischer, Wiktoria (nee Kleinschmidt)

Gabrych, Izidor & his wife Gabrych, Elżbieta (nee Strehlke)

Galewski, Wilhelm Marcin & his wife Galewska, Ida (nee Abraham)

Bloch, Katarzyna (nee Gappa)

Gallas, Antoni & his wife Gallas, Jozefina (nee Szczepanska)

Gawin, Antoni & his wife Gawin, Wiktoria (nee Breza)

Gierszewski, Tomasz "Thomas"

Ginter. Jan Teofil & his wife Ginter, Barbara (nee Kontek)

Ginter, Jozef "Joseph"

Ginter, Katarzyna "Kathy" (nee ?)

Ginter, Wojciech "Albert"

Glaunert, Wojciech "Albert"

Gliszczyński, Wincenty (Chamier Gliszczyński) & his wife Gliszczyńska, Weronika (nee Bunik)

Glomski, Alojzy "Alex"

Glomski, Maksymilian "Max" & his wife Glomski, Stella (nee Kuklinska)

Glomski, Paweł Jan and his wife Glomska, Rozalia (nee Bruska)

Glubka, Antoni Franciszek & his wife Glubka, Antonia (nee Iwinska)

Glubka, August & his wife Glubka, Elżbieta (nee Plutowska)

Glubka, Jan "John" & his wife Glubka, Teofila (nee Tomaszewska)

Glubka, Walenty & his wife Glubka, Marcjanna (nee Bystram)

Gostkowski, Marcin & his wife Gostkowska, Marianna (nee Kobierzyńska)

Gostomczyk, Franciszek & his wife Gostomczyk, Magdalena (nee Kupiecka)

Gostomczyk, Jan Józef & his wife Gostomczyk, Katarzyna (nee Hamerska)

Gostomski (Babka Gostomski), Franciszek & his wife Gostomska, Anna Józefina "Josephine" (nee Jereczek)

Grabowski, Antoni & his wife Grabowska, Brygida Barbara "Bridget" (nee Żywicka)

Grochowski, Franciszek "Frank"

Grochowski, Jan "John" & his wife Grochowska, Marianna (nee Kluzik)

Gromowski, Wawrzyniec 'Lawrence' & his wife Gromowska, Marianna 'Mary' (nee Narloch)

Gromowski, Wojciech "Albert" & his wife Gromowska, Marianna Magdalena (nee Laska)

Gruchała Węsierski, Franciszek & his wife Gruchała Węsierska, Albertyna Agata (nee Gostkowska)

Grulkowski, Franciszek & his wife Grulkowska, Anna (nee Etmanska)

Grzegorzewski, August & his wife Grzegorzowska, Marianna (nee Hilderbrand)

Grzona, Ignacy & his first wife Grzona, Anna (nee Lipinska) & his 2nd wife Grzona, Marianna Agnieszka (nee Biernacka)

Grzona, Jakob & his 1st wife Grzona, Magdalena (nee Wolszon)

Albert Anthony Gutoski (Gutowski) & his wife Mary Apolonia Gutoski (nee Prykowski)

Guziński, Franciszek August & his wife Guzinski, Ludwika "Louise" (nee Tempska)

Hamerski, Dominik & his wife Hamerska, Julianna (nee Galewska)

Hefta, Jan Ignacy (Eft) & his wife Hefta, Anna (nee Kurkowska)

Herek, Franciszek "Frank"

Herek, Mateusz & his wife Herek, Barbara Anna (nee Rostanka)

Herek, Marcin "Martin" & his wife Herek, Marianna (nee Rosycka)

Herek, Pawel & his wife Herek, Elżbieta Apolonia (nee Myszka)

Hering, Wilhelm & his wife Hering, Elzbieta (nee Lilla)

Hinz, Klemens Maksymilian & his wife Hinz, Marianna Anna (nee Kobiela)

Hoffman, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Hoffman, Paulina (nee Kostuch)

Jadwinski, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Jadwinska, Marianna (nee Ringwelska)

Jahnke, Rudolf Ludwik Andrzej & his wife Jahnke, Marianna Magdalena (nee Fischer)

Jakubek, Kazimierz & his wife Jakubek, Antonina (nee Milling)

Jakusz, Jan Jakub & his wife Jakusz, Antonia Rozalia (nee Małek Podjaska)

Janikowski, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Janikowska, Katarzyna "Katherine" (nee Rogalska)

Janikowski, Jan & his wife Janikowska, Franciszka (nee Kropidlowska)

Janikowski, Jakub

Janikowski, Maciej & his wife Janikowska, Anna Nepomucena (nee Mauszewska)

Januszewski, Andrzej "Andrew" & his wife Januszewska, Józefina (nee Maliszewska)

Januszewski, Andrzej "Andrew" & his wife Januszewska, Marianna (nee Bruska)

Jaskola, Michał

Jaszewski, Michał & his wife Jaszewska, Weronika (nee Kowalik)

Jażdżewski, Józef J."Joseph" & his wife Jażdżewska, Konstancja "Constance" (nee Jędzejdzik)

Jereczek, Jakub "Jacob" & his wife Jereczek, Waleria "Valeria" (nee Bonik)

Jereczek, Jan Stanislaw & his wife Jereczek, Apolonia (nee Wika)

Jereczek, Marcin & his wife Jereczek, Paulina (nee Szlagowska)

Jereczek, Mathias & his wife Jereczek, Augustyna "Augusta" (nee Edel)

Jezawski, Jozef & his wife Jezawski, Jozefina (nee ?)

Jeżewski, Andrzej & his wife Jeżewska, Apolonia Agata (nee Jażdżewska)

Jezewski, Jakub

Jeżewski, Szymon & his wife Jeżewska, Katarzyna (nee Szala)

Kaczorowski, Augustyn & his 2nd wife Kiedrowska, Augustyna (nee Zielke)

Kaczorowski, Maciej & his wife Kaczorowska, Anna Jozefina (nee Wirkus)

Kaiser, Jan Tomasz & his 1st wife Kaiser, Anna Anastazja (nee Kulas)

Kaiser, Piotr Maciej & his 3rd wife Kaiser, Apolonia Anna (nee Mielewczyk)

Kamin, Barbara (nee Edel)

Kamrowski, Antoni & his wife Kamrowska, Barbara (nee Witkowska)

Kamrowska, Karolina (nee Żabińska)

Karsnia, Marianna (nee Lesnau)

Kasprzyk, Franciszek & his wife Kasprzyk, Marianna (nee Lubińska)

Katuła. Antoni & his wife Katula, Jozefina (nee Kaminska)

Katuła, Elżbieta (nee Nierybinska)

Kiedrowicz, Franciszek & his wife Kiedrowicz, Jozefina (nee Wysocka)

Kiedrowski, Józef Mateusz & his wife Kiedrowska, Augustyna Katarzyna (nee Hefta)

Kierlen, August Wilhelm & his wife Kierlin, Marcianna (nee Jażdzewska)

Kila, Martin & his wife Kila, Josephina (nee Jakusz)

Killa, August

Kila, Teodor & his 1st wife Kila, Marianna Klementyna (nee Gruchała Węsierska) & his 2nd wife Kila, Jozefina (nee Kurszewska)

Kina (Keen), Antoni & his wife Kina, Rozalia (nee Kiedrowicz)

Kinowski, Jozef & his wife Kinowska, Wiktoria (nee Wantoch Rekowska)

Kistowski, Magdalena (nee Gora)

Kistowski, Wojciech "Albert" & his wife Kistowska, Anna (nee Peplinska)

Kleinschmidt, Joseph & his wife Kleinschmidt, Anna (nee Kuklińska)

Kleinschmidt, Michał Marcin (Klesmit) & his wife Kleinschmidt, Marianna (nee Sadowska)

Klonowski, Andrzej "Andrew" & his wife Klonowska, Julia (nee Kukowska)

Klonowski, Jan

Klonowski, Wojciech & his wife Klonowska, Weronika (nee ?)

Kluzik, Jakub & his wife Kluzik, Wiktoria "Victoria" (nee Katuła)

Knopik, Piotr "Peter" & his wife Knopik, Elżbieta (nee Szczepańska)

Knopik, Wincenty "Vincent" & his wife Knopik, Katarzyna (nee Kuklinska)

Knut, Marcin & his wife Knut, Józefina (nee Żywicka)

Kobierzyński, Józef & his wife Kobierzyńska, Julianna (nee Wolter)

Kobus, Franciszek & his wife Kobus, Marianna (nee Szczepanska)

Kobus, Tomasz

Kolter, Franciszek Ksawery "Frank" & his wife Kolter, Marianna (nee Kobus)

Konkel, Katarzyna (nee Podolska)

Kościelski, Marcin & his 1st wife Kościelska, Maryjanna (nee ?) & his 2nd wife Kościelska, Augusta (nee Kunda)

Kosidowski, Jozef & his wife Kosidowski, Jozefina (nee Wera)

Kosobucki, Jan & his wife Kosobucka, Helena Paulina (nee Krüger)

Kostuch, Jan Paweł

Kotlewski, Victoria (nee Zywicka)

Kowalewski, Andrzej "Andrew"

Kowalewski, Jozef & his wife Kowalewski, Anastazja (nee Fortunska)

Koźlica, Antoni & his wife Koźlica, Marianna (nee Potrac)

Krajecki, Jan & his wife Krajecka, Katarzyna Agnieszka (nee Gabrych)

Kreft, Jan

Kropidlowski, Aleksander Franciszek (Kropidłowski) & his wife Kropidlowski, Anna (Sadowska)

Kropidlowski, Franciszek & his wife Kropidlowska, Marianna (nee Grulkowska)

Kruza, Jan

Krzoska, Piotr & his wife Krzoska, Franciszka (nee Lubińska)

Kuczkowski, Andrzej "Andrew" & his wife Kuczkowska, Magdalena (nee Worzała)

Kuczkowski, Józef & his wife Kuczkowska, Julianna (nee Janikowska)

Kuczkowski, Thomas & his wife Kuczkowska, Marianna (nee Dywan)

Kujak, Franciszek Wawrzyniec & his wife Kujak, Paulina Teresa (nee Breska)

Kukliński, Jakub & his wife Kuklińska, Maryanna Katarzyna (nee Majkowska)

Kukliński, Piotr Paweł & his wife Kuklińska, Justyna (nee Hyrkowska)

Kukowski, Adam Józef "Joseph" & his wife Kukowska, Józefina Marianna (nee Napiętek)

Kukowski, Andrzej "Andrew" & his 1st wife Kukowska, Rosalia (nee Wirkus) & his 2nd wife Kukowska, Magdalena (nee Cieminska)

Kukowski, Jakub (Jacob) Józef & his wife Kukowska, Anastazja (Stella) (nee Cichosz)

Kukowski, Jakub (Jacob) & his wife Kukowski, Louise Marianna (nee Cysewska)

Kukowski, Jan & his wife Kupferschmidt, Franciszka (nee Kierska)

Kukowski, Marcin "Martin"

Kukowski, Wincenty "Vincent" & his wife Kukowska. Paulina "Lena" (nee Literska)

Kulas, Antoni & his wife Kulas, Marianna (nee Byk Ciemińska)

Kulas, Franciszek & his wife Kulas, Katarzyna (nee Linca)

Kulas, Jan & his wife Kulas, Weronika (nee Gostomczyk)

Kulas, Maciej "Matthew"

Kulas, Marcin & his wife Kulas, Marianna (nee Ginter)

Kulas, Piotr Augustyn & his wife Kulas, Katarzyna "Katherine" (nee Dorawa)

Kunda, Józef & his wife Kunda, Leokadia "Laura" (nee Mojsgaj)

Kupferschmidt, Jan & his wife Kupferschmidt, Julianna (nee Łosińska)

Langowski, Ignacy & his wife Langowski, Rozalia (nee Raca)

Łangowski, Jan & his wife Łangowska, Marianna (nee Grabowicz)

Łangowski, Józef & his wife Łangowska, Anna (nee Raca)

Lasinski, Franciszek (Leszczyński) & his wife Lasinska, Justyna (nee Wirkus)

Laska, Jan & his wife Laska, Marianna (nee Lilla)

Laska, Józef & his wife Laska, Katarzyna (nee Napiętek)

Laska, Katarzyna "Catherine"

Laska, Leon & his wife Laska, Julianna "Julia" (nee Schutz)

Laska, Stanislaw & his wife Laska, Wiktoria (nee Popielarska)

Lejk, Teofil Ignacy (Leik) & his wife Lejk, Anna Marianna (nee Piankowska)

Lenc (Linca), Michał & his wife Lenc, Józefina (nee Kiedrowicz)

Lesinski, Tomasz "Thomas" (Leszczyński) & his wife Lesinski, Katarzyna "Catherine" (Pałubicka)

Lesnau, August

Lewiński, Franciszek

Lewiński, Jakub & his wife Lewińska, Ewa (nee Pelowska)

Lewinska, Joanna (nee Bruska)

Lewiński, Józef & his wife Lewińska, Joanna (nee Narloch)

Lewiński, Józef & his wife Lewińska, Paulina (nee Molska)

Libera, Paweł & his wife Libera, Antonina (nee Dolna)

Lica, Jan & his wife Lica, Julianna (nee Rudnik)

Lietz, Ferdynand Ludwik & his wife Lietz, Marianna Jozefina "Mary" (nee Cyrzan)

Lilla, Jan Piotr

Lilla, Józef

Lilla, Piotr "Peter" & his wife Lilla, Ewa (nee Glaeser)

Lilla, Tomasz & his wife Lilla, Elzbieta Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Rudnik)

Lilla, Wilhelm Juliusz "Julius' & his 1st wife Lilla, Marianna (nee Stuba) & his 2nd wife Lilla, Anastazja "Anna" (nee Etmanska)

Linca, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Linca, Ludwika "Augusta" Augustyna (nee Troka)

Lipinski, Franciszek "Frank" (Lipiński) & his wife Binczyk, Weronika "Veronica" (nee Lilla)

Lipinski, Jakub

Lipinski, Jan & his wife [Katarzyna "Catherine" Lipinska

Litz, Karol "Carl" & his wife Litz, Anna (nee Rhode)

Lorbiecki, Jan "John" (Rolbiecki) & his wife Lorbiecki, Rozalia (nee Pellowska)

Lubiński, Jan & his wife Lubińska, Marianna (nee Rogala)

Lubowiecka, Miss Monica

Lukowicz, Szymon "Simon" (Łukowicz) & his wife Lukowicz, Marcianna "Margaret" (nee Gromowska)

Lurkowski, Stanislaw

Machut, Augustyn Tomasz & his wife Machut, Katarzyna Barbara (nee Lewnau)

Machut, Józef & his wife Machut, Klara Barbara (nee Zaborowska)

Mądry Dąbrowski, Sylwester Tomasz "Thomas" & his wife Mądry Dąbrowska, Antonina (nee Prądzińska)

Majkowski, Józef & his wife Majkowska, Tekla (nee Orlikowska)

Majkowski, Paweł "Paul" & his 1st wife Majkowska, Brigitta (nee Schutza) & his 2nd wife Majkowska, Paulina (nee Blaskowska)

Malewicki, Maksymilian "Mike" & his wife Malewicka, Marianna Ewa (nee Jereczek)

Maliszewski, Franciszek

Malotka, Aleksander Feliks & his wife Malotka, Marianna (nee Olszewska)

Malotke, Jan "John" (Malotka)

Malotke, Jan & his wife Malotke, Marianna (nee Wyrdych)

Masyga, Franciszek & his wife Masyga, Anna (nee Malotke)

Masyga, Józef & his wife Masyga, Anna Marianna (nee Bembenek)

Masyga, Robert & his wife Masyga, Marianna (nee Gabrych)

Mauszewski, Józef & his wife Mauszewska, Katarzyna (nee Buclaw)

Mauszewski, Marcin Maciej & his wife Mauszewska, Antonia (nee Krzoska)

Malestycki, Jan Sr. & his wife Malestycka, Marianna (nee Prądzińska)

Malestycki, Jan Jr. (Mauszycki) & his wife Malestycka, Jozefina (nee Ginther)

Merchlewicz, Jan & his wife Merchlewicz, Elżbieta (nee Żywicka)

Merchlewicz, Joanna (nee Drazkowski)

Meyer, Jozef

Michalowski, Marcin & his wife Michalowska, Maryanna (nee Koleczinska)

Mielewczyk, Jan Bartłomiej

Mielewczyk, Michał & his wife Mielewczyk, Józefina (nee Piekarska)

Milanowski, Josef "Joseph" & his wife Milanowski, Anna Katarzyna (nee Gawin)

Milkowski, Piotr & his wife Milkowska, Anna Ewa (nee Wyck)

Miller, Szymon & his wife Miller, Anna (nee Cierzan)

Miloch, August

Miszewski, Jozef & his wife Miszewska, Eufrozyna (nee Kobierowska)

Mlynczak, Katarzyna (nee Miszewska)

Modrzejewski, August & his wife Modrzejewska, Wiktoria (nee Gostomczyk)

Moga, Fryderyk "Frederick" & his wife Moga, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Wysińska) (she was the widow of Antoni Zbylicki)

Molski, Stanisław

Molzahn, Anna (nee Grzenia)

Mrozek, Aleksander & his wife Mrozek, Franciszka (nee Kleinschmidt)

Mrozek, Jan "John" & his wife Mrozek, Magdalena "Maggie" (nee Kuchta)

Mrozek, Franciszek "Frank" (Mrozewski) & his wife Mrozek, Marianna "Mary" (nee Tusk)

Myszka, Franciszek & his 1st wife Myszka, Anna (nee Łangowska) & his 2nd wife Myszka, Katarzyna (nee Stanisławska)

Napiątek, Brygida (nee Szczepańska)

Negler, Valentine (ne Walenty Nygowski)

Neuman, Jan & his wife Neuman, Katarzyna (nee Żywicka)

Neuman, Piotr Pawel & his wife Neuman, Elzbieta (nee Manke)

Niemczyk, Paweł & his wife Niemczyk, Barbara (nee ?)

Niemojewski, Józef & his wife Niemojewska, Rozalia (nee Kowalska)

Nigbor, Piotr & his wife Nigbor, Franciszka Cecylia (nee Ważyńska)

Nosiński, Jakub & his wife Nosińska, Józefina (nee Lewinska)

Nosiński, Jakub Jr.

Oberdas, Józef Joachim & his wife Oberdas, Marianna Elżbieta (nee Cyrzan)

Orlikowski, Piotr & his wife Orlikowska, Karolina (nee Krzoska)

Osowski, Hipolit "Leopold" & his wife Osowska, Albertina (nee ?)

Ossowski, Michał & his wife Ossowska, Józefina (nee Stanisławska)

Ostrowski, Franciszek & his wife Ostrowska, Augustyna (nee Grzenia)

Ostrowski, Jan & his wife Ostrowska, Mary (nee Bielawa)

Owecke, Michał & his wife Owecke, Elżbieta (nee Ebel}

Pacholski, Monsignor James W.J.

Pałubicki. August & his wife Pałubicka, Marianna (nee Szlagowska)

Palubicki, Franciszek Ksawery

Pałubicki, Jakub & his wife Pałubicka, Anna Wiktoria (nee Meger)

Pałubicki, Michał Sr. & his wife Pałubicka, Józefina (nee Meling)

Paszelka, Józef Franciszek & his wife Paszelka, Marcianna (nee Rogalska)

Pehler, Antoni & his wife Pehler, Marianna Magdalena (nee Niemczyk)

Pela, Piotr "Peter" Wojciech (Pelowski) & his wife Pelowska, Josephine (nee Brezinka or Brezez)

Pellowski, Jan Tomasz "John S." & his wife Pellowska, Julianna (nee Malestycka)

Pelowski, Jan & his wife Pelowska, Katarzyna (nee Bińczyk)

Pelowski, Józef Grzegorz & his wife Pelowski, Regina

Pelowski, Marcin "Martin"

Pelowski, Paweł "Paul" & his wife Pelowska, Józefina (nee Etmańska)

Pelowski, Wincenty & his wife Pelowska, Augustyna (nee Mostowska)

Pepliński, Marcin & his wife Peplińska, Cecylia (nee Wolska)

Peplinski, Wincenty & his wife Peplinski, Franciszka (nee Żołądek)

Perszyk, Roch "Roy" & his wife Perszyk, Marcianna (nee Kuklinska)

Piechowski, Ignacy & his wife Piechowska, Marianna (nee Megier)

Piechowski, Jakub & his wife Piechowska, Ewa Katarzyna (nee Jakubek)

Plachecki, Jan "John"

Plachecki, Wawrzyniec "Lawrence"

Poblocki, Tomasz "Thomas" & his wife Poblocka, Marta "Martha" (nee Jereczek)

Podjaski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Podjaska, Angelina (nee Eichendorf)

Podolski, Tomasz "Thomas" & his wife Podolska, Marianna "Mary" (nee Wika)

Potrac, Franciszek & his wife Potrac, Teodora (nee Jażdżewska)

Pozanc, Józef Szczepan & his wife Pozanc, Zuzanna (nee Grulkowska)

Prondzinski, Anna Rozalia (nee Piechowska)

Prondzinski (Depka Prądziński) Franciszek & his wife Prondzinska, Julianna Paulina (nee Pelowska)

Prondzinski, Jakub (Prądziński) & his wife Prondzinska, Katarzyna (nee Kropidłowska)

Prondzinski, Jan "John" & his wife Prondzinska, Paulina (nee Kuklinska)

Prondzinski, Józef "Joseph" (Prądzyński) & his wife Prondzinski, Weronika (nee Olik)

Prondzinski, Paweł "Paul" (Prądzyński) & his wife Prondzinska, Helena "Elen" (nee Cyra or Ziera)

Prondzinski, Szczepan "Steve" & his wife Prondzinski, Marianna (nee Jereczek)

Prondzinski, Wincenty "Vincent" (Pluto Prądzyński) & his wife Prondzinska, Marianna (nee Windorpska)

Przytarski, Mikołaj "Nick" & his wife Przytarski, Katarzyna "Angelina" Angelika (nee Żabińska)

Raca, Feliks & his wife Raca, Marianna (nee Talewska)

Raca, Franciszek "Frank" & his ex-wife Raca, Augusta (nee Engler)

Radomski, Kazimierz & his wife Radomska, Julianna (nee Hyrkowska)

Radomski, Walenty "Valentine" & his wife Radomska, Antonina (nee Kowalewska)

Radomski, Wawrzyniec "Lawrence" & his wife Radomska, Antonina (nee Nitz)

Ramczykowski, Nikodem (Ramczyk) & his wife Ramczykowska, Weronika (nee Bambenek)

Reinke, Frederick & his wife Reinke, Paulina (nee Katula)

Remus, Jan "Johannes"

Renk, Michal Jozef

Repiński, Jan & his wife Repińska, Rozalia (nee Orlikowska)

Reszka, Marcin Sr. and his wife Reszka, Ewa Frydryka (nee Nosińska)

Riska, Franciszek & his 2nd wife Riska, Lucja (nee Bruska)

Ritter, Waleria "Valeria" (nee Żywicka)

Rogalla, Jakub & his wife Rogala, Justyna (nee Losinska)

Rogalla, Jan "John" (Rogala) & his wife Rogalla, Mary (nee Keizer)

Rogalski, Jan Alojzy & his wife Rogalska, Anna (nee Hamerska)

Rolbiecki, Jakub & his wife Rolbiecka, Marianna (nee Knitter)

Rolbiecki, Wojciech "Albert" & his wife Rolbiecka, Katarzyna "Kate" (nee Peplinska)

Rombalski, Jan Anton

Rompa, Józef Andrzej & his wife Rompa, Marianna Magdalena (nee Paszylk)

Rostanka, Jan & his wife Rostanka, Magdalena (nee Skiba)

Różek, Andrzej & his 1st wife Różek, Magdalena (nee Szczepańska) & his 2nd wife Różek, Marianna (nee Myszka)

Różek, Andrzej & his wife Różek, Katarzyna (nee Gromowska)

Różek, Bartłomiej & his wife Różek, Marianna (nee Bruska)

Rozek, Kazimierz (Różek) & his wife Rozek, Anna (nee Rymon Lipińska)

Rudnik, Franciszek

Rudnik, Ignacy & his wife Rudnik, Waleria (nee Kostuch)

Rybarczyk, Jan & his wife Rybarczyk, Salomea "Sallie" (nee Noga)

Rymarkiewicz, Lucja Anastazja (nee Jereczek)

Ryska, Jozef & his wife Reszka, Zuzanna (nee Burandt)

Rzenszewicz (Runsavage, Renswick), Franciszek & his wife Rzenszewicz, Marianna (nee Walinska)

Sadowski, Jan "John"

Sadowski, Tomasz "Thomas" & his wife Sadowska, Marianna (nee Etmanska)

Scharmach, Franciszek & his wife Scharmach, Marianna Julianna (nee Żołądek)

Schreiber, August & his wife Schreiber, Agnieszka (nee Zienska)

Sieracki, Franciszek & his wife Sieracka, Józefina (nee Przytarska)

Sieracki, Józef & his wife Sieracka, Marianna (nee Kuklińska)

Sikorski, Antoni & his 1st wife Sikorska, Wiktoria (nee Orlikowska) & his 2nd wife Sikorska, Marianna (nee Pelowska)

Sikorski, Ignacy Jakub & his wife Sikorska, Cecilia (nee Gogolińska)

Sikorski, Ludwik "Louis" & his wife Sikorska, Józefina (nee Rzenszewicz)

Sikorski, Maciej "Mathias" & his wife Sikorska, Tekla (nee Malek)

Sikorski, Maksymilian "Max" & his wife Sikorska, Augustyna "Augusta" (nee Rompa)

Sikorski, Teofil Jakub "Theodore" & his wife Sikorska, Józefina G. (nee Rogalla)

Singer, Robert Szymon & his wife Singer, Marianna (nee Wantoch Rekowska)

Skiba, Jan & his wife Skiba, Paulina (nee Kiedrowicz)

Skuczyński, Franciszek & his wife Skuczyńska, Wiktoria (nee Cysewska)

Spiczak, Marcin "Martin" (Spiczak Brzeziński)

Stalka, Jan (Stahlke) & his wife Stalka, Marianna (nee Jadwinska)

Stanislawski, Jakub "Jacob" Jan Piotr (Stanisławski) & his wife Stanislawska, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Thrun)

Stanisławski, Jan Bartłomiej & his wife Stanisławska, Magdalena Helena "Maggie" (nee Styp Rekowska)

Stanisławski, Marcin Piotr & his wife Stanisławska, Apolonia "Paulina" (nee Lizakowska)

Stanislawski, Michal & his wife Stanislawska, Magdalena (nee Gostomczyk)

Stanisławski, Tomasz Jakub "Jacob" & his wife Stanisławska, Wiktoria "Victoria" (nee Wera)

Starzecki, Jan

Starzewski, Karol & his wife Starszewska, Anna (nee Gabrych)

Stolpa, Helena (nee Ertmańczyk)

Stolpa, Michał & his wife Stolpa, Apolonia Ewa (nee Lukaszewska)

Stoltman, Franciszek "Frank"

Stoltman, Jan & his wife Stoltman, Magdalena (nee Cierzan)

Stoltman, Józef

Stoltman, Rudolf & his wife Stolltman, Karolina (nee Noginska)

Stuba, August Józef (Styba) & his wife Stuba, Anna (nee Plińska)

Styba, Teofil (Stuba) & his wife Styba, Augustyna (nee Wnuk Lipińska)

Sula, Julianna (nee Eichendorf)

Sumionka, Maciej & his wife Sumionka, Marcianna (nee Kleinschmidt)

Szczepański, Dionizy & his wife Szczepańska, Marianna (nee Weier)

Szewel, Ignacy "Ignatz" & his wife Szewel, Wiktoria "Victoria" (nee Narloch)

Szewel, Tomasz "Frank" Franciszek & his wife Szewel, Anna (nee Sadowska)

Szlagowski, Ferdynand

Szlagowski, Franciszek & his 2nd wife Szlagowska, Marianna Jozefina (nee Jakubek)

Szlagowski, Franciszek "Frank"

Szlagowski, Ludwik & his wife Sziagowska, Józefina (nee Dywan)

Szmaglik, Michał & his wife Szmaglik, Paulina (nee Kulesza)

Szuminski, Ignacy

Szuminski, Józef

Szuminski, Piotr

Szuminski, Tomasz "Thomas"

Talaska, Franciszek & his wife Talaska, Anna (nee Krajcik)

Tandeczka, Kazimierz & his wife Tandeczka, Julianna (nee Szczepanska)

Theis, Franciszek Jozef & his wife Theis, Anna Franciszka (nee Renk)

Theis, Jan

Thrun, Jozef & his wife Thrun, Marianna (nee Jereczek)

Thrun, Michał & his wife Thrun, Marianna (nee Kurkowska or Kierzk)

Thrun, Piotr Paweł

Thrun, Wojciech "Albert" & his wife Thrun, Albertina (nee Michalowska vel Witkowska)

Troka (Troke), Franciszek & his wife Troka, Augusta (nee Schultz)

Trzebiatowski, Jakub & his wife Trzebiatowska, Julianna (nee Skuczynska)

Trzebiatowski, Marcin (Zmuda Trzebiatowski) & his wife Trzebiatowska, Weronika (nee Szypryt)

Turzenski, Michał & his wife Turzenska, Franciszka (nee Zywicka)

Tybora, Franciszek 'Francis' & his wife Tybora, Marianna (nee Bunick)

Verdick, August (Wyrdych) & his wife Verdick, Anastazja "Stella" (nee Mrozek)

Wachowiak, Katarzyna (nee Bonik)

Waliński, Jan & his wife Walińska, Julianna (nee Galewska)

Warszewski, Adam Wojciech "Albert" & his wife Warszewski, Paulina Marianna "Polly"

Watembach, Ignacy & his wife Watembach, Katarzyna (nee Januszewska)

Watkowski, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Watkowski, Angela "Anna" (Rożycka)

Wazinski, August & his wife Wazinska, Rozalia (nee Kuka)

Weaver, Jan Bartłomiej & his wife Weaver, Paulina Petronella (nee Kurs)

Weiss, Jacob

Weier, Marcin & his 1st wife Weier, Cecylia (nee Cieslik)

Weier, Michał

Weissberger, Ewa (nee Szuminska)

Wera, Jakub & his wife Wera, Elżbieta (nee Pokrzywińska)

Wera, Leon & his wife Wera, Anna (nee ?)

Wera, Stanisław & his wife Wera, Ludwika Marianna (nee Palubicka)

Werra, Ignacy (Wera) & his wife Werra, Klementyna "Clementina" (nee Sikorska)

Wieczorek, Paulina (nee Żołądek)

Wika, Józef "Joseph" Grzegorz (Wyck) & his wife Wika, Marianna (nee Jandernal)

Wicka, Paweł "Paul" Anton (Wyck) & his wife Wicka, Marianna (Mary) (nee Bambenek)

Wiczek, Jan & his wife Wiczek, Marianna (nee Edel)

Wiczk, Michał & his wife Wiczk, Paulina (nee Pozanc)

Wilczewski (Wilchesky), Pawel & his wife Wilczewski, Anna (nee Data)

Wilma, Ignacy & his wife Wilma, Agata (nee Potratz)

Winczewski, Ignacy & his wife Winczewska, Józefina Marianna "Josephine" (nee Kiedrowicz)

Winczewski, Leon Franciszek & his wife Winczewska, Marianna (nee Kreft)

Winczewski, Marcin "Martin" & his 1st wife Winczewski, Jozefina "Josephine" (nee Chirkowska) & his 2nd wife Winczewski, Anna (nee Szewel) & his 3rd wife Winczewski, Brigitta (nee Błaszkowska)

Winczewski, Robert Walenty & his 1st wife Wincewska, Anna (nee Gostomczyk)

Wirkus, Marcin & his wife Wirkus, Weronika (nee Bińczyk)

Wnuk Lipiński, Michał & his wife Wnuk Lipińska, Marianna (nee Ossowska)

Wnuk Lipiński, Mikołaj Marcin "Nicholas" & his wife Wnuk Lipińska, Franciszka (nee Kulas)

Wojciechowski, August & his wife Wojciechowska, Marianna Krystyna (nee Breska)

Wolski, Jan & his wife Wolski, Katarzyna (nee Zbylicka)

Wolski, Szymon & his wife Wolska, Agnieszka (nee Czapiewska)

Wolszon, August & his wife Wolszon, Clara (nee Jeżewska)

Wolszon, Ksawery Piotr "Xavier" & his wife Wolszon, Antonina (nee Jezewska)

Worzalla, Jan "John" (Worzała) & his wife Worzalla, Anna (nee Herkowska)

Wricza, Jan "John" Jakub (Wrycz Rekowski) & his wife Wricza, Józefina (nee Cieszyńska)

Wróblewski, Jakub & his wife Wróblewska, Józefina (nee Orlikowska)

Wróblewski, Józef & his wife Wróblewska, Anna Petronela (nee Błaszkowska)

Wyrdych, August Sr. & his wife Wyrdych, Anna Wilhelmina (nee ?)

Wyrdych, Jan & his wife Wyrdych, Paulina (nee Apka)

Wyrdych, Józef & his wife Wyrdych, Elzbieta (nee Prega)

Wysocki, Ignacy & his wife Wysocka, Elżbieta (nee Zabińska)

Żabiński, Franciszek Leon & his 2nd wife Zabinska, Rozalia (nee Lewińska) & his 3rd wife Żabińska, Augustyna Ludwika (nee Cieszyńska)

Zaborowski, Jan Michal & his wife Zaborowski, Józefina Apolonia (nee Gawin)

Zaborowski, Józef Kazimierz & his wife Zaborowska, Marianna (nee Knopik)

Zaborowski, Karol & his wife Zaborowska, Marianna "Mary" Paulina (nee Kulas)

Zabrocki, Andrzej & his wife Zabrocka, Marianna (nee Kuklińska)

Zabrocki, Michał & his wife Zabrocka, Marianna (nee Góra)

Zabrocki, Tomasz & his wife Zabrocka, Barbara (nee Narloch)

Zakowski, Julianna (nee Wierzba)

Zakrzewska, Victoria

Zakrzewski, Wincenty & his wife Zakrzewska, Franciszka (nee Bonik)

Zbylicki, Jan Antoni

Zmuda Trzebiatowski, Franciszek Ksawery & his wife Zmuda Trzebiatowska, Marta (nee Zakrzewska)

Żołądek (Zolondek), Jan Grzegorz & his wife Żołądek, Paulina (nee Piankowska)

Zywicki, Andrzej "Andrew" (Żywicki) & his wife Zywicka, Józefina (nee Czapiewska)

Zywicki, Anna (nee Nakielska)

Żywicki, Franciszek & his wife Żywicka, Ewa (nee Izbanar)

Zywicki, Piotr "Peter" Paweł (Żywicki) & his wife Żywicka, Ludwika Marianna (nee Cysewska)

Żywicki, Stanisław & his wife Zywicki, Marianna "Mary" (nee Libera)

Zywitzki, Andrzej


The Polish parish of St. Adalberts (św. Wojciech) in Gilman, Benton County was established before 1880. Today’s church was constructed in 1930 and is known as Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church. [cemetery link:] (DN)

Chapp, Franciszek "Frank" Józef (Czapp) & his wife Chapp, Franciszka "Frances" (nee Albrecht)

Dettlaff, Andrzej "Andrew" August (Detlaff) & his wife Dettlaff, Zuzanna "Susanna" (nee Plomin)

Holtz, Teofil Bernard (Holz) & his wife Holtz, Weronika "Veronica" A. (nee Retka)

Kipka, Jozef & his wife Kipka, Franciszka (nee Leska)

Landowski, Franciszek "Frank" (Lendowski) & his wife Landowski, Franciszka (nee Żywicka)

Meyer, Augustyn & his wife Meyer, Rozalia (nee Wnuk Lipinska)

Niedzielski, Anton & his wife Niedzielski, Gertrude (nee Fierek)

Piotrowski, Jan "John" & his wife Piotrowski, Katarzyna (nee Sadowska?)

Sadowski, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Sadowski, Sophia (nee Ostrowska)

Sadowski, Wawrzyniec "Lawrence" & his wife Sadowski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Wojciechowska)

Skiba, Jan "John" & his wife Skiba, Paulina (nee Pawelska)

Stanslowski, Jan "John" Joseph (Stanisławski) & his wife Stanslowski, Marianna "Mary" A. (nee Peplińska)

Ziwicki, Wawrzyniec "Lawrence" (Żywicki) & his wife Ziwicki, Magdalena (nee Bednarska)


Pestka, Regina (nee Gabriel) widow; NB Regina moved from Waseca County to Blue Earth County after the death of her husband Maciej (Mathew)

Stencel, Franciszek "Frank"


Vnuk, Franciszek "John" Jan (Wnuk Lipiński) & his wife Vnuk, Paulina (nee Wolska)

Vnuk, Maksymilian "Max" (Wnuk Lipiński) & his wife Vnuk, Cecelia (nee Kiedrowska)


Kowalke, Martin

Trzebiatowski, Michal "Michael" & his wife Trzebiatowska, Anastazja "Stella" (nee Ryski)


Drewicke, Lorenz Bartłomiej (Drzewicki) & his wife Drewicke, Marianna Anna (nee Dolzen)

Pradzynski, Bernard

Roszak, Tomasz & his wife Roszak, Marianna (nee Dobrzyńska)


Cieszynski, Rev. Jan "John" Hieronim (Cieszyński)

Daszkowski, Rev. Hieronim

8. HENNEPIN COUNTY (Minneapolis)

The first Polish parish in Hennepin County was established in Northeast Minneapolis, in the early 1880’s. In 1886, the old St. Anthony church (built in 1851 as the first church of St. Anthony of Padua) was renovated & moved to land bought for the parish, becoming the first Holy Cross church. In 1892 this church was moved again and today’s larger Holy Cross church was built in it’s place. (DN)

Blazinski, Tomasz "Thomas" (Błażyński)

Blosky, Franciszek "Frank" (Zbłowski) & his wife Bloski, Marianne "Mary" (nee Dobeck)

Brzezinski, Leon A. (Brzeziński) & his wife Brzezinski, Dominika "Minnie" (nee Wirkus)

Dzieminski, Michał "Michael" (Dziemiński) & his 3rd wife Dzieminski, Justyna Augustina (nee Zbłowska)

Jazdzewski, Andrzej "Andrew / Henry" (Jażdżewski) & his wife Jazdzewski, Katarzyna Marianna (nee Winczewska)

Kosobucki, Marcin "Martin"

Kraft, Jozef "Joseph" & his wife Kraft, Zuzanna "Susanna" (nee Rumpza)

Pawelski, Katarzyna "Katherine" (nee Jakubek)

Pelowski, Paweł "Paul" & his wife Pelowski, Michelina "Paulina" (nee Milanowska)

Prodzinski, Paul & his wife, Prodzinski, Katarzyna (nee Piekarska)


Tibatowski (Trzebiatowski), Frank


St. Joseph Church was built in 1902 and was served as a mission church of St. Scholastica in Heidelberg until the first resident pastor came in 1948. The church was located in Lexington Township in rural Le Sueur County, where the cemetery still stands. The parish was merged with four other rural Catholic parishes in 2011 and the St. Joseph church building was sold to Le Sueur County Pioneer Association and moved to the grounds of Pioneer Power Association in Le Sueur County, Minnesota ( (DN)

Benzick, Wojciech "Albert" (Bińczyk) & his 2nd wife Bińczyk, Anna (nee Ziegenhagen)

Blank, Michał "Michael" & his wife Blank, Marianna "Mary" (nee Wirkus)

Cemensky, Franciszek "Frank" (Ciemiński) & his wife Cemensky, Katarzyna "Katherina" (nee Kozłowska)

Cysewski, Michael & his wife Cysewski, Barbara (nee Rekowska)

Dorzinski, Jakub "Jacob" (Dorszyński) & his wife Dorzinski, Rozalia "Rosalia" (nee Meger)

Ginter, Tomasz Z. & his wife Ginter, Anna (nee Wirkus)

Glisczinski, Michał "Michael" (Mrozek Gliszczyński) & his wife Glisczinski, Wiktoria "Victoria" Marianna (nee Wantoch Rekowska)

Gostomczik, Paul & his wife Gostomczik, Józefina (nee Ciemińska)

Holtz, Franciszek "Frank" Adam (Holz) & his wife Holtz, Antonia (nee Skiba)

Yutrzenka, Szczepan "Thomas" Tomasz (Jutrzenka Trzebiatowski)

Meger, Jan "John" Andrzej & his wife Meger, Jozefina (nee Ginter)

Meger, Marcin "Martin" & his wife Meger, Marianna "Mary" (nee Kruza)

Pelowski, Jan & his wife Pelowska, Katarzyna (nee Bińczyk)

Raschke, August & his wife Raschke, Weronika "Veronica" Monika (nee Jutrzenka Trzebiatowski)

Rekowski, Józef "Joseph" (Wantoch Rekowski) & his wife Rekowski, Ewa (nee Trzecińska)

Retka, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Retka, Justyna "Justina" (nee Cyman)

Ringwelski, Jan "John" & his wife Ringwelski, Józefina "Josie" (nee Golińska)

Singer, Adam "Joseph" Józef

Stipp, Jan "Theodore" Teodor (Styp Rekowski) & his wife Stipp, Elżbieta "Elizabetha" Katarzyna (nee Szyca)

Trzecinski, Martin & his wife Trzecinski, Mary (nee Gostomczyk)

Wirkus, Jan "John" & his wife Wirkus, Rozalia (nee Ringwelska)

Wirkus, Wojciech "Albert" & his wife Wirkus, Katarzyna "Catharine" (nee Trzebiatowska)


Gieldon, Juliusz "Julian" & his wife Gieldon, Marianna "Marie" (nee Ossowska)

Zalewski, Rev. Aleksander "Alexander" Ksawery


Hapka, Jakub "Jake" & his wife Hapka, Marianna "Mary" (nee Gawin)

Kaliszewski, Bernard Anastazy

Kamrowski, Leon "Louis"

Wirkus, Jozef

Wirkus, Michał "Michael" & his wife Wirkus, Weronika "Veronica" (nee Podlewska)


Gockowski, Jan & his wife Gockowski, Zuzanna (nee Trochowska)

Mielke, Johann

Waldoch, Joseph Walenty & his wife Waldoch, Marianna (nee Szczepanska0


Berendt, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Berendt, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Rutka)

Bonik, Michael & his wife Bonik, Marianna Katarzyna (nee Piekarska)

Borash, Stanislaus & his 3rd wife Borash, Martina (nee Zmuda Trzebiatowska NB Martina's 1st husband was Yanta, Vincenty

Cieminski, Kazimierz "Charles"

Cieminski, Jozef "Joseph" & his wife Cieminski, Elzbieta "Lizzie" (nee Borzyszkowska)

Cieminski, Maciej "Mathias" (Darzyn Ciemiński) & his wife Cieminski, Wiktoria "Victoria" Marianna (nee Meger)

Cimenski, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Cimenski, Elzbieta (nee Szypryt)

Ciminski, Jakub "Jack" (Ciemiński) & his wife Ciminski, Victoria (nee Stendek Modrzejewski)

Copa, Stephen & his wife Copa, Marianna Magdalena (nee Lemanczyk)

Deering, Jan "John" (Doering) & his wife Deering, Weronika "Veronica" (nee Prądzińska)

Deering, Martin & his wife Deering, Mary (nee Cieminski)

Domish, Anton (Domisz) & his wife Domish, Weronika "Veronica" (nee Olik)

Dorawa, Marcin "Martin" & his 2nd wife Dorawa, Marianna "Mary" (nee Błaszkowska?)

Ekman, Jan & his wife Ekman, Anna (nee Breza)

Ekman, Józef & his wife Ekman, Weronika (nee Ginter)

Ginter, Kazimierz "Charles" & his wife Ginter, Wiktoria "Victoria" (nee Szyca)

Ginter, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Ginter, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Wantoch Rekowska)

Ginter, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Ginter, Weronika "Veronica" (nee Wiczk)

Gostomske, Józef "Joe" Jan (Gostomski)

Hapka, Paul

Jazdzewski, Piotr "Peter" (Jażdżewski) & his wife Jazdzewski, Josie (nee Klepin)

Kaiser, August Franciszek & his wife Kaiser, Weronika "Veronica" Ksaweria (nee Knitter)

Kaiser, Jakub "Jacob" & his wife Kaiser, Anna (nee Trawicka)

Kedrowski, Augustyn "August" (Lew Kiedrowski) & his wife Kedrowski, Barbara (nee Ringwelska)

Kedrowski, Jan "John" (Kiedrowski) & his 1st wife Kedrowski, Roszalia (nee Wirkus) & his 2nd wife Kedrowski, Pauline (nee Wisnieska)

Kedrowski, Wawrzyniec "Laurenty" (Kiedrowski) & his wife Kedrowski, Katarzyna (nee Deręgowska)

Kedrowski, Wincenty "Vincent" (Lew Kiedrowski) & his wife Kedrowski, Weronika "Veronica" (nee Pażątka Lipińska)

Knopik, Antoni "Anton" & his wife Knopik, Marianna "Mary" (nee Herkowska)

Kosobucki, Wincenty "Vincent" & his wife Kosobucki, Katarzyna "Katherina" (nee ??

Kozlica, Paweł "Paul" (Koźlica) & his wife Kozlica, Marianna "Mary" (nee Ringwelska)

Krause, Albert & his wife, Krause, Veronica Floriana (nee Ringwelska)

Kruza, Franciszek "Frank"

Kuklinski, Paweł "Paul" Jacob (Kukliński)

Kulesza, Antoni & his wife Kulesza, Łucja "Lucia" (nee Kosobucka)

Lashinski, Bernard "Barney"

Lemanczik, Salomea (nee Jażdżewska)

Lepinski, Franciszek "Frank" Lepinski (Lipinski)

Ostrowski, Ignacy (Kop Ostrowski) & his wife Ostrowski, Weronika "Veronica" Wiktoria (nee Pażątka Lipińska)

Pażątka Pazatka Lipinski, Michael & his wife Pazatka Lipinski, Marianna (nee Byk Ciemińska)

Olick, Dominik (Olik) & his wife Olik, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Zmuda Trzebiatowska)

Olik, Jan "John" & his wife Olik, Veronica (nee Zelka)

Piekarski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Piekarski, Marianna (nee Sarnowska)

Piekarski, Stephen & his wife Piekarski, Anna (nee Byk Ciemińska)

Prodzinski, Paul & his wife Prodzinski, Katarzyna (nee Piekarska)

Prozinski, John (Depka Prądziński) & his wife Prozinski, Paulina "Polly" (nee Kuchinska)

Prozinski, Tomasz "Thomas" (Depka Prądziński) & his wife Prozinski, Weronika "Vernie" (nee Myszka)

Richter, Pawel "Paul" & his wife Richter, Marianna (nee Kozlica)

Ringwelski, Bartholomew John & his wife, Ringwelski, Mary (nee Dorawa)

Ringwelski, Frank & his wife Ringwelski, Elizabeth Josephine (nee Rymon Lipinski)

Ringwelski, Mathias & his wife Ringwelski, Pauline (nee Zmuda Trzebiatowska)

Ringwelski, Michael & his 2nd wife, Ringwelski, Anna (nee Prozinski)

Rutz, Ignatius (Ruca) & his wife Rutz, Mary (nee Dorawa)

Rutz, Martin & his wife Rutz, Susian (Szypryt)

Schreiber, Jan & his wife Schreiber, Julianna (nee Zblewska)

Smuda, Joseph (Zmuda Trzebiatowski) & his 1st wife Smuda, Marianna (nee Ciemińska) & his 2nd wife Smuda, Veronika (nee ?)

Smude, Augustyn "August" (Zmuda Trzebiatowski)

Smude, John M. (Zmuda Trzebiatowski) & his wife Smuda, Marcyanna S. (Gostomska)

Stoltman, Elisabeth (nee Ostrowska)

Stoltman, Marcin "August" Augustyn & his wife Stoltman, Anna (nee Kop Ostrowska)

Stoltman, Jacob & his wife Stoltman, Mary (nee Olik)

Szypryt, Antonina Magdalena

Szypryt, Jan "John"

Szypryt, Jakub & his wife Szypryt, Weronika (nee Żyłka)

Tandicki, Ignatz (Tandeczka) & his wife Tandicki, Mary Anna (nee Podlewska)

Trebiatowski, Marcin "Martin" Andrzej (Zmuda Trzebiatowski) & his wife Zmuda Trzebiatowski, Weronika (nee Szypryt)

Trebiatowski, Kazimierz "Charles" (Trzebiatowski) & his wife Trezbiatowska, Anna (nee Janta Lipińska), widow, former wife of Bukowski, Jan and Trzebiatowski, Kazimierz

Trebiatowski, Szczepan "Stephen" (Trzebiatowski) & his wife Trebiatowski, Ewa (nee Wirkus)

Wiczek, Michal "Michael" (Wiczk) & his wife Wiczek, Marianna (nee Schulz)

Wielinski, Martin (Wieliński) & his wife Wielinski, Frances Justina (nee Wielinska)

Wielinski, Simon

Wrobleski, Jan "John" (Wróbleski) & his wife Wrobleski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Schitz)

Yanta, Franciszek "Frank" Lipiński or Janta & his wife Yanta, Frances (nee Ekman)

Yanta, Vincent & his wife Borash, Martina (nee Zmuda Trzebiatowska) NB After the death of Vincent, Martina remarried Stanislaus Borash

Zmuda Trzebiatowski, August Franciszek & his wife Zmuda Trzebiatowska, Marianna (nee Ringwelska)

Zylka, Michał "Michael" (Żyłka) & his wife Zylka, Justyna "Justina" (nee Szyca)


Peplinski, Lawrence


The 1875 Minnesota State Census shows Kashubian families living in Otter Tail County, near where the town of Perham was incorporated in 1877. Among these were Kashubian families which had originally settled in Winona or in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. In 1881, the Polish parish of Saint Stanislaus Kostka was established there. Perham was not a “Kashubian” or even a “Polish” town, since the Kashubians were well outnumbered by Scandinavians and Western Europeans. But the parish of Saint Stanislaus Kostka served an established Polish community until it was closed in 2009. (JH)

Brzezinski, Jan (Brzeziński) & his wife Brzezinski, Josephine (nee Bronikowska)

Ceynowa, Paweł "Paul" Wojciech

Czapiewski, Paweł "Paul" (Żuroch Czapiewski) & his wife Victoria, Czapiewski (Żuroch Czapiewski) (nee Gierszewska)

Gornowicz, Marcin "Martin" (Górnowicz) & his wife Gornowicz, Agata "Agatha" (nee Pokrzywińska)

Januszewski, Andrzej Franciszek & his wife Januszewski, Augustyna (nee Stenzel)

Jezewski, Nicholas (Jeżewski) & his wife Jezewski, Katarzyna "Kathryn" (nee Wardyn)

Kukowski, Gottfred

Lepak, Maciej "Mathew" & his wife Lepak, Anna (nee Hak)

Lizakowski, Jan "John" & his wife Lizakowski, Justina (nee Czapiewski)

Lonski, Wincenty "Vincent" & his wife Lonski, Eva (nee Perszyk)

Lurbetzski, Jan "John" (Lorbiecki) & his wife [[Paulina Lurbetzski Lurbetzski, Paulina (nee Wardyn)]

Ososki, Teofil "Philip" (Ossowski)

Palubicki, Andrzej "Andrew" (Pałubicki) & his wife Palubicki, Zuzanna "Susanna" (nee Gandera or Grunda)

Paschke, Jozef "Joseph" & his wife Paschke, Dorota "Dora" (nee Labuda)

Paschke, Katherine (nee Perszyk)

Perszyk, Michal & his wife Perszyk, Julianna (nee Detlaff)

Perszyk, Pawel "Paul"

Pokezwinski, Adam (Pokrzywiński) & his wife Pokezwinski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Zblewska)

Rogalla, Paweł "Paul" (Rogala) & his wife Rogalla, Marianna (nee Czapiewska)

Rogalski, Juliusz "Julius"

Schreiber, Jan & his wife Schreiber, Julianna (nee Zblewska)

Sprafka, Mikolaj & his wife Sprafka, Jozefina (nee Bielawska)

Zblewski, Tomasz "Thomas" & his wife Zblewski, Weronika "Veronica" (nee Rafińska)


Betker, Joseph William & his wife Betker, Antonia "Anne" (nee Dunaiski)

Hintz, Jan "John" Franciszek (Hinc) & his wife Hintz, Antonia (nee Blaszkowska)

18. RAMSEY COUNTY (St. Paul)

The mother Polish parish of Ramsey County was the parish of St. Adalbert, founded in 1881. The first church was an existing church bought & moved by the Poles, to the area that became known as "Wojciechowo" (within what is known today as the Frogtown neighborhood, in the city of St. Paul – today’s St. Adalbert church was dedicated in 1911). The county Kashubian population was split between the urban Wojciechowo neighborhood and rural New Brighton where the St. John the Baptist parish was founded in 1902. (DN)

Boniecki, Piotr "Peter" (Bruniecki)

Dziminski, Wojciech "Albert" (Dziemiński) & his wife Dziminsky, Marianna "Mary" Katarzyna (nee Hintz)

Drobinski, Paweł "Paul" (Drobiński) & his wife Drobinski, Faustina (nee Literska)

Grudnowski, Jan "John" & his wife Grudnowski, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Błaszkowska)

Jajeski, Rev. Henry (Jażdżewski)

Januschefski, Tomasz "Thomas" (Januszewski) & his wife Januschefski, Anna (nee Gółgowska)

Jasinski, Jan "John" (Jasiński) & his wife Jasinski, Marianna "Marie" (nee Witkowska)

Jereczek, Paweł "Paul" Jakub

Kozlowski, Anna (nee Podlewski)

Kuchinski, Jakub "Jacob" (Kuczynski) & his wife Kuchinski, Salomea (nee Ceshowiez)

Kurkowski, Jan "John"

Laska, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Laska, Marianna "Mary" (nee Polaszek)

Laska, Wawrzyniec "Lawrence"

Lepak, August

Maykoski, Piotr "Peter" (Majkowski) & his wife Maykoski, Franciszka (nee Majer)

Meyer, Jozef "Joseph"

Modrzejewski, Jan & his wife Modrzejewski, Rozalia "Mary" (nee Ginter)

Moga, Benedict & his wife Moga, Victoria (nee Polaszek)

Niemczyk, Elżbieta "Elizabeth" (nee Majkowska)

Niemczyk, Jan Jakub "John"

Niemczyk, Karol "Charles" Niemczyk

Olchefske, Michał "Michael" (Olszewski) & his wife Olchefske, Marianna "Mary" Anna (nee Tyma)

Olszewski, Anthony

Olszewski, Jan "John" & his wife Olszewski, Franciska "Frances" (nee Skiba)

Polaszek, Antoni "Anton" & his wife Polaszek, Magdalina (nee Jutrzenka)

Prudenski, Paweł (Prądziński)

Schutta, Józef "Joseph" (Szuta) & his wife Schutta, Julianna (nee Lewanczyk)

Skiba, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Skiba, Marianna (nee Kukla)

Szulist, Ignacy "Ignatius" (Schulist)

Tima, Jan "John" (Tyma) & his wife Tima, Józefina "Josepha" (nee Polaszek)

Timm, Krystian "Christian" (Tima)

Trawicki, Walenty "Valentine" Piotr & his wife Trawicki, Marianna "Mary" (nee Dziemińska)

Trzebiatowski, August & his wife Trzebiatowski, Pauline Veronica (nee Skiba)

Waldoch, John & his wife Waldoch, Mary (nee Dalton)

Waldoch, Paweł "Paul" Peter & his wife Waldoch, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Tima)

Waldoch, Thomas & his wife Waldoch, Magdalena H. (nee Literska)

Windorpski, Joseph & his wife Windorpska, Elisabeth (nee Rolbiecka)

Zywicki, Albert & his wife Żywicka, Marianna (Mary) (nee Kolińska) Mary died in Renfrew, Ontario and Albert is later found in Ramsey Co., Mn.


The destination of the late 19th century Kashubian migration to the Roseau County area, centers around the townships of Barto & Polonia. Many of these settlers were second generation immigrant, born and raised in the Winona/Trempealeau County area. Saint Aloysius Catholic Church was organized in 1898, in the area known as Leo, located in western Barto Township. The first Mass was celebrated in the home of Anton Kukowski in 1897. In 1898, the church was built on ten acres of land donated by John Kaszubowski and the cemetery adjoins the church. The church closed in 1998 although special services are held throughout the year. Due to the transportation difficulties in those early days, Leo (non-incorporated municipality) became the heart of the community, where postal service, a store and St. Aloysius Catholic Church were located. With today’s transportation capability, the center has moved to the town of Greenbush, where Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church & Cemetery are located. (DN)

Blawat, Frank (Bławat) & his wife Blawat, Elisabeth (nee Gierszewska)

Cybulski, Andrew & his wife Cybulski, Mary (nee Ossowska)

Dolney, Bonifacy "Ben" (Dolny) & his wife Dolney, Margaret (nee ?)

Duray, Józef "Joseph" (Duraj) & his wife Duray, Marianna "Mary" (nee Wysocka)

Efta, John Albert (Hefta) & his wife Efta, Kathryn Agusta (nee Trzebiatowska)

Gonshorowski, Adam

Gonshorowski, Marcin "Martin"

Gonshorowski, Michal Franciszek "Mike"

Gonshorowski, Paul (Gonsiorowski) & his wife Gonshorowska, Marianna (nee Pilanz)

Kalinowski, Jan "John" & his wife Kalinowski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Ruczinska)

Kaszubowski, Jan "John" Antoni

Kukowski, Anton & his wife Kukowski, Elzbieta (nee Schreiber)

Landowski, Simon & his wife Landowski, Julia (nee Ossowska)

Lasniewski, Gotlieb (Leśniewski) & his wife Lasniewski, Anna (nee Gonshorowska)

Lorbiecki, John & his wife Lorbiecki, Mary (nee Wika)

Lubinski, Franciszek "Frank" (Lubiński) & his wife Lubinsk, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Kowzitsa)

Maikowski, Jan "John" Adam (Majkowski) & his wife Maikowski, Bibianna (nee Kukowska)

Mlodzik, Franciszek "Frank" Xavier (Młodzik) & his wife Mlodzik, Józefina (Josephine) (nee Thomas)

Mooney, Andrzej "Andrew" (Pieniążek) & his wife Mooney, Marianna "Mary" (nee Wróbleska)

Myszka, Jan "John" Maciej & his wife Myszka, Marianna "Mary" (nee Meger)

Narloch, Jan "John" & his wife Narloch, Weronika "Veronica" (nee Jazewska)

Pelowski, Andrzej "Andrew" & his wife Pelowski, Anna (nee Kukowska)

Peplinski, Jakub "Jacob" & his wife Peplinski, Marcianna "Mary" (nee Knitter)

Piekarski, Leo & his wife Piekarski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Pokrzywińska)

Piotrowski, Stanislaw & his wife Piotrowski, Agnes (nee Kosmatka)

Pulczinski, Mikołaj "Nicholas" (Półczyński) & his wife Pulczinski, Marianna (Mary) (nee Kiedrowicz)

Riske, Theodore (Reszka) & his wife Riske, Marianna "Mary" (nee Nakielska)

Sikorski, Adam Jozef & his wife Sikorski, Wanda (nee Wykowska)

Stanislawski, Józef "Joseph" Maciej (Stanisławski) & his wife Stanislawski, Augustyna (nee Mężyk)

Teske, Albert & his 2nd wife Teske, Julia (nee Janikowska)

Wirkus, Franciszek "Frank" & his 1st wife Wirkus, Anna (nee Wisinska) & his 2nd wife Wirkus, Mary A. (nee Briska)

Wojciechowski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Wojciechowski, Mary A. (nee Briska)

Wojciechowski, Theodore & his wife Wojciechowski, Dominica (nee ?)

Zabrocki, Gration "Gracian" Harry & his wife Zabrocki, Pelagia "Tillie" (nee Stanislawska)


By the 1870’s, Polish settlers could be found throughout St. Louis County. It appears that the largest group of Kashubian settlers in the county, are farmers just north of the city of Duluth, in Gnesen & Rice Lake Townships. In 1876 the first St. Joseph’s mission church was built in Gnesen Township of logs, with the help of these settlers. Today’s St. Joseph church is in the Duluth Roman Catholic Diocese and administered though the St. John the Evangelist church in Duluth. (WEBSITE) (DN)

Blavet, Tomasz "Thomas" (Bławat) & his wife Blavet, Elżbieta "Elizabeth" (nee Jezierska)

Czarnowski, Izydor "Isidor" Wojciech & his wife Czarnowski, Marianna (nee Cichosz)

Dziminski, Augustyn "August" Jan (Dziemiński) & his wife Dziminski, Katarzyna "Katherine" (nee Literska)

Jakubek, Michał "Michael" (Jażąbek) & his wife Jakubek, Franciszka (nee Knitter)

Jazdzewski, Jan "John" Anton (Jażdżewski) & his wife Jazdzewski, Justyna "Augustena" (nee Knitter)

Klonoski, Marcin "Martin" (Klonowski) & his wife Klonoski, Katarzyna "Cecelia" Cecylia (nee Prądzińska)

Labuda, Jacob & his wife Labuda, Augustyna (nee Treder)

Lepak, Marcin "Martin" & his wife Lepak, Józefina "Josefina" (nee Knitter)

Lepak, Pawel & his wife Lepak, Katarzyna (nee Kolczyk)

Lepak, Paweł "Paul" P. & his wife Lepak, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Kolczyk)

Lepak, Symeon "Simon" P. Samuel & his wife Lepak, Agatha Anne (nee Labuda)

Literski, Wojciech "George" & his wife Literski, Mary (nee Wozniak)

Kobus, Jan & his wife Kobus, Joanna (nee Zblewska)

Olszewski, Bartholomew & his wife Olszewski, Mary (nee Koslakowicz)

Prodzinski, Szymon "Simon" Teofil (Pluto Prądziński) & his wife Prodzinski, Anna Tekla (nee Stanisławska)

Rutka, Apolonia "Paulina" (nee Skiba)

Sadowski, Kazimierz & his wife Sadowski, Anna (nee Kołczyk)

Sadowski, Marianna Magdalena (nee Januszewska)

Schitiza, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Dziemińska)

Sink, Marianna (nee Zblewska)

Stanislawski, Jan "John" Franciszek (Stanisławski) & his wife Stanislawski, Franciszka "Frances" Marie (nee Franckowiak)

Tarnowski, Anton & his 3rd wife Tarnowski, Marianna "Mary" Rozalia (nee Brylowska)

Trader, Franciszek "Frank" Andrzej (Treder)

Trader, Jan "John" (Treder) & his wife Trader, Barbara (nee Literska)

Zblewski, Jan & his wife Zblewski, Jozefina (nee Schulz)

Zbroski, Józef "Joseph" (Zbrowski) & his wife Zbroski, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Masłoch)


Ginter, Marcin "Martin" & his wife Ginter, Waleria "Valeria" (nee Hopa)


Landowski, Maciej "Matt" (Lendowski)

Landowski, Marcin "Martin" (Lendowski) & his wife Landowski, Marcianna (nee Żywicka)

Rafinski, Franciszek "Frank" (Rafiński) & his wife Rafinski, Łucja "Lucy" (nee Bednarska)


In 1901 the cornerstone was laid for the St. John Cantius Polish Parish at St. Cloud in Stearns County. It was originally organized as a Polish National Catholic church and in 1957 became a Roman Catholic church. (DN)

Binczik, Ignacy (Bińczyk) & his 2nd wife Binczik, Josephine (nee Wiśniewska)

Brick, Joanna "Johanna" (nee Milanowska)

Courtney, Rosalie (nee Mollin)

Glizinski, Florian J. (Chamier Gliszczyński)

Hermann, Agatha (nee Mollin)

Kitowski, Tomasz "Thomas" & his wife Kitowski, Franciszka "Frances" (nee Milanowska)

Kloskowski, Anton

Krefta, Jan "John" & his wife Krefta, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Urbańska)

Mollins, Veronica (nee Prądzińska) widow

Prondzinski, Jan "John" (Prądziński) & his wife Prondzinski, Theophlia (nee Milanowska)

Trzebiatowski, Piotr "Peter" (Jutrzenka Trzebiatowski) & his wife Trzebiatowski, Mary A. (nee Barendt)

Zabinski, Antoni (Żabiński)


The first Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Owatonna, Steele County, was dedicated in 1868. In 1891 the predominantly Irish & German members of the parish, split off & built the first St. Joseph Church. This left a Sacred Heart parish of predominantly of Czechs & Poles until 1902, when the Polish members split off, building St. Hyacinth Polish Catholic Church. In 1952 St Hyacinth was closed and the mainly Polish congregation, merged with St Joseph Parish. (DN)

Bruski, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Bruski, Katarzyna "Kate" (nee Wrycza)

Budnik, Antoni

Cieszynski, Ignacy Mikołaj (Ignatz Nicholas) & his wife Cieszynski, Augustyna (Augusta) (nee Sobisz)

Cieszinski, Jan "John" Stanisław (Cieszyński) & his wife Cieszinski, Katherine (nee Strizel)

Cieszinski, Michał "Michael" Wojciech (Cieszyński) & his wife Cieszinski, Anna (nee Stark)

Ginter, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Ginter, Alvina Karolina (nee Gaul)

Machut, Jan "John" Józef & his wife Machut, Teresa Agnieszka (nee Cieszyńska)

Mizik, Jan "John" (Myzyk) & his wife Mizik, Magdalena "Maggie" (nee Leszczyńska)

Mizik, Mikołaj "Nick" (Myzyk)

Orlowski, Józef "Joseph" (Orłowski) & his wife Orlowski, Julianna (nee Wrycza)

Stoltman, Jan "John"

Swieda, Marcin "Martin" (Szweda) & his wife Swieda, Wiktoria "Victoria" (nee Pelowska)


In 1879 a group of Polish people, mostly from St Paul and Hastings, settled in New Posen (now Edison Township, Swift County, Minnesota). By 1887 the little colony had grown to nineteen families and they decided to build a church. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Blahosky, Sr. donated five acres of land to be used for the site of Saint Joseph Church and Cemetery. In 1944 the church was moved into Holloway, which is in Moyer Township, leaving just the cemetery. Around 1990 the church closed in Holloway and consolidated with Saint John Catholic Church in Appleton, MN, who is now the custodian and maintains the cemetery grounds. ( (DN)

Fajtek vel Fietek, Paweł

Glisky, Michał "Mike" (Chamier Gliszczyński) & his 2nd wife Glisky, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Kurkowska)

Kurkowski, Józef "Joseph" Teodor

Jezewski, Szymon "Simon" (Jeżewski) & his wife Jezewski, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Szala)

Mrozik, Martin Albert & his wife Mrozik, Marianna "Mary" (nee Daszkowska)

Rudnick, Jan "John" (Rudnik) & his wife Rudnick, Marianna (nee Łukowicz)

Zinda, Józef "Joseph" (Żynda) & his wife Zinda, Augustina (Justina) (nee Steep)


The Catholic Parish of St. Joseph, in the town of Browerville in Todd County, was founded sometime in the early to mid 1880’s, by Polish & German families and the first church of St. Joseph was built in the early 1890’s. In 1895 the Germans split off from the parish and built St. Peter’s Catholic Church the next year. In 1978 the St. Peter’s church closed and the two parishes merged. With the merge, the St. Joseph church, which was completed in 1909, was renamed, Christ the King Catholic Church. (DN)

Mashke, Marcin "Martin" (Maszk) & his wife Mashke, Katarzyna "Katherine" (nee Jażdżewska)

Maszke, Wojciech "Albert" (Maszk) & his wife Maszke, Marianna "Mary" Apolonia (nee Wałdoch)

Opitz, Marianna (nee Ulick)

Peplinski, Casimir & his wife Peplinski, Anna (nee Stanka)

Szlagowska, Juliana (nee Thrun)

Thrun, Józef "Joseph" (Trun)

Thrun, Wiktoria (nee Kurs)

Thrun, Wincenty "Vincent"

Ulick, Józef "Joseph" Grzegorz (Olik & his wife Ulick, Katarzyna "Katherine" (nee Borzyszkowska)

Ulick, Szczepan "Stephan" (Olik) & his wife Olik, Józefina (nee Czapiewska)


Kiedrowski, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Dorawa)


Kurkowski, Andrzej "Andrew" Maciej & his wife Kurkowski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Ikert)

Kurkowski, Szymon "Joseph" Józef & his wife Kurkowski, Rozalia "Rosa" (nee Dulek)

Pestka, Franciszek 'Frank'

Pestka, Maciej 'Mathew' & his wife Pestka, Regina Cecylia (nee Gabriel)


Rumpza, Jozef & his wife Rumpza, Elzbieta "Elizabeth" (nee Rumpca)

B. Wisconsin

1. BROWN COUNTY (Green Bay)

Laskowski, Jozef & his wife Laskowski, Katarzyna (nee Engelbrycht)

Lilla, Joseph

Peplinski, Valentine (Pepliński) & his wife Peplinski, Aleksandra (nee Kila)

Pryba, Stefan "Stephan"

Redzinski, Rozalia (nee Edel)

Rhode, Paweł "Paul" Piotr, Rev.

Warden, Paweł "Paul" (Wardyń) & his wife Warden, Apolonia (nee Kiżewska)


Gappa, Maciej

Tempski, Leo Albert)


Klismet, Jakub & his wife Klismet, Jozefina (nee Zuromska)

Pashilke, Jan


Pradzynski, Józef "Joseph" (Pluto Prądziński)


Kluck, Maciej "Mathias" (Kluk) & his wife Kluck, Anna (nee Mądra)


Brzeski, Jan

Ceman, Augustyn "August" (Ziemann) & his wife Ceman, Apolonia Paulina (nee Quandt)

Chappa, Franciszek & his wife Chappa, Paulina (nee Grota)

Chappa, Jacob & his wife Chappa, Julianna (nee Rychert)

Chappa, Michal & his wife Chappa, Katarzyna (nee Grota)

Chappa, Mikolaj & his wife Chappa, Marianna (nee Pioch)

Derra, Valentine (Dera) & his wife Derra, Rozalia (nee Plichta)

Dorawa, Jan & his wife Dorawa, Anna (nee Styp Rekowska)

Eichman, Jozef "Joseph"

Eichman, Paweł "Paul" (Ekmann) & his wife Eichman, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Treder)

Grota, Adam & his wife Grota, Augusta (nee Wichkowska)

Grota, Jacob Felician

Hoppa, Andrzej

Jezewski, Michał "Michael" (Jeżewski) & his wife Jezewski, Katherine Anastasia (nee Domagalska)

Kaszubowski, Antoni

Kaminski, Ignacy "Egnatus" (Kamiński) & his wife Kaminska, Franciszka (nee Hinz)

Kurkowski, Franciszek "Frank" Stanisław & his wife Kurkowski, Anna Marianna (nee Borzyszkowska)

Markowski, Jozefina (nee Choppa)

Mazsick, Michał "Michael" (Mezek) & his wife Mazsick, Ewa "Mary" Marianna (nee Wolska)

Michalowski, Franciszek

Myszka, Franciszek & his wife Myszka, Jozefina (nee Wolska)

Nigbor, Maciej "Matthias" (Neubauer) & his wife Nigbor, Elżbieta "Elizabeth" (nee Brzoskowska)

Piechowski, Antoni

Piechowski, Marcin "Martin" & his wife Piechowski, Marianna "Mary" (nee ???)

Piekarski, Andrzej "Andrew"

Piekarski, Michał "Michael"

Piekarski, Paweł "Paul" Łukasz

Pioch, Katarzyna (nee Wejer)

Seaman (Cyman), Frank & his wife Seaman, Anna (nee Chappa)

Seaman (Cyman) Ignacy Mikolaj "Nick" & his wife Seaman, Anna (nee Domaszek)

Sroka, Katarzyna (nee Wolska)

Styp, Augustyn "August" Wojciech (Styp Rekowski) & his wife Styp, Julianna "Julia" (nee Czaja)

Treder, Jan "John" & his wife Treder, Susan (nee Brzeska)

Treder, Wojciech "Albert" & his wife Treder, Helen (nee Brzeska)

Walkush, Jan "John" (Walkusz) & his wife Walkush, Barbara (nee Hoppa)


Demenski, Piotr "Peter" Maciej (Dziemiński) & his wife Demenski, Barbara (nee Zalewska)

Schulist, Piotr "Peter" Paweł (Szulist) & his wife Schulist, Anna (Nee Dąbrowska)


Chapiewsky, Joseph & his wife Chapiewsky, Josephine (nee Mądra Dąbrowska)

Narloch, Mikolaj & his wife Narloch, Marianna "Mary" (nee Czapiewska)

Norlinsky, Franciszek "Frank"

Pretasky, Franciszek "Francis" (Przytarski)

Przytarski, Stanisław "Stanislaus" & his wife Przytarski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Wera)

Wera, Krystian "Christian" (Werra) & his wife Wera, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Maszk)


Czapiewski, Tomasz (Żuroch Czapiewski)


Bloczynski, Antonia "Anna" (nee Lepak)

Bloczynski, Jan "John" James (Błoczyński) & his 2nd wife Bloczynski, Wiktorya "Victoria" (nee Czapiewska vel Literska)

Cherek, Joseph & his wife Cherek, Anne (nee Wojak)

Cychosz, Marcin "Martin" (Cichosz) & his wife Cychosz, Rozalia (nee Zielińska)

Czech, Maciej "Mathias"

Fierek, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Fierek, Marianna "Mary" (nee Osowska)

Filtz, Peter & his wife Filtz, Victoria (nee Olszewski)

Grulkowski, Franciszek "Frank"

Grulkowski, Marianna (nee Flickowska)

Hamerski, Paweł (Paul) & his wife Hamerski, Mary (nee Mrochinska)

Hintz, Michał (Hinz) & his wife Hintz, Elżbieta Serafina (nee Karpińska)

Klawinski, Józef "Joseph"

Kostka, John & his wife Kostka, Natalie (nee Wojciechowsk)

Kropidlowski, Jan "John" (Kropidłowski) & his wife Kropidlowski, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Bielawa)

Kropidłowska, Marianna (nee Piepiórka)

Kuklinski, Jan

Kuklinski, Jan "John"

Lake, August Mikołaj (Leik)

Lake, Jakub "Jacob" Franciszek (Leyk)

Lake, Jan "John" Marcin (Leik)

Lepak, Teodor "Theodore"

Lipinski, Tomasz "Thomas" (Lipiński)

Literski, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Literska, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Zmuda Trzebiatowska

Literski, Jan "John" & his wife Literski, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Kulas)

Litza, Maciej & his wife Litza, Marta "Martha" (nee Thrun)

Litzer (Litza), Wincenty "Vincent"

Lukowicz, Augustyn "August" (Łukowicz) & his wife Lukowicz, Augustyna "Augusta" (nee Kropidłowska)

Mientki, Jan "John" (Miętki) & his wife Mientke, Rosalia (nee Nykiel)

Milanowski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Milanowski, Barbara (nee Firek)

Modrzejewski, Wojciech "Albert" & his wife Modrzejewski, Marianna (nee Kobierzyńska)

Myszka, Jacob Frank & his wife Myszka, Anna (nee Bloczynski)

Narloch, Leon

Narloch, Paweł "Paul" & his wife Narloch, Marianna (nee Odyja)

Nowacki, Albert & his wife Nowacki, Mary (nee Holz)

Prodzinski, Paul & his wife Bobber, Marianna "Mary" (nee Stanisławska)

Retka, Stephen & his 2nd wife Retka, Magdalena (nee Lipinski)

Rogalla, Wojciech "Albert" (Rogala) & his wife Rogalla, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Narloch)

Rzepinski, Antoni 'Anton' & his wife Rzepinski, Józefina 'Josephine' (nee Lemańczyk)

Sikorski, Piotr "Peter" & his wife Sikorski, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee ?)

Sliwicki, Franciszek "Frank"

Stencil, Jan "John" (Stenzel)

Trzebiatowski, Tomasz "Thomas" (Zmuda Trzebiatowski) & his wife Trzebiatowski, Józefina (nee Kiedrowska)

Tuszkowski, Wawrzyniec "Lawrence" & his wife Tuszkowski, Marianna (nee Olszewska)

Urmanski, Franciszka

Wierzba, Jan "John" & his wife Wierzba, Paulina (nee Szulta)

Windorpski, Krzysztof "Christ" & his wife Windorpska, Marianna "Mary" (nee Orlikowska)

Wirkus, Joseph

Wisniewski, Anton & his wife Wisniewski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Kulesza)

Wroblewski, Michał "Michael" (Wróblewski) & his wife Wroblewski, Dominika (nee Drzewicka)

Wrycza, Ignacy Walenty (Wrycz Rekowski) & his wife Wrycza, Jozefina Magdalena (nee Cyrzan)

Wysocki, Feliks "Felix"

Wysocki, Franciszek "Frank"


Czucha, Michał "Michael" & his wife Czucha, Paulina Anna (nee Żywicka)

Darga, Theodore

Jeżewski, Jakub (Jacob) & his wife Jeżewski, Wiktoria 'Victoria' (nee Korynta)

Slominski, Wincenty "Vincent" (Słomiński) & his wife Slominski, Anna Barbara (nee Czucha)

Zinda (Zynda), Jan 'John' & his wife Zinda (Zynda) Marianna 'Mary' (nee Jeżewska)


The Poles who settled in Milwaukee came overwhelmingly from the German ruled provinces of Posen, Silesia and the Baltic seacoast (Pomerania). Jones Island, a peninsula located underneath the Hoan Bridge, began as a fishing village populated by fishing trade, Polish settlers from the Kaszube Baltic seacoast region in 1870's. The Kashubians created a commercial fishing village, working Lake Michigan for decades. They were squatters, but nobody wanted the land at the time. The Kashubians were evicted from the island by the city of Milwaukee in the 1940s and many moved to nearby South Side Milwaukee neighborhoods. In 1974, a tiny "Kaszube's Park" on the northwest side of Jones Island was dedicated in recognition of the unique multi-ethnic fishing village that flourished on this peninsula during the late 19th and 20th centuries and played a significant role in the city's history. Other early Kashubian farming & trades families, can be found in the near South Side (“Polonia” - St. Stanislaus parish), Lincoln Village (Basilic of St. Josaphat parish) and the Upper & Lower East Side (St. Hedwig parish) neighborhoods of Milwaukee. The following is a link to Catholic cemeteries in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee CEMETERY LINK (DN)

Adamczyk, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Adamczyk, Justyna (nee Domach)

Baczynski, Szymon (Baczyński) & his wife Baczynski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Kosidowska)

Bialk, Jan "John"

Bielawa, Brygida "Brigitta" (nee Burandt)

Bielinski, Jan 'John' & his wife Bielinski, Marianna 'Mary' (nee Westfal)

Biesek, Michal

Bieszk, Michal

Birna, Maciej "Matthew" (Berna) & his wife Birna, Brygida "Bridget" (nee Paszylk)

Blaskowski, Wincenty "Vincent" (Blaszkowski) & his wife Blaskowski, Franciszka "Frances" (nee Kuplinska)

Blawat, Jan & his wife Blawat, Jozefina "Josephine" (nee Treder)

Blawat, Jan "John" (Bławat) & his wife Blawat, Anna (nee Bielawa)

Blawat, Rosalia (nee Piankowska)

Bloom, Jan "John" (Kosobucki)

Bojanowski, Jan "John" & his wife Bojanowski, Helena (nee Żywicka)

Bolda, Jozef Franciszek "Joseph" & his wife Bolda, Krystyna Katarzyna "Christina" (nee Trendel)

Borchardt, Joseph & his wife [Mary Borchardt (nee Kaczynski?)]

Borkowski, Jozef "Joseph" & his wife Borkowska, Katarzyna (nee Sulewska)

Borzyszkowski, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Borzyszkowski, Valeria (nee Borkowska)

Borzyszkowski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Borzyszkowska, Katarzyna (nee Reszczyńska)

Borzyskowski, Julian Kazimierz (Wyszk Borzyszkowski)

Bruski, Wojciech (Albert) & his wife Bruski, Rose (nee Mesik ?)

Budzisz, Augustyn "August" Jakub & his wife Budzisz, Anna Marianna (nee Budzisz)

Budzisz, Augustyn & his wife Budzisz, Marcyanna (nee Kleba)

Budzisz, Jozef & his wife Budzisz, Anna Krystyna "Christina" (nee Konkol)

Burczyk, Franciszka (nee Kuszewska)

Burczyk, Jan "John" & his wife Burczyk, Anna (nee Wroblewska)

Burczyk, Stephan (Borczyk)

Burczyk, Wincenty "Vincent" & his wife Burczyk, Cecylia "Cecelia" (nee Kizeminska)

Burlowski, Jan "John" & his wife Burlowski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Uznańska)

Cera, Paweł "Paul" J. (Cyra) & his wife Cera, Katarzyna Dorota (nee Cieplin)

Cichosz, Wojciech "Albert" & his wife Cichosz, Albertina (nee Węsierska)

Cierzan, Michał "Michael" (Cyrzan)

Cierzan (Czyrzan) Walenty 'Valentine' & his wife Cierzan, Wiktoria 'Victoria' (nee Sławna)

Cisewski, Szymon "Simon" (Cysewski) & his wife Cisewski, Elżbieta "Elizabeth" (nee Żywicka)

Ciszewski, Michal "Michael"

Cobus, Wawrzyniec "Lawrence" (Kobus)

Cyra, Karol "Karl" Augustyn Józef

Cyra, Teofil Jan & his wife Cyra, Matylda "Mathilda" (nee Karczewska)

Czapiewski, Augustyn "August" Jan & his wife Czapiewski, Franciszka "Frances" Marianna (nee Ruchniewicz)

Czapiewski, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Czapiewski, Veronica (nee Ponczek)

Czapiewski, Ignacy "Ignatius" Bartłomiej & his wife Czapiewski, Antonia (nee Zynda)

Czaplewski, Jakub "Jacob" & his wife Czaplewski, Teofilia (nee Maciejewska)

Czarkowski, Karol & his wife Czarkowski, Franciszka 'Frances' (nee Patzer)

Czecholinski, Marcin "Martin" (Czecholiński)

Czecholinski, Piotr & his wife Czecholinski, Augustyna (nee Sulewska)

Czecholinski, Theodore & his wife Czecholinska, Lucja "Lucy" (nee Myszewska)

Czupa, Jan "John"

Czuppa, Szczepan & his wife Czuppa, Pauline (nee Quandt)

Daminer, Albina (nee Treder)

Daszkowski, Walenty "Valentine"

Depka, Jan "John"

Dettlaff, Katarzyna (nee Oberzich)

Dettloff, Augustyn "August" (Dettlaff) & his wife Dettloff, Anna (nee Fabicz)

Dolna, Katarzyna "Katherine" (nee Łążyńska)

Domach, Tomasz 'Thomas' & his wife Domach, Anastazja 'Anastasia' (nee Wojdaman) (see Anastasia's profile for variations in the spelling of birth name)

Domachowski, Jacob Marcus & his wife Domachowski, Marjanna (nee Radomska)

Domagalski, Frank

Dombrowski, Tomasz "Thomas" (Dąbrowski) & his wife Dombrowski, Rozalia "Rose" Agniszka (nee Milewska)

Dorszynski, Maciej "Mathias" (Dorszyński) & his wife Dorszynski, Dorota (nee Janta Połczyńska)

Dorszynski, Szczepan "Stephen" (Dorszyński) & his wife Dorszynski, Rozalia "Rozalie" (nee Butzlaff)

Drewek, Jan "John"

Drewek, Marianna (nee Lemanczyk)

Drewek, Michał "Michael" & his wife Drewek, Katarzyna "Katherine" (nee Weltrowska)

Drewek, Piotr "Peter" & his wife Drewek, Maryanna "Mary" (nee Zbylicka)

Drobinski, Jakub "Jacob" (Drobiński) & his wife Drobinski, Elżbieta "Elizabeth" (nee Popielarska)

Drzewicki, Jan "John" & his wife Drzewicki, Julianna (nee Gostomska)

Durawa, Mateusz "Mathew" (Dorawa & his wife Durawa, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Kulas)

Dzieminski, Andrzej "Andrew" (Dziemiński) & his wife Dzieminski, Franciszka "Frances" (nee Literska)

Dzieminsk, Jakub "Jacob"i (Dziemiński)

Elent, Jan (John) & his wife Elent, Franciszka (Frances) (nee Kasperska)

Erdmann, Józef "Joseph" (Erdman) & his wife Erdman, Lucia (nee Wyrowinska)

Eron, Józef "Joseph" Joachim & his wife Eron, Augustyna "Augusta" (nee Pionkowska)

Ertmanczyk, Kazimierz "Kasimir" (Erdmańczyk) & his wife Ertmanczyk, Pauline (nee Kiedrowska)

Feltz, Franciszek & his wife Feltz, Augustyna (nee Szczepanska)

Fliss, August Christian (Flis) & his wife Fliss, Barbara (nee Jakubek)

Fliss, Marcin "Martin" (Flis) & his wife Fliss, Antonina (nee Schudtek)

Fojut, Jan "John" & his 2nd wife Fojut, Katarzyna (Katherine) (nee Borzyszkowska)

Fojut, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Pastwa)

Freda, Jan "John" & his wife Freda, Joanna "Anna" (nee Jędrzejewska)

Frymark, Jan "John" & his wife Frymark, Justyna Marianna (nee Kosidowska)

Frymark Kazimierz 'Charles' & his wife Frymark, Anna 'Annie' (nee Pestka)

Frymark, Michał "Michael" & his wife Frymark, Antonina (nee Rolbiecka)

Frymark, Michał 'Michael' & his wife Frymark, Marianna 'Mary' (nee Żywicka)

Frymark, Paweł "Paul" & his wife Frymark, Ksaweria "Xaveria" (nee Kolińska)

Frymark, Tekla Teresa (nee Chamier Ciemińska)

Gadzikowski, Antoni 'Anton' & his wife Gadizkowski, Józefina 'Josephine' (nee Westfal)

Gadzikowska, Antonia (nee Słomińska)

Galewski, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Galewski, Józefina "Jozefa" (nee Kropidłowska)

Galewski, Jan "John" Jakub

Galewski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Galewski, Marianna (nee Czupa)

Galewski, Józef "Joseph" Antoni

Gavin, Barbara (nee Drzewicka)

Gawin, Jakub "Jacob" & his wife Gawin, Magdalena (nee Sikorska)

Gawin, Jan "John"

Gawin, Paweł & his wife Gawin, Wiktoria (nee Górecka)

Gawin, Stanislaw & his wife Gawin, Marianna (nee Libecki)

Gerszewski, Andrzej "Andrew" (Gierszewski) & his wife Gerszewski, Helen (nee Miller)

Gierszewski, Andrzej "Andrew" & his wife Gierszewski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Lenc)

Gierszewski, Jan "John" & his wife Gierszewski, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Kosobucka)

Gierszewski, Kazimierz "Charles" & his wife Gierszewski, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Gawin)

Gierszewski, Michał "Michael" & his wife Gierszewski, Teresa "Theresia" (nee Wałdoch)

Gleszczynski, Paweł "Paul" (Gliszczyński) & his wife Gliszczyński, Marianna Barbara (nee Niemczyk)

Golinski, Jan "John" (Gołuński) & his wife Golinski, Anna (nee Karczynska)

Gora, Jan "John" (Góra) & his wife Gora, Barbara (nee Osowska)

Gostkowski, Jozef Maciej & his wife Gostkowski, Marta (nee Kupiec)

Gostomoski, Aleksander & his wife Gostomoski, Marianna (nee Januszewska

Gostomski, Conrad Frank & his 1st wife Gostomski, Martha (nee Marszalkowska)

Gostomski, Jan "John" & his 2nd wife Gostomski, Barbara (nee Kunowska)


Grabowski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Grabowski, Augustyna Franciszka (nee Błaszkowska)

Grabowski, Piotr "Peter" & his wife Grabowski, Joanna "Joan" Katarzyna (nee Pastwa)

Gromowski, Jan "John" & his wife Gromowski, Augustyna "Augusta" (nee Piekarska)

Grudnowski, Tomasz & his wife Grudnowska, Paulina (nee Olszewska)

Grzywacz, Apolonia (nee Babińska)

Guzinski, Michał "Michael" (Guziński)

Hapka, Antoni & his 2nd wife Hapka, Julianna (nee Skwierawska)

Hapka, Jakub & his wife Hapka, Clara (nee Troka)

Herkowski, Antoni (Hirkowski) & his wife Herkowski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Myszewska)

Herkowski, Józef "Joseph" (Chirkowski) & his wife Herkowski, Anna (nee Orlikowska)

Hildebrand, Wojciech "Albert" (Hildebrandt) & his 2nd wife Hildebrand, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Stenzel)

Hyrkowski, Antoni & his wife Hyrkowski, Marianna 'Mary' (nee Peplińska)

Iskier, Józefina Katarzyna (nee Wolska)

Jach, Marcin "Martin" Andrzej (Joch) & his wife Jach, Lucja "Lucy" (nee Galewska)

Jakubek, Feliks

Jakubek, Franciszek "Frank" Ksawery

Jamrozy, Mary (nee Zmuda Trzebiatowska)

Janikowski, Jan

Janikowski, Jan "John" & his wife Janikowska, Rozalia (nee Popielarski)

Jankowski, John & his wife Jankowska, Justyna (Drzewicka)

Jankowski, Jozef & his wife Jankowski, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Trejdowska)

Jankowski, Stanislaw & his wife Jankowski, Ewa Wiktoria (nee Nenca)

Jankowski, Wincenty "Vincent' Anastazy & his wife Jankowski, Kunegunda "Frances" Franciszka (nee Kłopotek Dąbrowski)

Jankowski, Wojciech "Albert" & his wife Jankowski, Paulina (nee Hildebrandt)

Januszewski, August & his wife Januszewski, Rozalia 'Rose' (nee Januszewska)

Jaszewski, Józef "Joseph"

Jazdzewski, Anna (nee Breska)

Jazdzewski, Jan & his wife Jazdzewski, Marianna (nee Kulas)

Jażdżewski, Józef 'Joseph' & his wife Jażdżewski, Marianna (nee Wróblewska)

Jazdzewski, Marcin (Jażdżewski) & his wife Jazdzewski, Krystyna Jozefina "Josephine"

Jazdzewski, Michał "Michael" (Jażdżewski)

Jazdzewski, Paweł (Jażdżewski)

Jazdzewski, Paweł (Jażdżewski) & his wife Jazdzewski, Rozalia Wiktoria (nee Wysocka)

Jesko, Marianna "Mary" Apolonia (nee Wnuk Lipińska)

Jezewski, Józef "Joseph" (Jeżewski) & his wife Jezewski, Karolina "Caroline" (nee Spankowska)

Jezyerski, Jan "John" (Jezierski)

Joachimczyk, Władysław Piotr "Walter Peter"

Jutrzenka, Andrzej "Andrew" & his wife Jutrzenka, Anna (nee Knitter)


Karcz, Michał "Michael" Stanislaw & his wife Karez, Teofila Apolonia (nee Treder)

Karpinski, Michael & his wife Karpinski, Anna (nee Dicker)

Kaszubowski, Franciszek "Frank"

Kaszubowski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Kaszubowski, Franciszka "Frances" (nee Makurat)

Kaszubowski, Onufry Jakub & his wife Kaszubowski, Anna (nee Polak)

Kiedrowicz, Wojciech "Albert" & his wife Kiedrowicz, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Peplińska)

Kiedrowski, Jan "John"

Kiedrowski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Kiedrowski, Marianna (nee Machut)

Kiedrowski, Kazimierz "Casimer"

Kiedrowski, Piotr "Peter" & his wife Kiedrowski, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Turzyńska)

Kiszewski, Adam (Cysewski) & his wife Kiszewski, Marcianna (nee Cherek)

Klawa, Katarzyna (nee Czerwińska)

Kleppin, Jan (Klepin) & his wife Klappin, Łucja (nee Chamier Ciemińska)

Klinkosz, Martin & his wife Klinkosz, Justina Augusta (nee Pipka)

Klopotek, Bonifacy "Bonifacius" (Kłopotek Główczewski)

Klopotek, Józefina "Frances" Franziska (nee Zielewska)

Klopotek, Kazimierz "Casimir" (Kłopotek) & his wife Klopotek, Anna (nee Kobus)

Klopotek, Tomasz "Thomas" (Kłopotek Główczewski) & his 2nd wife Klopotek, Magdalena (nee Skiba)

Knitter, Aleksander "Roman" & his wife Knitter, Marianna "Mary" (nee Bielawa)

Knitter, August & his wife Ann S. Knitter (nee?)

Knitter, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Knitter, Augustyna (nee Olszewska)

Knitter, Józef "Albert" Wojciech & his wife Knitter, Marcjanna (nee Konopacka vel Stachlewicz)

Knitter, Wawrzyniec "Lorenz" & his wife [Mary Knitter Knitter, Marianna (nee Wolska)

Kobus, Stanisław "Stanislaus" & his wife Kobus, Marianna "Mary" (nee Rzepinska)

Kolinski, Andrzej "Andrew" Błażej (Koliński) & his wife Kolinski, Constantia (nee Worzalla)

Kolinski, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Kolinski, Carolina (nee Orlikowska)

Kolińska, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Kinowska)

Konkel, Jacob & his wife Konkel, Franciszka (nee Blawat)

Konkel, Jan "John" (Konkol) & his wife Konkel, Julianna (nee Komantowska)

Konkel, Jan M. "John"

Konkel, Józef "Joseph" Adam (Konkol) & his wife Konkel, Augustyna Józefina (nee Dettlaff)

Konkel, Michal

Konkol, Ewa (nee Muża)

Konkol, Floryan & his wife Konkol, Krystyna (nee Budzisz)

Konkol, Wincenty "Vincent" & his 2nd wife Konkol, Weronika (nee Struck)

Korenta, Michał "Michael" (Korynta) & his wife Korenta, Katarzyna Tekla (nee Gronalewska)

Kosidowski, Augustyn "August"

Kosidowski, Jan "John" & his wife Kosidowski, Karolina Józefina (nee Lenz)

Kosidowski, Paweł "Paul" & his wife Kosidowski, Marianna (nee Pokrzywińska)

Kosiedowski, Teodor (Kosidowski)

Kosidowski, Wincenty "Vincent" (Kosieda) & his wife Kosidowska, Wiktorya "Victoria" (nee Kujawska)

Kosobucki, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Kosobucki, Anna (nee Janikowska)

Kosobucki, Jan "John"

Kosobucki, Jozef "Joseph"

Kosobucki, Maciej "Mathew" & his wife Kosobucki, Julianna (nee Szopińska)

Kowalewski, Jan "John" & his wife Kowalewski, Elżbieta "Elizabeth" (nee Ossowska)

Kozlowski, Piotr "Peter" (Kozłowski) & his wife Kozlowski, Johanna (nee Sulewska)

Kropidlowski, Ignacy "Ignatius" (Kropidłowski)

Kropidlowski, Józef "Joseph" (Kropidłowski) & his wife Kropidlowski, Katarzyna "Katherine" (nee Zaborowska)

Kropidlowski, Piotr "Peter" Wojciech (Kropidłowski) & his wife Kropidlowski, Elżbieta "Elizabeth" (nee Kulas)

Kroplewski, Pauline

Kuczkowska, Anna (nee Jażdżewska)

Kuczkowski, Jan "John"

Kuczkowski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Kuczkowski, Julianna (nee Fojut)

Kuklinski, Wojciech "Albert" (Kukliński) & his wife Kuklinski, Katherine (nee Senger)

Kuklinski, Paweł "Paul" (Kukliński) & his wife Kuklinski, Rozalia (nee Jakubowska)

Kulas, Jozef "Joseph"

Kulas, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Kulas, Katarzyna "Catharina" (nee Stachlewicz)

Kulas, Marcin "Martin" & his wife Kulas, Julianna (nee Wierzba)

Kulaszewicz, Jakub "Jacob" & his wife Kulaszewicz, Marianna "Mary" (nee Czyzan)

Kunda, Jakub "Jacob" & his wife Kunda, Paulina (nee Żalkowska)

Kunda, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Kunda, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Żywicka)

Kupc, Aleksander (Kupiec) & his wife Kupc, Józefina Anna (nee Gostkowska)

Kuptz, Teofil August (Kupc)

Kuszewski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Kuszewski, Anna (nee Bałowska)

Kwidzinski, Stanislaw & his wife Kwidzinski, Anna (nee Brzeska)

Lass, Anton (Las) & his wife Lass, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Cichosz)

Lazynski, Tomasz "Thomas" & his wife Lazynski, Zofia "Sophie" (nee Połczyńska)

Lemanczyk, Jakub "Jacob" (Lemańczyk) & his 1st wife Lemanczyk, Józefina (nee Żywicka) & his 2nd wife Lemanczyk, Teofila (nee Kiedrowska)

Lemanczyk, Michał "Michael" & his wife [Josephine Lemanczyk, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Wojciechowska)]

Lemanczyk, Michał "Michael" (Lemańczyk) & his wife Lemanczyk, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Kulas)

Lepak, Jan

Lendowski, Antoni Jan & his 2nd wife Landowski, Elżbieta "Elisabeth" Magdalena (nee Rudnik)

Lepak, Jakub (Jacob) & his wife Lepak, Frances (nee Ebertowski)

Lepak, Jakub "Jacob" & his wife Lepak, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Janikowska)

Lepak, Jan "John" & his wife Lepak, Magdalena (nee Janikowska)

Lepak, Karolina (nee Nieżurawska)

Leszczynski, Ignacy "Ignatz" Adam (Leszczyński)

Leszczynski, Jan "John" (Leszczyński)

Lewinski, John & his wife Lewinski, Anna (nee Przytarski)

Libecki, Aniela (nee Kobus)

Lica, Wojciech "Albert" (Lietza)

Lipinski, Jozef & his wife Lipinska, Antonina (nee Ciszewska)

Lipski, Antoni & his wife Lipski, Justyna Tekla (nee Pajkowska)

Lipski, Hilary & his wife Lipski, Franciszka "Frances" (nee Rekowska)

Literski, August & his wife Literski, Antonia Weronika (nee Piankowska)

Literski, Bernard

Litza, Jakub "Jacob" Antoni (Litzau)

Lonski, Paweł "Paul" Jakub (Korzbok Łącki)

Lonski, Teodor "Theodor" (Łącki) & his wife Lonski, Anna M (nee Kendzierska)

Lonski, Wincenty "Vincent" Paweł (Korzbok Łącki)

Lorbiecki, Jakub "Jacob" (Rolbiecki)

Lorbiecki, Jan "John" (Rolbiecki) & his wife Lorbiecki, Faustyna Justyna (nee Bławat)

Lorbiecki, Jan "John" & his wife Lorbiecki, Rozalia (nee Modrzyńska)

Ludwiczak, Katarzyna (nee Sulewska)

Lukaszewicz, Jan "John" (Łukaszewicz) & his wife Lukaszewicz, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Bruska)

Lukaszewicz, Jozef Wincenty & his wife Lukasewicz, Franciszka (nee Flisowska)

Lukaszewicz (Łukowicz), Szymon (Simon) & his wife Lukaszewicz, Apolonia (nee Wałdoch)

Lukaszewicz, Thomas & his wife Lukaszewicz, Antonina (nee Bielawa)

Lukowicz, Jakub "Jacob" (Łukowicz) & his wife Lukowicz, Matylda "Mathilda" (nee Nadolna)

Machut, Paweł "Paul" & his wife Machut, Antonia (nee Kruth)

Machutz, Andrzej "Andrew" C. (Machut) & his wife Machut, Małgorzata "Margaretha" (nee Skwierawska)

Majkowski, Anton & his wife Majkowski, Marcianna "Mary" (nee Kulas)

Maliszewski, Kazimierz & his wife Malezewski, Wiktoria "Victoria" Ewa (nee Malmarowska)

Malmarowski, Jakub

Marszałkowski, Jan & his wife Marszalkowski, Julia (nee Buczynska)

Maszk, Michał "Michael" & his wife Maszk, Julianna (nee Żywicka)

Mesick, Pawel "Paul" & his wife Mesick, Jozefina (nee Birna)

Milkowski, August & his wife Milkowski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Gadzikowska)

Milkowski, Jan 'John' & his wife Milkowski, Paulina 'Pauline' (nee Cherkowska or Herkowski)

Miller, Kazimierz "Casimir" Józef (Meller) & his wife Miller, Anna (nee Gawin)

Miller, Michał "Michael" (Meller) & his wife Miller, Marianna (nee Gowin)

Miszewski, Andrzej "Andrew" & his 1st wife Miszewski, Rozalia (nee Popielarska) & his 2nd wife Miszewski, Anna (nee Libecka)

Mleczek, Valentin & his wife Mleczak, Julianna (nee Piekarska)

Mondry, Marcin "Martin" Mikołaj (Mądry)

Mrozek, Jakub P.

Mrozek, Jan "John" Tomasz & his 2nd wife Mrozek, Floriana Clara (nee Żywicka)

Mrozek, Józef "Joseph" Kazimierz & his wife Mrozek, Paulina (nee Wyrowinska)

Mrozek, Szczepan

Muza, Jozef & his wife Muza, Dorota (nee Budzisz)

Muza, Walenty "Valentine" & his wife [Rozalia "Rose" Muza Muza, Rozalia (nee Trendel)}

Myszewski, Franciszek "Frank" (Miszewski)

Myszewski, Leon & his 1st wife Myszewski, Jozefina "Josephine" (nee Lica) & his 2nd wife Myszewski, Marianna "Marie" (nee Zadurska)

Myszewski, Wincenty & his wife Myszewska, Anna (nee Biesek)

Myszkowski, Wojciech "Adalbert" Jakub & his wife Myszkowski, Augustyna "Augusta" (nee Derda)

Naczek, Andrzej "Andrew" & his wife Naczek, Katarzyna "Catherina" (nee Miszewska)

Naczek, Jozef "Joseph" P. & his wife Naczek, Franciszka "Frances" (nee Klopotek)

Nadolny, Jan

Nadolski, Jan "John" & his wife Nadolski, Anna (nee Filar)

Nakielski, Barbara (nee Brzuszkowska)

Nakielski, Franciszek Hieronim "Frank" & his wife Nakielski, Jozefa (nee Gieldon)

Nakielski, Jan Pawel "John" & his wife Nakielski, Marianna (nee Meller)

Nakielski, Szymon "Bernard"

Napiantek, Kazimierz "Casimir" (Napiątek) & his wife Napiantek, Franciszka "Frances" (nee Skiba)

Napientek, Jan "John" (Napiątek) & his wife Napientek, Marianna "Mary" (nee Gierszewska)

Narloch, Anton

Narloch, Jakub "Jacob" & his wife Narloch, Katarina (nee Popielarska)

Narloch, Józef "Joseph" & his 1st wife Narloch, Krystyna "Christina" (nee Meller) & his 2nd wife Narloch, Lucy (nee Kinka)

Narloch, Marianna "Mary" (nee Schulz)

Narloch, Piotr "Peter" & his wife Narloch, Albertina Balbina (nee Slyszewska)

Narloch, Teodor

Niemczyk, Antoni "Anthony"

Niemczyk, Franciszek Ksawery "Frank"

Niemczyk, Jan "John" & his wife Niemczyk, Marianna "Mary" (nee Mądra)

Niemczyk, Jozef

Norlock, Wojciech "Albert" (Narloch) & his wife Norlock, Anastasia (nee Wachowiak)

Niklas, Matylda (nee Niemczyk) widow (Matylda remarried August Kaminski in Milwaukee, WI)

Odya, Paweł "Paul" (Odia) & his wife Odya, Marianna "Mary" (nee Schramke)

Okoniewski, Józef "Joseph" Wojciech

Olszewski, Jakub "Jacob" & his wife Olszewski, Katarzyna "Katherine" (nee Prinz)

Olszewski, Wawrzyniec "Lorenz" (Olszewski Walk) & his wife Olszewski, Elżbieta "Elizabeth" (nee Śliwicka)

Orlikowski, Marcin "Martin" & his wife Orlikowski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Grumowska)

Osowski, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Jażdziewska)

Ostrowski, Andrzej "Andrew" (Kop Ostrowski) & his wife Ostrowska, Magdalena (nee Markowicz)

Ostrowski, Elżbieta "Elizabeth" (nee Bednarska)

Ostrowski, Michał "Michael" (Kop Ostrowski) & his wife Ostrowski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Kaszubowska)

Ostrowski, Wojciech "Albert" Jakub (Kop Ostrowski) & his wife Ostrowski, Barbara (nee Wenta)

Paikowski, Regina (nee Eichmann)

Pallasch, Jan "John" (Pałasz)

Papka, Jan & his wife Papka, Eleanora (nee Herkowska)

Papka, Walenty "Valentine" & his wife Papka, Katarzyna "Catherine" (nee Piekarska)

Pastwa, Jan & his wife Pastwa, Franciszka (nee Kuczkowska)

Paszalk, Jan "John" (Paszylk) & his wife Paszalk, Antonia (nee Mądra)

Pawelski, Jan "John"

Peplinski, Anthony (Pepliński) & his wife Peplinski, Wiktoria "Victoria" (nee Drwal)

Peplinski, Franciszek

Peplinski, Jan & his wife Peplinski, Tekla "Tillie" (nee Paszylka)

Peplinski, Jozef "Joseph" (Pepliński) & his wife Peplinski, Katarzyna (Catharina) (nee Zbrowska)

Peplinski, Wincenty "Vincent" (Pepliński) & his wife Peplinski, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Napiątek)

Perszyk, Jan "John" Walenty

Pestka, Walenty 'Valentine' & his wife Pestka, Franciszka 'Frances' (nee Słomińska)

Piechowski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Piechowski, Marianna "Marian" (nee Maszk)

Piechowski, Wojciech "Albert" & his wife Piechowski, Katarzyna "Katharina"(nee Maszk)

Piekarski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Piekarski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Wysocka)

Piekarski, Maciej "Mathew" & his wife Piekarski, Klara (nee Rzepinska)

Piekarski, Paweł "Paul" & his wife Piekarski, Anna (nee Kuklinska)

Piontek, Jan & his wife Piontek, Marianna (nee Paschelke)

Piotrowski, Barbara (nee Hase)

Plata, Józef 'Joseph' & his wife Plata, Marianna (nee Schmidt)

Platta, Anton (Plata) & his wife Platta, Anna (nee Olszewska)

Platta, Ignacy "Ignatz" (Plata) & his wife Platta, Anna (nee Kreft)

Platta, Martin & his wife [Mary Platta Platta, Marianna (nee Wolska)

Plichta, Valentine & his wife Plichta, Anna (nee Jasińska)

Plinski, Jan "John" & his wife Plinska, Elżbieta (nee Bela)

Pokrzywinski, Anton & his wife Pokrzywinski, Augusta (nee Kubiszewska)

Pokrzywiński Jan 'John' & his 1st wife Pokrzywińska, Paulina (nee Warszyńska) & his 2nd wife Pokrzywinski, Hedwig (nee Lukaszewicz)

Pokrzywinski, John Peter & his wife Pokrzywinski, Anna (nee Tylicki)

Pokrzywińska, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Frymark)

Pokrzywinski, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Pokrzywińska)

Pokrzywinski, Maksymilian "Max" (Pokrzywiński) & his wife Pokrzywinski, Franciszka "Frances" (nee Kosidowska)

Polczynski, Andrzej (Andreas) (Połczyński) & his wife Polczynski, Elizabeth (nee Lentz)

Polczynski, Anton (Janta Połczyński) & his wife Polczynski, Anastasia (Anna) Marianna (nee Ruchniewicz)

Polczynski, Jan "John" (Półczyński) & his wife Polczynski, Anna (nee Hoppe)

Polczynski, Jan "John" (Połczyński) & his wife Polczynski, Józefina (nee Literska vel Czapiewska)

Polczynski, Józef "Joseph" (Janta Połczyński) & his wife Polczynski, Agnes (nee Nenz)

Polczynski, Marcin "Martin" (Janta Połczyński) & his wife Polczynski, Mary (nee Jelneck)

Polczynski, Michał (Janta Połczyński) & his wife Polczynski, Marianna (Mary) (nee Rychlewicz)

Polczynski, Tomasz "Thomas" (Janta Połczyński) & his wife Polczynski, Rosalia (Rose) (nee Machajewska)

Popielarski, Józef "Joseph" Wojciech

Potrykus, Conrad

Potrykus, Józef "Joseph"

Pradzinski, Piotr "Peter" (Prądziński)

Pradzynski, Szczepan "Stephen" (Aubracht Prądziński) & his wife Pradzynski, Joanna Marianna (nee Senger)

Prinz, Marcin "Martin" & his wife Prinz, Rozalia "Rose" (nee Wyrowińska)

Prondzinski, Wincenty "Vincent" (Prądziński) & his wife Prondzinski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Jankowska)

Pruski, Ignacy & his wife Pruski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Kowalewska)

Przytarski, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Przytarski, Ewa "Eva" (nee Lipska)

Przytarski, Karol & his wife Przytarski, Marianna (nee Ebertowska)

Radomski, Jan

Radomski, Jan "John"

Rekowski, Franciszek & his wife Rekowski, Paulina Jozefina (nee Peplinska)

Remus, Aleksander & his wife Remus, Agnieszka "Agnes" (nee Felska)

Remus, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Remus, Anna (nee Litza)

Renk, Jan "John" & his wife Renk, Elżbieta "Elizabeth" (nee Orlikowska)

Retkowski, Francis "Frank" & his wife Retkowski, Elizabeth (nee Geldon)

Richert, Jozef & his wife Richert, Anna (nee Wesierska)

Rogaczewski, Michał "Michael" & his wife Rogaczewski, Barbara (nee Migowska)

Rogalinski, Józef "Joseph" (Rogaliński) & his wife Rogalinski, Anna (nee Maciejewska)

Rolbiecki, Jan "John" (Lorbiecki)

Rolbiecki, Wojciech "Albert" & his wife Rolbiecki, Marianna"Mary" (nee Chrapkowska)

Romlewski, Rozalia (nee Zmuda Trzebiatowska)

Rudnik, Augustyn "August"

Ruthe aka Retkowska, Barbara (nee Kasperska)

Ryczek, Marianna "Mary" (nee Wałdoch)

Ryczek, Tomasz (Różek)

Rzepinski, Henry

Rzepinski, Józef "Joseph" (Rzepiński) & his wife Rzepinski, Albertine (nee Gotlange)

Rzepinski, Stephen & his wife Rzepinski, Anna (nee Biernacka)

Rzepinski, Tadeusz & his wife Rzepinski, Julianna (nee Rolbiecka)

Sadowski, August

Sadowski, Jan "John" Ignacy

Sandowski, Apolonia "Pauline" (nee Szatkowska)

Schulist, Jakub "Jacob" (Szulist) & his wife Schulist, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Breska)

Schutta, Peter & his wife Schutta, Lucy (nee Lewinska)

Schutz, Franciszek "Frank" (Schütza)

Schutz, Michał "Michael" (Schütza)

Schweda, Stanisław "Stanley" (Szweda)

Schweda, Wiktoria "Victoria" (nee Lentz)

Senger, Jan "John" Aleksander & his wife Senger, Franciszka "Frances" (nee Górna)

Sikorski, Franciszek "Frank"

Sikorski, Ludwik "Louis" & his wife Sikorski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Paszka)

Singer, Barbara (nee Rogalska)

Singer, Emilia (Emily) (nee Gatz)

Skiba, August "Thomas" Tomasz & his wife Skiba, Rozalia (nee Kruth / Kunda)

Skiba, Jan "John" Piotr & his wife Skiba, Marianna "Mary" (nee Szczepańska)

Skiba, Marianna "Mary" (nee Jutrzenka)

Skiba, Michał & his 1st wife Skiba, Marianna (nee Peplińska) & his 2nd wife Skiba, Julianna (nee Janta)

Skiba, Paweł "Paul" & his wife Skiba, Wiktoria "Victoria" (nee Jażdżewska)

Skiba, Simon James & his wife Skiba, Anastasia (nee Hildebrandt)

Skrzynski, Piotr "Peter" (Skrzyński) & his wife Skrzynski, Józefina "Josephine" Katarzyna (nee Stachlewicz)

Skwierawski, Józef & his wife Skwierawski, Joanna "Johanna" (nee Mleczek)

Skwierawski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Skwierawski, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Szczepańska)

Skwierawski, Stanisław & his wife Skwierawski, Katarzyna "Katherine" (nee Wałdoch)

Slawny, Jan "John" Piotr (Sławny) & his 2nd wife Slawny, Józefina (nee Senger)

Slawney, Michał 'Michael' & his wife Slawny, Agnieszka 'Agnes' (nee Prinz)

Slawny, Wawrzyniec "Laurence" (Sławny) & his wife Slawny, Maryanna (nee Heron)

Sokołowski, Maciej "Mathias" & his wife Sokołowski, Anna (nee Nadlona)

Somionka, Marianna "Pauline" Paulina (nee Plata)

Somionka, Szymon "Simon" & his wife Somionka, Marianna (nee Zakrzewska)

Spierewka, Michał & his wife Spierewka, Józefina (nee Breza)

Stachlewicz, Maciej (Konopacki vel Stachlewicz) & his wife Stachlewicz, Barbara (nee Rolbiecka)

Stachlewicz, Marcin "Martin"

Stanislawski, Maciej "Mathias" (Stanisławski) & his wife Stanislawski, Marianna "Mary" (nee Antkowrak)

Stanislawski, Robert Maciej (Stanisławski) & his wife Stanislawski, Matilda "Tilly" (nee Jezerska)

Stanke, Szczepan "Stephen" (Stanka)

Stencel, Michal & his wife Stencel, Julianna (nee Kulikowska)

Stenzel, Jan "John" & his wife Stenzel, Katarzyna "Katherine" (nee Tuszkiewicz)

Stenzel, Paweł "Paul" Teodor & his wife Stenzel, Marianna "Mary" (nee Peplinska)

Stolpa, Jan & his wife Stolpa, Joanna "Jeanette" (nee Kiedrowska)

Stoltman, Andrzej "Andrew" (Stoltmann) & his wife Stoltman, Marianna "Marian" (nee Sikorska)

Stoltman, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Stoltman, Weronika (nee Korzbok Łącka)

Stoltman, Wawrzyniec Jakub (Stoltmann) & his wife Stoltman, Julianna (nee Żywicka)

Stroika, Jozef "Joseph" (Stroyka) & his wife Stroika, Anna (nee Peplińska)

Strzelka, Franciszek "Frank" Ksawery & his wife Strzelka, Marianna "Mary" (nee Wielgosz)

Studzinski, Jan "John" Piotr (Studziński)

Styp Rekowska, Barbara (nee Dorawa)

Sulewski, Augustyn

Sulewski, Franciszek "Frank" & his wife Sulewski, Rozalia (nee Kosidowska)

Suminski, Marcin "Martin" (Sumiński) & his wife Suminski, Ewa "Eva" (nee Budnik)

Szapinski, Józef "Joseph" (Szopiński) & his wife Szapinska, Marianna "Mary" (nee Drwal)

Szatkowska, Justyna (nee Skwierawska)

Szczepanski, Józef "Joseph" & his wife Szczepanski, Anna (nee Kłopotek Główczewska)

Sczepanski, Michał "Michael" (Szczepański) & his wife Szcepanski, Augustyna "Augusta" (nee Treder)

Szczepanski, Stanisław (Szczepański) & his wife Szczepanski, Martha (nee Półczyńska)

Szczepanski, Teodor (Szczepański)

Szopinski, Franciszek "Frank" (Szopiński) & his wife Szopinski, Katarzyna "Catharina" (nee Cherkowska)

Szukalski, Rev. John

Szyngwelska, Salomea)

Szulist, Andrew & his 1st wife Szulist, Helena (nee Jazdzewski) NB Brother August Shulist immigrated to Renfrew County, ON

Szulta, Ignace Peter & his wife Szulta, Nepomucena Zuzanna (nee Syldatk)

Szultek, Franciszek "Frank" (Schultek) & his wife Szultek, Józefina "Josephine" (nee Pyrzewska)

Szultek, Jakub "Jacob"

Szultek, Tomasz "Thomas"

Szutta, Maciej "Matthew" & his wife Szutta, Anna (nee Murglin)

Trawicki, Franciszek "Francis" & his 2nd wife Trawicka, Jozefina "Josephine" (nee Knitter)

Trawicki, Franciszek "Frank"

Trawicki, Jakub "Jacob" & his wife Trawicki, Augustyna "Justyna" (nee Troka)

Treder, Marcin August & his wife Treder, Regina (nee Lipska)